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					                                                                                                                            WINTER 2009

  CREDIT UNION                                    FINANCIAL QUARTERLY
Refinance Today,                                                                                            Products & Services. . .
Get a $100.00 VISA Gift Card                                                                               Vehicle - New, Used, Boats &
                                                                                                           Home Equity
You could receive a $100.00 VISA                                                                           Home Equity Line of Credit
Gift Card from Soo Line Credit                                                                             1st Mortgages - HomeLoan Express
Union just for refinancing your                                                                             Line of Credit
vehicle at SLCU. Contact your                                                                              Unsecured
SLCU Loan Officer to see how                                                                                Savings Secured
much you can save! Send us your                                                                            Business
vehicle title and we’ll take care of the                                                                   Checking
paperwork. Plus you can delay your                                                                         Free Checking
first payment up to 60 days.                              877-634-0020 or via email at                          Value Checking
                                                We’re here for all                    Select Checking
                                                         your financial needs!                                  Classic Checking
While you are refinancing your                                                                                  Y.E.S. Club Checking
vehicle, be sure to ask your Loan                                                                              Advantage Checking
                                                         SLCU reserves the right to modify or
Officer about Guaranteed Asset                            discontinue this offer at any time. Loans are
                                                                                                           Business Economy Checking
Protection (GAP) and Mechanical                                                                            Business Premium Checking
                                                         subject to credit approval. This offer is valid
                                                                                                           Overdraft Advance
Repair Coverage (MRC). Contact                           for qualified borrowers 18 years of age and up.
us today toll-free at 800-355-7528 or                    Refinancing of current SLCU loans not eligible.    Convenience Products
                                                                                                           Bill Pay
It’s an Economic Extension                                                                                 Internet Account Access
                                                                                                           VISA Cards - Platinum & Classic
     Because at SLCU,                                                                                      Instant Cash Debit Card
                                                                                                           Instant Cash Business Debit Card
        “We’re Here For You”. . .                                                                          Instant Cash ATM Card
                                                                                                           VISA Gift Cards
Our Great Rates have been extended for a Limited Time.                                                     Rate Line: 1-800-797-8786
Whether you’re looking for a new car, truck, boat, watercraft, or motorcycle                               Savings Accounts
check out our great rates. Contact your SLCU Loan Officer today and get pre-                                Daily
approved. Vehicles currently financed with SLCU are not eligible for this offer.                            New Baby Club - Newborn to 1
Offer good for qualified borrowers 18 years of age or older.                                                Raisin’ Cash Club - Age 1 through 9
                                                                                                           Y.E.S. Club - Age 10 through 15
                                            Rates as low as. . .                                           Advantage Accts. - Age 16 through 21
                                                                                                           Classic Accounts - Age 55 & Over
                                                                                                           Holiday Accounts
                                                                                                           Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
                                                                                                           CD Builder Program
                                                                                                           Other Products & Services
                                                                                                           Financial Planning
                                                                                                           Auto Buying Partners
                                                                                                           AAA Membership & Insurance
                                                                                                           Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
                                                                                                           Save Your Change
                                                                       Annual Percentage Rate              Western Union/Wire Transfers
                                                                                                           Travelers Cheques/Money Orders
                                                 PLUS. . .                                                 Notary Services
                                                 SLCU is offering term extensions of 12                    Savings Bonds
                                                 months: 24 (36), 36 (48), 48 (60), 60 (72).               Safe Deposit Boxes (SLCU Glenwood &
                                                                                                           SLCU Brooklyn Crossing)

Guaranteed Asset Protection                                                                                U.S. Postage Stamps
(GAP) Special. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                             Metro Transit Bus Fares

