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					                 Autumn 2007 - Issue 1

                Championships report,
                  results and pictures
   Going showing? New series unveiled
                Insurance unravelled:
             your questions answered
Feeding for temperament: expert advice

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Welcome to Trailblazers
        What can we say? With 2,500 entries and nearly 700
         horses and ponies (bedded on 1,500 bales of
         shavings) stabled on site, the 2007 Trailblazers
            Championship Finals was among the UK’s largest
             and most prestigious equestrian events of the

               The atmosphere was fantastic, the overall standards
                       extremely high, and yet everyone who
                          attended will surely agree that it was a
                          hugely enjoyable experience. Catch up
                         with all the action and results in this, the
                         first issue of the new Trailblazers

                         As we look forward to the new indoor
                         season, some 200,000 competitors will be
                        seeking qualification for second rounds as
                        their first step to reaching the 2008 finals,
                        while others will be giving young horses
                       and ponies their first confidence-boosting
                       taste of show jumping or dressage.

                      And that’s the great thing about Trailblazers.
                      Whatever your ambitions, there’s always a
                     show centre within easy reach offering
                     professional facilities at affordable prices.

                     Good luck (and have fun) this season!

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• The championships’ youngest contenders were
  Bethany-Rose Horobin, who rode Starlight in the
  preliminary and novice dressage, and Laura
  Sanderson who partnered Toffee Apple in the
  75cm and 85cm show jumping. Both girls are
  just nine years old. Laura is pictured receiving a
  goody bag courtesy of the British Equestrian
  Trade Association (BETA), one of the sponsors of
  the championships.
• There was a pause in the dressage
  presentations as commentator Val                     Because your horse is worth it
  Attenborough congratulated John and Joanna
  Mears on their tenth wedding anniversary.            Make your horse stand out from the crowd with the
  The couple, who share the ride on Rio 111, were      proven benefits of Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo.
  making their first appearances at the                Optimum coat condition all season long is just a

  championships where they both came fifth – John      shampoo away. Plus there’s an exciting new range of
                                                       Dermoline conditioners and shampoos all designed to
  in the Elementary and Joanna in the consolation
                                                       enhance the healthy condition and appearance of
                                                       your horse.
  Joanna also competes Rio 111 in dressage to
  music for which John puts together her floorplan.    Be a winner and choose Dermoline.
  As she says: “A real team effort.”
• Lucky Lauren Ringrose (14) and her horse
  Malakai will be travelling in style next season
  thanks to winning the use of an Equi-Trek horse
  trailer for one year. On their way to victory in
  the Junior Preliminary Championship, Lauren
  and her skewbald six year old notched up the
  highest score across all sections – an
  impressive 75.9%.
• Irish Draft cross Cleo can turn her hoof to
  anything. The week before giving rider Lynn Mellor
  a good ride for placings in the Trailblazers
  championships, the ten year old mare had             BATTLE, HAYWARD & BOWER LTD, Crofton Drive, Lincoln, LN3 4NP, UK,
  competed with Matthew Daley at the RDA                             Tel: 01522 529206     Fax: 01522 538960

  National Championships.                                     Website:    E-mail:

We are the champions!
Looking back on the glorious, five-day feast of show jumping and
dressage that was the Spillers Trailblazers Championship Finals.
With than 2,500 competitive entries forward, riders attended
the championships from all corners of the country having won
their places via the South Essex Insurance Brokers series of
regional Trailblazers competitions held earlier in the year.

Dressage championship classes were run from Preliminary to
Elementary level and the judges, some of whom were top
British Dressage officials, commented on the high standards of
horsemanship. The Senior Trailblazers Elementary Dressage
Championship was won by Sarah-Kim Lowe, a regular
Trailblazers competitor from Milton Keynes, riding the talented
mare OK Annie.
                                                                  Hannah Patchett, Senior 105cm Champion

Meanwhile 15 year old Genevieve Walters from
Nottinghamshire riding Tothorwald Just Barney claimed first
place in both the Novice and Elementary Junior sections.

The Show Jumping Championship classes, running from 75cm
to 1.05m, generated enthusiastic spectator support. The 1.05m
senior winner was Hannah Patchett from Nottinghamshire
riding Gilberts Domain and the 1.05m junior winner was 16-
year-old Emily Brady riding Flicka. This was Emily’s last crack
at juniors as she will be too old to be eligible next year.

