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									SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                            Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                      Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                Date


                        FOR CUTTING AND FILLING

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                         EARTHWORKS – CUTTING and FILLING

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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                      Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                                Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                          Date


            The purpose of this method of statement is to define the procedures to
            ensure that the proposed materials and workmanship to be used at the
            above site are complying with the condition / requirements as stipulated
            in the Qatar Construction specifications.

            This method statement covers the requirements for all earth works up to
            and including the preparation of formation level. This method statement is
            to be adopted during earthwork activities for widening and strengthening
            of highways. This method statement describes the controlling elements
            during the exaction of earthworks.


             Grading Sheets

             Profile

             Construction Drawings


             Excavator
             Dump Truck
             Shovel
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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                      Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                                Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                          Date

              Service Vehicle for General Workers
              Roller
              Grader
              Bulldozer


              Supervising Engineer
              Foreman
              Operator
              Driver
              Skilled Workers
              Surveyor
              Survey Aide
              Safety Officer
              Unskilled Workers


            Conditions and precautions listed in the project specifications
             shall be followed as minimum.

            All staff involved with the project shall be inducted on the safety,
             health and environmental issues associated with the work.

            Only trained personnel with relevant experience shall be allowed
             to handle machinery.

            Appropriate Safety Signboards, barriers and lighting shall be
             and other safeguards shall be provided as required by the nature
             of and location of the works. All operations shall be carried out in
             accordance with the safety requirements.

            All field personnel will use PPE safety requirements like safety shoes
             helmets, cover all, goggles and dust mask, etc as required.

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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                     Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                               Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                         Date


            METHODOLOGY

              A. SETTING – OUT:

            Prior to any commencement of any physical works, a professional
             land surveyor shall be appointed to carryout demarcation works and
             establish bench marks on site. Upon obtaining all the necessary
             survey data, a joint survey to check existing ground levels shall be
             carried out with the consulting engineers.

              B. PREPARATION OF SITE:

            When any material is disposed outside the site, the disposed material
             shall be graded to a neat appearance and shall not obstruct natural
             drainage or cause damage to highways or property. All precautions
             shall be taken to prevent any erosion of the soil on the affected areas.

            All unsuitable material and surplus suitable material shall be run to
             spoil in tips approved by the Engineer.


            The excavation of cutting shall be carried out in accordance with the
             relevant approved drawings and to the levels, widths and heights
             shown thereon.

            Hauling of material from cuttings or the importation of fill material to
             the embankment or other areas of fill shall proceed only when
             sufficient compaction plant is operating at the place of deposition to
             ensure compliance with specification requirements.

            Any excess depth excavated below the formation level exceeding
             tolerance of 300mm shall be made good by backfilling with suitable
             material of similar characteristics to that removed and compacted in
             accordance to specifications.

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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                     Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                               Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                         Date


            Finish level shall be recorded in accordance to survey practice and
             jointly checked in the presence of Engineer.

            The side slopes of cuttings and embankments shall be as per the
             approved drawings.


            Removal of Unsuitable Soil and Soft Spots

              If during the progress of the work the soil encountered has
              characteristics, as determined by tests conducted under the direction
              of the Engineer, that render it unsuitable for incorporation in the road
              embankment, the Contractor shall excavate and remove such
              unsuitable material to the extent directed by the Engineer

              Where Contractor finds isolated soft spots during excavation, this
              material shall be removed to the extent directed by the Engineer.

              No excavated suitable material shall be removed from the site without
              the approval of the Engineer. Should the Contractor be permitted to
              remove suitable material to suit his operational procedure then he
              shall make good any consequent deficit of fill material arising there

              Where the excavation reveals a combination of suitable and
              unsuitable material the excavation shall, unless otherwise agreed with
              the Engineer, be carried out in such a manner that the suitable
              materials area excavated separately for use in the works without
              contamination by the unsuitable material.

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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                    Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                              Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                        Date

              The hauling of excavated material to areas of fill shall proceed only
              when sufficient spreading and compacting plant/equipment are
              operating at the place of deposition to ensure placing and compaction.

              Unsuitable excavated material shall be removed and carted away to
              an approved area after approved from the Engineer.

              The Contractor shall replace the unsuitable material by other suitable
              surplus or imported material in layers not exceeding 150mm
              compacted thickness to the density specified.(refer to QCS Section 6
              Clause 3.5 – 3.5.1 – 6)

              If the Contractor considers in some situations it is impractical to
              replace unsuitable material with imported material he may elect to use
              granular material.

              Granular material placed beneath water shall not require compaction.
              Granular material placed above water shall be compacted and tested.

              If any solution cavities are found in lime stone material they shall be
              brought to the attention of the Engineer. The Engineer shall advise
              what treatment is to be carried out in such situations.

              If the CBR is <30% the Contractor shall excavate 300mm below the
              formation level and fill it with suitable material according to QCS.

              Prior to any excavation for road works the Contractor has to obtain all
              required permits related to this work.


              The Contractor shall excavate high level areas in all materials
              including rock for the full width of the road construction down to the
              top of the required sub grade.

              The Contractor shall then scarify a layer not less than 150mm deep
              except that this requirement shall not apply where rock is present.
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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                     Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                               Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                         Date

              In all excavations the groundwater level shall be maintained at least
              300 mm below the formation level during the works.

              The soil shall be pulverized (refer to QCS Section 6 Clause 3.5 –
              3.5.2 -4).

              F. ROCK EXCAVATION

            Excavation in rock shall be as defined in QCS 3.3.4 of the

            Excavation in rock may be carried out by a tracked bulldozer and
             ripper or by the use of blasting with explosives or any other method
             approved by the Engineer.