    President’s Corner                                                                                         Home-Buying
                                                                                    by Lee Benedict            Seminars
                           2010 represents potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity to                     Looking to buy a home? Are you
                           make your retirement and your financial future a little easier.
                                                                                                               a first-time homebuyer and don’t
                        Thanks to new tax law provisions that will take effect in 2010. You                    know where to begin? Join us for an
                        can convert your traditional retirement savings plan into a Roth                       informative, home-buying seminar
                        IRA. Where your assets can grow and be withdrawn tax free and                          covering the following:
                        not subject to income restrictions. Unless there are changes, only
                        in 2010 will these conversions be given this special tax treatment.                        Home-buying process
    Taking action in the next calendar year may possibly lead you to a more comfortable                            How much home you qualify for
    future retirement.                                                                                             How much you'll need at closing
                                                                                                                   Q&A with CU Companies
    Under the new tax provision:
       There are no longer any income limits on converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth
                                                                                                                   Realtors and Mortgage Loan
       IRA. So if you didn’t qualify to convert to a Roth IRA before, you will now be                              Officers
       Please remember that you may have to pay taxes on this conversion and if you do,                        Choose from these dates at
       you can convert in 2010, and spread the tax bill over 2011 and 2012…making it                           CU Companies, 500 Main Street,
       easier to pay those taxes now so your savings can grow and be withdrawn tax–free                        New Brighton, MN:
       in the future.
    Other benefits of a Roth IRA will remain unchanged, including;                                                  January 12th at 6:00 p.m.
       Roth IRA savings are not subject to required minimum distributions, giving you                              February 9th at 6:00 p.m.
       income flexibility in retirement.                                                                            March 9th at 6:00 p.m.
       Neither you nor your heirs will owe income tax on qualified withdrawals.                                     April 13th at 6:00 p.m.
       Annual contributions may be made after age 701/2, if you or your spouse are still
       working and earning income.                                                                             Seating is limited. For reservations,
    There are many tax considerations to review and be aware of that will help determine                       please call (651) 631-3111.
    if converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA is an appropriate financial decision

                                                                                                               Holiday Closings
    for you.
    To learn more about Traditional IRA Conversions, please contact Deb Erickson our
    CU Preferred Financial Advisor. You will find Deb’s contact information on page
    three of this newsletter.
                                                                                                                           New Year’s Day
    Why not plan to attend our 83rd annual meeting that will be held in our new Brooklyn                                  Friday, January 1
    Center facility on April 24th, 2010. See page three for more information.
                                                                                                                    Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    I hope you will take time to thoroughly read our newsletter. Kat Smithe, who heads                                   Monday, January 18
    our Marketing and Business Development, has provided a lot of information for you to                                   President’s Day
    consider.                                                                                                   Saturday, Feb. 13 & Monday, Feb. 15
    Thank you for your membership in SLCU.                                                                                 Memorial Day
    Lee                                                                                                         Saturday, May 29 & Monday, May 31                                                                                                   Independence Day
    612-373-9412                                                                                                  Saturday, July 3 & Monday, July 5

                                                                                                                             Labor Day
                                                          Y.E.S. Club:                                           Saturday, Sept. 4 & Monday, Sept. 6
Congratulations to the winners of                         $5.00..................................Minna W.                  Columbus Day
SLCU’s Quarterly Youth Drawings:                          $10.00.............................Audreana S.                 Monday, October 11
                                                          $15.00................................. Brook W.
Raisin’ Cash Club:                                        $20.00......................................Cam J.             Thanksgiving Day
$5.00............................... Danica M.                                                                         Thursday, November 25
$10.00.................................Brian R.           Advantage Account:                                               Christmas Day
$15.00..........................Savannah C.               $25.00...............................Elizabeth P.      Friday, December 24 - close at noon
$20.00..........................Raymond M.                $50.00.................................Tichelle H.           Saturday, December 25
    Deposits are made directly into the above winners’ accounts from SLCU prior to January 10, 2010.
                                                                                                                           New Year’s Day
                                                                                                                      Saturday, January 1, 2011
                    We’ve Got VISA Gift Cards!

