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					The Lead Conspiracy Report

  Shameless Two Faced
       How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off And
       Scammed By Online Lead Companies.

  T      he hair on the back of my neck stood up.

  I paced back and forth in front of the window in my crummy cold apartment in Rexburg
  Idaho. It was a frigid, depressing 5 degrees outside. I was just barely engaged to Tiffani.

  My dad told me his friend Rhatt (I’m using aliases to protect the guilty) had started a new
  agency and needed producers. He was my scout master when I was 12, so I knew him
  well. So I gave him a call.

  Boy, was that ever a life changing phone call.

  “$500,000 per year, be your own boss, work when you want to. Residual income, take
  time off, go golfing, and be the envy of all your friends! This is THE best business you
  could ever find!”

  How could it get any better than this?

  That was the beginning of my career as an insurance professional. I showed up to work
  on May 1st, started with a cubicle, a phone and the yellow pages.

  He said “Start calling!”

               I soon realized this was not a dream job.
                          It was a nightmare.

Calling people who are too busy to talk, getting cussed at, yelled at, and   treated like a
piece of trash.
Meeting with people who intentionally blow you off…they intentionally disrespect you
cause “your just the insurance guy.”

I can’t count how many times I’d drive across town to a confirmed appointment just to
find out that my prospect ‘had something come up’ and couldn’t meet with me.

It was obvious that I needed more leads…without cold calling!
Ahhhh leads.

The drug.
                       “If we could just get more leads,
                      all our problems would be solved”
If you are an agent or advisor, you’ve definitely know what I mean.

More leads means no more cold calling, no more chasing business. Improved positioning,
being seen as an expert…not just a used car salesman. We make more money cause
we spend our time writing business not chasing it.

And so…we look for every way possible to get leads.

We send out postcards. We try partnering to get people to refer us their clients, we try
referral programs, and newsletters. Ultimately we buy into ‘online lead services’ that
promise “red hot, exclusive leads delivered right to our inbox.”

 I’m about to let you in on the dark and dirty truth about how
      online lead companies rip off agents and advisors.
**WARNING: this is ugly, nasty stuff. If you don’t want to the know the lies and fraud
of lead companies and the ugly truth about how leads are really generated online,
PLEASE STOP READING. (You may want to take a shower after I walk you through
the ‘back room’ of online lead generation companies --their lies, backroom dealings, and
quasi-illegal behavior.)***

     But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’ll also share with you how to
circumvent all of that, and produce your own, red hot, totally exclusive,
                     well positioned, inbound leads.

  We’ve Learned A Lot About The Dark Side
  Of How Lead Companies Con Consumers
  And Steal From And Lie To Advisors And
You see, we are unique to most agents and advisors because of our love for
marketing. I love the rush of seeing the phones light up like a Christmas tree when my
mailers hit. Or coming into work and seeing my inbox chuck full of new inquiries that I
generated on my own.

But it wasn’t always this way. We used to be “Cold Call Clydes”. We spent
6-8 hours per day pounding the phones and going on cold appointments.

We’d canvas neighborhoods, commercial complexes, and I had this nasty
habit of driving next to trucks on the freeway and staring at them.

Despite the danger, his was one of the more profitable cold call strategies I
used. Looking for phone numbers on dump trucks or equipment on the road
Then calling the number on their company sticker.

                         WHAT A JOKE                                              “Hi, Mr. prospect
Clearly this was not a good way to make a living. (Not to mention dangerous.)     can I give you a
I was miserable.

I really was. I hated making cold calls.

 Now I consider being an Insurance Agent or Financial
           Advisor as a PROFESSIONAL.
Not a car salesman.

Do you call 5 attorneys and tell them you need an important document written, how
                                  cheap can you go?

   Do you visit 3 doctors and ask them how cheaply they can fix your
                              broken leg?


That’s what ticks me off about these direct writers. Another villain we face is “Direct
Writer Donny”. The Geicos, Progressives, and Esurances who brainwash consumers that
a box of electronics, and an internet connection is the only thing they need to protect their

It’s a load of crap.

Any self respecting agent or advisor knows that there is more to finances and insurance
than a cheap price.

This leads us to one of the main reasons why online leads are so bad in the first place…
(and we haven’t gotten to the real dirty stuff yet.)

