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                                                                  supermarket. How do you explain the straight ‘C’
PRIORITY News                                                     student who now plays in a professional orchestra?
July                                                              Or that the autistic student, who couldn’t carry on a
                                                                  conversation and did terribly in most classes, now has
Ø An Educational Theory applied to Fundraising.
                                                                  several patents for new high-tech inventions?
  Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
  Understand why this is so huge in schools right now. A               Do you know engineers who can’t spell, or
  description of each and how to address audiences with a         accountants who can’t speak publicly? Ever had a
  mixture, and how to deal with a prospect strong in any          doctor with terrible bedside manner or had a
  one of them.                                                    mechanic that everybody loved? What about a
                                                                  hairdresser who couldn’t be quiet? Or a dentist who
  1. Verbal-Lingustic: Word Smart
                                                                  had to ask questions while he/she has three fingers, a
  2. Logical-Mathematic: Number Smart
                                                                  mirror and a sucky thing in your mouth? Arrogant
  3. Visual-Spatial: Picture Smart
                                                                  athletes or ignorant politicians?
  4. Musical-Rhythmic: Music Smart
  5. Bodily Kinesthetic: Body Smart                                    (A story about QDP’s Tech Support and
  6. Interpersonal: People Smart                                  Customer Service experience with Max, Ultra’s
  7. Intrapersonal: Self Smart                                    original programmer, with version 1.0 – is included in
  8. Naturalistic: Nature Smart                                   the letter. It’ll make you chuckle.).

Excerpts from the letter:                                         The basic tenents of Multiple Intelligence Theory:
     American Education felt the nation’s shock after the         Ø All possess all intelligences in varying amounts.
Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957. It was like a shot across       Ø Each person has a different intellectual
the bow that scared the education world, as our government           composition.
leaders feared that our educational system was inferior to        Ø We can improve education (or sales effectiveness)
that of our communist counterpart. NASA, for example, was            by addressing the multiple intelligences of our
part of the response to Sputnik. With similar intensity, the         students (or customers).
world of science and education started devoting enormous             ….more in letter
amounts of resources to trying to figure out how to best
educate Americans to keep up with the Russians, resulting in      August
a tremendous amount of educational research in the 60’s and       Ø Fundraising Lessons from Philly Eats. In a
70’s. The 60’s were a tough time for the arts, as the main            recent visit to Philly to visit my son at Penn, I
thrust of education was turned toward math and science. But           began to observe how different types of
then, they started discovering that most of the best scientists       restaurants compete in an incredibly intense
were also musicians? How was that? Also, why did some of              market. An analysis of different types of
the brightest scientists do poorly on standardized tests? …           restaurants, product selection and quality control,
continued in the letter                                               competitive and customer service strategies – all
     Think back to your high school years. Remember the               applied to fundraising.
one who had all the highest grades that everybody thought             1. Victor Café. Small, higher end, mob-style,
would become a rich, major success – while someone with                  Italian with unique music
very average grades went to vocational school because they               entertainment/service.
were less intelligent? But now, the votech student runs a             2. Five Guys Burger & Fries. Consistently
major car repair business and just built a big house on the              voted #1 in every major city where they
lake, while the brainiac student is working at the local                 appear. Why?
rt0907.doc                                                                                                     p1
     3. Reading Terminal Market. Surviving and thriving                 $   ULENV5. Envelopes w/Labels.
        in head to head shoot-out style competition.                    $   Order Forms. Both are heavier construction than
     4. Morning Glory Diner. Mom/Pop style with huge                        standard, 2-color, with
        waiting lines. How do they do that?                                 Safety+Salesmanship=Success™ backer.
     5. Pat’s vs Geno’s Philly Cheese Steaks. The                               o   Q8536. Continuous Order Form
        original and the competitor – across the street.
                                                                                o   Q64554. 3pt Individual sets.
        Head to head at its best. Who will blink first?