83rd Annual                                  Financial Planning Lunch & Learn:
Meeting                                      IRA Conversions
Scheduled                                    Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Mark your calendar for Saturday,             12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
April 24th, 2010. The 83rd Annual            17th Floor Board Room, 501 Marquette Avenue
Meeting will be held at the new              Minneapolis, MN 55402
SLCU Brooklyn Crossing office.
Brooklyn Crossing is located at              Deb Erickson, a registered representative from CU Preferred
3200 Northway Drive, Suite 380 in            Investments, Inc. will be presenting this seminar. Attend
Brooklyn Center, MN.                         this Lunch & Learn and discover what benefits an IRA
                                             Conversion might have for you.
In conjunction with the 83rd Annual
Meeting, SLCU will be hosting a              For reservations please call 612-373-9411 or via email at
Grand Opening in our new Brooklyn            The deadline for reservations is Friday, January 15, 2009. Space is limited so
Crossing location. Watch the spring          make your reservation today. A complimentary lunch will be served at noon.
issue of the Financial Quarterly             “Securities and Investment Advisory Services are offered through Financial Network Investment Corporation,
newsletter for more information.             a registered broker/dealer and member SIPC. Financial Network Investment Corporation is not an affiliate of
                                             SLCU”. Not FDIC Insured – Not a Deposit - No Credit Union Guarantee – May Lose Value – Not Insured by
2010 Upgrades                                any federal government agency.

                                             Welcome To SLCU Brooklyn Crossing
In our continuing efforts to offer you
the best financial services possible,
SLCU will be upgrading its
On-Line Account Access in 2010.              SLCU Brooklyn Crossing
This upgrade is user-friendly and            officially opened for business
will offer you the ability to transfer       on Monday morning, October
funds into and out of other financial         5th, 2009 at 3200 Northway
institutions.                                Drive, Suite 380 in Brooklyn
                                             Center. Long-time SLCU
SLCU will be rolling out a new Debit         member, Darlene Braasch, was
and ATM card program early in 2010.          the first member to use the new
The most significant advantage of             office.
the new Debit and ATM cards will be                                                      Pictured above: Member Service Representative, Pat
real-time. This means you will see           SLCU Brooklyn Crossing           McGowan with Darlene Braasch at the new SLCU
your Debit and/or ATM transactions           has two drive up lanes and       Brooklyn Crossing office.
quicker. Watch for more information          a drive up ATM for your convenience. Drive up hours are Monday through
on the Debit and ATM cards in the            Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. through
next issue of this newsletter.                                                          noon. Lobby hours are now Monday
                                                                                        through Friday from 8:30 a.m.
Volunteers Needed                                                                       through 4:00 p.m. Please note the
The SLCU Board of Directors is looking                                                  time changes for the lobby hours.
for volunteers to serve on its Supervisory
Committee and Board of Directors. For                                                                In addition to the drive up, SLCU
more information or an Expression of                                                                 Brooklyn Crossing offers Safe
Interest Form, please contact SLCU                                                                   Deposit Boxes for rent. Safe
at 800-355-7528 or via email to                                                                      Deposit Box costs range from $8.00 or access the
                                                                                                     to $30.00 per year for a 3” x 5” box
Expression of Interest form at                                                                              to a 10” x 10” box respectively. If
                                                                                                     you are interested in renting a Safe
                    Once a member;                                                                   Deposit Box, please stop at our new
                    always a member.                                                                 Brooklyn Crossing location and
                                             Pictured above: exterior view of SLCU                   speak with one of our helpful staff.
                     Family members
                                             Brooklyn Crossing from Northway Drive.                  We’ll be happy to help you with
                        are eligible
                     for membership.                                                                 Safe Deposit Boxes and all of your
                                                                                                     financial needs.

Rewards Based Loan Rates For Qualified Borrowers                                                                                Rates are subject to change.

     Home Equity Line of                                Unsecured                                             Home Equity
     Credit (HELOC) Loans                               Loans                                                 Loans
     Rates as low as. . .                               Rates as low as. . .                                  Rates as low as. . .

      3.50% 10.75% 5.75%
                       APR                                            APR                                                          APR
         Includes Automatic Payment                      Includes Automatic Payment                               Includes Automatic Payment
    Discount of .25% -- Variable Rate Home                     Discount of .25%                                         Discount of .25%
        Equity (HELOC) Floor = 3.50%                                                                         Fixed Rate Home Equity Floor = 5.75%
An example of the payment amount on a fixed rate home equity loan at a rate of 5.75% APR is approximately $30.31 per $1000 bor-
rowed for 36 monthly payments. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

                                                                                                              Share Secured Loans
     *Purchase Money                                    **Non-Purchase Money                                  Rates as low as. . .