            The championships were widely
              acknowledged to be the best yet with                  Emily Brady, Junior 105cm Champion

                overall entries up by 15% and new
                                 benefits for competitors
                                   including improved

                                   Sarah Kim Lowe,                   Genevieve Walters, Junior Novice &
                                   Senior Elementary Champion              Elementary champion

Trailblazers Championships
                                       SHOW JUMPING RESULTS
FRIDAY                                               Sunday Class 23 - 2nd Section:
Class 7 Senior Trailblazers 70cm:                    1st Castle Rye & Vicky Green
1st Smiler & Leanne Wilson                           2nd It’s Harry Potter & Katie Andrews
2nd Ever Ready & Vicky Hipkins                       3rd Roxy Royale & Carline Wilkinson
3rd Strawberry Shortcake & Claire Atwater
                                                              SENIOR TRAILBLAZERS 85CMS CHAMPIONSHIPS
Class 8 Senior Trailblazers 80cm:
                                                             CHAMPION Hannah Mann & Aztec Tik Tok
1st Mystical Merlin & Colleen Miller
                                                                  RESERVE Chloe Slater & Cassie
2nd Smiler & Leanne Wilson
                                                             1ST RESERVE Helen Dobbin & Duo Danny
3rd Lady Equis & Keighley Rhodes
                                                     Saturday Class 16 - 1st Section:
Class 9 Senior Trailblazers 90cm:
                                                     1st Castle Rye & Vicky Green
1st Mystical Merlin & Colleen Miller
                                                     2nd Bright Spark & Daisy Baugh
2nd Lightening & Peter Irving
                                                     3rd Mystical Merlin & Colleen Miller
3rd Mickey & Janet Spriggs
Class 10 Senior Trailblazers 1m:                     Sunday Class 24 - 2nd Section:
1st La Vida Loca & Abigail Shaw                      1st Mayfield Latest Trick & Melissa Gibbs
2nd Wake Up Smiling & Stepen Foster                  2nd Jungle Valico & Paula Clinton
3rd Gulliver & Sally Wagstaff                        3rd Aztec Tik Tok & Hannah Mann

Class 11 Junior Trailblazers 70cm:                            SENIOR TRAILBLAZERS 95CMS CHAMPIONSHIPS
1st Redhill Jumanji & Joeanna Roney                           CHAMPION Richard Jones & What a Pride
2nd Dittles Chester & Becky Padgett                            RESERVE Sophie Perrin & Supremacy
3rd Baby Blue & Ashley Mitchell                             1ST RESERVE Julie Nuttall & Prince Phalian
Class 12 Junior Trailblazers 80cm:                              Hannah Patchitt & Gilberts Domain
1st Redhill Jumanji & Joeanna Roney                                   ROR Prize (ex-racehorses)
2nd Sandhills High Flyer & Daisy Appleby                            Lizzy Crabb & Take on Jon
3rd Black Abbacus & Molly Waugh                      Saturday Class 17 - 1st Section:
Class 13 Junior Trailblazers 90cm:                   1st Supremacy & Sophie Perrin
1st Robe Ranger & Katy Davison                       2nd Sow Sear Lady & Nikki Hanrahan
2nd Jack & Charlotte Darlow                          3rd Mr Simpson II & Nicola Barry
3rd Pirates Delight & Hayley Warwick                 Sunday Class 25 - 2nd Section:
Class 14 Junior Trailblazers 1m:                     1st What a Pride & Richard Jones
1st Morgans Jeremiah & Charlotte Harpur              2nd Mystical Merlin & Colleen Miller
2nd Kilcolgan King & Sian Williams                   3rd Supremacy & Sophie Perrin
3rd Miss Destiny & Lowri Rooke
                                                               SENIOR TRAILBLAZERS 1.05M CHAMPIONSHIPS
         SENIOR TRAILBLAZERS 75CMS CHAMPIONSHIPS           CHAMPION Hannah Patchett & Gilberts Domain
        CHAMPION Katie Andrews & It’s Harry Potter             RESERVE Nicola Barry & Mr Simpson II
        RESERVE Caroline Wilkinson & Roxy Royale             1ST RESERVE Julie Nuttall & Prince Phalian
      1ST RESERVE Lauren Walker & Emerald Express        ROR prize (ex-racehorses) Peter Irving & Lightening
Saturday Class 15 - 1st Section:                     Saturday Class 18 - 1st Section:
1st Roxy Royale & Caroline Wilkinson                 1st Lightening & Peter Irving
2nd Smiler & Leanne Wilson                           2nd Fengel & Nicola Baird
3rd Archie & Megan Dale                              3rd Mr Simpson II & Nicola Barry

