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					Enhancing Casino Intelligence

                Visual Casino
          Gaming Protection & Information Management

        Surveillance & Security Incident
        Reporting and Daily Log Module
            Biometrica Systems
       2000 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 150
          Las Vegas, NV 89146

  L-1 Identity Solutions’ Biometrica division
provides the most effective, complete and user-
 friendly information management system for
  Surveillance, Security & Casino Operations
   Table of Contents

•	 Company Information
•	 Products
    •	 Casino Information Database
    •	 Private Database Enrollment
    •	 Face Recognition Software
    •	 Surveillance Information
    •	 Incident Reporting and Daily
       Log Module
•	 Other New Biometrica Technology
•	 Benefits of Visual Casino Software
Company Information
    In business for 10 years!
        Founded in 1998, our goal has
        been to provide advanced identity
        solutions to the Casino Industry
        to help reduce the likelihood of
        unnecessary financial losses due to
        gaming cheaters, advantage players,
        team organizations, thieves and
        former employees.

Our identity solutions are also being used
to improve identity verification for VIP’s,
problem gamblers, self-excluded patrons
and barred patrons in an effort to improve
overall casino operations.

Over the past 5 years, we have become the
industry leader and continue to focus on
providing the technological tools that enable
Casinos to collect, share, and access real-
time and historical information that can
be used to more efficiently, effectively and
profitably operate their business.

Biometrica’s products are being utilized
in over 150 casinos in The United States,
Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Aruba,
and have begun to expand into overseas
gaming markets as well.

Biometrica is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of L-1 Identity Solutions (NYSE:ID), a
leading provider of identity solutions for
governments, law enforcement agencies
and businesses concerned with enhancing
security, reducing identity theft, and
protecting personal privacy.

L-1 Identity Solutions is a world leader in
face recognition biometric technology.

For more information about L-1 Identity
Solutions, please visit
     Enhanced Casino Intelligence
                                                    •	 User-friendly software
Biometrica is the gaming industry leader               is easily installed and
in identification, tracking and protection             can instantly interface
                                                       with every camera in
software with 150+ casinos as clients                  the casino with no
worldwide, including land-based, dockside,             special wiring.
riverboat and Native American casinos, as
well as many racetracks/racinos.                    •	 Inexpensive software
                                                       is very affordable
Biometrica offers integrated software                  and provides a very
products focused on the ability to capture,            quick payback. Faster
                                                       identification of patrons
collect, share, search and access critical             and their associates
information in a timely and user-friendly              results in lower losses,
environment.                                           more profit.

Visual Casino Suite includes several         •	 Great for single casinos
integrated modules that work together           or networking multiple
                                                casinos to share their
seamlessly as a tool to collect, store,         private databases and
retrieve and analyze critical identification    reporting in house.
information in order to make more informed
decisions in controlling and protecting
casino assets and operations.

Visual Casino Modules:

 •	Casino Information Database
 •	Private Database Enrollment
 •	Face Recognition Software
 •	Direct Video Input Module
 •	Surveillance Information Network
 •	Incident Reporting & Daily Log Module
     Casino Information Database (CID)

                             Searchable database of over 2,500
                             individuals, with 5,000+ photos and
                             profiles of active undesirables (professional
                             advantage players, card counters, slot and
                             table game cheaters along with known
                             associates and affiliated organizations).
•	 Simple, extremely         This instantly searchable database is based
   user-friendly design is   on a wide variety of criteria to enable
   easy for all operators,
   even those with no PC     surveillance personnel to quickly identify
   experience.               patrons who pose a potential financial or
                             security risk for the casino. It is updated
•	 Speeds the                regularly with new information obtained by
   identification process    our casino identification experts in the field
   so that losses            as they work with casino operators, local
   are eliminated or         law enforcement and gaming agencies, and
                             also includes the Black Books (excluded
•	 Instant access to
                             persons) from several states.
   individual profiles,
   aliases and known         The CID offers a wide range of search
   associates.               criteria including race, sex, game type,
                             etc., as well as new universal search fields,
•	 Numerous photos of        such as, tattoos, scars, wheelchair, limp,
   actual cheating devices   pinky ring, vehicles, sports logos, and other
   and methods.
                             clothing type.
    Private Database Enrollment
Enables the casino to utilize the software
to create their own private searchable
databases in an unlimited number of           •	 Data is entered with
                                                 minimum key strokes
categories.                                      for faster, easier use;
                                                 thus, more information
These databases are customizable to              is captured in less time.
                                              •	 Records can be
  •	   Advantage play teams & card counters      searched by any
  •	   Slot cheats and table game cheats         combination of fields.
  •	   Employees & ex-employees
  •	   Self-excluded patrons                  •	 Primarily used to
                                                 quickly identify
  •	   VIP’s, high rollers, etc.                 suspicious/undesirable
  •	   Major jackpot winners                     patrons.
  •	   Watch lists
  •	   86d patrons

The casino’s own enrollment files are kept
private on its own computers and are not
shared or stored offsite, as some other
programs do.