                        * * * * *                                       Additional Savings
Start your $49 PRIORITY subscription during September                       CPS Shipping Software. We have two licensed
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Letter to the Editor
John, I think the List-Serve is a must for both Distributors and        Who’s Looking Out For Us?
Suppliers with the restrictions suppliers are putting on us today.
  They are not suppliers today, they are importers. They want               n Bill O’Reilly’s NY Best Seller,
you to import your product through them and if they over buy
they will sell you their left overs, if they don't over buy they want
you to pay air freight on reorders and in most cases cost more
then the product. Now if the distributors over buy, which
happens a lot, you have no avenue to dispose of it.
                                                                        I   “Who’s Looking Out For You?” he goes
                                                                            after individuals and institutions who
                                                                            claim to be for us – and he questions or
                                                                        exposes their real motives. I’m no O’Reilly,
  I feel strong that distributors should have another resource to       but I’d like to edit his question to….Who’s
buy and move product. – Anonymity requested                             looking out for the US, the fundraising
QDP featured software/services                                          distributor?
Ø WinUltra v2.3. Also Network, Lite, Consignment Shop                        Is it the fundraising supplier? They deserve to
  and Home Delivery versions.                                           make money. They have risks in selecting, projecting,                                   ordering, selling and getting paid for their products.                                    But honestly, I can’t think of any supplier who is                               looking out for ME! There are some good reps out
Ø WinScan increases BOTH speed AND accuracy with                        there, but I’m talking about the business. If the
  bar coded order accuracy verification. Consider                       supplier were looking out for me, he would want to
  Thermal Printing.                        ensure I get help when there are product shortages.
Ø Web Design/E-Commerce/Hosting. 60+ sites and                          He’d want to help coordinate the disbursement of
  going strong.                                         overstocks in my warehouse so I will be able to pay
Ø Discount Cards. High profit, low freight, fantastic                   his bill at the end of the season. He would want to
  repeater:                          find ways to reduce brochure cost, including brochure
                                                                        size. He’d want to get more product in, when needed,
New in WinUltra                                                         without charging me an air freight amount higher than
     Sortable columns.                                                  the cost of the product. He’d want to have some items
     Multiple Bin Locations.                                            that are easy to carry over from year to year, so I can
     Tiered Pricing. (Profit changes per volume)                        order liberally this year knowing I can use it again.
     Address Entry by seller or customer.                               And if there were ever a financial crunch, the supplier
     Phone # Entry by seller or customer.                               would work with me to get through it, possibly
     Free Product as prizes.                                            considering a compromise for the good of future
     INTERNET Reports for reps & groups.                                customer relations. Is the supplier looking out for me?
     Kit Sales (Consignment Shops).                                     NO!
                                                                             Is it The Kellen Company? You have noticed,
Sept Specials                                                           haven’t you, that when you call AFRDS, they answer
Inventory Correction Special                                            the phone “Association Headquarters”? I found it
1) DOUBLE Discount or 2) TRIPLE Discount if pre-                        interesting, however, when I looked up “association
paid…for on hand inventory during September for                         headquarters” and found that it is claimed as a
immediate shipment. Includes only forms listed.                         “Registered Trademark ® of Association
                                                                        Headquarters, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation.”
rt0907.doc                                                                                                           p2
Hmmm? AFRDS is just one client of The Kellen Company,                 We will charge your credit card (in advance) $25
an association management company (            per posting or $100 for unlimited postings for the Fall
Russ Lemieux is listed as the contact for the Atlanta office,     2007 season. For instructions, visit
but they also have offices in New York, Washington DC,  
Tucson, Brussels and Beijing. They list over seventy five         CHARGES:
association clients (, of which,            1. $25 per post / update OR…
we seem to be among the larger. Their web site, and                   2. $100 for unlimited posts/updates for Fall ‘07
AFRDS’s, is maintained by Kellen Interactive Web Design               3. FREE SEARCHES FOR EVERYONE
( They are a “for profit” business and
state so on their web site, claiming that their success is tied   NOTE: We just cleared out what was in there and are
to their client associations’. So, they are about helping         starting anew….so if you search as soon as you get
AFRDS succeed. Okay, somewhere in there is the                    this letter, there may not be anything there yet.
distributor. But when we get proposals to implement new
web site features, is it all about improving our web presence     Downsizing, Re-
– or about giving Kellen Interactive more business? Both?