     Secured Loans                                      Secured Loans
                                                                                                            1 To 24
     Rates as low as. . .                               Rates as low as. . .                                                                                APR

      4.40%                                             6.15%

                                                                                                              CD Secured Loans
                                                                                                              Rates as low as. . .

                                                                                                             1 To 60
                       APR                                            APR                                    Months
                                                                                                                                                          Over CD
      Includes Economic Extension Discount of .50%                                                                                                         Rate
    (for a limited time) & Automatic Payment Discount    Includes Automatic Payment                                                              APR
        of .25% AND .25% Discount for 10% Down                 Discount of .25%       Share Secured & CD Secured Loans Do
         of Purchase Price OR Refinance Amount                                              Not Qualify For Any Discounts.
For more information on term limits and your personal, rewards-based loan rate, please contact one of our loan officers.
*Purchase Money means the proceeds of the loan are used for the purchase of the collateral.
**Non-Purchase Money means the proceeds of the loan are not used for the purchase of the collateral.

Savings Rates                                                                                                                  Rates are subject to change.
     Savings                 Minimum           APR             APY            Regular CDs &                      Minimum                APR             APY
     Products                 Balance                                         IRA CDs                             Balance
     Shares                    *$5.00         0.25%           0.25%           6 Month                           *$1,000.00            0.88%            0.88%
     Daily                     $0.00          0.25%           0.25%           12 Month                          *$1,000.00            0.95%            0.95%
     Select Checking         $2,500.00        0.90%           0.90%           18 Month                          *$1,000.00            1.06%            1.07%
     Holiday                   $0.00          0.95%           0.95%           24 Month                          *$1,000.00            1.14%            1.15%
     Raisin Cash               $0.00          1.30%           1.31%           30 Month                          *$1,000.00            1.09%            1.10%
     Y.E.S. Club                $0.00         1.30%           1.31%           36 Month                          *$1,000.00            1.39%            1.40%
     Advantage                 $0.00          1.30%           1.31%           48 Month                          *$2,000.00            1.54%            1.55%
     IRA                        $0.00         1.26%           1.27%           60 Month                          *$2,000.00            1.94%            1.96%
     IRA Conduit               $0.00          1.26%           1.27%           13 Month Special                   $2,000.00            1.10%            1.11%
     IRA Regular Roth          $0.00          1.26%           1.27%           18 Month Special                   $2,000.00            1.11%            1.12%
     IRA Converted Roth        $0.00          1.26%           1.27%           13 Month Special Jumbo            $50,000.00            1.79%            1.80%
     Coverdell Educational                                                    Builder CD                         $1,000.00            **build your own CD
                                                                              * $100.00 Minimum balance for Raisin’ Cash Club, Y.E.S. Club & Advantage accounts.
         Savings Account        $0.00         1.26%           1.27%
                                                                              ** Choose from a 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 month term for your Builder CD
     CD Builder Savings       **$0.00         1.00%           1.01%           The following early withdrawal penalties apply to certificates:
                                                                                 Terms of 12 months or less = 30 days loss of interest;
      * Minimum balance of $25.00 required to earn the stated APY
                                                                                 Terms of 13 to 36 months = 90 days loss of interest;
     **$25.00 minimum automatic transfer deposit per month                       Terms of 48 months & over = 180 days loss of interest.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate                                                                                           APY = Annual Percentage Yield
                                                                                         LOAN APPLICATION
Income Verification - Last Payroll Stub                                                                                                                                                    ACCT #
MUST ACCOMPANY APPLICATION”                                                                                                                                                                Date
  Amount   Purpose of Loan (MUST complete)                                                                                                                      FOR CREDIT UNION USE ONLY
 Requested                                                                                                                                           ❒ Loan approved $                                             ❒ Loan Rejected
                              Collateral:                                                                                                              Reason for rejection
$                                                                                                                                                                           Loan Officer                                     Date