To take it one step further, casinos with
sister properties can have their private
databases linked to each other if desired,
for a corporate-wide master database.
                            Face Recognition Software

                               We employ the most advanced facial
                               recognition software available as an
                               additional tool to more efficiently search the
                               Casino Information Database along with any
                               private databases created by the casino.

                               This software utilizes image input from live
                               video feed, recorded video, scanned images,
•	 Database searching          digital photos or image files.
   tool that enables
   faster, more effective
   identification of           By using the video feed from existing
   patrons.                    security systems within the casino, our
                               face recognition software is capable of
•	 All new state-of-the-art    automatically searching the database to
   Face Recognition is a       help identify people before potential losses
   great leap forward in       take place.
   performance from all
   previous systems.
                               Our Direct Video Input Module enables
•	 Interfaces with
                               capturing of still photos directly from any
   any existing casino         live cameras or any video recording. Images
   cameras; no special         can be input into the casino’s private
   cameras or wiring           databases or SIN alerts.
                               This software also features advanced Time
•	 Searches any or all         Lapse mode with automatic face finding,
   databases concurrently.
                               eye finding, face mapping, and searching.
    Surveillance Information Network (SIN)
Enables the sharing of real-time information
with over 150 casino surveillance operators
who are currently part of the network.          •	 Great for standalone
                                                   casinos or networking-
This ensures that the most up-to-date and          shared databases and
relevant information is available to identify      reporting for multiple
potential problems in the casino.                  related casinos.

Through SIN, the casino can receive alerts      •	 System is proven to be
on potential threats: advantage players,           effective and reliable
watch list suspects, new cheating devices          in over 150 casinos &
                                                   gaming enforcement
and scams, and other undesirables.                 agencies.

SIN allows the sender to select recipients.     •	 Secure network
(can select anywhere from one to all casinos       communication using
in the network)                                    advanced internet
                                                   security protocol.
Includes participating casinos in North
America, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and
Puerto Rico.
Incident Reporting & Daily Log Module

                                This brand new module will handle all
                                activity tracking. It is the most user-
                                friendly way to manage all the information
                                that needs to be documented by casino
                                surveillance and security.
                                Manage incidents, events, daily logs,
                                procedure violations, accidents, monies
                                recovered, management reports, audit trails,
                                and more.

•	 Helps organize               It is integrated into the Existing Visual
   and standardize              Casino modules to allow the user to
   surveillance incident        benefit from accessing the same databases
                                (subscription and private), video capture,
•	 Effectively capture
                                SIN net, face recognition, daily logs,
   surveillance operator’s      incident reports, audit trails, management
   activities via daily logs.   reports, etc.

•	 Accurately track and         The Incident Reporting & Daily Log Module
   report recovery dollar       is designed to automate many of the
   numbers to justify           tedious paper-based tasks that surveillance
   surveillance operations      operations face on a regular basis.
This module automatically tracks all
incident report user edits and changes with
an electronic Audit Logging Module. This        •	 Data is entered with
                                                   minimum key strokes
allows managers and supervisors to review          for faster, easier use;
all user changes to any incident report and        thus, more information
know who made them.                                is captured in less time.

It allows surveillance operations to automate   •	 Records can be
and streamline employee procedure                  searched by any
violation (employee infraction) departmental       combination of fields.
                                                •	 Primarily used to
                                                   quickly identify
The Incident Reporting & Daily Log Module          suspicious/undesirable
allows for easily accessible documentation         patrons.
for gaming regulation compliance and
legal purposes. It takes advantage of user
defined “drop down” data fields for quick
and easy data entry.

Surveillance managers are given the ability
to generate reports that present statistical
information about the different types of
incidents happening on property.
All of these incident reports are then stored
in a robust multi-user database for quick

Note: The casino’s own enrollment files are
kept private on its own computers and are
not shared or stored off site, as some other
programs do.
Daily Log Module: Allows all Surveillance
Operators and Supervisors to enter Daily Log
entries. Each Daily Log entry is tied to an
individual user (Operator or Supervisor) and
is completely searchable and reportable.