Sunday Class 26 - 2nd Section:                            2nd Liquid Gold & Ashley Thomas
1st Gilberts Domain & Hannah Patchett                     3rd My Touch of Frost & Georgia Tame
2nd Pennington Star & Aimee Wardrope                      Sunday Class 30 - 2nd Section:
3rd Theo & Philippa Slater                                1st Miss Abbie & Savannah Graziano
          JUNIOR TRAILBLAZERS 75CMS CHAMPIONSHIP          2nd Flicka & Emily Brady
              CHAMPION Martha Newall & Tilly              3rd Yorkie & Sophie Bacon.
              RESERVE Alex Jackson & Merlin
    1ST RESERVE Madeleine Taylor & Lofts Simply Red                    DRESSAGE RESULTS
                                                          Class 1 - Senior Trailblazers Preliminary Championship
Saturday Class 19 - 1st Section:
                                                                          CHAMPION Belle & Amie Faulkner
1st Tilly & Martha Newall
                                                                            RESERVE Tenor & Sue Fearis
2nd Chandaem Pippaley & Olivia Timms
                                                                  1ST RESERVE Sterling Durant & Vicky Freeman
3rd Sprite & Vicky Green
                                                          Wednesday Section 1:
Sunday Class 27 - 2nd Section:
                                                          1st Belle & Amie Faulkner
1st Tilly & Martha Newall
                                                          2nd Dark Secret & Claire Johnson
2nd Merlin & Alex Jackson
                                                          3rd Kyndred Spirit & Louise Powell
3rd Lofts Simply Red & Madeleine Taylor
                                                          Wednesday Section 2:
          JUNIOR TRAILBLAZERS 85CMS CHAMPIONSHIP          1st Chester & Chloe Beresford
     CHAMPION Laura Whitfield & Irish Platinum Pleasure   2nd A Taste of Honey & Gina Harrison
         RESERVE Georgia Elsey & Hill Street Blue         3rd= Moonlight Matilda & Katie Brickman
        1ST RESERVE Katy Davison & Robe Ranger            3rd= Dexter & Kim March
Saturday Class 20 - 1st section:                          Wednesday Section 3:
1st Kilcolgan King & Sian Williams                        1st Kipper & Mary Abrams
2nd Miss Destiny & Lowri Rooke                            2nd Hyde House Showman & Libby Farmer
3rd Shannon & Sarah Pickard                               3rd Itz Easter & Emma Smith
Sunday Class 28 - 2nd Section:                            Wednesday Section 4:
1st Irish Platinum Pleasure & Laura Whitfield             1st Jock & Kay Bond
2nd Hill Street Blue & Georgia Elsey                      2nd Mister Gee & Naomi Garner
3rd Miss Purdy & Jessica Baugh                            3rd Laura & Lynda Graham
                                                          Thursday Consolation A:
                                                          1st Parma & Samantha Williams
     CHAMPION Charlotte Harpur & Morgan’s Jeremiah
                                                          2nd Bridgeston Rio & Lisa Nichols
              RESERVE Emily Brady & Flicka                3rd Ffrithucha Bonnie Prince of Wales & Laura Wood
          1ST RESERVE Poppy Newman & Henry
                                                          Thursday Consolation B:
               CHAPS prize (coloured horses)
                                                          1st I've Dunnit Again & Tish Thompson
           Reiss Hughes & Irish Indian Dancer
                                                          2nd Firemoon & Leah Craven
Saturday Class 21 - 1st Section:                          3rd= Thomas & Julie Wilton
1st Woodland Bay & Ceri Wardrope                          3rd= Lady Grey & Karon Whenmouth
2nd Secret Twist & Millie Etheridge
                                                          Thursday Consolation C:
3rd Flicka & Emily Brady
                                                          1st Funny Flight & Helen Oglesby
Sunday Class 29 - 2nd Section:                            2nd Cruise Control & Kimberley Spencer
1st Morgans Jeremiah & Charlotte Harpur                   3rd Mr Micawber & Katie Sanders
2nd T.S. Tara’s Frost & John Stokes
3rd Flicka & Emily Brady                                       Class 2 - Senior Trailblazers Novice Championship
                                                                      CHAMPION Jet Set & Laura Harrison
          JUNIOR TRAILBLAZERS 1.05M CHAMPIONSHIP           RESERVE Walk on By II & Jennie Griffiths (ex racehorse)
              CHAMPION Emily Brady & Flicka                        1ST RESERVE Ramona & Hayley Thornton
             RESERVE Sophie Bacon & Yorkie                Wednesday Section 1:
      1ST RESERVE Savannah Graziano & Miss Abbie          1st River Dancer II & Jill Ridge
               CHAPS prize (coloured horses)              2nd Mr Micawber & Katie Sanders
          Reiss Hughes & Irish Indian Dancer              3rd OK Annie & Sarah-Kim Lowe
Saturday Class 22 - 1st Section:                          Wednesday Section 2:
1st Willy Wonka III & Laura Tugwell                       1st Ramona & Hayley Thornton

