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                                           February 2011

Porsche Club of America - California Central Coast Region

                                Pozo Saloon and Run
                                  Mullin Automotive

      California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                  August 2009

u experience                      4 Race / Track Day Prep        4 Electrical Gremlins
                                                                 4 Engine and Transmission
                                  4 Special Project Cars
                                  4 Parts and Accessories          Overhauls
                                  4 Spark Plugs to the Special   4 Re-Sale and
u commitment                        Set of Wheels You’ve Been      Consignments With
                                    Dreaming About                 an Ever-Changing
                                  4 Service: Minor and Major       Inventory
                                    Factory-Style Service        4 All Cars Inspected by
u integrity                       4 Brakes                         Our Shop

  Stop by for a visit at 1144 HIGUERA STREET, SAN LUIS OBISPO 93401
  Service ~ 545-9323             Parts ~ 540-3300     Sales ~ 545-9323

                                                    State-of-the-Art Frame & Laser
                                                        Measuring Equipment
                                                   Expert & Custom Color Matching
                                                            Collision Repair
                                                    Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs


      805-544-7979                           Serving San Luis Obispo County Since 1982

    3453 Empresa Dr.                               A Full Service Body Shop Where
                                                      Quality is Never Sacrificed
   San Luis Obispo, CA
                                                   We Specialize in Insurance Claims
                                                        Local Pick-up & Delivery

California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America   February 2011                             2
                                                   February 2011
        Porsche Club of America - California Central Coast Region   In this issue
                                                                     3.........CCCR-PCA and Coastalaire Information
                                                                     4.........2011 CCCR PCA Board of Directors
                                                                     4.........CCCR Board Meetings
                                                                     5.........Its Miller Time
                                                                     5.........Editor’s Exhaust
                                                                     6.........Schedule of Events
                                                                     7.........The Activities’ Chair Speaks
                                                                     12.......Porsche Tech
                                                                     14.......Member Profile
                                                                     15........Board Meeting Summary
                                                                     16.......Goody Store
          COVER PHOTO                                                17.......Anniversaries / New Members
                                                                     17.......CCCR Breakfast Club
Avila Beach Concours 2010                                            19.......Advertiser Directory / Rates / Classifieds
Thursday night in downtown                                           Articles & Events
      San Luis Obispo
                                                                     8..........Pozo Saloon & Run
                                                                     9......... The Mullin Automotive Museum
    ~ photo by Chuck Jennings,                                       10........Driver’s Education at Buttonwillow
         Concours Studio                                             15........California Festival of Speed
                                                                     18........Lowering & Jacks

                             CCCR PCA Website                                           CCCR / PCA Mailing Address :
                                                                                        California Central Coast Region of
                                       Eriel Nash                                     Porsche Club of America (CCCR/PCA)
                                      Webmaster                                           793 Foothill Blvd., Suite A-102
                                                               San Luis Obispo, CA 93405-1683

Coastalaire is the official monthly publication of the                    Editor                    Bob “Kit” Kitamura
Porsche Club of America, California Central Coast Re-                                     
gion. The opinions expressed are those of the authors                     Co-Editor                 Bob Mayberry
and do not necessarily represent the official position                                    
of the California Central Coast Region of the Porsche                     Co-Editor                 Bob “Milt” Worthy
Club of America, its officers or members. Permission is                                   
granted to charter regions to reprint if appropriate credit               Co-Editor                 Jane Worthy
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Staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for               It is available to all CCCR members on the website at
publication.                                                              http//

The deadline for articles and submission is the
10th of the month preceding the month of publica-

 California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                              February 2011                                      3
  2011 CCCR PCA Board                                         Board Meetings

             Hamp Miller
             President                             All members are welcome to attend the CCCR
             805-781-8605                          Board Meetings. Time is available for non-board
                   members to have input during these meetings. So
                                                   if you have interest, ideas to offer, or anything that
                                                   you’d like to submit, you are more than welcome
             Bob DeVries                           to attend.
             805-543-4880                          Location -        San Luis Obispo
                                     Country Club
                                                                     255 Country Club Dr.
             Paul Fasching                                           San Luis Obispo
             805-542-9982                          Time -            6:30 pm
                                                   Date -            First Wednesday of
                                                                     the month
             Marla Hill
             Secretary / Historian                 Please call a Board member to verify the meeting
             805-466-6951                          location and time in case either changes.

             Sanja Brewer

             Dave Mills
             Activities Chairman
             805-547-1191                                       Introducing “G Bracket”
                            A NEW Valentine One™ Mounting Solution

             Bob “Kit” Kitamura                             Our “G Bracket” securely mounts the
             Coastalaire Editor                               Valentine One™ to your Porsche
             805-748-4384                                         Rear View Mirror Post.
                                                    Currently available for 997 with Auto Dimming Mirror
                                                          (More Porsche applications on the way).
             Bruce Bero
             Safety & Equipment                       $49.95 plus shipping and applicable sales tax
                                                                 (Hard Wire Kits also available)
                                                                                      For more information
             Martin Howell                                                               or to purchase -
             Assistant Activities Chairman                                              please visit us at:
                                                                                            Or call us at:
             Jon MIlledge                                                                  805-504-0610
             Driving Events Chairman
             Chief Instructor

California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America   February 2011                                            4
   Its Miller Time
   Hamp Miller, President