Please check if you are applying for:                       ❒    Individual Credit          ❒    Joint Credit             Payment Protection Plan:                    ❒    Disability
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ❒     Joint Disability
                                                                                                                              ❒ MRC ❒ GAP                             ❒    Term Life                 ❒     Joint Term Life
Repayment:                      Payroll Deduction                 Automatic Payment                                       Payment                                Length of Repayment - Mos.
Coupons                                     ❒                                   ❒                           ❒             Date                                     ❒12 ❒ 24 ❒ 36 ❒ 48 ❒ 60                              ❒ Other
APPLICANT NAME (LAST-FIRST-MIDDLE)                                                                                         CO-APPLICANT NAME (LAST-FIRST-MIDDLE)

HOME ADDRESS (STREET & NO.)                                                           HOW LONG?                            HOME ADDRESS (STREET & NO.)                                                          HOW LONG?

CITY-STATE-ZIP                                                                                                             CITY-STATE-ZIP

PREVIOUS HOME ADDRESS                                                                 HOW LONG?                            PREVIOUS HOME ADDRESS                                                                 HOW LONG?

HOME PHONE NO.                             BIRTH DATE                           NO. OF DEPENDENTS                          HOME PHONE NO.                             BIRTH DATE                           NO. OF DEPENDENTS

SOCIAL SECURITY NO.                                         DRIVERS LICENSE NO. AND STATE                                  SOCIAL SECURITY NO.                                        DRIVERS LICENSE NO. AND STATE

BUSINESS PHONE NO.                                             GROSS ANNUAL INCOME                                         BUSINESS PHONE NO.                                            GROSS ANNUAL INCOME

EMPLOYER                                          POSITION                 HOW LONG?                                       EMPLOYER                                          POSITION                 HOW LONG?

BUSINESS ADDRESS                                                                                                           BUSINESS ADDRESS

PREVIOUS EMPLOYER                                 POSITION                 HOW LONG?                                       PREVIOUS EMPLOYER                                 POSITION                 HOW LONG?

PREVIOUS BUSINESS ADDRESS                                                                                                  PREVIOUS BUSINESS ADDRESS

  Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.

Other Income $       per        Source(s) of other income:                                                                Other Income $       per        Source(s) of other income:
Is any income listed likely to be reduced in the next two years?                                                          Is any income listed likely to be reduced in the next two years?
        ❒ YES, (Explain in detail on a separate sheet) ❒ NO                                                                       ❒ YES, (Explain in detail on a separate sheet) ❒ NO
Nearest Relative (Complete Name and Address)                                                                              Nearest Relative (Complete Name and Address)

SAVINGS ACCT.                                                            AMT.                        AMT.                 CHECKING ACCT.                                          AMT.          OTHER ASSETS                        AMT.
WHAT INSTITUTION                                                                                                          WHAT INSTITUTION

            OUTSTANDING DEBTS: List all debts to other banks, finance companies, credit unions, hospitals, department stores, etc. Failure to list open debts may disqualify this application. Use separate sheet if necessary.

            MORTGAGEE OR LANDLORD                                  PAYMENT ADDRESS                  APPROX. MARKET VALUE ORIGINAL AMOUNT                                     BALANCE DUE                           MO. PAYMENT/RENT
                                                                                                                         $                                                   $                                     $
            AUTOS OWNED                            MAKE                  YEAR                       FINANCED BY                                                                                                    MO. PMT.
                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                    $
            AUTOS OWNED                            MAKE                  YEAR                        FINANCED BY                                                                                                    MO. PMT.
                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                     $
                CREDIT CARDS (AND OTHER DEBTS)                            INT. RATE                  ACCOUNT NUMBER                    CREDIT LIMIT/OR ORIG.                        BALANCE DUE                         MONTHLY PMT.
                                                                                                                                       AMT.                                  $                                     $

                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                    $

                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                    $

                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                     $
                                                                                                                                        $                                     $                                     $
Have you ever filed bankruptcy or had a debt adjustment plan confirmed under Chapter 13?                           APPLICANT                       Yes   ❒         No   ❒           CO-APPLICANT                    Yes   ❒          No   ❒
            Are you a co-maker, endorser, or                                               If “yes”
                                                           Yes ❒         No ❒
            guarantor on any loan or contract?                                             for whom?                                                                                      to whom?
            Other obligations - (E.g. liability to pay alimony, child support, separate maintenance. Use separate sheet if necessary.)

