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Tribology Society of India TSI Homepage (DOC)

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									        Tribology Research References Quarterly Update- Vol.4, 2010
         A Compilation by Tribology Society of India – Delhi Chapter
S.No.   Journal
1       Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering
        a) Volume 224, Number 1 / 2010
        b) Volume 224, Number 2 / 2010
        c) Volume 224, Number 3 / 2010
        d) Volume 224, Number 4 / 2010
        e) Volume 224, Number 5 / 2010
        f) Volume 224, Number 6 / 2010
        g) Volume 224, Number 7 / 2010
        h) Volume 224, Number 8 / 2010
2.      Tribology International
        a) Volume 43, Issues 5-6 (2010)
        b) Volume 43, Issues 7-10 (2010)
3.      Tribology Letters
        a) Volume 37, Number 1 / January, 2010
        b) Volume 37, Number 2 / February, 2010
        c) Volume 37, Number 3 / March, 2010
4.      Tribology Transactions
        a) Volume 53 Issue   1   2010
        b) Volume 53 Issue   2   2010
        c) Volume 53 Issue   3   2010
        d) Volume 53 Issue   4   2010
        e) Volume 53 Issue   5   2010
5.   Wear
     a) Volume 268, Issues 3-4, Pages 353-642 (4 February 2010)
     b)Volume 268, Issues 5-6, Pages 643-854 (11 February 2010)
     c)Volume 268, Issues 7-8, Pages 855-1044 (9 March 2010)
     d)Volume 268, Issues 8-10, Pages 1045-1204 (25 March 2010)
     e)Volume 268, Issues 11-12, Pages 1205-1550 (12 May 2010)
     f)Volume 269, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-166 (20 May 2010)
     g)Volume 269, Issues 3-4, Pages 167-324 (18 June 2010)
     h)Volume 269, Issues 5-6, Pages 325-506 (19 July 2010)
6.   Journal Lubrication Science
     a) February 2010, Volume 22, Issue 2 Pages 37–71
     b) March 2010, Volume 22, Issue 3 Pages 73–111
     c) April 2010, Volume 22, Issue 4 Pages 113–161
     d) May 2010, Volume 22, Issue 5 Pages 163–205
     e) July- August 2010, Volume 22, Issue 6-7 Pages 207–322
7.   Journal of Tribology
     a) April 2010, Volume 132, Issue 2
     b) July 2010, Volume 132, Issue 3
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology
 S.No.                                                             Index
Volume 224, Number 1 / 2010
   1.    Eighty years of research on hydraulic reciprocating seals: review of tribological studies and related topics since the
         1930s by G K Nikas
   2.    Surface defects effects on bearing dynamics by A Ashtekar, F Sadeghi and L-E Stacke
   3.    Influence of the bushing geometry on the thermohydrodynamic performance of a misaligned journal bearing by A
         Mihailidis, V Bakolas, K Panagiotidis, K Poulios and C Sachanas
   4.    Film-forming properties and traction of non- functionalized polyalkylmethacrylate solutions under transition from
         elastohydrodynamic lubrication to thin-film lubrication by M Muraki and K Nakamura
   5.    Tribological behaviour of two ash-less and phosphorous-free anti-wear additives and their synergetic effect with zinc
         dialkyldithiophosphates in mineral oil by P Liang, T Ren, J Li, H Ma and H Wu
   6.    Tribological behaviour of lubricated surfaces under application of electric current by M M Mahmoud, M K Mohamed
         and W Y Ali
   7.    The performance of a porous ceramic hydrostatic journal bearing by I S Durazo-Cardenas, J Corbett and D J
   8.    Comparative evaluation of dry sliding wear behaviour of plasma transferred arc hardfaced surfaces by the pin-on-
         roller method by C S Ramachandran, V Balasubramanian and R Varahamoorthy
   9.    Study of mechanical and metallurgical characteristics of flame sprayed NiCrBSi as-sprayed and continuous
         compacted coating by S P Sharma, D K Dwivedi and P K Jain
   10.   Experimental study of tilting pad journal bearing–rotor system with acoustic emission technique by G-H Zhang, Z-S
         Liu, X-W Wang and H-J Xu
Volume 224, Number 2 / 2010
    1.   Wet adhesive wear characteristics of untreated oil palm fibre-reinforced polyester and treated oil palm fibre-
         reinforced polyester composites using the pin-on-disc and block-on-ring techniques by B F Yousif and N S M El-
   2.    Effect of apparent area, load, and filler content on sliding friction characteristics of polymer nanocomposites by S
         Kirupasankar, R Gnanamoorthy and R Velmurugan
   3.    Effect of bearing number on non-linear dynamic behaviour of aerodynamic non-circular journal bearing systems by
         R Rashidi, A Karami Mohammadi and F Bakhtiari-Nejad
   4.    Modelling and analysis of erosion wear behaviour of hybrid composites using Taguchi experimental design by S S
   5.    On the utilization of pin-on-disc simulative tests for the calibration of friction in metal cutting by V A M Cristino, P A
        R Rosa and P A F Martins
  6.    Airborne wear particles from passenger car disc brakes: a comparison of measurements from field tests, a disc
        brake assembly test stand, and a pin-on-disc machine by J Wahlström, A Söderberg, L Olander, U Olofsson and A
  7.    Mechanical properties and wear behaviours of CrN/TaN nanoscale multilayered thin films by Y J Kim, T J Byun and
        J G Han
  8.    On the squeeze flow between two rigid spheres with partially wetted surfaces by W-L Li
  9.    A method to monitor non-ferrous debris in ferrographic analysis by T-G Liu, S-J Liu and Z-Y Yang
  10.   Monitoring of dry cutting and applications of cutting fluid by S Tangjitsitcharoen
  11.   The potential of plasma electrolytic oxidized eutectic aluminium–silicon alloy as a cylinder wall surface for
        lightweight engine blocks by K Mistry, M Priest and S Shrestha
Volume 224, Number 3 / 2010
  1.    Effects of recess shapes on pneumatic hammering in aerostatic bearings by Y X Ye, X D Chen, Y T Hu and X Luo
  2.    Anharmonic variations in elastohydrodynamic film thickness resulting from harmonically varying entrainment velocity
        by P Kumar, M M Khonsari and S Bair
  3.    On the squeeze film lubrication of rough short porous partial journal bearings with micropolar fluids by N B
        Naduvinamani, S Santosh and A Siddanagouda
  4.    Enhancement of journal bearings characteristics using novel elliptical grooves by R-H Yen and C-Y Chen
  5.    Effect of surface temperature rise on friction characteristics for sliding speed under unlubricated condition by T
        Nakahara, S Momozono and A O-rui
  6.    The effect of the addition of graphite on tribological properties of glass fibre-reinforced polyimide composites by J Li
  7.    Effect of high-pressure hydrogen exposure on wear of polytetrafluoroethylene sliding against stainless steel byK
        Nakashima, A Yamaguchi, Y Kurono, Y Sawae, T Murakami and J Sugimura
  8.    The influence of natural frequency of the experimental set-up on the friction coefficient of copper by M A
        Chowdhury, S Md I Karim and M L Ali
  9.    Whole crankshaft beam-element finite-element method for calculating crankshaft deformation and bearing load of
        an engine by J Sun, J Wang and C Gui
Volume 224, Number 4 / 2010
   1    Influence of pad and runner mechanical deformations on the performance of a hydrodynamic fixed geometry thrust
        bearing by S A Ahmed, M Fillon and P Maspeyrot
   2    Analysis of thermal effects in capillary compensated hole-entry hybrid journal bearings lubricated with a non-
        Newtonian lubricant by H C Garg and V Kumar
   3    A mixed lubrication model incorporating measured surface topography. Part 1: theory of flow factors by F Sahlin, R
        Larsson, A Almqvist, P M Lugt and P Marklund
   4    A mixed lubrication model incorporating measured surface topography. Part 2: roughness treatment, model
        validation, and simulation by F Sahlin, R Larsson, P Marklund, A Almqvist and P M Lugt
        Evaluation of lubrication conditions in gear contacts using contact resistance and bulk temperature measurements
        by Authors J Kleemola and A Lehtovaara
        Rolling contact fatigue and wear fundamentals for rolling bearing diagnostics – state of the art by Authors J Halme
        and P Andersson
        On the tribo-cryogenic characteristics of titanium alloys by Authors N S M El-Tayeb, T C Yap and P V Brevern
Volume 224, Number 5 / 2010
   1    Effect of friction force between piston rings and liner: a parametric study of speed, load, temperature, piston-ring
        curvature, and high-temperature, high-shear viscosity by Author P S Dellis
   2    On the state and severity of frictional sliding contacts between nominally flat metallic surfaces by Authors L Chang
        and H Zhang
   3    Adhesive contact of curved surfaces by Authors P Sahoo, A Mitra and K Saha
   4    A state-of-the-art review on the effects of particulate contamination and related topics in machine-element contacts
        by Author G K Nikas
   5    Influence of particle size, applied load, and fibre orientation on 3B-A wear and frictional behaviour of epoxy
        composite based on kenaf fibres by Authors C W Chin and F Yousif
   6    Effects of load and sliding velocity on abrasive wear of Lantana camara fibre-reinforced polymer matrix composite
        by Authors C Deo and S K Acharya
   7    Sliding wear characterization of microwave-glazed plasma-sprayed ceramic composites by Authors A K Sharma
        and R Krishnamurthy
   8    A static friction model for the contact of fractal surfaces by Authors J-M You and T-N Chen
Volume 224, Number 6 / 2010
   1    A comparative study of ultrasonic direct contact, immersion, and layer resonance methods for assessment of
        enamel thickness in teeth by Authors R S Dwyer-Joyce, M A Goodman and R Lewis
   2    Nanoscratch resistance of human tooth enamel treated by Nd:YAG laser irradiation by Authors S Gao, S Huang, L
        Qian and H Yu
   3    Tooth cleaning and tooth wear: a review by Authors A T Ashcroft and A Joiner
   4    New insights into tooth wear based on in vitro studies by Authors L C Richards, J A Kaidonis and G C Townsend
   5    A comparative study of tribological behaviour of dental composites and tooth enamel: an energy approach by
        Author E Sajewicz
   6    Wear mechanisms in the mouth by Authors L H Mair and P Padipatvuthikul
   7    Nanomechanical properties and microtribological behaviours of human tooth enamel byAuthors J Zheng, Y Huang,
        L M Qian and Z R Zhou
   8    An experimental investigation into dental wear: tooth–tooth contact by Authors M A Masen, A van't Spijker and C M
Volume 224, Number 7 / 2010
   1    new fluid film force model of elliptical bearing: modelling and case studies by Authors J-L Wang, D Q Cao and W-H
   2    Three-dimensional numerical analysis of hydrodynamic characteristics of axial groove journal bearings running with
        ferrofluids under magnetic field by Authors Y Sheikh Nejad and S A Gandjalikhan Nassab
   3    Micro-geometry effects on the sliding friction transition in elastohydrodynamic lubrication by Authors G E Morales-
        Espejel, A W Wemekamp and A Félix-Quiñonez
   4    Lubricant ageing effects on the friction characteristics of wet clutches by Authors K Berglund, P Marklund and R
   5    On the effects of sliding velocity and operating pressure differential in rotary O-ring seals by Authors K Lingerkar
        and M M Khonsari
   6    Experimental studies on the dynamic characteristics of rolling element bearings by Authors N J Ali and J M García
   7    Fourier transform infrared and ultraviolet-visible investigation of swift heavy 100 MeV Ag-ion- and 75 MeV oxygen-
        ion-irradiated polyvinylidene fluoride thin films by Authors D S Rana, D K Chaturvedi and J K Quamara
   8    Characterization of Ti-CN-a:C films prepared by pulsed-dc bias sputtering by Authors F Bulbul and İ Efeoglu
Volume 224, Number 8 / 2010
   1    Model-based virtual surface texturing for concentrated conformal-contact lubrication by Authors D Zhu, T Nanbu, N
        Ren, Y Yasuda and Q J Wang
   2    Lubrication mechanisms with laser-surface-textured surfaces in elastohydrodynamic regime by Authors L Mourier, D
        Mazuyer, F-P Ninove and A A Lubrecht
   3    Effects of surface topography on lubrication film formation within elastohydrodynamic and mixed lubricated non-
        conformal contacts by Authors I Krupka, M Hartl and P Svoboda
   4    Surface analysis of the elastomer in lip seals run against shafts manufactured with micro-cavity patterns by Authors
        V Kanakasabai, K H Warren and L S Stephens
   5    Optimizing surface texture for hydrodynamic lubricated contacts using a mass-conserving numerical approach by
        Authors M B Dobrica, M Fillon, M D Pascovici and T Cicone
   6    Inertia effects in textured hydrodynamic contacts by Authors S Cupillard, S Glavatskih and M J Cervantes
   7    Theoretical analysis of an infinitely wide rigid cylinder rotating over a grooved surface in hydrodynamic conditions
        by Authors V G Marian, A Predescu and M D Pascovici
   8    Hydrodynamic force and moment in pure rolling lubricated contacts. Part 1: line contacts by Authors N Biboulet and
        L Houpert
   9    Hydrodynamic force and moment in pure rolling lubricated contacts. Part 2: point contacts by Authors N Biboulet
         and L Houpert

Tribology International
Volume 43, Issues 5-6 (2010)
   1     Special Issue on Second International Conference on Advanced Tribology (iCAT2008) by Nalam Satyanarayana,
         Jian Huei Choo, Christina Lim, Xianting Zeng, Sujeet K Sinha, Seh Chun Lim
   2     2nd International Conference on Advanced Tribology (iCAT2008), 3–5 December 2008, Singapore by Nalam
         Satyanarayana, Jian Huei Choo, Christina Lim, Xianting Zeng, Sujeet K. Sinha, Seh Chun Lim
   3     Dissipated energy and friction coefficient evolution during fretting wear of solid lubricant coatings by Alexander M.