	        On	March	12,	2011	your	Region	will	celebrate	             wineries,	the	Avila	Light	House,	the	Pinnacles	and	an	
it’s	42nd	Birthday.	The	Region	has	grown	greatly	since	            overnighter	to	Canapa	Design	up	in	Santa	Cruz.	The	ever	
it	was	chartered	way	back	in	1969.	We	now	have	265	                popular	and	profitable	Driver’s	Ed	event	at	Buttonwillow	
members	 and	 201	 affiliate	 members	 to	 provide	 and	           allowed	 our	 “hot	 shoes”	 to	 safely	 exercise	 their	
encourage	Porsche	enjoyment.	                                      Porsches.	The	Christmas	Party	had	50+	happy	revelers.	
	        A	review	of	the	2010	Board’s	many	successes	              	        Does	this	review	make	it	sound	like	the	CCCR	
under	the	 guidance	of	outgoing	President	Bruce	 Bero	             is	an	active	group?	You	betcha.	With	the	dedication	of	
is	called	for.	In	no	particular	order,	some	of	the	most	           Marla	Hill	managing	the	Goody	Store,	Paul	Fasching	
noteworthy	include	conversion	of	the	monthly	newsletter	           getting	 the	 Region’s	 financial,	 legal	 and	 tax	 affairs	
to	 a	 mailed	 hardcopy,	 color	 format	 instead	 of	 relying	     current	 and	 up	 to	 spec,	 with	 Bob	 Kitamura	 and	 Milt	
on	 email	 to	 communicate	 with	 the	 membership.	 The	           Worthy’s	 efficient	 newsletter	 production	 and	 Jon	
popular	monthly	breakfast	social	gatherings	continued.	            Milledge’s	Management	of	Drivers	Ed,	CCCR	finished	
The	 two	 major	 multi-marque	 local	 charity	 concours,	          2010	 with	 sufficient	 operating	 funds	 in	 the	 checking	
Gathering	of	Friends	and	Avila	Beach	events	were	well	             account	 for	 2011.	 Every	 Board	 Member	 chaired	 or	
supported	with	the	Region	supplying	many	helpers	and	              Co-Chaired	 an	 event	 last	 year.	 That’s	 an	 outstanding	
entrants.	Both	the	Parkfield	Run	and	the	Pozo	Run	had	             achievement.	 The	 2010	 Board	 is	 to	 be	 congratulated	
over	70	participating.	The	annual	New	Members	BBQ	                 for	 turning	 over	 a	 smooth	 running	 team	 for	 the	 2011	
achieved	a	record	attendance	of	105	happy	“free	meal”	             activities	year.	Your	new	Board	will	do	it’s	best	to	do	it	
enthusiasts.	 The	 California	 Highway	 Patrol	 gave	 us	          again	in	2011.	Please	come	on	out	and	join	in	the	fun.	
a	 safety	 presentation	 and	 helpful	 driving	 hints.	 There	     	
were	tours,	hare	and	hounds	and	even	hikes	to	various	             Hamp

   Editor’s Exhaust
   Bob “Kit” Kitamura, Editor

	       Okay	this	is	the	time	of	the	year	that	I	start	to	         coming	up	this	year	again	so	keep	looking	for	them	in	
get	geared	up	for	car	racing	again,	the	first	race	of	the	         this	issue	and	upcoming	issues	of	the	Coastalaire.	There	
season	is	the	Rolex	24	at	Daytona	on	January	29th,	a	              is	 a	 rumor	 of	 an	 event	 that	 will	 allow	 20	 Porsches	 to	
part	of	the	Grand	Am	Road	Racing	Series.	The	reason	               actually	drive	up	to	Hearst	Castle	along	with	a	tour	for	
I	am	excited	more	that	usual	is	because	Flying	Lizard	             its	passengers.
Motorsports	 will	 be	 running	 their	 very	 first	 prototype	
race	 car,	 the	 Porsche	 /	 Riley	 Daytona	 Prototype.	 It	 is	   	       We	 are	 also	 looking	 for	 additional	 advertising	
exciting	to	see	them	branch	out	from	the	GT	class	and	             for	the	Coastalaire.	If	you	are	enjoying	your	publication	
the	American	Le	Mans	Series,	it	also	will	be	nice	to	see	          and	the	level	of	quality	we	are	providing,	we	need	your	
them	win.	However,	realistically	in	their	first	season	I	          help	to	get	another	10	business	card-size	ads	for	2011.	
will	be	happy	if	they	finish	in	the	top	ten.	Heck!	I	will	         The	cost	is	only	$300	for	an	entire	year.	All	you	need	to	
be	happy	if	they	finish	the	race!	They	are	a	great	team	           do	is	call	me	at	748-4384	and	I	will	let	you	know	how	
but	the	competition	is	fierce	and	it	is	a	24	hour	race.            to	get	me	your	card.

	       Thanks	to	Bruce	Bero	for	a	fantastic	year	and	 Kit
we	 are	 looking	 forward	 to	 a	 great	 year	 with	 Hamp	
Miller.	We	have	some	really	great	membership	events	

   California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                    February 2011                                          5
                                                             LOCAL CAR EVENTS
 CCCR CALENDER                                                  CALENDER

