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									Make the Most of Membership                                            Member 'Hub' facilities in Norwich
Business Information Service - up to 30 minutes work on each           Members in Norwich have a facility akin to the hubs around
enquiry, 25 times per year. Competitors, supply, governance, and       the UK. Members in Norfolk can make use of St Andrews
other key issues, accessible by phone, fax, e-mail or in person at
                                                                       House in the heart of Norwich to drop-in-and-work.
Pall Mall, exclusively to Members - 0207 451 3100.
Directors' Advisory Service - up to four times a year. Face-to-face
or over the telephone. Confidential, independent advice regarding
the running of your business, by appointment - 0207 451 3188.
Directors Law Express Line - up to 25 calls per year. Advice on
employment, company and commercial law in the UK and Europe,
- 0870 241 3478 (when calling from the UK) +44(0)1275 378 719
(when calling from outside the UK).
Director's Tax Line - up to 25 times per year. Instant business tax
advice to IoD members, over the telephone, NIC, PAYE, VAT and
corporation tax, - 0844 561 8131, quote 33337.
Director Network - your local branch network. Meetings, seminars,
company visits and social functions on your doorstep.
Business Venues - free public meeting areas, private rooms and
dining facilities in London (Pall Mall & City), Belfast, Birmingham,   This is a brilliant development, where, free of charge,
Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Reading - Norwich!     Members can hook into the wi-fi in comfort, sit and work, or
Director Publications - Director Magazine, eNews, Director's           relax, catch up on the news, and even invite three non-
Guides, IoD News, IoD Norfolk magazine sent to Members.                members as guests to meet and talk in the designated IoD
Director's Information Gateway - the on-line source of guidance on     space. The bistro serves quality food and drink and private
being a director and much more - fully searchable and indexed to       meeting and function rooms are also available for hire at
get you the facts you need, fast.                                      Member rates. Drop in and have a look around or call
Training and development - A unique offering of professional           reception for more details on 01603 773711. More detailed
development products and services, designed by directors for           information and pictures of the centre can be download
directors - including Chartered Director.                              from
Events - Prestigious flagship events - IoD Annual Convention and
celebrity lunches, policy seminars, topical conferences.               We also have a blog at where we             Institute of Directors
                                                                       invite you to view event reports and pictures and leave
Special Services - Exclusive third party benefits including Airport
                                                                       comments - something we will be developing to help us
                                                                                                                                        Norfolk Branch
Lounges, Car Rental, Hotel Accommodation, Home & Contents
Insurance, Overseas Holiday Homes Insurance, Office Insurance,         represent the Membership more effectively.
Professional Indemnity Insurance, Health Plan and Directors'
                                                                                            IoD Norfolk
Institute of Directors       Tel   0207 766 8866
                                                                          Email Web
                                                                                                                                          October 2010
116 Pall Mall                Web
London SW1Y 5ED              Email                      Lion House 20-28 Muspole Street Norwich NR3 1DJ
                                                                                    Tel 07748 417649 (answerphone)
                                Norfolk                                                                        Programme Oct - Feb 2011

Light Lunches, Breakfasts, Bank of England and Hub Seminars
Monthly Email Event Updates                                                           Light Lunches
This is our primary form of communication for events and an                           Held on the last Friday of the month from January to November at
essential part of being involved with the IoD Norfolk programme.                      12.45pm, to just after 2.00pm, at a central Norwich restaurant.
Sent monthly to all Members who have opted into local e-mail on                       Welcome glass of wine, a hearty main course, fresh coffee and the
their profile at and to any non-members who register                      '10-minute seminar' - top tips and thoughts from invited speakers.
by e-mailing More information about events, new
events added to the programme after publication, links to online                       Bank of England Reports
booking and details of other business and charity events we think                     Quarterly reports from the Bank's Agent for the East of England -
you might enjoy.                                                                      keeping you in touch with the latest facts, figures, predictions and
                                                                                      state of the nation. Always fascinating and informative.

October           Tuesday 12th        UEA open event                                   Nov. contd      Friday 26th        November Light Lunch
                                      Norwich 6.00pm                                                                      Norwich 12.45pm
                  Friday 29th         October Light Lunch                              December        Friday 17th        Christmas Lunch
                                      Norwich 12.45pm                                                                     Dunston Hall Noon
November          Tuesday 9th         The Norfolk Club                                                 Tuesday 14th       Christmas Breakfast Club
                                      Visit and supper                                                                    Norwich 7.30am
                                      Norwich 6.00pm                                   January         Wednesday 26th Whisky, Wine & Burns Supper
                  Thursday 11th       Bank of England Report                                                          Dunston Hall
                                      St Andrews House 5.30pm                                                         Norwich 6.00pm
                                      Norwich                                                          Friday 28th        January Light Lunch
                                                                                                                          Norwich 12.45pm
                  Thursday 18th       Hub Seminar - Social media
                                      St Andrews House 5.30pm                          February        Friday 25th        February Light Lunch
                                      Norwich                                                                             Norwich 12.45pm

Hub Seminars                                                                          Booking options
Free events run by City College Norwich - our Hub provider - at St                    Visit to book any IoD run event.
Andrews House, the Financial Services Skills Academy - must be                        There is a simple registration process - Members need their
booked direct on 01603 773711. Phone for further details or watch                     membership number. Members can book places for themselves
out for monthly e-mails containing links to further details when                      and their colleagues at Member rates. A PDF booking form is
published by the Skills Academy.                                                      available by clicking through the event title on the web listing. All
                                                                                      places must be booked in advance, prior to the event. Special meal
The Breakfast Club                                                                    requirements must be advised/detailed or they may not be available.
Aims to run a meeting on either the second or third Tuesday of every                  No tickets are issued (except for the Annual Dinner). If you require a
month from 7.30 to 9.00am in Norwich. Speakers come from local                        receipt or acknowledgment you should use the on-line route.
businesses, or from stories which have made the headlines in the
month before, therefore, it does not publish a series of advance                      Contacting the Branch
meeting dates. A partnership agreement means IoD Members can                          Contact the IoD in Norfolk on and we will usually
enrol free of charge to receive notices for this Club, which is run by                get back to you within 24 hours. If you find you are delayed or have
the events company stmg. E-mail for                              to cancel last minute for an event, telephone/text 07748 417649. At
registration details. (Breakfast Club events cannot currently be                      other times you should expect to leave a message on this number.
booked on-line.)                                                                      There is no full-time office or staff.


                                                                                                                                                                    CITY COLLEGE
                                                                                                                            CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS.   NORWICH

    01603 663300              01603 762103          01268 727787           01603 484880             01603 711111         01603 767456                   01603 773711 
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