         Korsunsky, Kyungmok Kim
   4     Corrosion wear behaviors of micro-arc oxidation coating of Al2O3 on 2024Al in different aqueous environments at
         fretting contact by Hong-yan Ding, Zhen-dong Dai, Suresh C. Skuiry, David Hui
   5     Three body abrasive wear characteristics of plasma sprayed conventional and nanostructured Al2O3-13%TiO2
         coatings by W. Tian, Y. Wang, Y. Yang
   6     Comparative tribological study of air plasma sprayed WC–12%Co coating versus conventional hard chromium
         electrodeposit by M. Heydarzadeh Sohi, F. Ghadami
   7     Wear characteristics of Cr3C2–NiCr and WC–Co coatings deposited by LPG fueled HVOF by Hazoor S. Sidhu,
         Buta S. Sidhu, S. Prakash
   8     Corrosion–erosion wear behaviors of 13Cr24Mn0.44N stainless steel in saline–sand slurry by Zhou Guanghong,
         Ding Hongyan, Zhang Yue, Li Nianlian
   9     Influence of tilt angle of plate on friction and transfer layer—A study of aluminium pin sliding against steel plate by
         Pradeep L. Menezes, Kishore, Satish V. Kailas, M.S. Bobji
  10     Fretting wear behaviors of a railway axle steel by J.F. Zheng, J. Luo, J.L. Mo, J.F. Peng, X.S. Jin, M.H. Zhu
  11     Study on rotational fretting wear of 7075 aluminum alloy by J.L. Mo, M.H. Zhu, J.F. Zheng, J. Luo, Z.R. Zhou
  12     Influence of microstructure and texture on the corrosion and tribocorrosion behavior of Ti–6Al–4V by É. Martin, M.
         Azzi, G.A. Salishchev, J. Szpunar
  13     Friction-induced ultra-fine and nanocrystalline structures on metal surfaces in dry sliding by Hirotaka Kato, Masato
         Sasase, Nobuaki Suiya
  14     Microstructural and abrasive characteristics of high carbon Fe–Cr–C hardfacing alloy by Chia-Ming Chang, Yen-
         Chun Chen, Weite Wu
  15.    Effect of amount of antimony on sliding wear resistance of white metal by Sotomi Ishihara, Kiyoshi Tamura,
         Takahito Goshima
  16.    Abrasive wear behaviour of SiC/2014 aluminium composite by Yusuf Sahin
17.   The abrasive wear resistance of TIC and (Ti,W)C-reinforced Fe–17Mn austenitic steel matrix composites by Ashok
      Kumar Srivastava, Karabi Das
18.   Sliding wear resistance of Al-alloy particulate composites: An assessment on its efficacy by Rupa Dasgupta
19.   Influence of fiber orientation on abrasive wear of unidirectionally reinforced carbon fiber–polyetherimide composites
      by Mohit Sharma, I. Mohan Rao, Jayashree Bijwe
20.   Role of different metallic fillers in non-asbestos organic (NAO) friction composites for controlling sensitivity of
      coefficient of friction to load and speed by Mukesh Kumar, Jayashree Bijwe
21.   Effects of electric field on characteristics of nano-confined lubricant films with ZDDP additive by G.X. Xie, G. Li, J.B.
      Luo, S.H. Liu
22.   Correlation between performance and boundary layers in high speed bearings lubricated with polymer-enhanced
      greases by M.M. Gatzen, F. Pape, C. Bruening, H.H. Gatzen, H.F. Arlinghaus, G.W.G. Poll
23.   Wear properties of DLC-coated steel rollers running with highly contaminated lubrication by F. He, P.L. Wong, X.
24.   Full and partial boundary slippage effect on squeeze film bearings by F. Guo, P.L. Wong
25.   Investigation of laminated fabric cages used in rolling bearings by ToF-SIMS by U. Gunst, W.-R. Zabel, N. Valle, H.-
      N. Migeon, G. Poll, H.F. Arlinghaus
26.   ZDDP content in mineral and synthetic motor base oils and its effect on electrostatic and tribological phenomena in
      a rotating shaft–oil–lip seal system by Juliusz B. Gajewski, Marek J. GLogowski, Kazimierz Gatner, Marek Gawlinski
25.   Transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication in artificial knee joint with non-Newtonian fluids by Mongkol
      Mongkolwongrojn, Khanittha Wongseedakaew, Francis E. Kennedy
26.   Stability analysis of rough journal bearings under TEHL with non-Newtonian lubricants by Mongkol
      Mongkolwongrojn, Chatchai Aiumpronsin
27.   Effect of surface topography on mixed lubrication film formation during start up under rolling/sliding conditions by I.
      Krupka, P. Svoboda, M. Hartl
28.   Relation between low temperature fluidity and sound velocity of lubricating oil by Sobahan Mia, Nobuyoshi Ohno
29.   Tribological studies on a novel borate ester containing benzothiazol-2-yl and disulfide groups as multifunctional
      additive by Jiusheng Li, Xiaohong Xu, Yonggang Wang, Tianhui Ren
30.   Effect of R600a on tribological behavior of sintered steel under starved lubrication by Kemal Sariibrahimoglu,
      Huseyin Kizil, Mahmut F. Aksit, Ihsan Efeoglu, Husnu Kerpicci
31.   A study of misaligned electrorheological fluid lubricated hole-entry hybrid journal bearing by J. Sharana Basavaraja,
      Satish C. Sharma, Satish C. Jain
32.   The effect of Coulomb friction on the static performance of foil journal bearings by Dong-Hyun Lee, Young-Cheol
      Kim, Kyung-Woong Kim
33.   Vegetable oils as a potential cutting fluid—An evolution by Y.M. Shashidhara, S.R. Jayaram
34.   Study of preparation and tribological properties of rare earth nanoparticles in lubricating oil by Rende Liu, Xicheng
      Wei, Dehua Tao, Yuan Zhao
35.   A novel tribometer for the measurement of friction in MEMS by I.S.Y. Ku, T. Reddyhoff, J.H. Choo, A.S. Holmes,
      H.A. Spikes
36.   Interconnection between the contact angle (adhesion) hysteresis, slippage on a nanorough solid wall and phononic
      friction by Claudiu Valentin Suciu, Hozumi Goto
37.   In situ transmission electron microscope study of single asperity sliding contacts by K. Anantheshwara, M.S. Bobji
38    Investigation of the strain distribution with lubrication during the deep drawing process by T.S. Yang
39.   Wear mechanisms of WC coated and uncoated tools in finish turning of Inconel 718 by Abhay Bhatt, Helmi Attia, R.
      Vargas, V. Thomson
40.   A novel method to improve finish on non-magnetic surfaces in magneto-rheological abrasive honing process by A.
      Sadiq, M.S. Shunmugam
41.   Development of novel clutch utilizing self-locking mechanisms of belt by Keiji Imado, Hiroki Tominaga, Atsuyoshi
      Miura, Yasuaki Yamaguchi, Tsuneo Kawagoe
42.   Finite element analysis of the effect of coefficient of friction on the drawability by G. Chandra Mohan Reddy, P.V.R.
      Ravindra Reddy, T.A. Janardhan Reddy
43.   Modelling of contact and friction in aluminium extrusion by X. Ma, M.B. De Rooij, D.J. Schipper
44.   Comparison between rubber–ice and sand–ice friction and the effect of loose snow contamination by Alex Klein-
      Paste, Nirmal K. Sinha
45.   Microstructural investigation of ice surfaces after rubber–ice and sand–ice sliding friction tests by Alex Klein-Paste,
      Nirmal K. Sinha
46.   Effect of bovine serum constituents on the surface of the tribological pair alumina/alumina nanocomposites for total
      hip replacement by C. Morillo, Y. Sawae, T. Murakami
47.   Influence of photoelectric stimulation with different spectrum on sliding friction behaviors of locust Oedaleus
      infernalis Saussure (Orthoptera: Acrididae) on slippery plates by Wang Lixin, Zhou Qiang, Niu HuLi
48.   Compaction pressure, wall friction and surface roughness upon compaction strength of Andrographis paniculata
      tablets by Y.A. Yusof, S.K. Ng, N.L. Chin, R.A. Talib
49.   Welding of tribologically optimized polyetheretherketone films with metallic substrates by T. Bayerl, A.K. Schlarb
50.   Parametric study on balance ratio of mechanical face seal in steam environment by S.S. Goilkar, Harish Hirani
  51.    Feature based characterization of worn surfaces for a sliding test by Q. Hao, D. Bianchi, M. Kaestner, E. Reithmeier
  52.    Effect of surface laser texture on friction properties of nickel-based composite by Jianliang Li, Dangsheng Xiong,
         Jihui Dai, Zhongjia Huang, Rajnesh Tyagi
Volume 43, Issues 7-10 (2010)
   1     Elevated-temperature tribology of metallic materials by Peter J. Blau
   2     Tribocorrosion behaviour of overlay welded Ni–Cr 625 alloy in sulphuric and nitric acids: Electrochemical and
         chemical effects by N. Espallargas, S. Mischler
   3     Interpretation of electrochemical measurements made during micro-scale abrasion-corrosion by R.J.K. Wood, D.
         Sun, M.R. Thakare, A. de Frutos Rozas, J.A. Wharton
   4     Effects of carbon content on the high temperature friction and wear of chromium carbonitride coatings by T. Polcar,
         T. Vitu, L. Cvrcek, J. Vyskocil, A. Cavaleiro
   5     Wear behaviour of hardfaced Fe-Cr-C alloy and austenitic steel under 2-body and 3-body conditions at elevated
         temperature by E. Badisch, C. Katsich, H. Winkelmann, F. Franek, Manish Roy
   6     Evaluation of fretting corrosion behaviour of CP-Ti for orthopaedic implant applications by Satendra Kumar, T.S.N.
         Sankara Narayanan, S. Ganesh Sundara Raman, S.K. Seshadri
   7     Preparation and characterization of spark-anodized Al-alloys: Physical, chemical and tribological properties by N.
         Godja, N. Kiss, Ch. Löcker, A. Schindel, A. Gavrilovic, J. Wosik, R. Mann, J. Wendrinsky, A. Merstallinger, G.E
   8     Erosion behaviors of human tooth enamel at different depth by J. Zheng, F. Xiao, L. Zheng, L.M. Qian, Z.R. Zhou
   9     Mapping erosion-corrosion of carbon steel in oil exploration conditions: Some new approaches to characterizing
         mechanisms and synergies by M.M. Stack, G.H. Abdulrahman
  10     Leeds–Lyon Symposium Special Issue: Multi-facets of Tribology by Ton Lubrecht, Yves Berthier, Gérard Dalmaz
  11     A transient 2D-finite-element approach for the simulation of mixed lubrication effects of reciprocating hydraulic rod
         seals by T. Schmidt, M. André, G. Poll
  12     Film height optimization of dynamically loaded hydrodynamic slider bearings by Ron A.J. van Ostayen
  13     Evaluation of the real contact area in three-body dry friction by micro-thermal analysis by Philippe Stempflé, Olivier
         Pantalé, Toufik Djilali, Richard Kouitat Njiwa, Xavier Bourrat, Jamal Takadoum
  14     Interpretation of the hardness of worn DLC particles using micro-Raman spectroscopy by P.L. Wong, F. He, X.
  15.    Molecular dynamics simulation of surface energy and ZDDP effects on friction in nano-scale lubricated contacts by
         Hassan Berro, Nicolas Fillot, Philippe Vergne
  16.    An emissivity-corrected method for the accurate radiometric measurement of transient surface temperatures during
         braking by H. Kasem, J. Thevenet, X. Boidin, M. Siroux, P. Dufrenoy, B. Desmet, Y. Desplanques
  17.    3D two scale X-FEM crack model with interfacial frictional contact: Application to fretting fatigue by E. Pierres, M.C.
      Baietto, A. Gravouil, G. Morales-Espejel
18.   Influence of pressure and temperature dependence of thermal properties of a lubricant on the behaviour of circular
      TEHD contacts by W. Habchi, P. Vergne, S. Bair, O. Andersson, D. Eyheramendy, G.E. Morales-Espejel
19.   Effect of surface texturing on the elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of metal-on-metal hip implants by Leiming
      Gao, Peiran Yang, Ian Dymond, John Fisher, Zhongmin Jin
20.   Influence of tooth profile and oil formulation on gear power loss by Luís Magalhães, Ramiro Martins, Cristiano
      Locateli, Jorge Seabra
21.   A study of Biolox® delta subject to water lubricated reciprocating wear by L. Ma, W.M. Rainforth
22.   Tribological characteristics of one-process and two-process cylinder liner honed surfaces under reciprocating sliding
      conditions by Wieslaw Grabon, Pawel Pawlus, Jaroslaw Sep
23.   Experimental study of real roughness attenuation in concentrated contacts by P. Šperka, I. Křupka, M. Hartl
24.   Double-Newtonian rheology in a model piston-ring cylinder-wall contact by P. Charles, M. Elfassi, A.A. Lubrecht
25.   Lubricant film formation properties of alkyl imidazolium tetrafluoroborate and hexafluorophosphate ionic liquids by H.
