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					                                                                                                   Noor Takaful
                                                                                        Best Marketing Campaign

          Islamic Business and Finance Awards 2010
                 Best Marketing Campaign

Please provide highlights of your company’s last annual accounts and latest published accounts,
detailing performance improvements over the last 12 months (300 words maximum).

In 2009, Noor Takaful embarked on its journey to become Takaful market leaders in the UAE.

This mission requires us to deliver product innovation, prudent underwriting and meticulous risk
management to our customers through a thorough understanding of their needs. It is our duty to grow the
Takaful market by raising awareness and clearly communicating the benefits of Takaful for the family, the
society and the economy at large.

Upon closing our first year, you will note that we have set a solid platform for growth by carefully investing
in our people, systems, and processes. We are well prepared to meet our long-term objectives while
maintaining a solid base of risk based capital and shareholder backing. After all, in terms of gross written
contributions, we are already in contention to become a top 3 Takaful player by the end of 2010.

Keeping the above objectives in mind, we have ensured that we balance our business development
                                                                           initiatives with a solid system of
                                                                           internal checks and controls. Our
                                                                           strong distribution enables us to
                                                                           deliver   value directly to our
                                                                           customers. Our internal controls
                                                                           ensure that we are able to build
                                                                           a   secure,       sustainable     and
                                                                           profitable     business     for   our
                                                                           Takaful      participants   and   our
                                                                           Takaful shareholders alike.

                                                                           We have prepared our business
                                                                           to meet the realities of UAE
                                                                           market opportunities and are
confident that despite the challenging reality of the macro environment, we will become a leading Takaful
operator by 2014.

And last but not least, we would like to thank all of our customers, employees, distribution partners and
re-Takaful and re-insurance companies for their support in helping us to achieve our objectives.
                                                                                                  Noor Takaful
                                                                                        Best Marketing Campaign

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The Nominated Campaign

Noor Takaful’s Online Marketing Campaign
Despite the fact that Noor Takaful only launched in January 2009, the Noor brand has immediately
become a recognisable name in the eyes of UAE consumers following a carefully planned and executed
marketing and brand building strategy. In early 2010, Noor Takaful set about revolutionising the way
consumers purchased online Takaful insurance. After putting the infrastructure and systems in place,
Noor Takaful Management challenged the Marketing team to launch the GCC’s, first ever, online Takaful
Insurance portal, with the following objectives:

      Communicate the launch of the region’s first ever Takaful online insurance facility
      Communicate the Quick and Easy way to purchase motor insurance
      Use various mediums to best target the audience most likely use the facility

To overcome the above challenge, Noor Takaful Marketing devised a very precise and thorough
                                                   marketing plan based on proven methodologies, which
                                                   have demonstrated a high Return On Investment in the
                                                   past. The approach was based on a two-step
                                                   communication process. The task was to officially
                                                   announce the launch of the region’s first ever Takaful
                                                   online facility. Unlike conventional methods of corporate
                                                   announcements, which are usually text heavy full-page
                                                   newspaper announcements, Noor Takaful Marketing opted
                                                   to announce the launch by using both text and imagery to
                                                   capture the target audiences attention effectively. The
                                                   theme for the announcement was ‘A City of Firsts’, to
                                                   reflect the great achievements of the UAE and Noor
                                                   Takaful’s online Takaful Insurance, which was of course,
                                                   another great first for Dubai.

                                                   Despite only strategically placing the announcement in tier
                                                   one publications, Noor Takaful’s launch was covered in
                                                   over 20 publications with the aid of PR.

Phase two of the communication plan was soon to follow the successful official launch announcement.
Challenged with the task:
                                                                                              Noor Takaful
                                                                                    Best Marketing Campaign

     How do you consistently remind the target audience of your services, and get them to respond to
        the call to action?
     How can you drive traffic to the site for generating leads?

Up against competition from other insurance companies, Noor Takaful Marketing had to seek alternative
campaign methods to ensure that its advertising would promote the desired call to action of visiting the
site and obtaining an online insurance quote, which would lead to an online purchase.

Four elements had to come across strongly:

     Online facility is now available
     Simple steps for obtaining an online quotation
     Instant insurance
     Focal point being Motor Insurance
                                          The Apple Campaign

Considerable time was taken to ensure that the campaign was launched successfully and that it
communicated the above messages effectively. After many rounds of conceptual ideas, a decision was
made. Unlike any other conventional insurance campaigns, which the public are accustomed to, the
                                                                                                     Noor Takaful
                                                                                        Best Marketing Campaign

winning campaign was based on three Apples, which represented the colours of traffic lights. They were
positioned in the familiar order of traffic lights and therefore instantly recognisable. Then, the
communication points were clearly identified beside each Apple. Along with the opening statement,
Marketing had managed to devise an unconventional and effective campaign, which was almost
guaranteed to stand out amongst the dull pages of most business and news publications.

Despite the low penetration of internet shoppers in the region, concerns over security and adaptability,
Noor Takaful still went ahead, tackling each of these concerns, to become the first ever Takaful company
in the region to offer online Takaful insurance. Based on the nominated campaign, the immediate success
and acceptance of this online site in the UAE was clear, with up to 600 quotes being obtained daily - a
clear and true reflection of Noor Takaful’s ability to successfully bring innovative solutions to the UAE

Following the success of the initial launch campaign the adverts were rolled out across the
following media:

     Online Media

     Site marketing

     Print Media

     Radio Media

     Ad Words Search Campaign / Sponsored Links

     Internal campaign
                                                                                               Noor Takaful
                                                                                    Best Marketing Campaign


Please provide a statement summarizing why your Marketing Campaign should win this Award
(200 words maximum).

In summary, our campaigns are simple, clean and transparent – they appeal to the general public through
effective abstract concepts – by relating the products and services to everyday objects. Being a Takaful
company we set certain guidelines as to how we approach our campaigns:

     Compelling message – the messages are strong, simple and communicate our services clearly.
        We do not use jargon or industry terminology, making it easier for the reader to understand.

     Imagery - the use of imagery should be thought provoking and capture the attention of the public.
        We rationalise our campaigns on a ‘stop, recognise, interpret and act’ strategy.

     All imagery must be Shari’a compliant to ensure the brand remains clean and pure.

We choose to be different and lose the clichéd approach to insurance advertising. We choose to be
portrayed as a very approachable organization. Our campaigns are guided by our core values of
simplicity, convenience and value. With this in mind, we are confident of continual growth and will spread
the word Takaful in an attractive, friendly manner to overcome our challenge of getting the public to be
familiar with the term. As Shari’a is today, Takaful will be tomorrow.

                     Thank you                                       ‫شكراً لكم‬

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