You have a prospect that just goes online and fills out 3-4 quote requests, and then gets
bombarded with 20-30 agents and direct writers trying to get their business.

Of course I don’t have to walk you through all this, cause if you’ve ever bought leads,
you know the frustration I’m talking about.

  Now here’s the DIRT…Here’s why theses leads
                are such a crock.
   1. The CPA Network Scam.

My marketing experience leads me all over the world in search for better, faster, more
effective ways to generate leads.

One of the “Online Money Making” opportunities recently promoted to a bunch of
internet marketers was focused on generating leads for insurance/financial lead
companies and was an opportunity for marketers to make millions of dollars per year.

                               Here’s how it works.
CPA networks use Adware and Spyware (YES, I said Spyware!) secretly sitting on
millions of peoples computers across the world…to collect the “hot, qualified” leads they

(There are many ways this software gets on computers, but needless to say, it’s not at the
users invitation.)

Here’s a quick rundown...

An internet marketer pays for a Contextual Advertising account, (nice way of saying
adware/spyware advertising) and puts up ads on these networks.
 Then when someone types in a specific keyword, such as “insurance for lexus” it pops up
 with a window that looks like a legitimate webpage, (but it’s really not). It essentially
 tricks people into filling out their contact information for some promised benefit.
 Sometimes it’s for a free ipod, and sometimes they request an auto insurance quote. Then
 their contact info is sent to the online lead company.

 The marketer gets paid between 15 and 60 dollars for every one of these leads. They
 make a killing while you deal with the trash.

 Does that sound like a good prospect to you?

 Here’s a diagram:

     Internet Marketer            Prospect Types             Spyware pops up an
      Runs Insurance                  In “Car                Auto insurance Quote
       Quote ads on                insurance” on             Offer
     Adware/Spyware               their computer

        Each lead                  Prospect’s info is
                                   sold to multiple              Prospect Fills Out
    company sells the
                                      online lead               lead contact info for
    new “HOT” lead
                                    companies and               promised benefit or
      to network of
                                     direct writer                 auto insurance
                                      insurance                        quote

Prospect gets dozens
and dozens of emails,
phone calls and letters              Agents buying these leads get
for something they                   SCREWED. Wasted Time,
may not have even                    and money. Running on a rat
wanted.                              treadmill and going nowhere.

 Insurance leads are huge in this “CPA NETWORK” arena, because whenever someone
 types in a search term for a new car, house, appraisal, or even any type of insurance quote
 keyword, or financial product; these adware and spyware programs popup offers.

 You can see what kind of qualification these prospects go through. NONE! In fact most
 of them are filling it out on a whim, not even really searching for the products you sell.

                         HERE’S THE PROOF!
Not sure that what I’m telling you is true? You are about to see something no one has
ever revealed to this industry. An actual copy of a recent promotion about “CPA
Advertising” for internet marketers.

I’ve included snippets of this sales material one company used to promote this as a way
to make MILLIONS, at your expense.


                   He’s talking about insurance leads here!

  But this isn’t even the worst of it. Wait until I tell you about the FRAUD
                    that happens on theses CPA networks.
You can now see how profitable it is for internet marketers to get people to fill out their
“offers” right? Imagine if you got a couple thousand people filling out these lead forms
each month…you’re making big money.

So here’s what they do. They build a network of helpers that go fill out their forms
for them! Instead of getting true prospects, some scammers hire people to fill out their
quote request forms, and they get paid the 60 dollars for generating the fraudulent lead!

Then guess what? You get to pay for that fraudulently produced lead, that you never
even had a chance to write!

               This is just one of the ways lead companies
                       screw agents and advisors…

Another way people generate insurance leads call “Co Reg” or “Co-Registration.” This
takes place when some poor fool fills out a form for a mortgage quote, or an offer to get a
free xbox or ipod. This ‘red hot lead’ gets sold to 2, 3 or 10 other companies.

Guess what they do with that information…it’s not hard. They sell it to insurance or
annuity lead companies, who turn around and sell it to you! Or other unsuspecting
agents and advisors who are desperate for any lead they can get.

                              Got The Picture?
I could go on, but I won’t. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve warned you sufficiently
about how these leads are generated.