      Arora, P.M. Cann
26.   The effect of gross sliding fretting wear on stress distributions in thin W-DLC coating systems by A.L. Mohd Tobi, J.
      Ding, S. Pearson, S.B. Leen, P.H. Shipway
27.   The effect of surface texturing on seizure resistance of a steel–bronze assembly by Waldemar Koszela, Lidia Galda,
      Andrzej Dzierwa, Pawel Pawlus
28.   Erosive wear on ceramic materials obtained from solid residuals and volcanic ashes by J. Vite, M. Vite, M. Castillo,
      J.R. Laguna-Camacho, J. Soto, O. Susarrey
Tribology Letters
 Volume 37, Number 1 / January, 2010
    1    Hybrid Diffusion: An Efficient Method for Kinetic Temperature Calculation in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Confined
         byLubricant Films Hassan Berro, Nicolas Fillot and Philippe Vergne
    2    Optical Detections From Worn and Unworn Titanium Compound Surfaces by Inge L. Rasmussen, M. Guibert, J.-M. Martin, M.
         Belin, N. J. Mikkelsen, H. C. Pedersen and J. Schou
    3    Determination of Low Wear Rates in Metal-On-Metal Hip Joint Replacements Based on Ultra Trace Element Analysis in
         Simulator Studies by J. P. Kretzer, M. Krachler, J. Reinders, E. Jakubowitz, M. Thomsen and C. Heisel
    4    Tribological Properties of Room Temperature Fluorinated Graphite Heat-Treated Under Fluorine Atmosphere by K. Delbé, P.
         Thomas, D. Himmel, J. L. Mansot, M. Dubois, K. Guérin, C. Delabarre and A. Hamwi
    5    Tribological Performance of Fe67B33 Alloy Prepared by a Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Technique by Licai
         Fu, Jun Yang, Qinling Bi, Jiqiang Ma and Weimin Liu
    6    Antagonistic Interaction of Antiwear Additives and Carbon Black by Yewande Olomolehin, Rita Kapadia and Hugh Spikes
    7    Friction and Wear of Thermal Oxidation-Treated Ti3SiC2 by Shufang Ren, Junhu Meng, Jingbo Wang, Jinjun Lu and
         Shengrong Yang
   8     Modeling of Fretting Wear Based on Solution of Wear Contact Problem by K. Y. Choi, S. S. Kim and I. A. Soldatenkov
   9.    Friction Properties of Carbon Nano-Onions from Experiment and Computer Simulations by L. Joly-Pottuz, E. W. Bucholz, N.
         Matsumoto, S. R. Phillpot, S. B. Sinnott, N. Ohmae and J. M. Martin
   10.   Synthesis and Tribological Performance of Novel MoxW1-xS2 (0 = x = 1) Inorganic Fullerenes by Johny Tannous, Fabrice
         Dassenoy, Andrew Bruhács and Wolfgang Tremel
Volume 37, Number 2 / February, 2010
    1    Lubrication of Steel/Steel Contacts by Choline Chloride Ionic Liquids by S. D. A. Lawes, S. V. Hainsworth, P. Blake, K. S.
         Ryder and A. P. Abbott
    2    Effects of Chlorinated Paraffin and ZDDP Concentrations on Boundary Lubrication Properties of Mineral and Soybean Oils by
         Svajus Joseph Asadauskas, Girma Biresaw and Ted G. McClure

    3    Geometric Shape Effects of Surface Texture on the Generation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Between Conformal Contacting
         Surfaces by Haiwu Yu, Xiaolei Wang and Fei Zhou
    4    Tribological Performance of Microwave-Heat-Treated Copper–Graphite Composites by K. Rajkumar and S. Aravindan
    5    Microstructure and Dry-Sliding Wear Behavior of Thermal Sprayed and Fused Ni-Based Coatings with the Addition of La2O3
         by Zhenyu Zhang, Zhiping Wang and Bunv Liang
    6    Friction Instability Induced by Corrosion of Gray Iron Brake Discs by M. W. Shin, K. H. Cho, S. J. Kim and H. Jang
    7    Mechanical Modeling of Scratch Behavior of Polymeric Coatings on Hard and Soft Substrates by Han Jiang, R. Browning, J.
         D. Whitcomb, M. Ito, M. Shimouse, T. A. Chang and H.-J. Sue
    8    On the Deformation of Superelastic TiNi Alloy by Z. Farhat and C. Zhang
    9    Influence of Test Conditions on the Lubricated Friction and Wear Behaviour of Al–25Zn–3Cu Alloy by Osman Bican and
       Temel Savaskan
10     The Tribological Properties of a Nano-Eutectic Fe1.87C0.13 Alloy Under Liquid Paraffine Lubrication by Lin Wang, Jun Yang,
       Qinling Bi, Jiqiang Ma, Licai Fu and Weimin Liu
11.    Comparisons of Slip-Corrected Reynolds Lubrication Equations for the Air Bearing Film in the Head-Disk Interface of Hard
       Disk Drives by Du Chen and David B. Bogy
12.    Effect of Nano-Cu Lubrication Additive on the Contact Fatigue Behavior of Steel by Yi Dong Zhang, Jia Sheng Yan, Lai Gui Yu
       and Ping Yu Zhang
13.    Analysis of NM-Scale Scratches on High-Gloss Tribological Surfaces by Using an Angle-Resolved Light Scattering Method by
       J. Böhm, M. Jech and M. Vellekoop
 14.   Triboplasma Generation and Triboluminescence: Influence of Stationary Sliding Partner by Keiji Nakayama
 15.   Tribochemical Behavior of Si3N4–hBN Ceramic Materials with Water Lubrication by Wei Chen, Yimin Gao, Faliang Ju and
       Yong Wang
 16.   Mechanics of Deformation under Traction and Friction of a Micrometric Monolithic MoS2 Particle in Comparison with those of
       an Agglomerate of Nanometric MoS2 Particles by Rashmi R. Sahoo, Souvik Math and S. K. Biswas
 17.   Wear–Corrosion Resistance of DLC/CoCrMo System for Medical Implants with Different Surface Finishing by C. B. Santos,
       L. Haubold, H. Holeczek, M. Becker and M. Metzner
 18.   Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Testing of Polymeric Composite Journal Bearings: Two-
       Dimensional Modeling and Validation by A. Rezaei, W. Ost, W. Van Paepegem, J. Degrieck and P. De Baets
 19.   Measurement of Friction Noise Versus Contact Area of Rough Surfaces Weakly Loaded by Alain Le Bot and E. Bou Chakra
 20.   Modeling of Thermal-Assisted Dislocation Friction by Y. Liao and L. D. Marks
 21.   The Influence of Lead Suspension in Oil Lubricant on the Sliding Wear Behaviour of Cast Iron by B. K. Prasad, S. Rathod, M.
       S. Yadav and O. P. Modi
 22.   The Effect of Oil Pockets Shape and Distribution on Seizure Resistance in Lubricated Sliding by Lidia Galda, Andrzej Dzierwa,
       Jaroslaw Sep and Pawel Pawlus
 23.   Microtribology and Friction-Induced Material Transfer in Layered MoS2 Nanoparticles Sprayed on a Steel Surface by Rashmi
       R. Sahoo and Sanjay K. Biswas
 24.   Analysis of Feature-Scale Wear in Chemical Mechanical Polishing: Modeling and Experiments by Elon J. Terrell, Ryan B.
       Comes and C. Fred Higgs
 25.   Friction and Wear Properties of 3D Carbon/Silicon Carbide Composites Prepared by Liquid Silicon Infiltration by Haijun Zhou,
       Shaoming Dong, Yusheng Ding, Zhen Wang and Dingxing Wu
 26.   Ultralow Friction of Mesogenic Fluid Mixtures in Tribological Reciprocating Systems by Tobias Amann and Andreas Kailer
   27.   Characterization of Frictional Behavior in Cold Forging by K. H. Jung, H. C. Lee, J. S. Ajiboye and Y. T. Im
   28.   Influence of Surface Roughness, Material and Climate Conditions on the Friction of Human Skin by C. P. Hendriks and S. E.
   29.   Size-Dependent Adhesion Strength of a Single Viscoelastic Fiber by Shaohua Chen, Guang Xu and Aikah Soh
   30.   The Preparation and Tribological Investigation of Ni–P Amorphous Alloy Nanoparticles by Libo Wang, Weimin Liu and Xiaobo
   31.   Finger Friction Measurements on Coated and Uncoated Printing Papers by Lisa Skedung, Katrin Danerlöv, Ulf Olofsson, Maiju
         Aikala, Kari Niemi, John Kettle and Mark W. Rutland
   32.   Tribological Behavior of Composites Based on ZA-27 Alloy Reinforced with Graphite Particles by Miroslav Babic, Mitrovic
         Slobodan, Dragan Džunic, Branislav Jeremic and Bobic Ilija
   33.   Study on Lubricant Depletion Induced by Laser Heating in Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording Systems: Effect of
         Lubricant Thickness and Bonding Ratio by Norio Tagawa, Hideki Andoh and Hiroshi Tani
   34.   Wear Mechanisms at High Temperatures. Part 3: Changes of the Wear Mechanism in the Continuous Impact Abrasion Test
         with Increasing Testing Temperature by H. Winkelmann, E. Badisch, M. Varga and H. Danninger
   35.   Ionic Liquids as Lubricants of Titanium–Steel Contact. Part 2: Friction, Wear and Surface Interactions at High Temperature by
         A. E. Jiménez and M. D. Bermúdez
   36.   Impact Abrasive Wear Response of Carbon/Carbon Composites at Elevated Temperatures by S. Sarkar, E. Badisch, R. Mitra
         and Manish Roy
   37.   Energy, Adhesion, and the Elastic Foundation by Ira J. Hill and W. Gregory Sawyer
   38.   Sliding Wear Behavior of HVOF-sprayed Cr3C2–NiCr/CeO2 Composite Coatings at Elevated Temperature up to 800 °C by
         Bin Yin, Guang Liu, Huidi Zhou, Jianmin Chen and Fengyuan Yan
   39.   Effect of Surface Pattern on Stribeck Curve by S. Akbarzadeh and M. M. Khonsari
Volume 37, Number 3 / March, 2010
  1      Effects of Deposition Conditions and Counter Bodies on the Tribological Properties of Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtered TiN–
         MoSx Composite Coating by Soumya Gangopadhyay, R. Acharya, A. K. Chattopadhyay and S. Paul
  2      Simultaneously Measuring Lateral and Vertical Forces with Accurate Gap Control for Clarifying Lubrication Phenomena at
         Nanometer Gap by Kenji Fukuzawa, Kosei Hayakawa, Noriki Matsumura, Shintaro Itoh and Hedong Zhang
  3      Wear Simulation of Polymer Using Multiscratch Test Procedure by H. Pelletier, C. Gauthier and R. Schirrer
  4      Multi-Scale Investigation of Surface Topography of Ball Python (Python regius) Shed Skin in Comparison to Human Skin by
         H. A. Abdel-Aal, M. El Mansori and S. Mezghani
  5      Origin of Friction in Running-in Sliding Wear of Nitride Coatings by Q. Luo
  6      Macrotribological Studies of Poly(L-lysine)-graft-Poly(ethylene glycol) in Aqueous Glycerol Mixtures by Prathima C. Nalam,
         Jarred N. Clasohm, Alireza Mashaghi and Nicholas D. Spencer
7     Performance of Externally Pressurized Grooved Thrust Bearings by G. Belforte, F. Colombo, T. Raparelli, A. Trivella and V.
8     Assessing the Tribocorrosion Performance of Three Different Nickel-Based Superalloys by K. C. Tekin and U. Malayoglu
9     Lubricating Properties of Organic Phosphate Ester Aqueous Solutions by Shuhai Liu, Dan Guo, Gang Li and Hong Lei
10    Lubricant-Induced Spacing Increases at Slider–Disk Interfaces in Disk Drives by C. Mathew Mate, Bruno Marchon, Aravind N.
      Murthy and Sang-Hoon Kim
11.   Possibility of the Abrasive Wear Resistance Determination with Scratch Tester by Vencl, N. Manic, V. Popovic and M. Mrdak
12.   Abrasive and Adhesive Wear Behavior of Arc-Evaporated Al1-xCrxN Hard Coatings by A. E. Reiter, C. Mitterer, M. Rebelo de
      Figueiredo and R. Franz
13.   The Effect of Load (Pressure) for Quantitative EHL Film Thickness by Ivan Krupka, Punit Kumar, Scott Bair, M. M. Khonsari
      and Martin Hartl
14.   Investigating the Lubricity and Electrical Insulation Caused by Sanding in Dry Wheel–Rail Contacts by O. Arias-Cuevas, Z. Li
      and R. Lewis
15.   Morphology and Toughness of Abrasive Particles and Their Effects on the Friction and Wear of Friction Materials: A Case
      Study with Zircon and Quartz by E. J. Lee, H. J. Hwang, W. G. Lee, K. H. Cho and H. Jang
      Stribeck Curve Under Friction of Copper Samples in the Steady Friction State by A. Moshkovich, V. Perfilyev, I. Lapsker and L.