2nd Dwyfor Acorn & Bonny Williams                             Wednesday Section 3:
3rd Mister Gee & Naomi Garner                                 1st Inspekteur Keillour & Emily Carmichael
Wednesday Section 3:                                          2nd Gulliver the Melody Maker & Rachel Musgrove
1st= Midnight River God & Sally-Ann Burns                     3rd Malakai & Lauren Ringrose
1st= Noely & Tracey Sargeant                                  Thursday Consolation A:
3rd Dark Secret & Claire Johnson                              1st Blue Stilton & Kathryn Harborough
Wednesday Section 4:                                          2nd= Irish Evie & Natasha Brotherton
1st Walk on By II & Jennie Griffiths                          2nd= Bertie & Kayleigh Clarke
2nd Yogi Bear & Lorraine Williams                             Thursday Consolation B: -
3rd Strathmore Benjamin & Nicky Keir                          1st Kennox Sunflower & Rebekah Wintle
Thursday Consolation A:                                       2nd Master Buster & Lucy Fellows
1st A Question of Class & Rebecca Golland                     3rd Mosscar Quartz & Danielle Cannon
2nd Fire Moon & Leah Craven                                         Class 5 - Junior Trailblazers Novice Championship
3rd Galaxy & Sally Bragg                                        CHAMPION Torthorwald Just Barney & Genevieve Walters
Thursday Consolation B:                                              RESERVE Ellare Flare Molly & Clare Newstead
1st Luca & Veronika Hnizdilova                                   1ST RESERVE Gunthwaite Countryman & Maddie Shaw
2nd Belle & Amie Faulkner                                     Wednesday Section 1:
3rd Ad Lib & Michelle Robilliard                              1st Thorthorwald Just Barney - Genevieve Walters
Thursday Consolation C:                                       2nd Sunny & Fiona Howson
1st Lemton Tristan & Margaret Powell                          3rd Bright Spark & Daisy Baugh
2nd Blowing a Gail & Pippa Warren                             Wednesday Section 2:
3rd Millie & Donna Henson                                     1st Irish Cream & Joseph Wooderson
     Class 3 - Senior Trailblazers Elementary Championship    2nd Aytounhill Pernod & Alice Brookes
           CHAMPION OK Annie & Sarah-Kim Lowe                 3rd= Gulliver the Melody Maker and Rachel Musgrove
        RESERVE= Jester Moment & Catherine Taylor             3rd= Gunthwaite Countrynan & Maddie Shaw
               RESERVE= Annie & Karen Baugh                   Thursday Consolation:
Wednesday Section 1:                                          1st Archie & Beth Logan
1st= OK Annie & Sarah-Kim Lowe                                2nd Cwyfadden Cadno Corch & Phillipa Norris
1st= Riverdancer II & Jill Ridge                              3rd Tellynau Film Acadamy & Clementine Hickman
3rd= Annie & Karen Baugh                                      Class 6 - Junior Trailblazers Elementary Championship
3rd= Arnie & Natalie Segger                                      CHAMPION Torthorwald Just Barney & Genevieve Walters
Wednesday Section 2: -                                               RESERVE Inspekteur Keillur & Emily Carmichael
1st Boycott Fair Lady & Ellen Eatough                             1ST RESERVE Woodlands Boy & Stephanie Busbridge
2nd Call Me Elvis & Sophie Ledsham                            Wednesday: 1st Torthorwald Just Barney & Genevieve Walters
3rd Rosen Cavalier & Lisa Neil                                2nd Song and Danceman & Louis Unitt
Thursday Consolation:                                         3rd Woodland’s Boy 7 Stephanie Busbridge
1st Herman & Gillian Reid                                     Thursday Consolation: 1st Annie & Griff Nicholson
2nd Digby V & Janet Evans                                     2nd Gunthwaite Countryman & Maddie Shaw
3rd Picasso & Rebecca Pell                                    3rd Classique Visage & Charlotte Grant
     Class 4 - Junior Trailblazers Preliminary Championship              The RoR awards were presented to:-
          CHAMPION Malakai and Lauren Ringrose                           Miss Valentine and Rebecca Howe
            RESERVE Diamond Jane & Becky Cox                           who came 7th in junior preliminary Final
   1ST RESERVE Inspekteur Keillour & Emily Carmichael
                                                                     Mutarafaa and Rebecca Golland who qualified
Wednesday Section 1:                                                for the Senior Preliminary Final and came 6th=
1st Diamond Jane & Becky Cox                                                  on Wednesday in Section 1.
2nd Meg & Elizabeth Thomas
                                                                    Walk on By II and Jennie Griffiths who came
3rd Cwyfadden Cadno Corch & Phillipa Norris
                                                              Reserve Champion in the Senior Novice and won section 4
Wednesday Section 2:                                                   of the Senior Novice on the Wednesday.
1st Miss Valentine & Rebecca Howe
                                                              Walk on By II and Jennie Griffiths who was placed 10th in
2nd Forrestmoor Firefly & Victoria Maw
                                                                             the senior elementary Final.
3rd Bradeney Rhion & Olivia Coe