                                                      Since we all seem to also like cars other than Porsches, the
2           Board Meeting
                                                      list below shows weekly, monthly and yearly car events. If
12          CCCR Breakfast Club
                                                      we are missing one that you know of, please let us know!
13          The Pozo Saloon Run & Brunch
                                                      dar.html for more.
2           Board Meeting
12          CCCR Breakfast Club / Snake Tour
26          Mullin Auto Museum with BMW Club
                                                      Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
                                                      12    JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
6           Board Meeting
8-10        California Festival of Speed
                                                      Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
9           CCCR Breakfast Club
                                                      11    JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
16          Santa Barbara Auto Group Tour
TBD         Rallye School
                                                      Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
                                                      8     JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
4           Board Meeting
14          CCCR Breakfast Club
                                                      Sat   Pismo Derelicts ,
19          North Meets South - 356 Club
                                                      5-8   Cruisin’ Morro Bay Car Show
27          DE at Buttonwillow
1           Board Meeting                             13    JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
                                                      14    Warbirds, Wings and Wheels
11          CCCR Breakfast Club
19          Mystery Tour to the San Luis Lighthouse
                                                      14-15 11th Annual Classic and Hot Rod Show, Santa
6           Board Meeting
9           CCCR Breakfast Club
                                                      Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
17          Gathering of Friends V
31-8/6      2011 Porsche Parade                       8     JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
                                                      17-19 The Classic at Pismo Beach
3           Board Meeting
7/31-6      2011 Porsche Parade                       JULY
13          CCCR Breakfast Club                       Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
SEPTEMBER                                             8     JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
7           Board Meeting                             TBD   31st Annual Bent Axles Car Show, Santa Maria
                                                      29    22nd Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Car Show,
10          CCCR Breakfast Club
1           Canepa Motorsports Tour                   AUGUST
5           Board Meeting                             Sat   Pismo Derelicts,
8           CCCR Breakfast Club                       12    JR’s Drive-In, 603 E. Main St., Santa Maria, 5-8pm
16          Quail Porsche Race Car Classic                  Monterey Rolex Historic Races
20-23       Avila Beach Concours                            21st Annual Lake Car Show - Atascadero
NOVEMBER                                                    Solvang - 6th Annual Wheels ‘N Windmills Car Show
                                                      20    Santa Barbara - 11th Annual Woodies on the
2           Board Meeting
12          CCCR Breakfast Club                             Beach Car Show
DECEMBER                                              27    Monterey - 7th Annual Mopars by the Bay Car Show
TBD         Holiday Party
7           Board Meeting
10          CCCR Breakfast Club

  California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America        February 2011                                      6
           The Activities Chair Speaks.......
                                                             by Dave Mills
Get	your	reservations	in	early!		How	many	times	have	you	heard	                  poker	hand.		The	best	hand	wins!		“Wins	what?”	you	ask.		Why,	
me—and	other	event	chairpersons--say	this?		Why?	Why	do	we	beat	                 first	prize	(or,	if	there	are	enough	entrants,	second	or	third	prize),	
you	to	death	with	this	request?		Well--there’s	a	really	good	reason!	            of	course.		What	are	the	prizes?
I	 read	 an	 article	 in	 the	 December	 18th	 SLO	 Tribune	 entitled,	          Well--only	I	and	the	gods	of	the	road	know.		But	they’ll	be	good--I	
“Hosts	 mourn	 the	 death	 of	 the	 once-respected	 RSVP”.	 Random	              promise!
quotes	from	same	article:		“From	casual	get-togethers	to	catered	                	
affairs,	the	once-common	act	of	replying	to	invitations	has	become	              As	long	as	we’re	at	it,	let’s	talk	some	more	about	this	rallye	stuff!	
an	 often	 lost	 and	 much	 lamented	 cause.”	 “…people	 disregard	              Specifically	FUN	rallyes!		Like	the	one	coming	up	in	April.		Oh-
RSVPs	 as	 optional”	 	 “As	 party	 season	 springs	 into	 gear,	 (how	          -you	 didn’t	 know	 there	 was	 one	 coming	 up	 in	 April?	 	 THIS	
do	 you	 decide)	 whether	 to	 make	 deviled	 eggs	 for	 four	 or	 four	         COMING	APRIL?		Yup--this	coming	April!	Only	it’ll	be	more	than	
dozen?”.		OK--I	know	this	doesn’t	sound	like	it	has	anything	to	                 just	a	rallye.		It’ll	be	a	Rallye	School!		Hold	on--don’t	panic!		You	
do	 with	 CCCR	 activities,	 but	 think	 for	 a	 moment.	 	 How	 many	           remember	that	I’ve	talked	about	FUN	rallyes	a	lot	in	the	past,	and	I’ve	
announced	CCCR	events	ask	you	to	respond--i.	e.	make	reservations	               stressed	that,	even	though	TSD,	Monte	Carlo,	and	other	SERIOUS	
and/or	 send	 a	 check--not	 later	 than	 a	 particular	 date?	 	 Lots,	         rallyes	are	intimidating	to	us	novices,	everybody	can	enjoy	a	FUN	
I	know!		There	are	three	in	this	Coastalaire	alone!		These	events	               rallye!	 	 So	 watch	 for	 the	 details	 in	 the	 March	 Coastalaire,	 and	
inevitably	require	the	event	chair	to	let	a	restaurant	or	other	facility	        make	ready	for	school	again!		I	guarantee	you’ll	love	it!
know	 how	 many	 guests	 to	 expect,	 so	 that	 the	 proper	 number	 of	         	
meals	 or	 seats	 or	 awards	 can	 be	 prepared.	 	 It	 is	 disrespectful	 to	   Well,	maybe	not--but	think	about	it!
those	facilities	for	unannounced	people	to	show	up,	only	to	find	                	
that	there	are	not	enough	of	those	meals,	etc.,	to	go	around.	To	be	             And,	 backing	 up	 a	 month,	 March	 will	 bring	 two	 (count	 ‘em)	
sure,	a	few	less	or	more	can	usually	be	accommodated,	but	we	at	                 events.	 	 On	 the	 26th,	 Hamp	 Miller	 has	 arranged	 for	 us	 to	 join	
least	should	be	close!	It’s	frustrating	to	an	event	chair	to	have	to	            the	 local	 BMW	 club	 for	 a	 tour	 to	 the	 Mullin	 Auto	 Museum	
make	wild	guesses	to	a	restaurant,	hoping	that	some	(traditionally)	             in	 Oxnard.	 	 I’ve	 been	 attempting	 to	 put	 together	 a	 tour	 to	
will	call	in	late,	or,	worse,	make	reservations,	only	to	fail	to	show	           this	same	museum	for	more	than	a	year,	but	nobody	will	call	me	
up!		Bad	manners,	folks!                                                         back.	 	 Kudos	 to	 the	 Beemers	 for	 getting	 through	 to	 them!	 	 Full	
	                                                                                details	 are	 on	 Page	 9.	 	 And,	 on	 the	 12th,	 starting	 right	 after	
OK--enough	scolding!		Let’s	talk	about	some	upcoming	events.                     our	 Dorn’s	 breakfast,	 we	 will	 have	 our	 first	 Snake	 Tour	 of	 the	
	                                                                                year.		This	one	will	be	a	little	different,	as	it	will	be	SCHEDULED,	
Pozo,	for	sure	(see	above)!		OK--we	just	had	a	similar	event	last	               which	 means	 it	 will	 be	 an	 official	 CCCR	 event,	 with	 a	 modest	
month—a	wild	ride	to	Parkfield,	followed	by	a	ranch	breakfast.		But	             entry	 fee,	 official	 notification	 to	 PCA	 National,	 a	 little	 lengthier	
this	one	will	be	a	little	different--a	Poker	Rallye.		What	the	heck	is	          (it’ll	 take	 a	 little	 longer	 to	 get	 to	 the	 “snakes”),	 a	 “real”	 ending	
that,	you	may	ask?		OK--ask!	Good--here’s	the	answer.		You	all	know	             place	(complete	with	eats),	and,	did	I	mention,	it’s	SCHEDULED!	
how	to	play	poker,	right?		Five-card	draw,	right?		This’ll	be	just	like	         	
that:		you	will	be	dealt	five	cards	(per	car)	at	the	beginning	of	the	tour;	     Next	 month	 there	 will	 be	 a	 more	 complete	 (I	 hope)	 CCCR	
then,	along	the	way,	you	will	encounter	a	number	of	checkpoints,	                activities	 schedule	 for	 the	 year.	 	 For	 now,	 put	 the	 dates	
at	 each	 of	 which	 you	 will	 have	 the	 opportunity	 to	 draw	 (trade)	       on	 your	 calendars	 so	 you	 won’t	 forget	 and	 schedule	 some	
up	to	five	of	your	cards	in	an	attempt	to	better	your	“hand”.		At	               other	 insignificant	 event	 (like	 your	 wedding	 anniversary	
the	end	of	the	ride	(the	Pozo	Saloon),	you	will	turn	in	your	final	              celebration)	on	the	same	date!

