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Role Play#2 Paper

  July 17, 2008
       Nike is a household name that everyone knows when they hear it or sees the

infamous swoosh symbol. Nike was founded in 1962 by Phill Knight and Bill Bowerman,

but was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports. The name Nike comes from the winged

goddess of victory, according to Greek Mythology. The Nike swoosh, which was created

in 1971 by Caroline Davidson also represents the winged goddess and was sold to one of

the master minds of Nike, Phill Knight for only $35.00. From there grew the empire

which is so well know around the world today. 1972 Nike produced its first shoe, The

Cortez also known as the “Dope Mans”, out of China.

       After reviewing the sales volume stats for Nike in 2008, I found that during this

fiscal year there revenue went up 14% to 18.6 billion dollars. Net income increased 26%

to $1.9 billion, and shares also increased to $3.74 which is up 24% from last fiscal year.

The image that Nike has always tried to uphold has always been that of a positive one.

Nike is a home to some of the most successful athletes to date. One major athlete that has

a major impact on the success of Nike was Michael Jordan. In 1985 when Nike

introduced the first Air Jordan, this shoe was unlike anything that the world had ever seen

or been exposed to. The Air Jordan, which Jordan hated when he first saw the shoe, was

banned from the NBA because it was not like what most players were wearing, and the

league said that it had too many colors.

       With Nike having product being sold in over 160 countries and distributing its

employing over 30,000 jobs location throughout six continents , it’s no wonder Nike is

the worlds largest holder in the athletic footwear market holding about holds 37% of the

market share.
       With Nike being the leader in athletic footwear there are may features and

benefits that this company has to offer its buyers and potential buyers as well.

                Features                                             Benefits

   1. Good reputation                              1. Some of the best sports names wear

   2. Some of the best sports names wear               Nike

       Nike                                        2. People want to wear what the best

   3. Variety of styles for all                        wear

   4. Internationally known                        3. Ability to satisfy any type of need

   5. Discount of bulk sales                           from athletic to causal/business

   6. Personalized items                           4. Ability to grow and expand outside of

   7. Sells more than just shoes                       the US

   8. Well know slogan “Just do it”                5. Huge savings on team sales

   9. Symbol                                       6. Purchased special goods for yourself

   10. #1 in footwear market                           or as gifts

                                                   7. Ability to compete in more than just

                                                       the footwear market

                                                   8. Easy to remember

                                                   9. People worldwide know the Nike

                                                       swoosh when it’s on TV

                                                   10. People will always buy the product

       While Nike may be one of the first names that come to mind when you think of

athletic footwear, there are other companies that compete and have been in market with
Nike for years. Companies like Puma, New Balance, and Adidas whom recently acquired

Reebok give Nike the most competition in the athletic industry. Reebok which

collaborated with rappers Jay-Z and 50 cent to create a well rounded summer shoe once

was the leader in athletic footwear outselling Nike about 25 years ago. As technology

changes, Nike must position itself to appeal to with the new generation Y era. With the

constant change in daily activity, this has caused major expansion in the footwear

industry. Skateboard companies are now putting out massive amounts of sneakers at a

rapid pace, giving Nike a run for its money and causing them to create a skateboarding or

an alternative sports sneaker as well. While it may seem to some that sneakers don’t have

much of a variety and can be use for the same purpose no matter what type it is, that is

where Nike differs from all of the rest. Nike offers support and comfort that you just

don’t find in most shoes, ranging from Air Jordan basketball sneakers, training shoes, and

even down to working with Cole Haan to produce a loafer and high heel that has the

same feel and make as an Air Max training shoe.

       Over the past five years Radford athletics has tried to improve it’s ranking in the

Big South conference by searching and selecting the best possible athletes to participate

and attend its University. After review the sports teams at Radford University I have

decided to select the women’s basketball team, who have made it to the championship

game of their conference for the past two consecutive years, but have fallen short by a

total of 11 points in the two games. The team is currently sponsored by Adidas, which is

a very well known company who provides them with uniforms, warm ups, sneakers, and

other accessories that are worn throughout the season. Radford University would be a

great investment for Nike because they are a young team that is growing and getting
better as the years progress. In order to reach my main objective of convincing the team

that with Nike apparel that would not only increase there confidence, but possibly also

improve their performance with the technology that is found in Nike athletic wear. First I

would contact the University and the director of athletic directors and set up a meeting to

discuss the amount or the range in which they spend with Adidas and see if Nike was

able to produce something equivalent to the deal they currently have with Adidas. If

there were any other details that the University needed to see before signing into a

contract I would discuss the details and answer all questions. After supplying the athletic

director with all the vital information that was needed, I would then develop a budget that

fit within the University needs and give them a catalog to get the ordering process started.

        The most obvious objective that could present a problem when selling this service

would be rejection. The University may already feel that the contract that they have

established with Adidas is enough and they don’t feel the need to switch or waste money

considering any alternative. The University maybe locked into a contract with Adidas and

may not be able to get out of it until the contract expires. If this arises, the most sensible

solution would be to find out how long the University is locked into the contract and how

much would they be out if they voided the contract. With this information I will be able

to determine if a second visit is even worth it, until they are out of the contract. Another

objection that may present itself is not discussing this process with a qualified lead. To sit

and meet with the athletic director and he is not the final decision maker, would require

me to revisit the University and meet with the individual who has the say on the last

decision. This could be very costly for my company because if they are unavailable and

we have to reschedule it could interfere with other possible candidates. A final objection
that may cause a problem is being able to contact the team and reach a decision before

the season begins or they have already renewed or established a new deal. This could

present a problem because the team is normally off in the summer, but to try and sell then

apparel and athletic gear during the season would be almost impossible. The most

sensible solution for this objection would be to start talking to the team as soon as the

season ends but before the new one begins.

        To attempt to persuade Radford University that they need to change sponsors to

Nike I would present them with pictures of uniforms that I have constructed with the

Nike logo. With multiple styles, colors, and material types the photos would be a great

way to show what could be in the works. In order to depict the different types of footwear

and apparel that could be worn on and off the court, I will supply the coaches product

samples and catalogs with all the available merchandise and the features and benefits of


        My main objective for this presentation is to get Radford University women’s

basketball team to switch from wearing Adidas sportswear to Nike sportswear.

Throughout this presentation I will educate the customer with all the possible positive

benefits and any other background information, that University may have bee unaware of

to ensure them that Nike is the best company for their team.

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