Does it mean that you can’t make money buying online leads? Not necessarily. Not all
leads are generated fraudulently, or with these methods… But over 400 agents and
advisors responded to my poll last week and the overwhelming majority said “I’ve tried
buying online leads and it’s a waste of time.” I agree.

So how do these companies stay afloat when eventually we wise up and stop paying
for their crap?

It’s called CHURN.

Churn simply means that there are enough new people getting into the biz everyday who
are desperate for leads. They are the perfect targets. (Of course all of us, newbies and
grizzled veterans alike, secretly want to believe that someone is really going to sell us
hot qualified leads that we don’t have to work for.)

So these lead companies just prey on those of us who are willing to risk it, against our
better judgment, to try and get some leads.

    But Dammit! Buying Leads is still better than
                making cold calls!
What if you still want to buy leads? Some agents can make it work. So here’s a little
secret to avoid getting scammed when you get that unavoidable sales pitch.

Here’s the secret that will save you thousands of dollars, wasted time, and frustration.
(It’s not earth shattering, but most agents are just too lazy and don’t take the time!
Don’t be one of them.)

Go to gmail, set up a new email account. Then pretend that you are a consumer who
wants to get a quote on life insurance. Fill out the form with a fake name, and your new
email address.

(You DO NOT want to use your good email address, or you’ll be sorry.)

Sit back and see how your experience is. If you instantly get 20 emails and phone calls
from agents and different companies you’ll know, this is exactly the type of crap you’ll
be competing with as one of those agents. You’ll be throwing your low price into the ring
and hoping you’ll get picked as the lucky dog who gets the bone.

I know agents who spend so much time trying to follow up on this crap that it eventually
eats up all their time, they never make any money, and end up as used car salesmen.

Here’s what I say about this 3 ring circus…

                      SCREW EM’ ALL!
You can probably tell, I’m not the type of guy who enjoys getting kicked
around for a living. Sorry if I’m blunt here, but it just makes me so mad
to see what these companies do to people JUST LIKE ME and you, who
are trying to make a living.

In my career, I wanted to be treated well. To be positioned as a
professional. Make BIG money, stop competing on price, and stop
dealing with loser prospects.

I think you do to.

This is what made me set out on an expedition to find a solution. It was
an adventure of investing in every training, marketing and advertising        “This information is the
information that I could find. I wanted a way to get people to call me.        Map that will help you
                                                                              stop suffering and start
So I did what any explorer does, look for a map to the destination.             making big money.”
Unfortunately, you can’t buy a map to success at the college bookstore. (Most professors
have never lived a day in the REAL world.)

You get it by learning from the masters who’ve made millions
through effective direct advertising, online marketing and

Guys like Joe Sugarman who made over 200 MILLION selling blue
blocker sunglasses (Joe invited me to his beach house in Maui last
year. It was like meeting the Michael Jordan of marketing. It was           Joe Sugarman and I at his
a once in a lifetime experience.)                                           breath taking beach house
                                                                                     on Maui.
Or Gary Bencivenga, arguably the best copywriter in the world at the
time of his retirement several years ago. (He is still largely unknown
because he worked for huge direct marketing companies cranking out
millions in sales. He’s a genuinely nice, humble guy who never did
any self promotion.)
                                                                                Ethan And I With
Of course the list wouldn’t be complete with Dan Kennedy. Just
                                                                             ‘Millionaire Maker’ Dan
about everyone knows about Dan. He’s legitimately one of the most
                                                                              Kennedy at one of his
brilliant marketers of our day. I’ve spent many hours consulting with
                                                                                small, private and
him, working with him in private seminars, and applying what he
                                                                               expensive trainings.
teaches for insurance and financial professionals.

             A $250,000.00 Doctorate Degree?
The list could go on and on. Ethan and I sat down and figured that over the past 5-10
years we’ve spent over $250,000.00 on our marketing, copywriting and persuasion

We’ve traveled to seminars, bought training courses, paid for mastermind groups,
emptied’s virtual bookshelves, and loaded up the ipod with so many
trainings; we don’t have room for music.

As a result, we’ve helped business owners, sales professionals, insurance agents,
financial advisors, all over the WORLD, generate leads, make more money, and live the
lifestyle of their choosing.