    California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                                   February 2011                                                       7
                          Sunday, February 13
B    ack to the Pozo Saloon for, probably, our 40th
     year! Used to be, the members would bring the
kids, the pets, a firearm or two and have a shootout
                                                          C    OST: $20.00/person, payable to PCA-CCCR
                                                               Reservations and payment due to Dave Mills not
                                                          later than Monday, February 7th. See contact info.
in the dry wash behind the saloon (not at each other,     below. Full payment by then guarantees a seat at the
you understand, but at random targets in the wash.) I     table; latecomers take their chances!
don’t know exactly when it occurred, but the shootout
was abandoned and the Pozo visit was scheduled for
Super Bowl Sunday in January every year, followed
by a football party at one of the member’s houses.
                                                          W      HAT YOU GET FOR THAT TWENTY
                                                                 BUCKS: A buffet chock full of hot-out-of-
                                                          the-oven grub, washed down by decent champagne.
                                                          We’ll probably also get a lecture by the region presi-

A     s Super Sunday crept into February and started
      crowding CCCR’s February events, we backed
                                                          dent, but the champagne will make it tolerable!

up into January and abandoned yet another tradi-
tion. Along came a pair of years when the saloon sort
of failed in its duties--namely providing their usual
                                                          T   he journey to Pozo will involve making your
                                                              acquaintance with some of the neatest Porsche
                                                          roads in SLO County, with a twist or two thrown in,
great buffet--and set us off to Parkfield during those    so get your reservations in early so you can enjoy the
years. Well, tradition reared its head, so off we go to   drive.
Pozo yet again. The gory details:


M    EET: The Staples parking lot in Atascadero’s
     Home Depot Center--the San Ramon exit off
Highway 101.

                                                          1191 Vista Del Lago, San Luis Obispo CA 93405
                                                          805-547-1191, 805-285-5561

W     HEN: Sunday, February 13th, 8:30 AM. First
      car out promptly at 9:00.
                                                          demills @

  California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America          February 2011                                    8
The Mullin Automotive Museum is an homage to the art deco and the machine age – eras that produced
exquisite art and magnificent automobiles. The museum is home to examples of the finest of historic French
automobiles from the Bugatti to the Voisin as well as significant and representative decorative art from this
same period including the famous Carlo Bugatti collection of decorative art.

              Tour the Mullin Museum in Oxnard with CCCR and the BMW Club
                        Saturday March 26, 2011
                    Start Time 8:30 am for instructions and waivers, 9:00 am depart

                Meeting Place Panera Bread Cafe 540 E. Betteravia Road, Santa Maria

                         Lunch Yolanda’s Mexican Restaurant 1601 Victoria, Oxnard (on your own)

          Mullin Museum Tour 1:00pm to 3:00pm 1421 Emerson Avenue, Oxnard

               Mullin Museum $10 per person, plus $5 per car CCCR Activities Fee
                       Tickets One car, two people = $25, one car, one person = $15

                                 Check payable to: CCCR-PCA (Mullin tour tickets and fee)
                 Payment Info.
                                 Mail to: Hamp Miller 1284 Alder Ct, San Luis Obispo CA 93401

                                 Murphy Automobile Museum, 2230 Statham Blvd, Oxnard
         Optional Add-0n Tour
                                 $9 per person, purchase tickets at the door, directions will be provided
                                 The Murphy Museum is a new collection of over 40 cars fearturing a wide variety of
                                 classic, milestone and special interest vehicles, including a collections of Packards
                                 from 1941—1956.