Fancy going...
           Exciting news -
            Trailblazers is
              to launch its
                 very own
           showing series!

From October, centres up
and down the country will
be running Trailblazers
Showing shows, combining
ridden and in-hand
classes run to the same
high standards as the
popular show jumping and
dressage series.
With classes for youngstock, native
breeds (small and large), coloured
horses and ponies, show ponies,
lead rein, hunters, show hunter
ponies and best conditioned
horses, there will be something for
everyone at Trailblazers Showing. A
panel of experienced judges is
already in place.

Three from each class will qualify
for second rounds, with
qualification cards being obtained
from relevant centres. Trailblazers
Showing will have its own
championship final at Stoneleigh
Park, to be run over two days at
the end of July 2008.

Each Trailblazers Showing show
will hopefully award its own ridden
and in-hand champion and reserve
champion respectively, the winners
going forward to compete for the
supreme championship at the end
of the day.

For more details, contact your local
centre or click onto

  Tell your friends
  When you’ve finished reading this copy of Trailblazers, why not pass it onto a friend?
  Everyone who registers with Trailblazers, by picking up a form at one of the participating
  centres or returning their qualification card, is entitled to receive the magazine.

Feeding for temperament
                                                                 By Clare Lockyer, technical manager of SPILLERS®

In recent years there has been a great deal of interest surrounding the effects of diet on the behaviour of children
and it is widely recognised that frequent snacks of sweets and fizzy drinks can contribute to a toddler’s tantrums.
In some cases it can be just as simple to pinpoint a possible nutritional cause of difficult behaviour in horses and
take straightforward steps to improve the situation.
Feeding fizzy horses
The equine equivalent of sweets and cola is cereal. Straights such as oats, barley and maize, as well as some
coarse mixes, all contain a relatively high proportion of cereal starch. This energy source is rapidly broken down in
the horse’s digestive system to release a rush of fuel into the bloodstream, which tends to encourage excitability.
Fibre and oil on the other hand release fuel to the horse gradually and tend not to encourage excitable behaviour,
despite being valuable sources of energy.
Practical tips: If your horse or pony is naturally lively or does a job that requires him to be as calm as possible try
to find out the starch content of any feed that you are considering for him. Choose a product with a starch level of
20% or less or, if he is particularly excitable, below 15%. Avoid straight cereals altogether and aim to feed cubes
or a “non-heating” mix.
Feeding laid back or lazy horses
Starch can be put to good use in the diets of horses needing a little extra sparkle. As long as the starch content of
the overall diet is kept to a safe level and the horse also receives adequate amounts of fibre, the instant energy
that cereals provide can help liven up laid back characters.
Practical tips: When choosing a feed for a horse that needs some more sparkle, stick to cereal-based coarse mixes
with starch levels between 25 and 35%.. Look out for competition mixes that are
designed for laid back characters. For good doers, feed up to half the
manufacturer’s recommended rate along with a good
quality broad spectrum vitamin and mineral
supplement such as EQUIVITE Original.
SPILLERS® COOL MIX and Horse & Pony
Cubes are non-heating feeds with tightly
controlled starch levels and added
magnesium. Both feeds are suitable for horses
in light to medium work.
If more energy is required SPILLERS RESPONSE
Slow Release Energy Cubes and Mix can provide
extra calories without excitability.
SPILLERS® RESPONSE™ Instant Energy Mix is
designed to give laid back horses some extra
sparkle and presence.
If you would like advice on putting a diet together
to suit your horse’s temperament, contact the
SPILLERS® Care-Line on 01908 226626 for further