16.   Rapoport
Tribology Transactions
 Volume 53 Issue 1 2010
         CAGEDYN: A Contribution to Roller Bearing Dynamic Calculations Part I: Basic Tribology Concepts
   1.    Luc Houpert

         CAGEDYN: A Contribution to Roller Bearing Dynamic Calculations Part II: Description of the Numerical Tool and Its Outputs
   2.    Luc Houpert

         Bismuth Sulfide (Bi2S3) as the Active Species in Extreme Pressure Lubricants Containing Bismuth Carboxylates and Sulfur
   3.    Compounds
         Robert T. Hart; Ali A. Kerr; Nathan A. Eckert

         Rolling Contact Fatigue Life and Spall Propagation of AISI M50, M50NiL, and AISI 52100, Part I: Experimental Results
   4.    Lewis Rosado; Nelson H. Forster; Kevin L. Thompson; Jason W. Cooke

         Rolling Contact Fatigue Life and Spall Propagation of AISI M50, M50NiL, and AISI 52100, Part II: Stress Modeling
   5.    Nagaraj K. Arakere; Nathan Branch; George Levesque; Vaughn Svendsen; Nelson H. Forster

          Rolling Contact Fatigue Life and Spall Propagation Characteristics of AISI M50, M50 NiL, and AISI 52100, Part III:
   6.    Metallurgical Examination
         Nelson H. Forster; Lewis Rosado; William P. Ogden; Hitesh K. Trivedi
          A Parametric Analysis of a Reservoir-Extended Porous Slider Bearing with Self-Circulation and Cavitation Effects
   7.    Joshua D. Johnston; Minel J. Braun; Kevin Kreider; Gerald W. Young
         The Lifetime of Boundary Lubrication Performance of Small-Quantity-Applied Liquid Lubricants for Space Mechanisms
   8.    Evaluated with a Vacuum Reciprocating Tribometer
         Masabumi Masuko; Kentaro Kishi; Akihito Suzuki; Shingo Obara
         Complete Squeeze-Film Damper Analysis Based on the ―Bulk Flow‖ Equations
   9.    Jérôme Gehannin; Mihai Arghir; Olivier Bonneau
         Friction Reduction of Lubricant Base Oil by Micelles and Crosslinked Micelles of Block Copolymers
   10.   Ronghua Zheng; Guojun Liu; Mark Devlin; Karen Hux; Tze-chi Jao
         Solution of Tribological Problems on a Compact Distribution Steam Valve for Capacity-Type Rankine Cycle Expansion
   11.   Machines for an Automobile
         Kenji Matsumoto; Bunichi Saito; Hiroyoshi Taniguchi
          A General Profile Parameterization of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings for Efficient Shape Optimization
   12.   Xiaoping Pang; Ning Qin; Rob S. Dwyer-Joyce; Jin Chen; Jiaxu Wang
         An Experimental Study on the Effect of Machining-Induced White Layer on Frictional and Wear Performance at Dry and
  13.   Lubricated Sliding Contact
        Y. B. Guo; R. A. Waikar
        The Effects of Surface Roughness and Coatings on the Tribological Behavior of the Surfaces of a Piston Skirt
  14.   Dae-Hyun Cho; Sung-Ae Lee; Young-Ze Lee

         Fretting of WC/a-C:H and Cr2N Coatings Under Grease-Lubricated and Unlubricated Conditions
  15.   Benjamin D. Leonard; Farshid Sadeghi; Ryan D. Evans; Gary L. Doll; Paul J. Shiller

         A New Form of Rolling Contact Damage in Grease-Lubricated, Deep-Groove Ball Bearings
  16.   Takeo Yoshioka; Shigeo Simizu; Hirokazu Shimoda

Volume 53 Issue 2 2010
   1.   Study on the Characteristics of Transferred Lubricating Thin Films on Ceramic Surfaces Generated in Liquid Nitrogen
   2.    Optical Method for Evaluating Dynamic Friction of a Small Linear Ball Bearing
   3.   Synthesis and Tribology Properties of Stearate-Coated Ag Nanoparticles
        Lei Sun; Xiaojun Tao; Yanbao Zhao; Zhijun Zhang
           The Role of Heat Partition in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
        Comparative Study of Tribological Properties of Different Fibers Reinforced PTFE/PEEK Composites at Elevated
   5.   Temperatures
   6.   Tribological Properties of Laser Surface Texturing and Molybdenizing Duplex-Treated Ni-Base Alloy
   7.   Novel Propelling Mechanisms Based on Frictional Interaction for Endoscope Robot
        Y. -T. Kim; D. -E. Kim
   8.   Flyability and Durability Test of Dynamic Fly-Height Sliders at 1-nm Clearance
        Ning Li; Lanshi Zheng; David B. Bogy; Yonggang Meng
         Wettability and Nanotribological Property of Multiply Alkylated Cyclopentanes (MACs) on Silicon Substrates
  9.    Ying Wang; Yufei Mo; Min Zhu; Mingwu Bai
  10.   A Numerical Elastic–Plastic Contact Model for Rough Surfaces
        Zhan-Jiang Wang; Wen-Zhong Wang; Yuan-Zhong Hu; Hui Wang
  11.   The Cavitation Erosion of the 45# Carbon Steels Implanted with Titanium and Nitrogen
        Fengbin Liu; Jiadao Wang; Darong Chen; Yanji Xu; Ming Zhao
  12.   Size Effect on Friction of C3602 in Cylinder Compression
        Feng Gong; Bin Guo; Chunju Wang; Debin Shan
         Friction and Wear Characteristics of Advanced Space Lubricants
  13.   Nobuyoshi Ohno; Sobahan Mia; Shigeki Morita; Shingo Obara
         Wear Characteristics Under Boundary Lubrication Contacts in Phosphorated Starch-Based Electrorheological Fluid
  14.   Seung-Bok Choi; Jung Woo Sohn; Young-Min Han; Chul-Hee Lee
         Lubrication Characteristics of Dual-Tori Double-Enveloping Toroidal Worm Drive
  15.   Yaping Zhao; Daizhong Su; Wenjun Wei; Xuezhu Dong; Jiancheng Zhou

  16.   Experimental Study on the Tribological Properties of Powder Lubrication under Plane Contact
        Wang Wei; Liu Xiaojun; Liu Kun; Li Hongxian
  17.   Dynamic Contact Model Based on Meniscus Adhesion For Wet Bio-Adhesive Pads: Simulation Experiments
        Xiangjun Zhang; Xiong Yi; S. I. -U. Ahmed; Michael Kosinskiy; Yonghe Liu; J. A. Schaefer
  18.   Study of the Regenerated Layer on the Worn Surface of a Cylinder Liner Lubricated by a Novel Silicate Additive in Lubricating
        Oil Wen Yue; Chengbiao Wang; Yuandong Liu; Haipeng Huang; Qingfeng Wen; Jiajun Liu
Volume 53 Issue 3 2010
        Free Surface Thin Layer Flow in Bearings Induced by Centrifugal Effects by Marco T. Van Zoelen; Cornelis H. Venner; Piet
   1.   M. Lugt
   2.   Non-Newtonian Effects on Film Formation in Grease-Lubricated Radial Lip Seals by Pieter Baart; Piet M. Lugt; Braham
        Tribology of Hard Protective Coatings Under Realistic Operating Conditions for Use in Oilless Piston-Type and Swash-Plate
   3.   Compressors by Timothy A. Solzak; Andreas A. Polycarpou
        Experimental Analysis of Cylindrical Air-Bearing Dynamic Coefficients by P. Matta; M. Arghir; O. Bonneau
   5.   Oil-Bleeding Model for Lubricating Grease Based on Viscous Flow Through a Porous Microstructure by Pieter Baart; Bas van
        der Vorst; Piet M. Lugt; Ron A. J. van Ostayen
        Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of a Compliant Journal Bearing Considering Static and Dynamic Deformations of the
   6.   Bearing Liner by Mustapha Lahmar; Salah Ellagoune; Benyebka Bou-Saïd
   7.   Micro-Sliding in High-Speed Aircraft Engine Ball Bearings by Peter Gloeckner; Franz-Josef Ebert
         Theoretical Analysis of Surface-Textured Elastomer Sleeve in Lubricated Rotary Sliding by Alexey Shinkarenko; Yuri
   8.   Kligerman; Izhak Etsion
         Geometrical Design Considerations on Externally Pressurized Porous Gas Bearings by Chih-Chuan Lee; Hsien-I You
        A Simulation Scheme with Coupled Dynamic Models for the Slider and the Suspension Lift-Tab during the Unloading Process
  10.   of a Hard Disk Drive by Shao Wang; Yanhui Yuan; Hongrui Ao; Yan Liu

        Numerical Modeling of Thermohydrodynamic Mechanical Face Seals by A. Djamaï; N. Brunetière; B. Tournerie
  12.   Pretreatment of Steel Racetracks by Using a Sand-Blasting Technique with a Special Emphasis on Si3N4 Powder—Part
        Three by Kenneth K. Chao; Costandy S. Saba
  13.   Minimum Film Thickness in a Gas Foil Journal Bearing with an Unbalanced Rotor
        Marc Carpino; Gita Talmage
        Mesh Movement Method for Transient Simulation of Annular Cavities: Application to Prediction of Fluid Forces in Squeeze
  14.   Film Dampers by Eric M. Ngondi; Thomas GröNsfelder; Rainer Nordmann
        The Effects of Wear Debris under Fluid Flow Environment on Fretting Wear Mechanism of Nuclear Fuel Cladding Tube
  15.   Supported by Supporting Grid by Jin-Seon Kim; Se-Min Park; Young-Ze Lee
  16.   Comparison of Leakage Performance in Three Types of Gas Annular Seals Operating at a High Temperature (300°C) by Luis
        San Andrés; Zachary Ashton
Volume 53 Issue 4 2010
   1.   A Windage Power Loss Model for Spur Gear Pairs by Satya Seetharaman; Ahmet Kahraman
   2.    Examination of Pitting and Wear in Borided, Carburized, and Borocarburized AISI 8620 Gears by Hayrettin Düzcükoğlu;
        Adnan Çalik; Hüseyin İmrek; Mustafa S. KarakaŞ
   3.   An Analysis of Surface Temperature Rise at the Contact between Sliding Bodies with Small-Scale Surface Roughness by
        Sudipto Ray; S. K. Roy Chowdhury
   4.   Lubricating Properties of Tripod Sliding Universal Joints Considering Thermal Effect by D. G. Chang; X. F. Wang; F. Q. Yang;
        J. Z. Wang
   5.   Critical Flaw Size in Silicon Nitride Ball Bearings by George A. Levesque; Nagaraj K. Arakere
   6.   A Study on Tribological Behavior of Alumina-Filled Glass–Epoxy Composites Using Taguchi Experimental Design by
        Sandhyarani Biswas; Alok Satapathy
   7.   Tribo-Performance Analysis of Fly Ash–Aluminum Coatings Using Experimental Design and ANN by Suvendu PR. Sahu; Alok
        Satapathy; Debadutta Mishra; Amar Patnaik; K. P. Sreekuma
   8.   An Analytical Solution to an Archard-Type Fractal Rough Surface Contact Model by Robert L. Jackson
   9.   Prediction of Spur Gear Mechanical Power Losses Using a Transient Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Model by Sheng Li;
        Ahmet Kahraman
  10.   Investigation of the Effect of Milli-Scale Dimples on Planar Contact Lubrication by Jiadao Wang; Haosheng Chen; Zhongling
        Han; Darong Chen
  11.   Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) Traction Properties of Seed Oils1 by Girma Biresaw; Grigor B. Bantchev
  12.   Wear and Friction Modeling on Lifeboat Launch Systems by B. Thomas; M. Hadfield; S. Austen
  13.   Investigation of Grease Flow in a Rectangular Channel Including Wall Slip Effects Using Microparticle Image Velocimetry by
        Lars G. Westerberg; T. S. Lundström; E. Höglund; P. M. Lugt
  14.   Rolling Contact Fatigue Performance of Vibro-Mechanical Textured Surfaces by Aaron Greco; Ashlie Martini; Yuchuan Liu;
        Chih Lin; Qian J. Wang
  15.   Empirical Stress Intensity Factors for Surface Cracks under Rolling Contact Fatigue by George Levesque; Nagaraj K. Arakere
  16.   Mechanical Seal Failure Analysis by Joel O. Ojile; Joao A. Teixeira; Chris Carmody
Volume 53 Issue 5 2010
   1.   Exploring Operation Mechanisms of the Flexible Metal-to-Metal Face Seal: Part I—Numerical Modeling and Validations by
        Yong Wang; Yong Li; Tian Tian
   2.   Exploring Operation Mechanisms of the Flexible Metal-to-Metal Face Seal: Part II—Scoring and Leakage Analysis by Yong
      Wang; Tian Tian
3.    Experimental Investigation of Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) Film Thickness Behavior at High Speeds by Joslyn Hili; Andrew V.
