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Unit 6 lifting the veil


									                             Unit 6 Lifting the Veil
Ⅰ teaching objectives
 1. topic: travel
 2. structure of the text
 3. vocabulary
 4. grammar points: U-ed /V-ing as non-finite clauses
 5. writing : describing places

Ⅱ analysis of the text and main idea
 1. pre-reading discussions
     is it sensible for a blind man to go sightseeing ?
     do you believe that a blind man can help us normal people see things move
         clearly? Why or why not?
 2. text analysis
      part one(para.1-2) the narrator was unhappy about his assignment to
          accompany an important Chinese. businessman to tourist sites as he had
          already been over-loaded with work
      part two (para.3-23) the narrator described what he saw to a special
          tourist, a blind man from Belgian received heartfelt thanks
      part three (para.24-26) the narrator realized he should have thanked the
          blind man who helped him to see things more clearly, the pretty things in
          life which he had failed to marvel at because of he pressure of work
      main idea: the narrator’s encounter with the blind man awakens him to
          enjoy the pretty things in life , life is beautiful ,dynamic and colourful but
          as those beautiful things appear every day, many of us take them for
          granted and often fail to notice their true value
Ⅲ language points
  1. vocabulary: expressions about travelling and tourism. Prepositional phrases for
     physical relationships. in one’s teens, luxuriant, lost sight ,delightful , craggy,
     elegant, rapt intensity ,cluttered, shoulders squared , out of tone ,fume. Feel
     distain for ,testify to , (be) caught up in ,be fashioned out ,marvel
     at ,summon ,,,to ,(be) seated ,in rhythm with
  2. grammar points: V-ed/V-ing as non-finite clauses

Ⅳ post-reading discussions
  what is the magic the blind man did to the narrator?
  What can we learn from the blind man ?

Ⅴ    render the text into a play and role-play it

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