  California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America              February 2011                                            9
                     CCCR presents

                     Buttonwillow Raceway park

                     Friday, May 27
                     Previously Sponsored by:
                                       Smith Volvo
                                           G Rides
                                      SGS Porsche

                     Details and
                     Registration Forms
                     In the March Coastalaire
                     And on the CCCR Website

California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America   February 2011   10

                                    RESIDENTIAL ! COMMERCIAL

          License #673180

  San Luis Obispo   Atascadero
  541-3036          461-3408      We have your Breaker or Fuse -
  Paso Robles       Santa Maria        Hundreds in Stock!
  238-7652           928-4949
                                            Reasonable Rates!
  5 Cities          Nipomo
  481-7978          929-1282
                                       $10 OFF Service Call!
                                       Just show this business card!   Exp. 12/10
      North Coast 528-5828

California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                                    February 2011   11
                       PORSCHE TECH
              Torque vs. Horsepower by Pedro P. Bonilla (GCR PCA)
Have you ever wondered why “torque vs. horsepower” has always drawn so much debate?
I think it’s because since the definitions involve trigonometry and physics most people don’t want to go through
the hassle of deciphering it all. Let me try to simplify it a bit.

Here’s the short of it: Horsepower (HP) doesn’t really exist, just torque!
You don’t believe me?
Here’s definition: Horsepower = (Torque x Engine Speed)/5252.
So, HP is just a function of Torque.

But first we need to understand a few concepts:

Force is the pressure of one mass against another. In the metric system force is calculated in “Newtons”.
Gravity is an easy example of a natural force and in the English system its unit is pounds. So we also use
pounds as a basic unit of force.

Work is defined as force over distance and is calculated as Work = Force x Distance.
Work is achieved when a force causes an object to move. The force placed on the object and the distance it
moves is the work done.

Power is the amount of work that can be done in a certain amount of time and is calculated as Power = Work
/ Time. Power was originally defined by James Watt (inventor of the steam engine) who noted that a horse
could lift at a rate of about 550 lb-ft per second in an 8 hour shift.

Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate an object
about an axis and is defined as the force at any one
point on the edge of a circle in the exact direction of
rotation, multiplied by the radius (distance from the

As we explained above, in the metric system, force is calculated in Newtons, and distance is in meters, so the
standard torque unit is Newton-Meter (N-M). In the Standard/English system, force is calculated in pounds and
distance in feet. So the torque unit is lb-ft, usually called “foot-pounds” and sometimes also written as “ft/lb”.

Torque is the measure of the turning force of an object, such as a flywheel or a bolt. For example, pushing
or pulling the handle of a wrench connected to a nut or bolt produces a torque (turning force) that loosens or
tightens the nut or bolt.

Horsepower is a unit of power. It can be defined in multiple ways, but in its basic sense , it is defined as work
done in a straight line as described above under “Power”. When the work is not done in a straight line (as in
an automobile engine), it must be defined in a different way: Torque.
Horsepower = (Torque x RPM) / 5252.
It’s worthwhile noting that horsepower is not recognized in the International System of Units.

   California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America            February 2011                                 12
The reason Horsepower started being used was to compare the output of horses (which everyone understood)
with that of the (then new - 1702) steam engines that could replace them. In a study done in 1993 to try to
prove (or disprove) the theory it was found that one horse could produce a peak power over a few seconds
as high as 15 hp. However it was observed that for sustained activity a work rate of about 1 hp per horse is
consistent with what was determined in 1702.

Going back to the formula: Horsepower = (Torque x RPM) / 5252 we can see that at an engine speed of 5,252
RPM Torque and HP are equal. That’s why when we see a graph of Torque / HP we see the lines always cross
exactly at 5252 RPM.

But where does the 5252 come from?

Watt’s definition for HP says: 1 HP = 550 lb-ft / sec, or 1 HP = 550 lb x 1 ft / 1 sec

If we convert straight-line work to its rotational equivalent the formula becomes:

1 HP = 550 lb-ft x 1 rad / 1 sec (a rad is a unit-less measure of a circular distance)

When we convert radians (rad) to revolutions and seconds to minutes the formula again evolves. Note: 6.28
rad per revolution (2 π) and 60 seconds in 1 minute

1 HP = (550 lb-ft x 1 rad / 1 sec) x (1 rev / 2 π rad) x 60 sec / 1 min)

Multiplying and canceling, the formula simplifies to:

1 HP = 5252 lb-ft x 1 rev / 1 min which is the same as: 1 HP = 5252 lb-ft x 1 RPM

So, Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5252.

If you’ve rear this far I applaud you, since you now know where 5252 comes from and why the HP and Torque
curves cross each other.

If you want to find out more about HP and Torque, and how to increase them in your Porsche, please visit our

Happy Boxstering,

   California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America              February 2011                           13
                                                     owned 924’s, 944’s, and 911’s.) Wife Sue is no
New President selected for                           shrinking violet when it comes to cars—she won
the California Central Coast                         the annual SCCA woman’s “Powder Puff” Class
                                                     Championship for Nebraska and Milwaukee Re-
Region                                               gions in 1962 and 1965.

                                                     H    amp retired to San Luis Obispo directly from
                                                          Johnson & Johnson where he was National

Hamp Miller                                          Sales Manager and Marketing Director for 35
                                                     years. Although Hamp hasn’t promised a chick-
                                                     en in every pot, he has promised to focus his
                                                     considerable experience and energy on making

J  anuary was named after the Roman god
   Janus. Remember he was the god with two
faces: one looked back, the other forward. This
                                                     the CCCR a more inclusive, member responsive,
                                                     and exciting Porsche driving organization in
January, our CCCR President for the years 2009
and 2010, Bruce Bero, can look back at two
very successful years. Under his aegis, the club
grew in membership, driving activities, member
participation, and social events. Participation
has been a watchword for Bruce: he stepped
down as President as of December 31 to make
room for a new face. Bruce remains on the
CCCR Board. A Member Profile story, featur-
ing Bruce, will be included in a future issue of
Coastalaire. Thank You, Bruce.