To the best of my knowledge, I have no other debts. I understand that you will retain this application whether or not it is approved. You are authorized to check my credit and employment plus answer
any questions regarding my credit experience with you.
FOR JOINT APPLICANTS: By signing below, each of the following applicants certify that they applied for joint credit.

APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE                                                                                   DATE              CO-APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE                                                                               DATE
X                                                                                                                         X

 Need A Loan?                                       2010 FIC Scholarships
 We Can Help!                                       The MN Family Involvement Council                   To apply, you must complete a
 Here’s how you can contact your Loan               is offering $11,000.00 in scholarships              one-page application form and write
 Officer:                                            for the 2010/2011 school year. The                  a 500-word typed essay that answers
 SLCU Minneapolis                                   scholarship awards include two                      the question: “Credit unions were
 Sandy Hanneman                                     “Harvey Bakke” $1,000 scholarships                  established in the U.S. 100 years ago,
 612-373-9413                                       and eighteen $500 scholarships to                   yet many Americans know nothing
 Toll Free 800-355-7528                             Minnesota credit union members.                     about them. As the manager of a credit                                                                                     union, what strategies would you
 SLCU Brooklyn Crossing                             To be eligible, you must be pursuing                employ to give credit unions a higher
 Angie Denning                                      a post-high school education in the                 profile and help them grow?” Judging
 763-503-5785                                       2010/2011 school year and be a                      is done on creativity, relevance and
                                                    member of a credit union headquartered              involvement. Applications must be
 SLCU Glenwood                                      in Minnesota. The school you are                    postmarked by February 1, 2010.
 Pam Lundquist                                      planning to attend can be a public or
 Toll Free 877-634-0020                             private university, college, graduate               You can pick up an application packet                                or law school, or a 2- or 4-year                    at any SLCU office or the application
                                                    community or technical college and                  may be found on-line at
 SLCU South Metro
 Debra Bakken                                       schools must be accredited by the U.S.    
 952-895-5277                                       Dept. of Education.
 SLCU St. Paul
 Jeanne Kohlhaas
                                                    Yes, We Do Student Loans!
 651-793-0830                                       Have you selected your college or                   fill-in the-blank Master Promissory                                 tech school and completed your                      Note (MPN) and Parent Plus
 You may also contact your Loan Officers             Application for Federal Student Aid                 loan. Included on the web page
 via email at Call our              (FAFSA)? SLCU’s website at                          is information on Subsidized and
 Minneapolis office toll-free at            has lots                   Unsubsidized Stafford Loans as well
 800-355-7528 and we can transfer your                                                                  as some frequently asked questions.
 call to any one of our offices. Whether
                                                    of information for you including
 you contact us by phone, in person or via          links to the FAFSA website. You
 email - we’re here to help you with all            will also find links to an on-line                   SLCU’s Student Loan Lender
 your financial needs!                                                                                   Number is 833713.

Out & About With The Credit Union
Your credit union presents seminars, lunch & learns and participates in many community events. Pictured below
are just a few. In the lower left is a partial view of the attendees at the Prior Lake High School Financial Aid
presentation on Tues., Dec. 1st; and pictured directly below at left, is Deb Erickson, a registered representative
of CU Preferred Investments speaking at a Lunch & Learn on Tax Free Investing. The photo shown below center
is Debra Bakken, South Metro Branch Manager at the Prior Lake Chamber Fall Fest. Pictured upper right is
a participant at SLCU’s booth at the All Things Food & More in Prior Lake; and pictured lower right are three
students who stopped at SLCU’s booth at Career Day in Alexandria.

