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Excellent Ge Lati, a combination of yoga and Pilates is a combination of both innovation and this kind of exercise. For those who can not stand the strenuous exercise, but also very difficult to shun the local yoga and want to Chang Changxian girls.

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Schedule runs January      Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday          Thursday          Friday
10-February 19
                           5:30               5:30              5:30               5:30              5:30
                           Ultimate Cardio    Ultimate Cardio   Ultimate Cardio    Ultimate Cardio   Ultimate Cardio
Times run from
                           Group Cycling                        Group Cycling                        Group Cycling
earliest morning class     H20 Cardio                                                                H20 Cardio
                                                                H2O Cardio
to evening class

                           8:15 -9:00                           8:15 -9:00                           8:15 -9:00
Punch Cards
                           Pilates                              Pilates                              Pilates
A punch card system
is in place for adult
fitness classes.           8:30-9:15          8:30-9:15         8:30-9:15          8:30-9:15         8:30-9:15
Purchase as many           Ultimate Cardio    H20 Cardio        Ultimate Cardio    H20 Cardio        Ultimate Cardio
                           Aqua TNT                             Aqua TNT                             Aqua TNT
punches as you need
and you can attend
any class. Punches are     9:30 –10:15                          9:30-10:15
$2.50 each for             Poquito Caliente                     Poquito Caliente
members and $5.00
                                              11:10-11:40                          11:10-11:40
each for guests of the
                                              Core Express                         Core Express
Y. Punch cards expire
at the end of the          4:15-5:00                            4:15-5:00
Winter II session, April   Bootcamp                             Bootcamp
9.                                            4:15-5:00                            4:15-5:00
                                              Core Express                         Core Express
Super Saturdays
                           4:45-5:15                            4:45-5:15
Once a month, join us
                           Mommy & Me                           Mommy & Me
to kick off your
weekend right. The         5:15-6:00                            5:15-6:00
class is held from         Group Cycling                        Group Cycling
                           H20 Cardio                           H20 Cardio
7:30-9 a.m. Watch for
dates!                     5:30- 6:15                           5:30- 6:15
                           Pilates                              Pilates

                           6:15-7:00                            6:15-7:00
                           Yogalates                            Yogalates

                                              6:30-7:30                            6:30-7:30
                                              Caliente Cardio                      Caliente Cardio

Forest City Y
916 West I Street, Forest City, Iowa 50436
P 641 585 5220
Core Express
This class will focus on your core muscles. This will be a great total body workout using the ball, weights, bands, body
bars, kettlebells and much more.
The series of movements promote elongated and toned muscles and is well known for developing the core of the
body. The low impact class improves strength, flexibility, balance and is good for all ages. Mats, balls, bands and
rings are used to make this an exciting class.
Yogalates combines the flexibility, meditative and weight loss elements of Yoga with the muscle strengthening and
toning of Pilates. The combination of discipline creates a strong, streamlined body, leaving you feeling taller, leaner
and with a strong sense of health & well-being.
Ultimate Cardio
Get a full-body workout with this intense cardiovascular class. Includes interval training involving aerobics, bikes,
steps, weights, bands, balls, kettlebells and much more.
Caliente Cardio
Kindra Windish, who teaches dance and creative movement at the Y, will lead this cardio-packed Latin dance workout
Come have fun with the music, movement and rhythm from south of the border.
Poquito Caliente
A low impact cardiovascular workout using the rhythms and movements from south of the border. Come have fun
and get in shape.
Group Cycling
Add a new element to your exercise program with this high intensity, high energy bike class that is designed for
beginners to advanced because you set your own pace. Run, jump, sprint and climb your way to a healthier you!
Boot Camp
A great class that is sure to rev up everyone from beginners to the most avid exercisers. Endurance activities, drills
and interval circuits are just a few of the fun exercises used to train the total body!
H2O Cardio
This total body workout will give you a moderate to high intensity workout that includes cardiovascular conditioning
for a healthy heart and elements of strengthening and toning.
Aqua TNT
Stretching and toning using gentle movements and some easy conditioning to soft enjoyable music to improve health,
flexibility, and muscle tone with no joint stress.

Forest City Y
916 West I Street, Forest City, Iowa 50436
P 641 585 5220

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