R    epresenting Janus’ forward looking face is
     Hampton Miller, CCCR’s new President for
2011. Hamp is no stranger to running a Porsche
organization; he has been President for many re-
gional clubs, extending back first to 1962 when
he was elected President of SCCA’s Nebraska
Region. Hamp was also a former President of
our Region in 2001 and 2002. He brings several                       Hail to the chief !
decades of varying car, racing, and organization-
al experience to the current job. Hamp and his
wife Sue, have worked clubs, shows, concours,
races, rallyes and every other kind of car related
event you can think of.

H   e and Sue have owned Porsches since their
    earliest days together – the first one was
a 1965 SC; and today, they drive a very Yellow
2008 Cayman S around San Luis. (He has also

   California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America     February 2011                             14
                                      Board Meeting Summary
                                                      January 5, 2011

The	meeting	was	held	at	SLO	Country	Club.	Attending	were	Bruce	                school	and	short	training	rallye	for	March.	Bruce	recommended	we	
Bero,	 Bob	 DeVries,	 Paul	 Fasching,	 Marla	 Hill,	 Sanja	 Brewer,	           plan	to	continue	support	for	the	Avila	Beach	Concours	in	addition	
Dave	Mills,	Bob	Kitamura,	Hamp	Miller,	Martin	Howell	and	Jon	                  to	the	July	GOF	event.	Bob	DeVries	is	working	on	a	repeat	of	the	
Milledge.                                                                      popular	Canepa	Design	tour	in	the	late	fall.
Secretary:	Minutes	from	the	December	Board	Meeting	were	read	                  Coastalaire:	Kit	talked	about	a	shorter	version	of	the	January	issue	
and	 approved.	 Marla	 showed	 several	 new	 items	 for	 the	 Goody	           which	was	published	a	week	early	due	to	travel	plans.	A	lengthy	
Store.	An	inventory	of	the	merchandise	will	be	finished	within	a	              discussion	regarding	the	importance	of	obtaining	more	advertisers	
week	or	so.                                                                    to	support	the	cost	of	mailing	hard	copies	of	the	newsletter	ensued.	
	                                                                              The	 Board	 agreed	 to	 institute	 a	 $5	 per	 car	Activities	 fee	 for	 the	
Treasurer:	 All	 monies	 owed	 are	 up	 to	 date.	 Region	 balance	 is	        majority	of	our	events	to	further	provide	financial	support	for	the	
in	 excess	 of	 $6K,	 sufficient	 to	 provide	 for	 2011	 activities.	 Paul	   newsletter.
reported	that	all	Federal	and	State	tax	returns	have	been	filed	on	            	
time	and	in	accordance	with	requirements.	As	part	of	the	project	              Web-Master:	 Eriel	 is	 relocating	 to	 Washington	 State	 but	 will	
to	 update	 and	 bring	 all	 Region	 records	 up	 to	 date,	 he	 has	 also	    continue	to	develop	our	web-site.
obtained	a	new	Federal	tax	number.	Working	with	a	local	attorney,	             	
a	certified	copy	of	the	Region’s	Articles	of	Incorporation	has	been	           New	 Business:	 The	 Board	 discussed	 and	 unamiously	 selected	
obtained.	PCA	National	has	also	provided	us	with	copies,	verifying	            new	 officers	 for	 2011.	 Bob	 DeVries	 will	 continue	 as	 Vice-
the	issuance	of	the	Region’s	Charter.	These	important	documents	               President.	 	 Marla	 Hill	 will	 continue	 to	 serve	 as	 Goody	 Store	
are	now	in	the	hands	of	the	Secretary	for	permanent	retention.                 manager	and	Secretary.	Sanja	Brewer	will	continue	as	Membership	
	                                                                              Chair,	Paul	Fasching	will	continue	as	Treasurer,	Dave	Mills	will	
Membership:	Sanja	reported	we	now	have	265	Primary	members	                    continue	 as	 Activities	 Chair	 with	 Martin	 Howell	 assisting,	 Bob	
and	201	Affiliates	for	a	total	of	466.                                         Kitamura	 will	 continue	 as	 newsletter	 editor,	 Eriel	 Nash	 will	
	                                                                              continue	 as	Webmaster,	 Bruce	 Bero	 will	 handle	 Safety	 and	 Past	
Driving:	Jon	reviewed	the	planning	for	the	upcoming	May	Driver’s	              President	 duties,	 Jon	 Milledge	 will	 become	 Driver	 Education	
Ed	at	Buttonwillow.	                                                           Chair		and	Hamp	Miller	will	serve	as	President.
Activities:	 Marla	 and	 Sanja	 reviewed	 the	 highlights	 of	 the	 very	      Bruce	 Bero	 will	 make	 arrangements	 with	 the	 Country	 Club	 to	
successful	 Christmas	 party,	attended	by	 over	 50	 members.	Dave	            continue	2011	Board	meetings.	The	out-going	and	in-coming	Board	
announced	the	plans	are	complete	for	the	upcoming	Parkfield	Run	               Members	thanked	Bruce	for	his	excellent	service	as	President	for	
in	January	and	Pozo	Run	in	February.	He	is	considering	a	rallye	               the	past	two	years.