      Olver; Simon Edwards; Leon Jacobs
4.    The Effect of FeS Solid Lubricant on the Tribological Properties of Bearing Steel under Grease Lubrication by Yuan-Dong Liu;
      Cheng-Biao Wang; Jing-Jing Yuan; Jia-Jun Liu
5.    A Study on the Sliding Wear of Hybrid PTFE/Kevlar Fabric/Phenolic Composites Filled with Nanoparticles of TiO2 and SiO2
      by Hui-Juan Zhang; Zhao-Zhu Zhang; Fang Guo
6.    An Investigation of Lubricant Film Thickness in Sliding Compliant Contacts by Connor Myant; Mark Fowell; Hugh A. Spikes;
      Jason R. Stokes
7.    Improved Method of Roller Bearing Fatigue Life Prediction under Edge Loading Conditions by Haruo Nagatani
8.     Molecular Design of Environmentally Adapted Lubricants: Antiwear Additives Derived from Natural Amino Acids by Ichiro
      Minami; Shigeyuki Mori; Yukihiro Isogai; Satoshi Hiyoshi; Toshihiro Inayama; Shingo Nakayama
9.    Tribological Properties and Film Formation Behavior of Thermoreversible Gel Lubricants by Nobuyoshi Ohno; Sobahan Mia;
      Kazuo Masuhara; Kentaro Sonoda; Yuji Yamashita; Yoshitaka Tamura; Shigeki Morita; Yuji Shitara
10.   Nanowear of Hafnium Diboride Thin Films by Abhishek Chatterjee; Navneet Kumar; John R. Abelson; Pascal Bellon; Andreas
      A. Polycarpou
11.   Stopping Criterion in Iterative Solution Methods for Reynolds Equations by Nenzi Wang; Shih-Hung Chang; Hua-Chih Huang
  S.No.                                                               Index
Volume 268, Issues 3-4, Pages 353-642 (4 February 2010)
    1.    Effect of intermittent fretting on corrosion behavior in electrical contact by Young Woo Park, Hyung Goun Joo, Kang Yong
    2.    Conformality effects on the wear of low-speed, large aspect ratio silicon journal microbearings by S. Demiri, S. Boedo, W.J.
    3.    Study of interfacial stiffness ratio of a rough surface in contact using a spring model by M. Gonzalez-Valadez, A. Baltazar,
          R.S. Dwyer-Joyce
    4.    S.C. Scholes, A. Unsworth, The wear performance of PEEK-OPTIMA based self-mating couples
    5.    F.J. Martinez, M. Canales, J.M. Bielsa, M.A. Jimenez, Relationship between wear rate and mechanical fatigue in sliding TPU-
          metal contacts
    6.    H.B. He, H.Y. Li, S.K. Lyu, Tribological behavior of a 20CrMo alloy implanted with nitrogen ions by plasma source ion
    7.    M. Habibnejad-Korayem, R. Mahmudi, H.M. Ghasemi, W.J. Poole, Tribological behavior of pure Mg and AZ31 magnesium
          alloy strengthened by Al2O3 nano-particles
    8.    R. Rybiak, S. Fouvry, B. Bonnet, Fretting wear of stainless steels under variable temperature conditions: Introduction of a
          `composite' wear law
    9.    G.Y. Xie, G.S. Zhuang, G.X. Sui, R. Yang, Tribological behavior of PEEK/PTFE composites reinforced with potassium
          titanate whiskers
    10.   Jeng Luen Liou, Chi Ming Tsai, Jen-Fin Lin, A microcontact model developed for sphere- and cylinder-based fractal bodies in
          contact with a rigid flat surface
    11.   Th. Zisis, N.A. Fleck, The elastic-plastic indentation response of a columnar thermal barrier coating
    12.   N. Argibay, J.A. Bares, W.G. Sawyer, Asymmetric wear behavior of self-mated copper fiber brush and slip-ring sliding
          electrical contacts in a humid carbon dioxide environment
    13.   J. Karger-Kocsis, D. Felhos, D. Xu, Mechanical and tribological properties of rubber blends composed of HNBR and in situ
          produced polyurethane
    14.   Jian Wang, Jiandong Xing, Li Cao, Wei Su, Yimin Gao, Dry sliding wear behavior of Fe3Al alloys prepared by mechanical
          alloying and plasma activated sintering
    15.   James Shih-Shyn Wu, Shu-Ling Hsu, Jian-Horng Chen, Wear patterns of, and wear volume formulae for, hemispherical
          acetabular cup liners
    16.   D. Marchetto, A. Rota, L. Calabri, G.C. Gazzadi, C. Menozzi, S. Valeri, Hydrophobic effect of surface patterning on Si surface
    17.   Jorge A. Olortegui-Yume, Patrick Y. Kwon, Crater wear patterns analysis on multi-layer coated carbides using the wavelet
    18.   Ji Chul Yang, Dong Won Oh, Gae Won Lee, Chang Lyung Song, Taesung Kim, Step height removal mechanism of chemical
          mechanical planarization (CMP) for sub-nano-surface finish
  S.No.                                                                 Index
    19.   Yefei Li, Yimin Gao, Three-body abrasive wear behavior of CC/high-Cr WCI composite and its interfacial characteristics
    20.   H.J. Hwang, S.L. Jung, K.H. Cho, Y.J. Kim, H. Jang, Tribological performance of brake friction materials containing carbon
    21.   Jan-Erik Schmutz, Harald Fuchs, Hendrik Holscher, Measuring wear by combining friction force and dynamic force
    22.   M.M. Stack, S.M. Abdelrahman, B.D. Jana, A new methodology for modelling erosion-corrosion regimes on real surfaces:
          Gliding down the galvanic series for a range of metal-corrosion systems
    23.   O. Arias-Cuevas, Z. Li, R. Lewis, E.A. Gallardo-Hernandez, Rolling-sliding laboratory tests of friction modifiers in dry and wet
          wheel-rail contacts
    24.   D. Munteanu, C. Ionescu, C. Olteanu, A. Munteanu, F. Davin, L. Cunha, C. Moura, F. Vaz, Influence of composition and
          structural properties in the tribological behaviour of magnetron sputtered Ti-Si-C nanostructured thin films, prepared at low
    25.   L. Gara, Q. Zou, B.P. Sangeorzan, G.C. Barber, H.E. McCormick, M.H. Mekari, Wear measurement of the cylinder liner of a
          single cylinder diesel engine using a replication method
    26.   Temel Savaskan, Yasin Alemdag, Effect of nickel additions on the mechanical and sliding wear properties of Al-40Zn-3Cu
    27.   K.C. Goretta, J.I. Pena, V.M. Orera, Nan Chen, D. Singh, J.L. Routbort, Solid-particle erosion of directionally solidified Al2O3-
          ZrO2 (Y2O3) eutectics
    28.   BoHoon Kim, Ramoun Mourhatch, Pranesh B. Aswath, Properties of tribofilms formed with ashless dithiophosphate and zinc
          dialkyl dithiophosphate under extreme pressure conditions
    29.   C.X. Li, A. Hussain, A. Kamali, Consideration of non-bearing surface condition and its potential effect on hip wear simulation
          test results
    30.   C.H. Liu, C.H. Ding, Microstructure and tribological characterizations of Ni-based self-lubricating coating
    31.   R. Mojaver, H.R. Shahverdi, The relationship between the wear behavior and microstructure features in end-chill cast Zn-
          27%Al alloy
    32.   Paul Stratton, Michael Graf, Wear of diffusion hardened Ti-6Al-4V sliding against tool steel, Wear
    33.   Vesa Saikko, Ming Shen, Wear comparison between a dual mobility total hip prosthesis and a typical modular design using a
          hip joint simulator
    34.   H.R. Abedi, A. Fareghi, H. Saghafian, S.H. Kheirandish, Sliding wear behavior of a ferritic-pearlitic ductile cast iron with
          different nodule count
    35.   Dong-Cherng Wen, Erosion and wear behavior of nitrocarburized DC53 tool steel
    36.   Danna Qian, Limin Bao, Masayuki Takatera, Kiyoshi Kemmochi, Atsuhiko Yamanaka, Fiber-reinforced polymer composite
          materials with high specific strength and excellent solid particle erosion resistance
Volume 268, Issues 5-6, Pages 643-854 (11 February 2010)
    1.    Saad Mukras, Nam H. Kim, Nathan A. Mauntler, Tony L. Schmitz, W. Gregory Sawyer, Analysis of planar multibody systems
          with revolute joint wear
    2.    Chin-You Hsu, Tsing-Shien Sheu, Jien-Wei Yeh, Swe-Kai Chen, Effect of iron content on wear behavior of
S.No.                                                              Index
        AlCoCrFexMo0.5Ni high-entropy alloys
  3.    N. Tassini, X. Quost, R. Lewis, R. Dwyer-Joyce, C. Ariaudo, N. Kuka, A numerical model of twin disc test arrangement for the
        evaluation of railway wheel wear prediction methods
  4.    Emerson Escobar Nunez, Nicholaos G. Demas, Kyriaki Polychronopoulou, Andreas A. Polycarpou, Comparative scuffing
        performance and chemical analysis of metallic surfaces for air-conditioning compressors in the presence of environmentally
        friendly CO2 refrigerant
  5.    Abhishek Chatterjee, Andreas A. Polycarpou, John R. Abelson, Pascal Bellon, Nanoscratch study of hard HfB2 thin films
        using experimental and finite element techniques
  6.    Julien Cesbron, Hai Ping Yin, Contact analysis of road aggregate with friction using a direct numerical method, Wear
  7.    T. Sun, Q. Wang, D.L. Sun, G.H. Wu, Y. Na, Study on dry sliding friction and wear properties of Ti2AlN/TiAl composite
  8.    T. Gomez-del Rio, A. Rico, M.A. Garrido, P. Poza, J. Rodriguez, Temperature and velocity transitions in dry sliding wear of
        Al-Li/SiC composites
  9.    Lada A. Gyurova, Paz Minino-Justel, Alois K. Schlarb, Modeling the sliding wear and friction properties of polyphenylene
        sulfide composites using artificial neural networks
  10.   M.A.Z. Vasconcellos, R. Hinrichs, J.B.M. da Cunha, M.R.F. Soares, Mossbauer spectroscopy characterization of automotive
        brake disc and polymer matrix composite (PMC) pad surfaces
  11.   T. Murakami, H. Mano, K. Kaneda, M. Hata, S. Sasaki, J. Sugimura, Friction and wear properties of zirconium and niobium in
        a hydrogen environment
  12.   Meiju Xie, Jinyao Chen, Huilin Li, Meng Li, Influence of poly(ethylene glycol)-containing additives on the sliding wear of
        ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene/polypropylene blend
  13.   S. Foletti, S. Beretta, G. Bucca, A numerical 3D model to study ratcheting damage of a tramcar line
  14.   P. Gabriel, A.G. Thomas, J.J.C. Busfield, Influence of interface geometry on rubber friction
  15.   V. Podgursky, R. Nisumaa, E. Adoberg, A. Surzhenkov, A. Sivitski, P. Kulu, Comparative study of surface roughness and
        tribological behavior during running-in period of hard coatings deposited by lateral rotating cathode arc
  16.   H. Liang, Y. Fukahori, A.G. Thomas, J.J.C. Busfield, The steady state abrasion of rubber: Why are the weakest rubber
        compounds so good in abrasion?