            Blasting using explosives shall only permitted if authorized by the Civil
             Defense, Police and any other statutory authority. The Contractor’s
             Method Statement shall be agreed before any blasting operation.

            For any blasting work involving the use of explosives the Contractor
             shall use a specialist company, licensed to carry out such work by the
             former Ministry of Industry and Public Works.

            The specialist company shall possess the appropriate license for the
             required scope of work.

            The purchase and delivery of each consignment of explosives for
             blasting work should be covered by a separate application for a
             possession license.

            The transportation of explosives shall only be carried out after
             notification to the police and civil defense.
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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                     Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                               Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                         Date

            For each planned blasting operation the Contractor shall arrange for
             advance notification to be made to the police and civil defense

            After it has been established that the excavated material is rock and
             after the area where such rock exists has been defined, the
             Contractor shall incorporate the rock in the embankment.


            All trenches and pits under roads shall, where possible, be excavated,
             backfilled and compacted before road construction commences.

            The sides of the excavation shall be adequately supported at all

            Trenches and pits shall be kept free of water.

            In tidal and high water table areas the excavation shall be kept free
             from standing water at all times during construction.

            Trenches for pipes or ducts shall be excavated to the levels and
             gradients indicated in the contract documents.

              H. FILLING GENERAL

            Filling low-level areas shall be to the level of sub grade as designated.
             After completion of clearing and grubbing, the Contractor shall carry
             out the necessary leveling in order to control the thickness of the
             layers of fill.

            The existing natural ground shall then be scarified in place to a
             minimum depth of 150 mm for the full width of the embankment
             except where the material is classified as rock. The scarified material
             shall be watered as required, thoroughly mixed, shaped and
             compacted to a minimum of 95% maximum dry density.
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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                   Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                             Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                       Date

            Where an existing embankment is being widened, the existing
             embankment slope shall be trimmed and compacted into benches of
             minimum width 1m and depth 500mm before placing and compaction
             each layer of new embankment material unless otherwise directed by
             the Engineer to suit particular circumstances.

            The Contractor shall not proceed with filling and compaction any
             subsequent layer before testing and securing the approval of the
             Engineer for the previous layer.

            All fill material for a depth of 500mm below the formation level must
             meet the requirement for selected fill (QCS 3.3.5)

            Each fill thickness shall not exceed 150mm.

            Testing levels and events of the formation between the tolerance limit
             + 15mm to 20mm.

            Safety and training manual for           the   use   of    the   nuclear
             gauge(Technician) will be provided.


            In areas of shallow filling, where after removal of top soil, before
             embankment construction is commenced, the surfaced of the ground
             shall be graded and compacted.

            Embankments and other areas of fill shall be formed of suitable

            All earthworks material placed in or below embankments, below
             formation level in cuttings or elsewhere in the works shall be
             deposited and compacted as soon as practicable after excavation in
             layers of thickness not exceeding 200mm.

            Embankments shall be built up evenly over the full width unless
             otherwise indicated and shall be maintained at all times with a
             sufficient camber and a surface sufficiently even to enable surface
             water to drain readily from them. During the construction of
             embankments, construction traffic or water erosion shall be made

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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                     Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                               Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                         Date

            When an embankment is to be placed against and existing hillside or
             when a new embankment is to be constructed against existing
             embankments, the existing slopes that are steeper than 1.6 shall be
             continuously benched in not less than 300 mm rises over those areas
             where it is required as the work is brought up in layers. Benching shall
             be of sufficient width to permit placing of compacting operations. Each
             horizontal cut shall begin at the intersection of the ground line and the
             vertical side of the previous bench.

            Compaction of embankments and other areas of fill shall be
             undertaken to the requirements of specifications. The embankments
             shall be constructed to sufficient width to permit adequate compaction
             at the edges before trimming back.


            Earth fill on the embankments shall be spread so as to produce
             uniform distribution and gradation of the earth fill throughout.

            Cluster of rock, which would interfere with proper compaction, will not
             be permitted. The earth fill shall be placed in continuous,
             approximately horizontal layers over the length being constructed for
             the full width of the embankment.

            The optimum moisture content of the earth fill shall be that moisture
             content which is required to produce the maximum dry density.

            If the surface of the embankment is left exposed for any length of
             time, drying of the underlying material shall be prevented by periodic
             watering, by covering, by maintaining the surface layer in a loosened
             condition or by other approved methods.

            If the surface of the prepared foundation or the surface of the
             embankment is allowed to become too wet for proper compaction of
             the layer material to be placed thereon, work shall be carried out with
             harrow, scarified or other suitable equipment to reduce the moisture
             content to the optimum range and then recompacted before the next
             succeeding layer or earth fill is placed.
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SITE WORK METHOD STATEMENT                                   Doc. No.
Department QA/QC                                             Rev.
Title      EARTHWORK-CUTTING & FILLING                       Date

            Material which has been compacted to a dry density less than
             required or at a moisture content outside the agreed range shall be
             removed or reworked and recompacted until the required properties
             are achieved.

            Holes formed in the embankment by the removal of samples for test
             shall be filled, consolidated and compacted in homogeneity with
             surrounding fill.

              K. REINSTATEMENT

            All surfaces of roads, fields, paths, etc., whether public or private,
             which are affected by the operations shall be restored.

            Upon completion of reinstatement work, all soil heaps, rubbishes, and
             the like from the site shall be removed.

              L. MANUAL EXCAVATION

            Refer to QCS Section 6 Clause 3.5 – 3.5.4)

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