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					E911 Provisioning
          Presented By
        Pramodh Vakati.

   Mentor : Reddy Parlapalli.
Company : Telnet World Wide Inc.
• Introduction
• Existing System
• Purpose of the Project
• Software's used
• Flow chart
• Main modules of the Project
• Implementation of the system
• Design of Tables
• Conclusion

• 911 Provisioning
• E911 Provisioning
Existing System

• Customers enter data into Telnet Site
• Customer Sales Representatives (CSR)
  enter these customer data into
  SBC(AT&T) site.
• SBC then send the status of the files.
• Depending on status of the file further
  processing is done.
Disadvantages of the
Existing System
• Much Human intervention is needed
• CSR’s time is wasted
• Errors occurred due to manual entry
• More Processing time for an order is
Purpose of E911 Provisioning

• Automates the process of sending
  customers data from Telnet to SBC
• Can Reduce Manual intervention in
  sending customers data
• Can Reduce the time required for
  processing an order
Software’s Used

• Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003
  Enterprise Edition
• Microsoft SQL Server 2000
• ASP.Net
             Collecting Data from Customers into

Flow Chart
                   Exporting data from
                    Compass to a file

                   Sending file to SBC

                   Updating Records in

                Receiving file from SBC

                      Proces                        Accepts

    Main modules of the Project
• Extract Data From Compass:
     This step involves exporting the E911 data
        in Compass to a file format that SBC desires.
• Submit Data to SBC:
     This step involves sending the file
        generated in the earlier step to SBC.
• Receive Data from SBC:
    Every file sent to SBC is processed and a
        new status file is sent back to Compass. The
        third step validates the data received from
        SBC and updates the status of information in
Implementation of the system

•   Add/Change/Disconnect E911 Records.
•   Confirm the Records.
•   Check the Status of the Records.
•   Manage the Rejected Records.
  Add E911 Records.
• In the E911 Ordering Page there are two
 sections of phone numbers. The first
 section shows the phone numbers (E911
 Records) for this order and the second
 section shows the unassigned phone
 numbers. The first time an order is placed
 all the phone numbers will be in the
 unassigned section and they will be
 gradually pushed into the E911 entries
• In order to add a single phone number as
  an E911 Record into Compass the user can
  click the Add Button beside the phone
  number in the unassigned section. Once
  the phone number is added the Record will
  be shown in the E911 entries section with a
  status of Pending.
• In order to add multiple phone numbers
  select them by clicking the check boxes
  beside them and click the Add Button in
  the Header of the Data Grid.
Change E911 Records

• The Record that needs to be changed
  should be in the E911 entries section.
• Click the Edit button in the Data Grid.
  After making the changes click the update
  button. This will update the status of the
  Record to Pending
      Disconnect E911 Records

• If the user wishes to exclusively remove the
 E911 Record from an order Click the Delete
 Button and a disconnect Record is sent to
 SBC and the status is updated to Pending and
 the phone number is added to the available
 phone numbers bucket.
• In the Status Dropdown List select Pending and click
    the Go Button to see the list of E911 Records which
    are Pending and are ready to be sent.
•   If the above three steps(Add/Edit/Delete) have been
    carried successfully then the Record should be
    appearing in the Pending List of Records.
•   If the Record appears in the list, it remains in the
    Pending status until the ISD is set. The column ISD
    should give an indication whether the order is closed
    or not.
•   Once the ISD is set the Record will be sent within the
    same business day to SBC and the status of the
    Record will change to Submitted. The Sent Date
    (SDate) will be filled.
Check the Status of the Record

• The next business day (the day after the
  Record is sent) check the status of the
  Record Sent.
• If the status of the Record is Accepted
  then the process is successful.
Manage the Rejected Record
• A Record could be rejected for multiple reasons.
    The reason for rejection and the Error Code is
    specified in the Message column of the Data Grid.
•   If the rejected Record was either add/change
    then click the phone number in the Data Grid and
    it will launch the E911 Ordering page.
•   If the Error Code is 792 it means that the phone
    number is not yet released by the previous
    company and within 7 days SBC will update the
    status accordingly.
Error Codes Description
• Below are the some of error codes that
   are used to indicate the reason for which
   a particular order got rejected.
000       Record accepted
105       Name missing
107       House number is invalid
709       Street not found
999       Record has not been sent
Design of Database
Order_PhoneNumber_E911 Table Design
Order_PhoneNumber_E911_Cycle Table Design
Order_PhoneNumber_E911_ErrorCodes Table Design
E911 ID - Unique key which stores E911 number for a particular
PID             Phone ID
FIRST NAME - first name
LASTNAME     - last name
ADRESS       - Address
CITY         - city
ZIP          - zip code
OIDSTART     - Order Start Date
OIDEND      - Order End Date
RBOC           Field which denotes wire line providers i.e. either SBC
                                                          or Verizon.
ERRORCODE - can stores the error code values.
STATUS           can store one of the four values Accepted ,
                Submitted, Pending and Rejected
LDATE -          Loaded Date
SDATE-           Submitted Date
ADATE –          Accepted Date

ID          -   Cycle number

CYCLE_SBC -      stores 1 if cycle belongs to SBC else
                 stores 0

CYCLE_VERIZON – stores 1 if cycle belongs to Verizon
                else stores 0

ID         Error Id
ERROR CODE error code
MESSAGE –  Message corresponding to the error
• In today's world productivity can be
  achieved from automation. Every task has
  to be done easily and effectively. Manual
  Intervention has to be reduced as much as
• I have done E911 provisioning which
  automates sending customer data to SBC
  site. This automation of process saves lot
  of customer’s sales representative’s time.
Thank You

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