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Specifications Watt Stopper Legrand


PART 1.          GENERAL


         A. This specification covers Wallbox Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls, for use in branch circuit
            wiring. These dimming and fan control units shall be installed per electrical drawings.


         A. Wallbox mounted dimming and fan speed control units shall be designed, manufactured, tested
            and installed to comply with NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) Standard UL 1472 Solid State
            Dimming Controls, Standard CSA C22.2 No. 184-1; Standard UL 1917 Solid State Fan Controls,
            Standard CSA C22.2 No. 156. Conforms to NEMA WD-1 and WD-6. UL and cUL Listed.
            California Title 24 Compliant.

         B. Products shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility.


         A. Wall box mounted dimmers and switches

         B. Wall box mounted fan-speed controls


         A. Manufacturer shall substantiate conformance to this specification by supplying the necessary
            documents, performance data and wiring diagrams. Any deviations to this specification must be
            clearly stated by letter and submitted.

         B. Submit standard catalog literature which includes performance specifications indicating
            compliance to the specification a minimum of 10 working days prior to bid date.


         A. Provide factory direct technical support hot line.

         B. Wall box lighting control: listed and certified specifically for the required loads. Provide evidence of
            compliance upon request.

1.06     WARRANTY

         A. All devices shall be covered by a five-year warranty.



         A. The dimming and fan speed control units specified herein for branch circuit wiring shall be
            manufactured by WattStopper

2.02     PRODUCTS

         A. All products shall be WattStopper product numbers:
                 1. Incandescent: PD-703, PD-1103
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                  2. Magnetic Low Voltage: PDMLV-703, PDMLV-1103
                  3. Two-Wire Fluorescent: PDFM-8A
                  4. Fan Speed Control: PDFC-1A

         B. Dimmers shall provide full range, continuous variable control of light intensity.

         C. The control slider shall be secured to the devices, and it shall not be possible to remove the slider
            when the wallplate is attached to the device.

         D. The dimmers shall have an adjustable low-end output (if magnetic low voltage or fluorescent).

         E. When a user selects off at any control, an air gap shall be activated to disconnect the load from
            line supply, eliminating any leakage current.

         F. Following a power failure, lights will automatically return to the previous levels (dimmer setting, full
            on, or off) once power is restored.

         G. Dimmers and fan speed controls shall be designed and tested to withstand line-side surges
            without impairment to performance when subjected to surges of 6,000 volts, 200 amps per
            ANSI/IEEE C62.41C.

         H. Controls shall be capable of operating at the rated capacity; this includes modified capacities for
            ganging configurations, which may require the removal of fins. Operation at rated capacity shall be
            possible across the full ambient temperature range, without shortening design lifetime.

         I.   Controls shall include a vertical slider allowing the light level or fan speed to be set by the user.
              Dimmers shall provide the on/off function independent of the dimmer slider position. When the
              lights are on, the slider shall change the light level. When the lights are off, the sliders shall
              preselect the light level the lights will turn on to.

         J.   Within rated capacity, dimmers shall be available for direct control of incandescent, magnetic low
              voltage, and fluorescent lighting loads. Matching fan speed controls shall also be available.

         K. 3-way controls shall wire using conventional 3-way and 4-way wire runs.


         A. Dimmers shall control all light sources in a smooth and continuous manner.Dimmers with visible
            steps are not acceptable.

         B. Incandescent Dimmers:
                1. Provide direct control of up to 1100 watts.
                2. High end to be a minimum of 95% of line voltage.

         C. Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) Dimmers:
               1. High end to be a minimum of 95% of line voltage.
               2. Contain circuitry designed to provide a symmetrical AC waveform to input of magnetic low
                   voltage transformers per UL 1472.
               3. Dimmers using back-to-back SCR construction that could fail open causing DC power to
                   flow into magnetic low voltage loads are not acceptable.
               4. Provide control up to 1100VA.
               5. Provide adjustable low end voltage output. Must be accessible without removing the
                   device, but hidden from the general end user, under the wallplate.

         D. Fluorescent Dimmers:
                1. Direct control of two-wire, 120VAC fluorescent dimming ballasts up to 8 Amps.
                2. Provide voltage compensation.

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                 3. Provide user adjustable low end voltage output. Must be accessible without removing the
                    device, but hidden from the general end user, under the wallplate.

         E. Fan Speed Controls:
               1. Fan Speed Controls listed to UL 1917 and CSA C22.2 No.156.
               2. Quiet fan speed control to have control of one paddle fan.
               3. Provide control up to 1.6 Amps.

PART 3.          EXECUTION


         A. Install equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended application wiring and
            installation instructions.

         B. Define each wall box dimmer and fan speed control load type, assign each load to a zone, and set
            control functions.

         C. Provide equipment at locations and in quantities indicated on drawings. Provide any additional
            equipment required to provide control intent.

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