Auto Buying Partners                                                                        Soo Line Credit Union
Soo Line Credit Union (SLCU) offers                 Andy Armstrong                                Directory
you great vehicle rates and a wide                  Juettner Motors
variety of Auto Buying Partners.                     320-763-3126                            Board of Directors
No matter what type of vehicle you                                                  Larry Starns, Chairman
are looking for, SLCU has an Auto                    Ken Killebrew                  Mark Johnson, Vice Chairman
Buying Partner to help you. Import or                 Park Jeep                     Lee Benedict, President/CEO
domestic, contact any one of our Auto                952-890-5337                   Bruce Doll
Buying Partners to find your next car,                                               Jim Fandrich
                                                                                    Debbie Hickman
truck or recreational vehicle.                      Kevin Hanson                    Judy Mitchell
                                                 Schweiters Chevrolet               Mike Swenson
   Frank Gersich or Jeff Flanagan                   320-634-4507                    Dick Walstrom
        Burnsville Motors                                                               Jan Belsheim, Secretary
          952-808-0031                    Cheryl Stauffer or John Tackaberry
                                         Star West Chevrolet-Honda Sports                 Supervisory Committee
           Ron Johnson                              763-972-2984
      Cedar South Auto Sales                                                        Alice Jancsek, Chair
          952-736-1500                      Jerry Velishek or Randy Velishek        Mary Taylor
                                                     Velishek Auto
             Jim Boelter                              952-447-2237
              CU Auto                                                               Don Alagona, Systems Operator
            651-746-6425                 Talk to your SLCU Loan Officer and              Direct Line (612) 373-9415 Downtown
                                         get pre-approved. Knowing how              Debra Bakken, Branch Manager
           Mike Gonsior                  much money you are qualified to                  (952) 895-5277 South Metro
        Inver Grove Honda                borrow will save you time. It will         Jan Belsheim, COO/Assistant to CEO
                                                                                        Direct Line (612) 373-9410 Downtown
           651-306-8660                  simplify your next vehicle shopping        Lee Benedict, President/CEO
                                         experience. Contact your SLCU Loan             Direct Line (612) 373-9412 Downtown
      Bridget Quinn-Engstrom             Officer today at 800-355-7528,              Priscilla Brown, Supervisor of Account
        Inver Grove Toyota               877-634-0020 or via email at                   Services - Brooklyn Crossing
           651-455-6000         We’re here to help             (763) 569-9977
                                                                                    Shelley Cameron, MSR Glenwood
                                         you with all your vehicle needs!           Angie Denning, Loan Officer/

HomeLoan Express. . . Fast, Simple, Easy. . .
                                                                                        Asst. Visa/Checking/ATM
                                                                                        Direct Line (763) 503-5785
                                         In just minutes our Loan Officers               Brooklyn Crossing
                                                                                    Todd Gylsen, MSR Glenwood
                                         can help you apply for your new home
                                                                                    Judy Hammer, MSR Brooklyn Crossing
                                         mortgage or refinance your current home.    Sandy Hanneman, Loan Officer
                                         You can apply right over the phone!            Direct Line (612) 373-9413 Downtown
                                         HomeLoan Express has NO application        Bimbi Justin, MSR Brooklyn Crossing
                                         fee and NO obligation. Call your Loan      Jeanne Kohlhaas, Branch Manager
                                         Officer to apply!                               (651) 793-0830 St. Paul
                                                                                    Pam Lundquist, Loan Officer

Add GAP & MRC To Your Next
                                                                                        (877) 634-0020 Glenwood
                                                                                    Pat McGowan, MSR Brooklyn Crossing

Vehicle Purchase
                                                                                    Pat Olson, Vice President/Branch Manager
                                                                                        (877) 634-0020 Glenwood
                                                                                    Darryll Palmer, Executive Vice President/CFO
GAP is Guaranteed Asset Protection.      can eliminate the cost of future,              Direct Line (763) 569-0177
For just a few dollars a month, GAP      unexpected repairs. MRC pays for               Brooklyn Crossing
can save you from making loan            the cost of parts, labor and tax for any   Joann Schmidt, MSR Downtown
payments on a car, truck or other        covered repair.                            Kat Smithe, Marketing & Business Dev.
                                                                                        Direct Line (612) 373-9411 Downtown
vehicle that’s beyond repair from an                                                David Thompson, Collections Manager
accident; or stolen and not recovered.   For more information on MRC or                 Direct Line (763) 560-4283
                                         GAP, please contact your SLCU Loan             Brooklyn Crossing
MRC is Mechanical Repair Coverage.       Officer at 800-355-7528 or                  Mary Urban, MSR Glenwood
A high quality, comprehensive auto       877-634-0020.
mechanical repair coverage that