  17.   Jens Wahlstrom, Anders Soderberg, Lars Olander, Anders Jansson, Ulf Olofsson, A pin-on-disc simulation of airborne wear
        particles from disc brakes
  18.   S. Hassani, M. Bielawski, W. Beres, M. Balazinski, L. Martinu, J.E. Klemberg-Sapieha, Impact stress absorption and load
        spreading in multi-layered erosion-resistant coatings
  19.   Shuyun Jiang, Shifei Yang, Synergistic effect of diisopropyl phosphite and triphenyl thiophosphate additives on tribological
        properties of T8 steel/Al2O3 ceramics
  20.   C. Ferrer, M. Pascual, D. Busquets, E. Rayon, Tribological study of Fe-Cu-Cr-graphite alloy and cast iron railway brake
        shoes by pin-on-disc technique
  21.   Wei Cong, Zhengjun Yao, Xiaolin Zhu, Sliding wear of low carbon steel modified by double-glow plasma surface alloying with
        nickel and chromium at various temperatures
  22.   S. Bhuyan, S. Sundararajan, Y. Lu, R.C. Larock, A study of the physical and tribological properties of biobased polymer-clay
  S.No.                                                                Index
          nanocomposites at different clay concentrations
    23.   Hsien-Chang Kuo, Ming-Chang Jeng, The influence of injection molding on tribological characteristics of ultra-high molecular
          weight polyethylene under dry sliding
    24.   Yibo Fan, Fengshou Gu, Andrew Ball, Modelling acoustic emissions generated by sliding friction
    25.   D.B. Luo, V. Fridrici, Ph. Kapsa, Selecting solid lubricant coatings under fretting conditions
    26.   B. Torres, M.A. Garrido, A. Rico, P. Rodrigo, M. Campo, J. Rams, Wear behaviour of thermal spray Al/SiCp coatings
    27.   J. Xin, W. Cai, J.A. Tichy, A fundamental model proposed for material removal in chemical-mechanical polishing
    28.   P. Prokopovich, S. Theodossiades, H. Rahnejat, D. Hodson, Friction in ultra-thin conjunction of valve seals of pressurised
          metered dose inhalers
    29.   S. Tarasov, V. Rubtsov, A. Kolubaev, Corrigendum to 'Subsurface shear instability and nanostructuring of metals in sliding'
          [Wear 268 (2010) 59-66]
Volume 268, Issues 7-8, Pages 855-1044 (9 March 2010)
    1.    Shuji Hattori, Kohei Maeda, Logistic curve model of cavitation erosion progress in metallic materials
    2.    Y.Q. Wang, A.M. Afsar, J.H. Jang, K.S. Han, J.I. Song, Room temperature dry and lubricant wear behaviors of
          Al2O3f/SiCp/Al hybrid metal matrix composites
    3.    Andreas Gebhard, Thomas Bayerl, Alois K. Schlarb, Klaus Friedrich, Increased wear of aqueous lubricated short carbon fiber
          reinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK/SCF) composites due to galvanic fiber corrosion
    4.    A.I. Dmitriev, M. Schargott, V.L. Popov, Direct modelling of surface topography development in a micro-contact with the
          movable cellular automata method
    5.    N.P. Hoffmann, U. Stolz, On transient growth of wear pattern properties
    6.    G. Zhang, Z. Rasheva, A.K. Schlarb, Friction and wear variations of short carbon fiber (SCF)/PTFE/graphite (10 vol.%) filled
          PEEK: Effects of fiber orientation and nominal contact pressure
    7.    David A. Hills, Robert J.H. Paynter, David Nowell, The effect of wear on nucleation of cracks at the edge of an almost
          complete contact
    8.    R. Feulner, Z. Brocka, A. Seefried, M.O. Kobes, G. Hulder, T.A. Osswald, The effects of e-beam irradiation induced cross
          linking on the friction and wear of polyamide 66 in sliding contact
    9.    Keiji Sasaki, Naruhiko Inayoshi, Kohji Tashiro, Friction-induced dynamic chemical changes of tricresyl phosphate as lubricant
          additive observed under boundary lubrication with 2D fast imaging FTIR-ATR spectrometer
    10.   Yanqiu Xia, Feng Zhou, Shinya Sasaki, Takashi Murakami, Meihuan Yao, Remarkable friction stabilization of AISI 52100
          steel by plasma nitriding under lubrication of alkyl naphthalene
    11.   Satoru Maegawa, Ken Nakano, Mechanism of stick-slip associated with Schallamach waves
    12.   S. Graca, R. Vilar, R. Colaco, The role of indentation size effect on the abrasive wear behaviour of ductile metallic materials:
          A nanotribological study
    13.   S.Y. Zhang, S.G. Qu, Y.Y. Li, W.P. Chen, Two-body abrasive behavior of brake pad dry sliding against interpenetrating
          network ceramics/Al-alloy composites
    14.   P.J. Dunstan, S.C. Li, Cavitation enhancement of silt erosion: Numerical studies
    15.   W. Schork, B. Schultrich, V. Weihnacht, A new kind of oscillating dynamic load test for tribological coatings
  S.No.                                                                 Index
    16.   Hsiao Yeh Chu, Wen Chen Hsu, Jen Fin Lin, The anti-scuffing performance of diamond nano-particles as an oil additive
    17.   A. Gaard, N. Hallback, P. Krakhmalev, J. Bergstrom, Temperature effects on adhesive wear in dry sliding contacts
    18.   Yanqiang Liu, Zhong Han, Hongtao Cong, Effects of sliding velocity and normal load on the tribological behavior of a
          nanocrystalline Al based composite
    19.   B. Lorenz, G. Carbone, C. Schulze, Average separation between a rough surface and a rubber block: Comparison between
          theories and experiments
    20.   Lin Wang, Jiqiang Ma, Jun Yang, Qinling Bi, Licai Fu, Weimin Liu, Dry-sliding tribological properties of a nano-eutectic
          Fe1.87C0.13 alloy
    21.   Zhi-ning Jia, Yu-lin Yang, Jin-jiang Chen, Xiao-jing Yu, Influence of serpentine content on tribological behaviors of
          PTFE/serpentine composite under dry sliding condition
    22.   A. Mohajerani, J.K. Spelt, Numerical modeling of the edge rounding of brittle materials by vibratory finishing
    23.   Junhu Meng, Ngiap Hiang Loh, Bee Yen Tay, Gang Fu, Shu Beng Tor, Tribological behavior of 316L stainless steel
          fabricated by micro powder injection molding,
    24.   Marco Paggi, Michele Ciavarella, The coefficient of proportionality [kappa] between real contact area and load, with new
          asperity models
    25.   Myo Minn, Sujeet K. Sinha, The frictional behavior of UHMWPE films with different surface energies at low normal loads
    26.   G. Verberne, A. Schroeder, G. Halperin, Y. Barenholz, I. Etsion, Liposomes as potential biolubricant additives for wear
          reduction in human synovial joints
    27.   Danna Qian, Limin Bao, Masayuki Takatera, Kiyoshi Kemmochi, Atsuhiko Yamanaka, Corrigendum to 'Fiber-reinforced
          polymer composite materials with high specific strength and excellent solid particle erosion resistance' [Wear 268 (3-4) 637-
Volume 268, Issues 8-10, Pages 1045-1204 (25 March 2010)
     1.   S. Olovsjo, A. Wretland, G. Sjoberg, The effect of grain size and hardness of wrought Alloy 718 on the wear of cemented
          carbide tools
     2.   D. Bhaduri, R. Kumar, A.K. Jain, A.K. Chattopadhyay, On tribological behaviour and application of TiN and MoS2-Ti
          composite coating for enhancing performance of monolayer cBN grinding wheel
     3.   L.J.W. Graham, D.R. Lester, J. Wu, Quantification of erosion distributions in complex geometries
     4.   Jiupeng Song, Mahdiar Valefi, Matthijn de Rooij, Dirk J. Schipper, A mechanical model for surface layer formation on self-
          lubricating ceramic composites
     5.   Anirban Mahato, Thomas A. Perry, Vikram Jayaram, S.K. Biswas, Pressure and thermally induced stages of wear in dry
          sliding of a steel ball against an aluminium-silicon alloy flat
     6.   Yong-Sheng Zhang, Li-Tian Hu, Jian-Min Chen, Wei-Min Liu, Lubrication behavior of Y-TZP/Al2O3/Mo nanocomposites at
          high temperature
     7.   Bingjun Yu, Linmao Qian, Hanshan Dong, Jiaxin Yu, Zhongrong Zhou, Friction-induced hillocks on monocrystalline silicon in
          atmosphere and in vacuum
     8.   E. Baussan, M.-A. Bueno, R.M. Rossi, S. Derler, Experiments and modelling of skin-knitted fabric friction
     9.   Essam R.I. Mahmoud, Makoto Takahashi, Toshiya Shibayanagi, Kenji Ikeuchi, Wear characteristics of surface-hybrid-MMCs
  S.No.                                                                   Index
            layer fabricated on aluminum plate by friction stir processing
      10.   H. Klaasen, J. Kubarsepp, T. Roosaar, M. Viljus, R. Traksmaa, Adhesive wear performance of hardmetals and cermets
      11.   Gabi Nehme, Ramoun Mourhatch, Pranesh B. Aswath, Effect of contact load and lubricant volume on the properties of
            tribofilms formed under boundary lubrication in a fully formulated oil under extreme load conditions
      12.   Toshihira Irisawa, Haruki Kobayashi, Koichi Fujihira, Masatoshi Shioya, Junichi Kaneko, A method to determine wear rates of
            fibers and its application to polymeric fibers added with inorganic fillers
      13.   Herve Pelletier, Christian Gauthier, Robert Schirrer, Influence of the friction coefficient on the contact geometry during
            scratch onto amorphous polymers
      14.   M.G. Gee, Model scratch corrosion studies for WC/Co hardmetals
      15.   J. Swingler, The resolution dependence of measured fractal characteristics for a real un-dismantled electrical contact
      16.   L. Steiner, V. Bouvier, U. May, V. Hegadekatte, N. Huber, Modelling of unlubricated oscillating sliding wear of DLC-coatings
            considering surface topography, oxidation and graphitisation
      17.   C.H. Hager Jr., J. Hu, C. Muratore, A.A. Voevodin, R. Grandhi, The mechanisms of gross slip fretting wear on nickel
            oxide/Ti6Al4V mated surfaces
Volume 268, Issues 11-12, Pages 1205-1550 (12 May 2010)
    1.      Manuela Reichelt, Ullrich Gunst, Thomas Wolf, Joachim Mayer, Heinrich F. Arlinghaus, Peter W. Gold, Nanoindentation,
            TEM and ToF-SIMS studies of the tribological layer system of cylindrical roller thrust bearings lubricated with different oil
            additive formulations
    2.      N.A. Fleck, Th. Zisis, The erosion of EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings: The competition between mechanisms
    3.      Tomoo Kubo, Hidetaka Nanao, Shigeyuki Mori, Yuji Enomoto, Hao Nie, Hiroo Nomura, Chemical analysis of boundary
            lubrication film formed on metal nitride coatings with ethanol by means of TOF-SIMS
    4.      Nicolas Argibay, Jason A. Bares, James H. Keith, Gerald R. Bourne, W. Gregory Sawyer, Copper-beryllium metal fiber
            brushes in high current density sliding electrical contacts
    5.      G. Sutter, N. Ranc, Flash temperature measurement during dry friction process at high sliding speed
    6.      F.C. Zhang, B. Lv, C.L. Zheng, Q. Zou, M. Zhang, M. Li, T.S. Wang, Microstructure of the worn surfaces of a bainitic steel
            railway crossing
    7.      M. Anil, V.C. Srivastava, M.K. Ghosh, S.N. Ojha, Influence of tin content on tribological characteristics of spray formed Al-Si
    8.      Jacob A. Warner, Laura G. Gladkis, Thomas Geruschke, Reiner Vianden, Paul N. Smith, Jennifer M. Scarvell, Wolf-Dietrich
            Zeitz, Heiko Timmers, Tracing wear debris pathways via ion-implanted indium-111
    9.      S. Kumar, V. Subramanya Sarma, B.S. Murty, High temperature wear behavior of Al-4Cu-TiB2 in situ composites
    10.     Michael P. Pereira, Wenyi Yan, Bernard F. Rolfe, Sliding distance, contact pressure and wear in sheet metal stamping
    11.     Andreas Goedecke, Robert L. Jackson, Randolf Mock, Asperity creep under constant force boundary conditions
    12.     J. Sanes, F.J. Carrion, M.D. Bermudez, Effect of the addition of room temperature ionic liquid and ZnO nanoparticles on the
            wear and scratch resistance of epoxy resin
    13.     S.D.A. Lawes, S.V. Hainsworth, M.E. Fitzpatrick, Impact wear testing of diamond-like carbon films for engine valve-tappet
S.No.                                                               Index
  14.   Kanchan Kumari, K. Anand, Michelangelo Bellacci, Massimo Giannozzi, Effect of microstructure on abrasive wear behavior
        of thermally sprayed WC-10Co-4Cr coatings
  15.   P.A. Bellette, P.A. Meehan, W.J.T. Daniel, Contact induced wear filtering and its influence on corrugation growth
  16.   Jose Manuel Arroyo, Anselmo Eduardo Diniz, Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima, Wear performance of laser precoating
        treated cemented carbide milling tools
  17.   Huijun Yang, Ruiying Luo, Suyi Han, Midan Li, Effect of the ratio of graphite/pitch coke on the mechanical and tribological
        properties of copper-carbon composites
  18.   B. Raeymaekers, S. Helm, R. Brunner, E.B. Fanslau, F.E. Talke, Investigation of fretting wear at the dimple/gimbal interface
        in a hard disk drive suspension
  19.   Umar Nirmal, B.F. Yousif, Dirk Rilling, P.V. Brevern, Effect of betelnut fibres treatment and contact conditions on adhesive