Incident Module: Allows users to enter and
view Incident Reports. Incident Reports
include the following:
  •	 General Information (dates, times, incident
     type, location, etc.). Information about the
     people involved with the incident.
  •	 Recovery details (amount, type)
  •	 User free text notes.
  •	 Attachments & images (supports most
     document/image type).
  •	 Video details (tape or digital catalogue details).
  •	 Investigation and camera “play-by-play” entries
  •	 Audit Log details (This details all user edits/
  •	 Allows users to send employee procedure
     violations (infractions) to various departments
     using notification tables.
  •	 All incidents are searchable using the Incident
     Report Search Screen.

Slot and Table Game Checklist Module:
Allows users to create an Incident
‘Checklist’ for a slot or table game win.
Each ‘Checklist’ includes details of the
associated win (amount, time, employees
involved, etc.).

Routing and Notification Module: Manages
all of the routing and notifications that are
required between Surveillance Operators
and Surveillance Supervisors, and in the
case of Procedure violations, between
Surveillance and other Departments. In
general, this module generates notifications
and sends details to the superiors of
employees involved in a Procedure
Violation. This module also maintains all
routing table entries.
Patron/Suspect Module: Integrates with
the Biometrica Visual Casino enrollment
database to allow attaching individuals to
an Incident Report or Checklist.

Employee Module: Manages all details of
employees that may have to be attached
to Incident Reports Daily Log entries,
and checklists. Lists of employees and
departments will also be able to be

Reporting/Statistics Module: Provides
reporting on all of the above modules.
Report examples:
   •	 Daily Log Summary Reports: Summary of all
      Daily Log entries by date/user.
   •	 Summary Report: Incidents: Summary of
      Incidents by types and date range.
   •	 Summary Report: Procedure Violations:
      Summary of all Procedure Violations Incidents
      by date range.
   •	 Recovery Amount Reports: Details amounts for
      Occurrences in a selected date range.
Custom reports can be created for specific

User Management and Security Module:
Manages user access and security across
the Visual Casino V application. It will
provide the system administrators with the
ability to control access to the system and
each module.

Audit Module: Manages all audit logging
features. All data element creation and
change events are audit logged. Each audit
log entry will consist of a user, date/time
and event description stamp. These audit
log entries provide a detailed view of what
each user changed on each data element
(Daily logs, Incidents, and Checklists).
ID Document Authentication
  •	Fast, reliable, automatic authentication   •	 New level of protection
                                                  for casino cage, credit,
    of identity documents.                        security, finance, player
                                                  development, players
  •	For driver’s licenses, passports and          clubs, bars, nightclubs
    other ID documents.                           and hotel registration,
                                                  employee background
  •	Doesn’t just scan the ID, but actually        investigations, and
    authenticates it! (Two models                 more.
                                               •	 Features a modular
Almost every fraud occurring in a casino          design, with the ability
has a forged document at its heart. This          to implement additional
                                                  security layers as
hardware/software platform designed to            needed.
automatically read and authenticate e-
passports, driver’s licenses, and ID cards
that individuals use as proof of their
identity, have the ability to uncover phony
or tampered documents to prevent identity
fraud, casino fraud and underage gambling
& drinking.
The new, compact B5000-SC, with
improved usability, supports faster customer
processing and has a very small footprint;
ideal for environments where counter space
is limited.
These scanners capture a full range of color
document images using visible, infrared
and ultraviolet light sources, providing a
visual record of both human-readable and
machine-readable information.
Benefits of Visual Casino Software

                                             As the industry leader,
                                             Biometrica is committed to
                                             providing advanced identity
                                             solutions to the Casino Industry.
                                             It is proven, effective, and
                                             available on a flexible monthly
                                             rental plan with no long

                                             Outright purchase of most
                                             modules is also available for
                                             greatest long term economy.

             “ This technology is a tool, and is a fantastic one. I wish it
             had been available for Atlantic City 20 years ago when we
             were dealing with a lot of problems that we weren’t familiar
                  P. LaMacchia, Director of casino studies at the State University NY
                                        (Global Gaming Business Magazine)

                            We provide modules integrated into one
                            easy-to-use application to:
                                •	 Significantly reduce unnecessary losses
                                •	 Increase Casino’s bottom-line profits
                                •	 Better manage and standardize information and
                                   reports about any patrons, incidents and events
                                •	 Speed up identification of persons of interest
                                •	 Improve overall efficiency in reporting, tracking
                                   and identifying risk exposure.
                                •	 Improve management of the casino’s private
                                   information and databases in all categories.

 Biometrica Systems
 2000 S. Jones Blvd.
 Suite 150
 Las Vegas, NV 89146              Call for a FREE live online demo.

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