                              An Event for Porsche Enthusiasts

                      Largest Porsche Event in the West / April 8-10, 2011
                                       Auto Club Speedway • Fontana, California
                                                          PCA Club Racing / PCA Enduro / Time Trial / Concours d’Elegance
                                                                       Vendor Row / Lunchtime Track Tours
                                                                    Historical Cars of Interest–Porsche Corrals
                                                                           “Free autocross test drives”
                                                                             with Porsche Instructors
                                                                                           Free Admission / $10 Parking
                                                                                         For more Information visit:
                                                                      or email:

    California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                                February 2011                                                   15
                    CCCR PCA
                    THE GOODY STORE
                                                                           Help support our club, these Porsche
                                                                           items make great gifts or just buy it
                                                                           for yourself!

                                                                           Contact Marla at 805-466-6951 or at
                                           GOODY STORE
                                                                           Buy soon, some items are limited in
                                                Sun Visor - Dark Blue w/
 Front Zipper Sweatshirt with Hood, comes in        Red Stitching,         quantity.
            Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL                      Adjustable

   Longsleeve T-Shirt, comes in white, blue &       White Sun Visor
      pink, in sizes Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL             Adjustable

California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                 February 2011                                 16
                CCCR Breakfast Club
                                          Come joi n the crew!
       CCCR-PCA meets at Dorn’s Restaurant in Morro Bay every 2nd Saturday of
       the month at 9 AM. ~ 801 Market Ave at the end of Morro Bay Blvd. in Morro
                  Bay. If you have questions call Jeanne @ 544-5389


An	 explanation	 about	 the	 way	 the	                         Mary Sproul                 14                   Scott R. Lathrop                 4
Anniversary	 report	 appears.	 It	 is	 produced	               Franz Bluske                13                   Ellen A. Lathrop                 4
automatically	 from	 the	 PCA	 national	                       Lisa Chadwick               12                   William J. Romano                4
database.	 Regular	 member	 and	 Family/                       Beverley Louw               11                   Judith Anne Romano               4
Affiliate	 member	 records	 are	 maintained	                   Karl W. Luft                11                   Laurie Neumann                   3
separately	 in	 that	 database	 and	 often	 have	              Steve McCarty               10                   Bob Neumann                      3
different	anniversary	dates.	The	anniversary	                  Jeffrey R. Bucher           9                    Lee Chivens                      2
years	 are	 calculated	 from	 each	 person’s	                  Ray E. Crosno               9                    David E. Chivens                 2
anniversary	 date	 so	 that	 each	 name	 will	                 Rena Dambly                 8                    Rich Morgantini                  2
appear	separately	on	this	report.	                             Sue Luft                    8                    Kerry Morgantini                 2
                                                               Jerry S. Brandt             7                    Jonathan J. White                2
FEBRUARY                                                       Matthew R. Bush             7                    Russell Houser                   1
                                                               John M. Becerra             6                    Flordeliza O. Houser             1
Jon Milledge                  37                               Anita R. Becerra            6                    Sigga Huff                       1
Joseph L. Freitas             28                               Carol Glusovich             6                    Dave G. Huff                     1
Helen M. Sepulveda            20                               Jamie Barber                5                    Kum Lee                          1
David E. Powles               15                               Ron Nodder                  5                    Christopher Summers              1
Jeff L. Sproul                15                               Marc U. Englert             4                    Bruce K. Summers                 1
                                                               William A. Gibson           4                    Paul Vidler                      1

   NEW MEMBERS                                                              NAME BADGES

New	members	for	the	month	                                              California	Central	Coast	Member	Name	Badges.	Your	Beautiful	5-color	
of	December........                                                     CCCR	Name	Badges	are	now	available	(IN	STOCK)	ready	to	have	your	
                                        	                               name	engraved.	Order	now!	Cost	for	standard	badge	with	pin	closure	or	
Charles	Cohn                                                            optional	swivel	clip:	$12.50,	First	Name,	Last	Name,	Optional	3rd	lines.-
                                        Cherie	Michaelson
                                                                        Your	office	within	the	club:	Historian.	Your	model	of	Porsche:	356	Road-
Los	Osos                                Paso	Robles                     ster	(for	example).
2007	Black	Cayman                       1988	Black	911                  	
	                                       	                               To	 order	 	 your	 name	 badge:	 Print	 (or	 type)	 your	 First	 Name	 and	 Last	
Emmanuel	Hajek                          Doug	Oneal                      Name	the	way	you	want	it	to	appear	on	your	name	badge	and	send,	to-
Lompoc                                  San	Luis	Obispo                 gether	with	a	check	for	amount	as	determined	above	to:
2003	Gray	911	Turbo                     2002	Silver	911
	                                                                       	          Alyce	Thorp
Alan	Harrison                                                           	          1105	16St.	
	Los	Osos                               Welcome	to	the	club!            	          Los	Osos,	Calif.	,	93402
2000	Blue	Boxster
                                                                        Questions?	Call	Alyce	or	Bob	at	805-528-2841,	or	email	
                                                              	or	Bob	at