             Are You Living The Ultimate Lifestyle?
Of course leads by themselves are worthless. What leads
can create for us is not however. It gives us money which
can buy us a better lifestyle.

It buys us freedom and security. I realized early on that
no amount of money was worth a horrible lifestyle where
I was chained to my business 24/7.

What is the Ultimate Agent Lifestyle?

For everyone it’s a bit different. But I can tell you what it
is for me. It’s being able to walk into the bank with a
check so big that they have to get the manager to
validate it.

It’s being able to rent a house in Maui, Hawaii for a month (like we did in April) and go
surfing, whale watching, flying over the ocean in a helicopter, windsurfing, swimming
with turtles, and scuba diving in the most beautiful place in the world.
We refer to this conquest as our “Doctorate” to Attract MASSIVE LEADS in
marketing because we’ve seen and done, and spent, so much.

In the end, all the marketing, travel, time and testing has been worth it…and if there is
one thing you need to take away from this report it’s this:

  Developing An Effective, Systematic Way To
                  Here’s a few of the achievements I was able to
                        accomplish by doing exactly that.

   1. With one mailing we created a 17 to 1 ROI on 1st year commissions! It only took
      21 days to write $78,461.54 in premium, netting $10,200 commission, and it cost
      me $600 bucks. (I say 17 to 1 ROI first year, because when you factor in 95%
      retention I really could legitimately multiply that 10,200 by 9.5 years and realize I
      spent $600 for $96,900 in net income.)

   2. One tiny strategy we implemented agency wide increased NET income by
      $123,000 per year. This was ALL net profit.

   3. Never made another cold call again and wrote over 1 million in premium in 12
      short months. Let me say that again…I did this without a single cold call.

   4. Stopped traveling to meet clients. I used to drive around every day meeting
      clients, but I cut that down to 2-3 times per month…Plus, wrote more premium.

   5. Increased the number of referrals I received without asking, and increased
      retention to over 93% using just one simple, yet highly effective marketing
      strategy..(Imagine what your agency would be like when you get these type of
      results…the agents down the road will be green with envy!)

   6. Became a celebrity in my niche using positioning power and effective

   7. Became a dominant player in multiple states like Idaho, Colorado, Nevada,
      California, Oregon, Arizona, even Alaska…but I NEVER travel to meet any
      of them…yet I kept them happy through effective client nurturing. (Now if you
      can’t write business in other states… then you can use this idea to write business
      if other cities in your state and grow your agency til it’s bursting at the seams!

   8. Created raving loyal fans for customers by using a personality driven
      newsletter and being ‘cool’ to them..

   9.    From a newbie in the agency became producer of the month 8 times in a
        row, in an agency with over 30 people. Producer of the year twice, plus earning
        some very ‘handsome’ bonuses.

   10. Took more time off than ever before, traveling to Hawaii multiple times,
       Cancun; Santiago, Chile; Machu Picchu, Peru; the Amazon River, Las Vegas
       4 or 5 times per year to water-ski and hang out, because the ‘auto-pilot’
       aspect of the smart and effective marketing.

   11. Created joint ventures with other agents to cross sell into their books of

   12. Won an absolutely amazing 7 day cruise to the Caribbean from State Auto,
       on the luxury ocean liner… (every cabin had a balcony.) We raced America’s
       cup boats, spent days on Puerto rico, visited the Bacardi fine winery, went
       snorkeling to see sea turtles, kayaking in the ocean, and relaxing on a private
       island off Jamaica.

   13. Helped our agency become the 7 largest in the entire state in terms of written
       premium. (The were barely getting started when I started working there.)

Once we started marketing heavily we actually had many of our clients ask us for help
and coaching on improving their business’ marketing. That led us into consulting and
coaching for small business owners and other agents and advisors.

We’ve been working with insurance agents along with other entrepreneurs for several
years now.

In 2008 we opened our first ever insurance and advisor training program called “MASS
COMMISSION”. It is our comprehensive training for agents and advisors on how to
make tons of money and live the lifestyle we all want. It sold for $1000.00 and closed
7 days after opening.

 “This is the best training I’ve ever seen in my 15 years in
 the business.” Craig Griffith, Captive Agent, Virginia
After it closes had people emailing us asking if they could get in, but we honor all
deadlines and couldn’t allow anyone to join after it was closed.