• Let’s hear it for Shetlands: Digby Mason on
  Ulverscroft Capacino and Michael Hodgson on
  Wayford Black Magic took part in the
  championships on their beautifully presented
  equine partners.
• Young at heart dressage competitors Helen Kerry and
  Gentle Breeze have a combined age of 73.
  “I had a heart attack in January 2003 and Breeze
  has been a great help in getting me back to
  fitness,” said Helen. “I have great support from my husband Dave who acts as transport manager, groom
  and keeping me calm. It was brilliant to qualify for the championships.”
  Gentle Breeze (age 21) and Helen, who’s from Hesket Newmarket in Cumbria, also collected a Veteran Horse
  Society performance achievement award earlier this year.

For peace
     of mind
South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB), sponsor of the Trailblazers
series, answer some tricky insurance questions.

Q: Can youdrive my lorry to shows on my own, but dread breaking down with horses on board.
   I often

A: SEIB offersrepaired at for horseboxes and trailers. Withget you and your horses breakdown cover,anythe horsebox
   cannot be
                          the scene, provision is made to
                                                            our optional specialist
                                                                                    home. Cover for
                                                                                                       hotel and
       livery expenses is also included.

Q: While my friend is pregnant, I'm riding her horse. Do I need insurance?
A: You first need to check whetherisyour friend hasthis litigiousinsociety,for the horse to bewhether thisFor your peace of
   you. Public liability insurance imperative in
                                                    insurance place
                                                                            so you need
                                                                                                           extends to cover

       mind and security, we would recommend that you join the British Horse Society as a gold member as membership
       includes public liability and personal accident insurance.

Q: Itoo oldatofit, 18 year old horse and we are entering Trailblazers qualifiers this season. Is he

A: No - disposalcover couldwill have the added benefitandpublic only, although thisaccidentbeand tack/saddlery cover
        but the
                 fees. You
                            be restricted to accident
                                                                 liability, personal
                                                                                     could extended to cover colic

       included within the policy.

Q: Is it possible to insure a trailer against theft when it’s not attached to the towing vehicle?
A: if you but it your probably need toBreakdown insuranceproprietary anti-theft device.getting are discountshome if you
   Yes -
                      trailer at home.
                                       be protected with a
                                                           can be added to deal with
                                                                                               your horses

       are unable to continue a journey due to the vehicle or trailer breaking down.

Q: from - how on earth six year old to go to? many insurance companies to choose
   I want to insure my
                              do I decide which
                                                         There are so

A: cover offered and if thereyour horse onexclusions dueTakepast injury or to your insurancea company to understand the
   Do not buy insurance for
                              will be any
                                            price alone.
                                                             time to talk
                                                                            illness. Choose company that has many
       years’ experience of insuring horses and uses reliable and stable insurers authorised in the UK so that you will be
       properly protected by the Financial Services Authority.

Q: If I make a claim for 'loss of use', does this mean that my horse will have to be put down?
A: will have to be freeze markedwill have ‘L’ be aput down if youyou aretopaid outit forretirementoforuse claim. however it
   It is unlikely that your horse         to
                                  with an in circle before
                                                                  want keep in
                                                                                         the loss
                                                                                                       light work;

  For help, advice or a free quote, please call SEIB on 0845 450 0632
Publisher (for all reader communication):
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Front Cover:
 Shelly Tostevin and Lockinge Daisy

               sc Trailblafer

                     of of

                    nc t
                 ra n
               be al

               su u
    £ r mem peci

             in o

       ho i
      w d

    ne 0
an 1

           We all like to be 1st

                                                                                                                                                      A better way to insure
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