According to the Kellen web site, AFRDS has
                                                                  Organizations, Bi-
approximately 650 members. Suppliers pay more than                vocationalism and other
distributors, and the larger suppliers pay proportionately        current buzz words
more still. So, without knowing the exact mix, I bet it would
be safe to say that our dues send about a quarter million         Almost everybody’s doing it

dollars to Kellen each year. Add to that the 300+ booth                   o say that the fundraising industry is
spaces at and about $900ea and we’re a pretty big client – at             adjusting would be an
least I hope we are. So who is Kellen Company looking out
                                                                          understatement. Both suppliers and
for? Me? Theoretically.
                                                                          distributors are disappearing.
     What about AFRDS? They have gone to bat in some
                                                                  Numerous distributors have merged or
tax and legislative situations. They give us some exposure in
national educational conventions, although I’ve yet to get a      closed warehouses. High brochure costs,
call from a school as a result. My concern is with the 50/50      freight, overstocks and overhead have taken
split on the board between supplier and distributor. Are we       their toll all around. QDP has not been
looked out for half the time? Do half the decisions go our        exempt.
way? For those who were around when we had a Distributor
                                                                       I applaud those of you who continue to add reps
Association, I felt like we had a pretty strong voice. But
                                                                  and grow through sales increases or acquisitions. Yay
now, as I’m told we can’t have a centralized list-serve for
                                                                  for you. We want to continue to provide good
distributors to coordinate overstocks and needs because two
                                                                  computer programming and web design, hosting and
suppliers (guess) are against it, I have a huge question about
                                                                  internet programming to help you survive and thrive.
who’s looking out for whom. Somehow, I don’t think it is
the distributor in this situation. Am I right?                         For those of you trying to save on gas and freight,
                                                                  we want to help you with Internet marketing, on-line
     So….. Who’s Looking Out for Distributor? Perhaps that
                                                                  fundraising, home delivery and more.
is a question we should ask, ponder and resolve. Perhaps
more in Priority News…..                                               For those of you closing your warehouse,
                                                                  consider QDP for your Tally/Pack Services. We
QDP’s response                                                    carry several Scott’s programs, including Jolly
                                                                  Holiday, Wisconsin Country, Chocolate Gallery and
OVERSTOCK/NEEDS LIST & SEARCH                                     more. Also, Delisheries, Langley Candles, Metully

Q     DP will again offer its version of a
      collaborative effort to allow distributors to
      search for products and brochures – and to
                                                                  Magnetic Frames,
                                                                  Greeting Cards and more. We have to be selective in
                                                                  who we work with and how, because we want to
                                                                  provide the best service we can to those we’re
      post overstocks. QDP is not involved in the                 comfortable taking on.
transaction, only in the posting. You can search by
vendor, item number and brochure.

rt0907.doc                                                                                                     p3
    As for bi-vocationalism, watch for future issues – or
read Priority News… cause we’re doing some bi-
                                                                 Self-Serve vs Full Service
vocationalism here at QDP. Stay tuned…..                         Gas stations, Mega-stores, Banks do it,
                                                                 but NOT fundraising? How come?
Guest Commentary
Letters & comments always welcome…
                                                                     I    t had been years, until a couple weeks
                                                                          ago, since I let somebody else pump my
                                                                          gas. Recently, when I visited New Jersey,

     T   he writer of this candy bar commentary is
         submitted with a request for anonymity,
         except he tells me to include “Semper Fi”.