SLCU VISA Card Statements                                                                 SLCU RATE LINE:
Now Available On-Line                                                                      1-800-797-8786
Electronic SLCU VISA statements are now available.                                         Remember to call your SLCU
You can save time and receive your VISA statements in                                      Rate Line for current rates on
a paperless format. The paperless VISA e-statements                                         Savings, CD’s and Personal
look just like the paper statement you currently receive                                   Loans or visit our website at
in the mail. You will need to register for on-line
account access (VISA). Registering is quick and free.                              
This allows you to get current account information, review your card activity,
make a payment and sign up for e-statements.                                                   Official Publication of
                                                                                               Soo Line Credit Union
Follow these simple steps to receive a paperless VISA statement:                                SLCU OFFICES:
                                                                                                SLCU Minneapolis
    Go to the SLCU website at                                                     501 Marquette Avenue
    Click on the “Check My VISA Account” located on the right side of the                            Suite 1100
    SLCU Home Page                                                                            Minneapolis, MN 55402
    Type in your User Name and press Tab                                                           (612) 373-9400
    Type in your Password and click on Login                                                  Toll Free 800-355-7528
                                                                                          Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    In the left column under “Quick Links”, click on Go Paperless
    Verify (or enter if necessary) your email address                                       SLCU Brooklyn Crossing
    Read the Online Service E-Sign Disclosure and Consent                                  3200 Northway Drive, Suite 380
    Click on the box in front of the I consent paragraph                                     Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
                                                                                                   (763) 569-9977
    Click on Update Delivery Options                                                      Lobby M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    A Statement Delivery Options page will open and inform you that you will                          Drive Up
    receive a confirmation email to verify your email address                                  M-F 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Click on Log Out located in the upper right of the web page                                 Saturday (Drive Up)
                                                                                                  9:00 a.m. to noon
Be sure to click on the link as requested in your confirmation email to finish the                SLCU Glenwood
paperless statement sign up. If you have any questions, please contact one of                460 Franklin Street North
our staff members at 800-355-7528 or 877-634-0020.                                                  P.O. Box 232
                                                                                               Glenwood, MN 56334
SLCU Offers AAA                              Holiday Accounts                                      (320) 634-0020
                                                                                              Toll Free 877-634-0020
As a member of SLCU, you are eligible        Open your Holiday Account at SLCU                         Hours:
for Group-Discounted Insurance through       and start stashing your cash for the 2010    Lobby M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
AAA and exclusive discounts on AAA                                                                    Drive Up
                                             Holiday Season! Set up your Holiday             M-F 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
membership. Already have AAA? You            Account with a monthly automatic
can still receive the discount. Contact                                                         Saturday (Drive Up)
                                             transfer or payroll deduction. You’ll save          9:00 a.m. to noon
The Group Agency at 651-766-7867.            throughout the year for some great gifts.
You can also contact the Group Agency                                                          SLCU South Metro
for a free, no obligation insurance quote.   The first business day of November             14327 Huntington Avenue South
Be sure to mention                           2010 your Holiday Account balance will             Savage, MN 55378
SLCU’s Group Number:                                                                              (952) 895-5277
                                             automatically transfer to your savings or                 Hours:
CRU012 when calling                          checking account. You can check your
The Group Agency.                                                                            M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                             account on-line to see that your funds                  Saturday
                                             have been transferred to your specified
Invest In An IRA
                                                                                                 9:00 a.m. to noon
                                             account. No written notices will be sent.
Let us help you invest in your future                                                             SLCU St. Paul
                                             Current Holiday Savings Account rates            475 Etna Street, Suite 7
with an Individual Retirement Account                                                           St. Paul, MN 55106
(IRA). SLCU offers all types of IRA          can be found on page four                            (651) 793-0830
accounts including savings accounts          of this newsletter. Call us                              Hours:
and certificates of deposit. Set up your      today at 800-355-7528 or                        M-F 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
IRA account with a monthly automatic         877-634-0020 to set up
                                             your Holiday Account.                                   E-mail us at
transfer or payroll deduction with no
minimum deposit today. (See page four
for current rates.)

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