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MH1 Web Hosting Tutorial

How to review your website traffic statistics
Analog produces a simple summary of all the people who have visited your
site. It is fast and provides great lightweight statistics. Analog shows the
people who have accessed your site during a specific month. It provides
limited content but can be helpful to see where your main users are coming
from and how they got to your web site. To learn more about Analog Stats,


   1. Login to your website Control Panel, aka “cPanel”.
      ( and enter your MH1
      Hosting login user name and password.
   2. Click on the Web/FTP Stats icon.
   3. Select “Analog”
   4. When the "Analog Stats" page loads, you can view statistics by month.
      Select a month that is currently available from the list provided. The
      months listed will go back twelve months. If the domain you are
      viewing has not been online for twelve months, the "Analog Stats"
      page will only show the months that have been available, assuming it's
      less than twelve months.

There are several summaries and reports available once the page loads.
Below is a list of available summaries and reports:

   •    General Summary
   •    Monthly Report
   •    Daily Summary
   •    Hourly Summary
   •    Domain Report
   •    Organization Report
   •    Redirected Referrer Report
   •   Failed Referrer Report
   •   Referring Site Report
   •   Browser Report
   •   Browser Summary
   •   Operating System Report
   •   Status Code Report
   •   File Size Report
   •   File Type Report
   •   Directory Report
   •   Request Report

Each of the above are also links provided at the top of each summary or
report section. You can click on any of the links at anytime throughout the
"Analog Stats" page.


Option: Add Google Analytics to your account

If these reports are inadequate for the level of detail you need, contact us
about creating a Google Analytics account.

Let MH1 set up your plan to accurately measure;
how many visitors are coming to your website,
where they come from, how many pages they visit,
which pages get the most attention, and so much

A Google Analytics Plan is for serious-minded businesses who expect
performance from their website

Learn more:

Further questions may be sent to