     “It may profit the average small to mid size fund raiser
                                                                 I recalled reading somewhere they were the only
                                                                 state in the nation that did not allow self-service
                                                                 gas stations. Why? Sometimes, it is hard to
                                                                 figure out some people’s logic.
to revisit the profit potential of the infamous candy bar sale
with a few different twists to maximize your profit and your          People accept self-service. For a while, some gas
overall bottom line. i have been selling candy bars for over     stations had a full-service option, but now that I think
thirty years as I originally broke into the fund raising         about it, I can’t recall seeing one in Indiana in recent
business selling the 1.00 world's finest almond bar. Over        history….because the public is willing to get out of
two years ago, I happened to drop into our local Gordan's        their car to save money. We park 20 rows away from
food service store and I was stunned to find an excellent        the entrance to the 5-acre mega store and spend more
assortment of candy bars. Gordan's offers most of the main       time looking at the labels to select our power tool for
line candy bars at a 38 to 39.9 price point . They offer         less money than from the mom/pop hardware store
great service and are always willing to go the extra mile        across the street that offers parking at the door and
for you. The best part is a 7% rebate based on your total        personal service. I can save $10 on an airline ticket if
volume at the end of the annual year based on sales of over      I purchase it online. Yesterday, I called American
$15,000. The rebate has arrived in February and when             Express to ask a question and received a follow-up
your add any personal purchases of their fine steaks,            email telling me how I could have done all that online
chicken, fish, pork, pies, and their awesome casseroles and      myself. So what is so unique about the fundraising
pies, the rebate adds up fast.                                   business that convinces so many of us that full service
                                                                 is the only option we want to offer – especially now
     I have been packing 60 bars in a case with the
                                                                 that our customers can do Internet searches to find the
following guidelines: 40% profit to all customers under
                                                                 better deals?
100 cases; 45% on orders over 100 cases; delivery fuel
surcharge of $25.00 on every order; no prizes paid for                If a gas station is willing to charge you less for
unless the customer uses an order taker like candles,            not requiring additional station attendants, and the
jewelry, pizza, cookie dough or shopper at 40% profit.”          airline will sell you a cheaper ticket if you don’t tie up
                                                                 their toll free line and customer support person, what
     …read the entire article, including the mix of how this
                                                                 value (profit percentage in fundraising talk) can you
distributor packs a special mix of candy bars and other
                                                                 put on 1) money up front = no risk/receivables, 2) no
goods, including a lot of the sales/profit calculations that
                                                                 returns, 3) no on-site rep or kick-off, 4) tallying, 5)
you don’t find very often…in the September issue of
                                                                 packing, 6) payment for brochures rather than
                                                                 sending on speculation, 7) no prizes (or they do their
                                                                 own), 8) toll free end-customer support …and
We can also help with                                            whatever else you do?
þ Color copy sell sheets. Ask for a sample.
                                                                      I’ve been talking about this periodically in my
þ Color copy brochures. We recently made one for
                                                                 PRIORITY News letter. Are you a subscriber yet?
  someone using up leftover inventory.
þ Customized cards.
þ Special quotes on volume orders of any of our supplies         Mail Insert
  (ULENV, ULENV5, ULPSLIP1, ULPSLIP2, etc.).                     Quality Time Resources (and Games)
þ Lower than list price on pre-paid case-size orders of               Quality Time Resources (and Games) provides an
  Scott’s Jolly Holiday brochures w/mag insert.                  alternative or add-on to your current Fundraising
                                                                 Options. With 68 educational board and card games
                                                                 in this year's Catalog, Quality Time promotes
                                                                 responsible fundraising that also aligns with the
rt0907.doc                                                                                                      p4
strategic educational and skill development goals of Schools,
Clubs, PTA's and Home School organizations. Games not
only teach and are fun, but also provide a venue for quality
interactive family time. For more information please email:, call 480-396-3628 or visit our
     Do you have something you’d like to get out to the
fundraising industry? We’ll charge less than 1st Class
postage and do the work for you. Take advantage of QDP’s
name recognition and get the envelope opened. Email
                                   Thanks for reading!

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