*(Last year in our $12,000 PLATINUM CLUB program for business owners, Rick was
late on the deadline and we sent his 12k back. It’ kinda sucked, but our deadlines aren’t
just fluff, like so many others out there.)

Anyway, to help our MASS COMMISSION members implement what they were
learning, we created a monthly coaching program called the “Mavericks ALLIANCE”.

In a nutshell, the Alliance is dedicated to helping agents and professionals get more

It includes tools specifically designed to give you the shortcuts to making loads of
money quickly and easily…without getting scammed by lead companies, or wasting
money on ineffective marketing…


     Instead You Get A No Risk TEST DRIVE…

    How Would Your Life Change If You Had 7 or 10
      HOT Leads Calling You Every Single Day?
Almost without exception we hear from advisors and agents that the number 1 thing they
want (or need) is more leads. Leads are our lifeblood. Period.

In reviewing our notes after finishing the Mass Commission Program, we realized we
could spend hours describing, in detail, every single way we know to attract exclusive
qualified insurance and financial leads to us.

(After all, we’ve established over a dozen different ways to attract EXCLUSIVE,
QUALIFIED, HOT insurance and financial leads to us.)

Why would you settle for 1 way to get leads, when you can have a system of 12 (or more)
ways to generate leads? You wouldn’t.

So we created the Agent and Advisors silver bullet…

              Implementation Program.

Not only do we describe in painstaking detail exactly how to attract leads to you, but
we give you DONE FOR YOU marketing templates and COMPLIANCE
FRIENDLY strategies to make it as simple as possible to implement.

(Lets face it, we’ve all bought something that didn’t do us any good because we didn’t
implement it. We make this as IMPLEMENTABLE as possible.)

                     Here’s What You Get In The
                     Alliance Mastermind Group:

   1. The mastermind community, (save time and money and speed your
      implementation by learning what other members have done that works…and what

   2. Our Monthly Lead Attraction Dossier, You’ll receive a hard copy of the “top
      secret” monthly newsletter mailed to your door each month. You’ll get specific
      examples, case studies, and strategies that we are testing and proving to get you
      more leads, and make you more money.

   3. Matrix Training DVD, Along with your Dossier each month you get a DVD that
      shows you step by step, how to make more money using a specific strategies.

   4. The Done For You MASS REFERRAL Newsletter, (one of the most valuable
      parts of the Alliance). You get a PROFESSIONALLY written, strategic, fun and
      engaging client newsletter done for you. It’s proven to create powerful
      relationships that produce more referrals and higher retention. PLUS get an
      instant ROI with the ‘upsell’ insert that encourages clients to call immediately and
      buy more products. This can all be done by a staff person or yourself in 5-10
      minutes PER MONTH.

   5. Library of marketing pieces, Shortcut the development of new marketing pieces
      by seeing and sharing what’s working for other members.

   6. Expert Training Series, in these audio CD’s you’ll hear from ‘secret agent’
      experts who have a proven track record and expertise in helping agents and
      advisors make more money.

   7. LIVE Interactive Monthly Q&A Coaching Webcasts, We’ll never leave you
      on an island. In fact every single month, we get right in front of your computer
      screen and answer all of your questions. Just type in your question on our
      interactive chat, and we’ll stay on the webcast as long as it takes to get all your
      questions answered.

   8. Saving the best for last…The LEAD LABORATORY. You can look over our
      shoulder to see exactly what we are doing to generate leads for ourselves and
      other agents and advisors. We show you what is working, and what doesn’t so
      you can avoid wasting money, and cut right to the chase. You’ll get exact copies
      of our marketing campaigns, scripts, websites, videos…anything and everything
      we do to get leads, you can take it and use it!

Again this is just a sprinkling of the commission boosting topics we cover in this

…And as far as I can tell this is the most comprehensive and effective lead generation
training made BY AGENTS for agents and advisors that exists on the market.

   To Watch The Video That Explains The Whole
      Thing, Go To

Hopefully we’ve helped you avoid wasting tons of time and money buying
crummy online leads. Some people can make it work, but most don’t. And
you don’t have to. Just go out and create your own!

Dedicated to more leads, money and lifestyle,

Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap
The Insurance Mavericks

PS. You can get a no risk $25 trial to our lead generating Alliance program
by visiting


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