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					                                               Freja Forum 2010
Forum for Equal Opportunities, Democracy and Challenges of Mobility
November 12th – 14th, 2010,
Hotel Continental, Skopje, Macedonia

The Aim

     The aim of the Freja Forum is to create networks to ensure a long term partnership with Western Balkan
      and other European countries.
     Freja Forum is a Balkan forum where questions regarding equal opportunity, democracy, European
      integration and the role of NGO can be discussed.
     Freja provides the networking platform.

Benefits of attending:

• Get updated on the latest trends regarding the development of the society
• Network with over 200 officials and practitioners
• Hear best practice and take away practical tips to apply to your own work
• Learn from your peers through an extensive range of case-studies
• Tailor a programme to suite your individual needs by participating various seminars and presentations of
interesting activities from the region
• Find partners for joint regional and European projects
• Build strong relationships for the future

Who can participate?

• NGOs and not-for-profit organisations
•   National, regional and local government representatives
•   Employers interested in enhancing their corporate social responsibility
•   Representatives of cooperatives
•   Trade unions
•   Academics and Research Bodies
•   Representatives of public institutions/services
•   EU Bodies and Agencies
•   Employers representative organisations
•   Journalists

Freja Forum 2007, 2008 and 2009

Freja Forum started 2007 in Tuzla, B&H and discussed equal opportunities, development, democracy and the
role of NGO. In Zagreb 2008 the theme was European integration and 2009 in Belgrade entrepreneurship and
innovations were discussed.

The Vision

The vision is to establish frequent forums in Western Balkan that are based on previous famous Swedish
activities such as "Tällbergsdagarna" and "Almedalsveckan”
Freja Forum 2010, Preliminary program

     Friday, November 12, 2010                  Saturday, November 13, 2010
                                               09.00   Forum opens (Hotel Continental)
                                                       Exhibition opens
    14.00   Registration and coffee (Hotel     10.00   Seminars
            Continental)                               The participants choose between five topics
                                                       of seminars:
    16.00   Forum opens                                Seminar A
                                                       Challenges of mobility for poverty
    16.30   Opening remarks                            reduction
                                                            a. Working abroad
    17.00   Welcome from the local host                     b. Brain drain
                                                            c. trafficking
    17.10   Break                                      Seminar B
                                                       Challenges of mobility from opening the
    17.30   Key note speakers from the Freja           boarders
            Forum partners’ countries                       a. visa or not
                                                            b. asylum seekers
    18.50   Forum close                                     c. social tourism
                                                       Seminar C
    19.00   Cocktail dinner                            Challenges of mobility based on new
                                                       information and communication
                                                            a. networking between ICT
                                                            b. new ways of education
                                                            c. innovation
                                                            d. ICT pirates
                                                            e. Networking between criminals
                                                       Seminar D
                                                       Challenges of mobility in vertical
                                                       direction and mainstreaming perspective
                                                            a. Working balance
                                                            b. Politics
                                                            c. Leadership in NGO
                                                            d. Changing position implications

                                               11.00   Coffee break, seminars continue

                                               12.30   Lunch

                                               13.30   Workshops
                                                       The participants are offered to choose
                                                       between a selection of workshops.
                                                       An area for coffee and networking will be
                                                       available in the lobby.
                                               18.00   Forum close

                                               20.00   Freja Forum Event

                                               Sunday, November 14, 2010

                                               09.00    Forum opens (Hotel Continental)
                                                        Forum debate and the audience respons

                                               10.00    Coffee break

                                               10.30    Forum debate continues

                                               11.30    Forum Summary and Forum 2011

                                               12.30    Forum 2010 close
Please make your registration for Freja Forum by sending an e-mail to:
info@frejaforum.com with your name and name of your organisation
For more information, please visit web site: www.frejaforum.com
Or, send an e-mail to: info@frejaforum.com