        wear and frictional performance of polyester composites
  20.   K.K. Manesh, B. Ramamoorthy, M. Singaperumal, Numerical generation of anisotropic 3D non-Gaussian engineering
        surfaces with specified 3D surface roughness parameters
  21.   Franck Jourdan, A numerical model for multidirectional wear
  22.   P. Suresh Babu, Bikramjit Basu, G. Sundararajan, Abrasive wear behavior of detonation sprayed WC-12Co coatings:
        Influence of decarburization and abrasive characteristics
  23.   H.Q. Sun, R. Irwan, H. Huang, G.W. Stachowiak, Surface characteristics and removal mechanism of cemented tungsten
        carbides in nanoscratching
  24.   A. Cruzado, M. Hartelt, R. Wasche, M.A. Urchegui, X. Gomez, Fretting wear of thin steel wires. Part 1: Influence of contact
  25.   I.G. Goryacheva, E.V. Torskaya, Modeling of fatigue wear of a two-layered elastic half-space in contact with periodic system
        of indenters
  26.   Hsiao Yeh Chu, Wen Chen Hsu, Jen FinLin, Scuffing mechanism during oil-lubricated block-on-ring test with diamond
        nanoparticles as oil additive
  27.   B.M. Lane, M. Shi, T.A. Dow, R. Scattergood, Diamond tool wear when machining Al6061 and 1215 steel
  28.   C.-A. Manier, G. Theiler, D. Spaltmann, M. Woydt, H. Ziegele, Benchmark of thin film coatings for lubricated slip-rolling
  29.   V.N. Aderikha, V.A. Shapovalov, Effect of filler surface properties on structure, mechanical and tribological behavior of PTFE-
        carbon black composites
  30.   H.G. Zhu, Y.L. Ai, J. Min, Q. Wu, H.Z. Wang, Dry sliding wear behavior of Al-based composites fabricated by exothermic
        dispersion reaction in an Al-ZrO2-C system
  31.   D.K. Kolluri, X. Boidin, Y. Desplanques, G. Degallaix, A.K. Ghosh, M. Kumar, J. Bijwe, Effect of Natural Graphite Particle size
        in friction materials on thermal localisation phenomenon during stop-braking
  32.   Pavinee Padipatvuthikul, Fadi D. Jarad, Lawrence Mair, Determination of surface and subsurface fatigue damage in dental
  33.   P. Cavaliere, P. Prete, Tribomechanisms of pure electrodeposited Ni at ultra-fine and nanoscale level
  S.No.                                                                Index
    34.    K. Bonny, P. De Baets, Y. Perez, J. Vleugels, B. Lauwers, Friction and wear characteristics of WC-Co cemented carbides in
           dry reciprocating sliding contact
    35.    P. Berlet, M. Dienwiebel, M. Scherge, The effect of sample finishing on the tribology of metal/metal lubricated contacts
    36.    Rukiye Ertan, Nurettin Yavuz, An experimental study on the effects of manufacturing parameters on the tribological
           properties of brake lining materials
    37.    Mario R. Rosenberger, Alicia E. Ares, Isaura P. Gatti, Carlos E. Schvezov, Wear resistance of dilute Zn-Al alloys
    38.    Satendra Kumar, B. Sivakumar, T.S.N. Sankara Narayanan, S. Ganesh Sundara Raman, S.K. Seshadri, Fretting-corrosion
           mapping of CP-Ti in Ringer's solution
    39.    Mathias Woydt, Rolf Wasche, The history of the Stribeck curve and ball bearing steels: The role of Adolf Martens
    40.    Xu Wanli, Qin Li, Chen Haosheng, Chen Darong, Erosion and abrasion on mild carbon steel surface by steam containing SiC
Volume 269, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-166 (20 May 2010)
     1.    Steffen Antusch, Martin Dienwiebel, Eberhard Nold, Peter Albers, Ulrich Spicher, Matthias Scherge, On the tribochemical
           action of engine soot
     2.    Qing Bing Guo, Kin Tak Lau, Min Zhi Rong, Ming Qiu Zhang, Optimization of tribological and mechanical properties of epoxy
           through hybrid filling
     3.    Z.Z. Wang, P. Gu, Z. Zhang, Indentation and scratch behavior of nano-SiO2/polycarbonate composite coating at the
     4.    Pavol Hvizdos, Alvaro Mestra, Marc Anglada, Effect of heat treatment on wear damage mechanisms in 3Y-TZP ceramics
     5.    Valeria Pettarin, Maria Jose Churruca, David Felhos, Joseph Karger-Kocsis, Patricia Maria Frontini, Changes in tribological
           performance of high molecular weight high density polyethylene induced by the addition of molybdenum disulphide particles
     6.    Ki Nam Kim, Kang Hee Ko, Myung Chul Park, Gyeong Su Shin, Seon Jin Kim, Effects of copper and carbon on the wear
           resistance of Fe-Ni-Cu-C austenitic alloys
     7.    Shufang Ren, Junhu Meng, Jingbo Wang, Jinjun Lu, Shengrong Yang, Tribocorrosion behavior of Ti3SiC2 in the dilute and
           concentrated sulfuric acid solutions
     8.    G. Cassar, J.C. Avelar-Batista Wilson, S. Banfield, J. Housden, A. Matthews, A. Leyland, A study of the reciprocating-sliding
           wear performance of plasma surface treated titanium alloy
     9.    I. Ahmad, A. Kennedy, Y.Q. Zhu, Wear resistant properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced Al2O3
     10.   Hao-Jie Song, Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Xue-Hu Men, Zhuang-Zhu Luo, A study of the tribological behavior of nano-ZnO-filled
           polyurethane composite coatings
     11.   G. Kermouche, J. Rech, H. Hamdi, J.M. Bergheau, On the residual stress field induced by a scratching round abrasive grain
     12.   N. Diomidis, J.-P. Celis, P. Ponthiaux, F. Wenger, Tribocorrosion of stainless steel in sulfuric acid: Identification of corrosion-
           wear components and effect of contact area
     13.   Haytam Kasem, Sylvie Bonnamy, Yves Berthier, Pascale Jacquemard, Fiber-matrix unbonding and plastic deformation in
           C/C composites under tribological loading
     14.   J.L. Viesca, A. Hernandez Battez, R. Gonzalez, T. Reddyhoff, A. Torres Perez, H.A. Spikes, Assessing boundary film
  S.No.                                                                  Index
            formation of lubricant additivised with 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate using ECR as qualitative indicator
      15.   Akihito Suzuki, Yusuke Aiyama, Maiko Tokoro, Hidetoshi Sekiguchi, Masabumi Masuko, Friction and wear characteristics of
            hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films formed on the roughened stainless steel surface
      16.   C.P. Mulligan, T.A. Blanchet, D. Gall, CrN-Ag nanocomposite coatings: High-temperature tribological response
      17.   Y.H. Zhang, Z.C. Xiao, J.P. Wang, R.P. Xing, Z.G. Peng, J.M. Su, Z.H. Jin, Effect of pyrocarbon content on thermal and
            frictional properties in C/C preforms of C/C-SiC composites
      18.   Wang Huaiyuan, Zhu Yanji, Feng Xin, Lu Xiaohua, The effect of self-assembly modified potassium titanate whiskers on the
            friction and wear behaviors of PEEK composites
      19.   A. Saffar, A. Shojaei, M. Arjmand, Theoretical and experimental analysis of the thermal, fade and wear characteristics of
            rubber-based composite friction materials
      20.   Mithun Bhattacharya, Anil K. Bhowmick, Analysis of wear characteristics of natural rubber nanocomposites
Volume 269, Issues 3-4, Pages 167-324 (18 June 2010)
      1.    Chang Chongyi, Wang Chengguo, Jin Ying, Study on numerical method to predict wheel/rail profile evolution due to wear
      2.    F. Al-Bender, K. De Moerlooze, On the relationship between normal load and friction force in pre-sliding frictional contacts.
            Part 1: Theoretical analysis
      3.    K. De Moerlooze, F. Al-Bender, On the relationship between normal load and friction force in pre-sliding frictional contacts.
            Part 2: Experimental investigation
      4.    Cunkui Huang, P. Minev, Jingli Luo, K. Nandakumar, A phenomenological model for erosion of material in a horizontal slurry
            pipeline flow
      5.    M.R. Ramesh, S. Prakash, S.K. Nath, Pawan Kumar Sapra, B. Venkataraman, Solid particle erosion of HVOF sprayed WC-
            Co/NiCrFeSiB coatings
      6.    Min Kyu Yeo, Yong Hoon Jang, Molecular dynamics simulation of a nanoscale sliding layer system
      7.    A. Ramalho, A reliability model for friction and wear experimental data
      8.    R. Komanduri, S. Varghese, N. Chandrasekaran, On the mechanism of material removal at the nanoscale by cutting
      9.    Sepehr Hatami, Alexandra Nafari, Lars Nyborg, Urban Jelvestam, Galling related surface properties of powder metallurgical
            tool steels alloyed with and without nitrogen
      10.   Wei Chen, Yimin Gao, Can Chen, Jiandong Xing, Tribological characteristics of Si3N4-hBN ceramic materials sliding against
            stainless steel without lubrication
      11.   Piotr Stepien, Micro-geometrical characteristics of the cutting edge as the intersection of two rough surfaces
      12.   Du-Xin Li, Xin Deng, Jin Wang, Jun Yang, Xiangxiang Li, Mechanical and tribological properties of polyamide 6-polyurethane
            block copolymer reinforced with short glass fibers
      13.   A.K. Basak, J.M. Fan, J. Wang, P. Mathew, Material removal mechanisms of monocrystalline silicon under the impact of high
            velocity micro-particles
      14.   Geraldine Theiler, Thomas Gradt, Friction and wear of PEEK composites in vacuum environment
      15.   Guo Jin Sun, Su Jun Wu, Guang Cai Su, Research on impact wear resistance of in situ reaction TiCp/Fe composite
      16.   Xing-Dong Yuan, Xiao-Jie Yang, A study on friction and wear properties of PTFE coatings under vacuum conditions
      17.   B.E. Slattery, A. Edrisy, T. Perry, Investigation of wear induced surface and subsurface deformation in a linerless Al-Si
  S.No.                                                                 Index
      18.   Shuji Hattori, Makoto Takinami, Comparison of cavitation erosion rate with liquid impingement erosion rate
      19.   Kallaya Suputtamongkol, Amornrat Wonglamsam, Trinuch Eiampongpaiboon, Sumi Malla, Kenneth J. Anusavice, Surface
            roughness resulting from wear of lithia-disilicate-based posterior crowns
      20.   Gabi Nehme, Ramoun Mourhatch, Pranesh B. Aswath, Erratum to 'Effect of contact load and lubricant volume on the
            properties of tribofilms formed under boundary lubrication in a fully formulated oil under extreme load conditions' [Wear 268
            (2010) 1129-1147]
Volume 269, Issues 5-6, Pages 325-506 (19 July 2010)
    1.      M. Flannery, S. Flanagan, E. Jones, C. Birkinshaw, Compliant layer knee bearings: Part I: Friction and lubrication
    2.      M. Flannery, E. Jones, C. Birkinshaw, Compliant layer knee bearings. Part II: Preliminary wear assessment
    3.      S. Reina, R.J.H. Paynter, D.A. Hills, D. Dini, Determining the coefficient of friction between solids without sliding
    4.      A. Attanasio, E. Ceretti, A. Fiorentino, C. Cappellini, C. Giardini, Investigation and FEM-based simulation of tool wear in
            turning operations with uncoated carbide tools
    5.      X. Geng, Z. Zhang, E. Barthel, D. Dalmas, Mechanical behavior of stiff coating on glass under sliding contact
    6.      S.L. Liu, X.P. Zheng, G.Q. Geng, Influence of nano-WC-12Co powder addition in WC-10Co-4Cr AC-HVAF sprayed coatings
            on wear and erosion behaviour
    7.      L. Micele, G. Palombarini, S. Guicciardi, L. Silvestroni, Tribological behaviour and wear resistance of a SiC-MoSi2 composite
            dry sliding against Al2O3
    8.      M.M. Stack, J. Rodling, M.T. Mathew, H. Jawan, W. Huang, G. Park, C. Hodge, Micro-abrasion-corrosion of a Co-
            Cr/UHMWPE couple in Ringer's solution: An approach to construction of mechanism and synergism maps for application to
    9.      J. Perret, E. Boehm-Courjault, M. Cantoni, S. Mischler, A. Beaudouin, W. Chitty, J.-P. Vernot, EBSD, SEM and FIB
            characterisation of subsurface deformation during tribocorrosion of stainless steel in sulphuric acid
    10.     N. Tabsan, S. Wirasate, K. Suchiva, Abrasion behavior of layered silicate reinforced natural rubber
    11.     M. Hashempour, H. Razavizadeh, H. Rezaie, Investigation on wear mechanism of thermochemically fabricated W-Cu
    12.     B. Raeymaekers, F.E. Talke, The effect of laser polishing on fretting wear between a hemisphere and a flat plate
    13.     S.Q. Wang, M.X. Wei, Y.T. Zhao, Effects of the tribo-oxide and matrix on dry sliding wear characteristics and mechanisms of
            a cast steel
    14.     S. Achanta, J.-P. Celis, On the scale dependence of coefficient of friction in unlubricated sliding contacts
    15.     Shuji Hattori, Tetsuo Kitagawa, Analysis of cavitation erosion resistance of cast iron and nonferrous metals based on
            database and comparison with carbon steel data
    16.     D.R. Lester, L.A. Graham, J. Wu, High precision suspension erosion modeling
    17.     J.A. Puertolas, V. Martinez-Nogues, M.J. Martinez-Morlanes, M.D. Mariscal, F.J. Medel, C. Lopez-Santos, F. Yubero,