    California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                          February 2011                                                      17
                                                                               suspension	 pieces	 to	 allow	 the	 rear	 to	 align	 properly	 with	 the	
Lowering                                                                       lowered	 stance.	 We	 got	 those	 (a	 set	 of	 tires	 later)	 and	 had	 Guy	
                                                                               adjust	them	again.
      & Jacks                                                                 Now,	I’ve	autocrossed	this	car	some	and	it	always	felt	weird	in	that	
                                                                              when	entering	a	corner,	the	rear	felt	like	it	would	rise	over	a	hump	
                                                                              before	setting	for	the	corner.	Now	the	odd	feeling	is	non-existent	
We	traded	in	our	’99	Boxster	for	it.	When	we	bought	it,	it	had	been	
                                                                              and	the	car	handles	much	better.
lowered	on	Eibach	springs.	It’s	stance	looked	really	good,	a	little	
low,	very	cool.	We	learned	quickly	to	enter	and	exit	our	SLO	type	
                                                                              Tire	wear?	Our	latest	set	of	the	same	type	of	tires	has	about	10,000	
rain	 gutters	 on	 a	 diagonal	 to	 prevent	 scraping	 the	 spoiler.	 	Tires	
                                                                              miles	on	them	and	they	are	wearing	very	evenly	across	the	tread	
were	virtually	new.	We’re	ready	to	go	for	it!
                                                                              (all	the	way	to	the	inside)	making	us	much	happier	with	the	tire	
Advance	 about	 a	 year	 and	 about	 10,000	 miles	 on	 the	 ’99	 996	
coupe.	Alyce	and	I	were	going	to	Ragged	Point	to	just	get	out.		I	
                                                                              Many	people	NEVER	use	the	car	jack	included	with	most	cars	as	
took	a	look	at	the	rear	tires	and	they	looked	barely	worn.	It	was	a	
                                                                              standard	equipment.	Above	tells	about	the	use	of	the	996	jack.	Our	
nice	drive	up	and	the	time	alone	was	a	delight.
                                                                              previous	Porsche	(the	’99	Boxster)	also	had	its	jack	used.
Leaving	Ragged	Point	to	head	back	to	Los	Osos	there	is	a	straight	
                                                                               The	 CCCR	 was	 on	 tour	 to	 Death	 Valley	 for	 a	 weekend.	 While	
section	of	road	not	many	miles	from	Ragged	Point	and	just	north	of	
                                                                               unloading	our	luggage	at	the	Furnace	Creek	Inn,	I	heard	a	faint	and	
Piedras	Blancas	Light	Station.	You	know	the	one,	it’s	the	one	with	
                                                                               almost	non-perceptible	hissing.		Walking	around	the	car	revealed	
the	whoop-te-dos.	I	told	Alyce,	“that’s	odd”	(kind	of	to	myself).	
                                                                               the	passenger	side	rear	tire	low	and	looking	revealed	a	nail	in	the	
She	asks	what’s	odd?	I	tell	her,	I	think	we’ve	got	a	flat	tire	or	low	
                                                                               tread.	 From	 the	 Inn,	 it	 is	 only	 a	 few	 hundred	 feet	 to	 a	 Chevron	
and	 going	 down	 as	 it	 sounds	 worse	 and	 worse.	 I	 searched	 for	 a	
                                                                               station,	so	off	I	went.	It	turned	out	their	floor	jack	was	too	high	to	
place	to	pull	off	to	look.	Finding	a	place	to	pull	off	the	road,	I	got	
                                                                               get	under	the	now	lower	than	normal	Boxster	as	the	tire	was	low.	
out	to	find	a	flat	tire	on	the	right	rear.		I	removed	the	tire	(yes	I	truly	
                                                                               So	our	Porsche	jack	was	put	to	use.
used	the	jack)	and	found	it	not	just	flat	but	worn	through	the	steel	
belt	and	casing	to	the	air	inside	(which	was	not	outside	anymore).	
                                                                      The	Chevron	station	owner	found	the	nail,	removed	it	and	“plugged”	
Where	the	entire	tire	looked	nearly	new	except	for	the	inside	edge	
                                                                      the	tire.	Hey	they	were	worn	and	would	soon	get	replaced.	Plus	the	
of	the	tread,	the	inside	was	shot.		I’ve	seen	this	tire	wear	before	on	
                                                                      station	owner	indicated	he	did	not	have	the	equipment	to	strip	the	
our	’86	Carrera	(lowered).	I	installed	the	Mickey	Mouse	spare	and	
                                                                      tire	for	proper	repair	without	possibly	scratching	the	wheel.	When	
put	 the	 rear	 tire	 in	 the	 trunk.	Thank	 heaven	 we	 had	 no	 luggage.		
                                                                      finished	 with	 the	 repair	 and	 reinstallation	 of	 the	 wheel/tire	 and	
Did	you	know	the	rear	tires	barely	fit	into	the	trunk?
                                                                      putting	away	our	jack,	I	asked	him	the	charges	for	the	repair.	He	
                                                                      said,	“we	used	your	jack	and	you	did	all	the	work,	so	I	think	we’re	
We	limped	home	at	a	slower	pace.		A	short	time	later	I	took	it	to	
                                                                      even.	I	still	have	that	nail.	It	is	a	16-penny	square	nail.	Antique?
Guy	 	 (now	 SGS)	 to	 check	 the	 rear	 alignment.	When	 completed,	
Guy	informed	me	the	rear	is	still	out	of	spec	but	as	close	as	he	can	
                                                                      Bob	Mayberry
get	it.	He	tells	me	that	I	need	some	adjustable	(read	aftermarket)	



    California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                                February 2011                                                    18
     ADVERTISER                                        CCCR PCA Classified Ads
                                 Classified ads are posted on the CCCR PCA website at Your
                                 ad is limited to 75 words and one digital photograph. It will run for 3 consecutive
                                 months without needing to be updated/resubmitted. Submit your text and photo (if
2.........SGS                    required) by email to: Eriel Nash at The ad is Free To Members.
2.........Vintage Autobody       CCCR is not responsible for the accuracy of any ad or claims made by advertis-
4.........G Rides, Inc.          ers, and does not warrant or guarantee the condition of items offered for sale.
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                                 If you are interested please contact Bruce Bero at 805-544-2376 (bbmed@char-
                        or Sanja Brewer at 805-541-9245 (

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California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America            February 2011                                            19

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  Ad 090817-PCA6.indd 1                                                                                                             8/18/09 5:08 PM

                                                                                                        Grant Berkefeld

350 Piney Lane                                                                                                                     Bulk Mail
Morro Bay, CA 93442                                                                                                               US Postage
                                                                                                                                 Morro Bay, CA
                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 79

   California Central Coast Porsche Club Of America                                 February 2011                                            20

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