            Improved wear performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene coated with hydrogenated diamond like carbon
    18.     M.V. Leite, C.A. Figueroa, S. Corujeira Gallo, A.C. Rovani, R.L.O. Basso, P.R. Mei, I.J.R. Baumvol, A. Sinatora, Wear
            mechanisms and microstructure of pulsed plasma nitrided AISI H13 tool steel
S.No.                                                             Index
  19.   M. Shanthi, Q.B. Nguyen, M. Gupta, Sliding wear behaviour of calcium containing AZ31B/Al2O3 nanocomposites
  20.   M. Wieczorowski, A. Cellary, R. Majchrowski, The analysis of credibility and reproducibility of surface roughness
        measurement results
  21.   Zhongfeng Tang, Mouhua Wang, Yanning Zhao, Guozhong Wu, Tribological properties of radiation cross-linked
        polytetrafluoroethylene sheets
  22.   Hiroshi Mishina, Hayato Iwase, Alan Hase, Generation of wear elements and origin of tribomagnetization phenomenon
  23.   B.K. Prasad, S. Rathod, O.P. Modi, M.S. Yadav, Influence of talc concentration in oil lubricant on the wear response of a
        bronze journal bearing
Journal of Lubrication Science
  S.No.                                                                Index
February 2010, Volume 22, Issue 2 Pages 37–71
    1.    A general model for porous medium flow in squeezing film situations (pages 37–52) by Mohamed Nabhani, Mohamed El
          Khlifi and Benyebka Bou-Saïd
    2.    A friction energy approach to quantifying lubrication under fretting sliding (pages 53–71) by T. Kolodziejczyk, S. Fouvry and
          G. E. Morales-Espejel
March 2010, Volume 22, Issue 3 Pages 73–111
    1.    Tribological evaluation of piston skirt/cylinder liner contact interfaces under boundary lubrication conditions (pages 73–87) by
          Nicholaos G. Demas, Robert A. Erck and George R. Fenske
    2.    Effect of high pressure on molecular interaction between oleic acid and base oils at elasthydrodynamic lubrication contact
          (pages 89–101) by Koji Takiwatari, Hidetaka Nanao and Shigeyuki Mori
    3.    Study of synthesised ecofriendly and biodegradable esters: fire resistance and lubricating properties (pages 103–110) by
          Ponnekanti Nagendramma, Savita Kaul and R. P. S. Bisht
April 2010, Volume 22, Issue 4 Pages 113–161
    1.    Static and dynamic characteristics of short wavy journal bearings (pages 113–132) by Leela Meena, Satyam Shivam Gautam
          and Mihir Kumar Ghosh
    2.    Experimental measuring procedure for the friction torque in rolling bearings (pages 133–147) by Tiago Cousseau, Beatriz
          Graça, Armando Campos and Jorge Seabra
    3.    Improvement of thermooxidative stability of non-edible vegetable oils of Indian origin for biodegradable lubricant application
          (pages 149–161) by P. V. Joseph and D. K. Sharma
May 2010, Volume 22, Issue 5 Pages 163–205
    1.    Synthesis and applications of some new antioxidant and anticorrosive additives for Egyptian diesel motor oils (pages 163–
          181) by H. M. Hassan, F. A. Amer, Evelin B. Moawad and Noha Shaker
    2.    Effectiveness of lubricant additives for copper-alloy-steel sliding contacts (pages 183–193) by Robin Jisa, Andjelka Ristic,
          Josef Brenner, Thomas Lebersorger, Sotiraq Ilo, Hans Neumayer and Friedrich Franek
    3.    The critical condition for intrusion of a steel ball into sliding contact space (pages 195–205) by Fuxun Li, Dongfeng Diao and
          Xue Fan
July- August 2010, Volume 22, Issue 6-7 Pages 207–322
    30.   Special issue on some current trends in improving boundary lubrication (pages 207–208) by Mitjan Kalin and Bruno
    31.   The tribological properties of (quinazolin-4-ones)-3-methyl-dibutyl borate as a novel additive in liquid paraffin (pages 209–
          214) by Ping Ouyang, Guo Xu Chen, Hua Feng Li and Li Tao Zhao
    32.   Capacity of selected ionic liquids as alternative EP/AW additive (pages 215–223) by Ameneh Schneider, Josef Brenner,
          Christian Tomastik and Friedrich Franek
S.No.                                                                Index
  33.   Tribological properties of a-CNx coatings sliding against SiC balls in ethylene glycol aqueous solution (pages 225–236) by
        Fei Zhou, Bin Yue, Qianzhi Wang, Xiaolei Wang, Adachi Koshi and Koji Kato
  34.   Model scale generation and microscopic characterisation of tribofilms formed on Fe and Cu alloys (pages 237–250) by
        Florian Grün, István Gódor, Ataollah Javidi, Kartik Pondicherry, Martin Offenbecher and Rich Bertram
  35.   Asymptotic analysis, regularisation and stable numerical solutions for heavily loaded line EHL contacts : Part 1. Asymptotic
        and numerical analysis of isothermal problems (pages 251–289) by Ilya I. Kudish
  36.   Asymptotic analysis, regularisation and stable numerical solutions for heavily loaded line EHL contacts : Part 2. Asymptotic
        and numerical analysis of non-isothermal problems (pages 291–303) by Ilya I. Kudish
  37.   Asymptotic analysis, regularisation and stable numerical solutions for heavily loaded line EHL contacts : Part 3.
        Regularisation and stable numerical solutions of asymptotic and original equations of isothermal problems (pages 305–322)
        by Ilya I. Kudish
Journal of Tribology
  S.No.                                                            Index
April 2010, Volume 132, Issue 2
    38.   Revisiting the Cattaneo–Mindlin Concept of Interfacial Slip in Tangentially Loaded Compliant Bodies by Izhak Etsion
    39.   Transient Thermal Effects and Heat Partition in Sliding Contacts by R. Bosman and M. B. de Rooij
    40.   Simulation of Fretting Wear in Half-Plane Geometries—Part II: Analysis of the Transient Wear Problem Using Quadratic
          Programming by D. Nowell
    41.   Partial Slip Contact Analysis on Three-Dimensional Elastic Layered Half Space by Zhan-Jiang Wang, Wen-Zhong Wang, Hui
          Wang, Dong Zhu, and Yuan-Zhong Hu
    42.   A Voronoi FE Fatigue Damage Model for Life Scatter in Rolling Contacts by Behrooz Jalalahmadi and Farshid Sadeghi
    43.   A Numerical Study of Friction in Isothermal EHD Rolling-Sliding Sphere-Plane Contacts With Spinning by H. Dormois, N.
          Fillot, W. Habchi, G. Dalmaz, P. Vergne, G. E. Morales-Espejel, and E. Ioannides
    44.   An Efficient Elastic Displacement Analysis Procedure for Simulating Transient Conformal-Contact Elastohydrodynamic
          Lubrication Systems by Shangwu Xiong, Chih Lin, Yansong Wang, Wing Kam Liu, and Q. Jane Wang
    45.   Design and Performance of Slurry Erosion Tester by A. Abouel-Kasem, Y. M. Abd-elrhman, K. M. Emara, and S. M. Ahmed
    46.   Erosive Wear Model of Slurry Pump Impeller by Veselin Batalović
    47.   Wear Mode Comparison of High-Performance Inconel Alloys by Grant R. Fox and Hong Liang
    48.   A Gas Lubrication Equation for High Knudsen Number Flows and Striated Rough Surfaces by James White
    49.   Elastohydrodynamics Applied to Active Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings by Asger M. Haugaard and Ilmar F. Santos
    50.   Influence of Wear on the Performance of Multirecess Hydrostatic Journal Bearing Operating With Micropolar Lubricant by E.
          Rajasekhar Nicodemus and Satish C. Sharma
    51.   Thermohydrodynamic Analyses of Bump Air Foil Bearings With Detailed Thermal Model of Foil Structures and Rotor by
          Donghyun Lee and Daejong Kim
    52.   A Lattice-Boltzmann Approach to Fluid Film Lubrication by Bogdan R. Kucinschi and Abdollah A. Afjeh
    53.   Analytical Model of Bump-Type Foil Bearings Using a Link-Spring Structure and a Finite-Element Shell Model by Kai Feng
          and Shigehiko Kaneko
    54.   The Critical Conditions for Tribo-Demagnetization of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Disk Under Sliding Contact by W. F.
          Jiang and D. F. Diao
    55.   Experimental and FEA Scratch of Magnetic Storage Thin-Film Disks to Correlate Magnetic Signal Degradation With
          Permanent Deformation by Raja R. Katta, Andreas A. Polycarpou, Sung-Chang Lee, and Mike Suk
    56.   A Scale Dependent Simulation of Liquid Lubricated Textured Surfaces by Robert L. Jackson
    57.   A Numerical Study of Labyrinth Seal Flutter by L. di Mare, M. Imregun, J. S. Green, and A. I. Sayma
    58.   Experimental Study of the Performance of Static Seals Based on Measurements of Real Contact Area Using Thin
          Polycarbonate Films by Isami Nitta and Yoshio Matsuzaki
    59.   Assessment of Elliptical Conformal Hertz Analysis Applied to Constant Velocity Joints by Chul-Hee Lee and Andreas A.
  S.No.                                                              Index
    60.   Flying Clearance Distribution With Thermal Flying Height Control in Hard Disk Drives by Sung-Chang Lee, George W.
          Tyndall, and Mike Suk
    61.   An Analytical Model for the Basic Design Calculations of Journal Bearings by R. K. Naffin and L. Chang
    62.   Analytical Solution to the Hydrodynamic Lubrication of Fan-Shaped Thrust Step Bearings by Shuangbiao Liu, W. Wayne
          Chen, and Diann Y. Hua
    63.   A Simple Method to Calculate Contact Factor Used in Average Flow Model by Fanming Meng, Q. Jane Wang, Diann Hua,
          and Shuangbiao Liu
July 2010, Volume 132, Issue 3
    1.    Study of a Brittle Transparent Disk Under Dry RCF Conditions by Arthur Francisco, Houssein Abbouchi, and Bernard
    2.    Effects of Nanostructured Additives on Boundary Lubrication for Potential Artificial Joint Applications by Alice Pendleton,
          Prasenjit Kar, Subrata Kundu, Sahar Houssamy, and Hong Liang
    3.    Tribological Behaviors of PTFE-Based Composites Filled With Nanoscale Lamellar Structure Expanded Graphite by Yu-lin
          Yang, Zhi-ning Jia, Jin-jiang Chen, and Bing-li Fan
    4.    Self Lubricating Composite Coatings Containing TiC–MnS or WC-MnS Compounds Prepared by the Plasma Transferred Arc
          (PTA) Technique by P. Skarvelis, G. D. Papadimitriou, and M. Perraki
    5.    Contact Area and Static Friction of Rough Surfaces With High Plasticity Index by L. Li, I. Etsion, and F. E. Talke
    6.    Plasto-Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication (PEHL) in Point Contacts by Ning Ren, Dong Zhu, W. W. Chen, and Q. Jane Wang
    7.    Effect of Thread and Bearing Friction Coefficients on the Self-Loosening of Preloaded Countersunk-Head Bolts Under
          Periodic Transverse Excitation by Amro M. Zaki, Sayed A. Nassar, and Xianjie Yang
    8.    Application of Elastic-Plastic Static Friction Models to Rough Surfaces With Asymmetric Asperity Distribution by Chul-Hee
          Lee, Melih Eriten, and Andreas A. Polycarpou
    9.    Thermodynamic Model of the Metallic Friction Process by Maria Maciąg
    10.   Comparison Between Elastic Foundation and Contact Force Models in Wear Analysis of Planar Multibody System by Saad
          Mukras, Nam H. Kim, Nathan A. Mauntler, Tony Schmitz, and W. Gregory Sawyer
    11.   On Squeeze Film Damping in Microsystems by Victor Marrero, Diana-Andra Borca-Tasciuc, and John Tichy
    12.   Design and Evaluation of Damped Air Bearings at Head-Disk Interface by Jianhua Li, Junguo Xu, Yuki Shimizu, Masayuki
          Honchi, Kyosuke Ono, and Yukio Kato
    13.   Surface Roughness Effects on Air Bearing Performance Over a Wide Range of Knudsen and Wave Numbers by James
    14.   The Effect of Deformation Speed on Frictional Behavior by Tip Test by Ki-Ho Jung and Yong-Taek Im
    15.   Feasibility of Gas-Expanded Lubricants for Increased Energy Efficiency in Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings by Andres Clarens,
          Amir Younan, Shibo Wang, and Paul Allaire
    16.   Effect of Friction Modifiers and Antiwear Additives on the Tribological Performance of a Hydrogenated DLC Coating by T.
          Haque, A. Morina, and A. Neville
    17.   On the Prediction of Running-In Behavior in Mixed-Lubrication Line Contact by Saleh Akbarzadeh and M. M. Khonsari
    18.   Identification of Force Coefficients in a Squeeze Film Damper With a Mechanical Seal: Large Contact Force by Adolfo
S.No.                                                           Index
        Delgado and Luis San Andrés
  19.   A Model for Improved Prediction of Force Coefficients in Grooved Squeeze Film Dampers and Oil Seal Rings by Adolfo
        Delgado and Luis San Andrés
  20.   Elastohydrodynamic Line-Contact of Compressible Shear Thinning Fluids With Consideration of the Surface Roughness by
        J. Y. Jang and M. M. Khonsari
  21.   An Overview of the Hardness Differential Required for Abrasion by Giuseppe Pintaude
  22.   Slurry Pump Impeller Wear: Testing by Veselin Batalović
  23.   Study of Wear Self-Repair of Steel 100Cr6 Rubbed With Lubricants Modified With Schiff Base Copper Complex by Xinlei
        Gao, Li Wu, Jian Li, and Wanzhen Gao

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