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					    YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

                                           Managerial Accounting

                                                Spring, 2011,
                         College of Business Administration, Kookmin University

    Class hour: Tu, Th, 15:00-16:15

    Instructor: Professor Young-ho Nam

    Phone: 02-910-4558 (O); 010-9122-4558 (M)
           Daum Cafe:

    Office hour: After class or appointmentby phone or email

    Prerequisite: AccountingPrinciples (회계학원론)

    This course is designed for students who want to studypractical accounting for decision

    making, planning and control. Thus, eligible students are those who understand basic
    financial accounting and want to know the international business practices. This course does

    not cover product costing or so-called cost accounting.

    Textbook: Introduction to Management Accounting (2010, 15th edition) by Hongren, Sundem,

    Stratton, Burgstahler and Schatzberg, Pearson

    Study Goal:

       From the class, you can learn the followings.
    1. You can be familiar with accounting vocabularies or terminologiesin English so that you

       can use them in the international business world. Before starting every chapter, you
       should translate Accounting Vocabularies in Korean and write them down on the
       textbook.The translation will be discussed in class.

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

2.You can obtain second-hand knowledge about internationally-renowned companies which
   are mentioned at the textbook.

3. Youcan learn the application of basic managerial accounting technique using real world
   examples. Student groups will be assigned to the problem sets and 10K cases. After the
   presentation, students will be familiar with 10K reports.

Teaching Method:
the thick textbook intimidatesmost students toshundiscussion in English. I try to motivate

students to participate in the class discussion by preparing discussion materials in advance.

I first provide a concise lecture on the chapters using PowerPoint, and then student groups
will present their assignments and discussover them. Students are grouped in class under
my supervision.

Specifically, around two weeks arespent foreach chapter.

- At the firstweek, we discussthe translation of Accounting Vocabulary, and the lecture is
given using PowerPoint. A pre-assigned student group will present the Internet Company
Survey of each chapter).
- At the second week, wediscuss assignment problems by checkingyourpreparation.
Presentation of theCaseAnalysis is followed, if any.The group leader sends presentation
materials to me in advance no later thanMonday morning of the presentation W. This kind of
coursework process is repeated every other W from the thirdW.

The assignments and cases are listed at the class schedule.

Internet Company Survey
Using the Internet you need to research any eight firms listed in the chapter.

At every chapter, pre-assigned student groups will present research results and answer
At theresearch of each firm, the following data should be included and presented using

PowerPoint’s multimedia functions.

    -   Official name and stock market abbreviation.

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

    -   Company profile, such as nationality, HQ’s location, international coverage,
        company history including M&A history, etc.

    -   Familiar advertisements, brand names, trademarks or service marksand famous
        CEOs, if any.
    -   Industry-specific characteristics: type of operation, such as industry classification,
        major products or services,and rival companies of the Industry which the company

        belongs to.
    -   Firm-specific characteristics: sales amounts, number of employees, net income,

        growth rates, etc. compared with rival companies in the same industry

    -   Summary SWAT analysis compared with rival companies.
    -   Any other useful information to understand the firm

Evaluation Scheme
Group presentation, exams, member evaluation, and participation and dedication in class

are 40%, 40%, 10% and 10%, respectively. Since grades for group activities are the same
among group members, you need to cooperate to produce the best results.

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

                                        Class Schedule

W1 (1)Mar. 3
    -   Self-introduction by students
    -   Assembling groups and allocating assignments to groups

W2 (2)Mar. 8, 10
Special presentation (I): The 100-year history of key success factors and management

control system
    -    혁신상품의 교과서, 모델 T
    -   불황 속에서도 급성장한 스타기업 3 선
    -   초일류 기업, 그 남다른 DNA
    -   아마존의 끝없는 변신
Special presentation (II): The 100-year history of key success factors and management
control system
    전통적 핵심역량

    -   역발상의챔피언, 한국조선산업
    -   미국의 저력, 고속도로
    -   일본기술, 더 이상 레시피는 없다
    -   돈 있어도 못사는 시계
    -   1 분도 못 참아! 초인종효과

    -   고객의 시간을 배려하라
    -   불황속 흑자, 도요타 신화

W3 (2)Mar. 15, 17
Chapter 1Managerial accounting, the business organization, and professional ethics
    -   In-class 1-29, 1-33, 1-39, 1-44

    -   Internet Company Survey of Chapter 1

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

    새로운 핵심역량

    -   일본의 정밀업계, 내재화 전략
    -   일 자동차산업과 이노베이션 딜레마
    -   혁신은 코끼리 코
    -   인포러스트
    -   버핏이 인정한 중국기업 BYD
    -   한국이 열어가는 첨단산업, AMOLED
    -   주목! 화웨이의 R&D 인해전술
    - 뛰는 애플위에 나는 구글인 이유
    -   용기를 불어넣는 영화 속의 명연설
    -   마음을 움직이는 영화속의 명연설
    -   닉부이치로의 연설이 감동적인 이유

W 4 (2) Mar. 22, 24
Chapter 15 Basic accounting: Concept, techniques and conventions

    -   Discussion of Vocabulary(Ch 15)
    -   In-class: 15-30, 15-32, 15-48,
    -   나이키 30 년 성장비결
    -   분식의 유혹과 함정
    - 뉴욕나이키타운과 삼청동길의 공통점
    -   말 잘하는 사람은 태어나지 않는다
    -   말 잘하는 것보다 더 중요한 것은
    -   언제 어디서나 유창하게 말하는 법

W5 (2)       Mar. 29, 31
Chapter 16 Understanding corporate annual reports: basic financial statements
    -   Homework: 15-A2, 15-39
    -   In-class: 15-50 (NIKE), 16-A1, 16-43
    -   Discussion of Vocabulary(Ch 16)
    -   Lecture: Cash Flow Statement (p. 690-705)is not taught.

    -   Lecture: Introduction to Nike 10-K report (Appendix C)

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

W6 (2) Apr. 5, 7
Chapter 2 Introduction to cost behavior and cost-volume relationships
    -   Discussion of Vocabulary
    -   Internet Company Survey of Chapter 2
    - Internet Company Survey of Chapter 16

W7 (2)       Apr. 12, 14
    -   Case Presentation 1:15-53

    -   Case Presentation 2:16-78
    -   Case Presentation 3: 2-71

W8      Apr. 21
Mid-term exam

W9 (2)       Apr. 26, 28
Chapter 5Relevant information for decision making with a focus on pricing decision
    -   Discussion of Vocabulary
    -   In-class: 5-A1, 5-45
    -   Internet Company Survey of Chapter 5
    -    디자인이 불황을 녹인다

    -   즐거워야 산다, Funology
    -    신한류가 시작됐다, 한국의 아이돌그룹

    -    온고지신, 전통의 재발견

    -    미래산업과 만나는 세가지 키워드

    Social Responsibility
    -    투자자를 모으는 신 코드, SRI

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

    -    한계형 명문기업들의 답, 결자해지

    -    정도경영의 핵심과 숨은 리스크


    -   80%를 잡아라, 긴꼬리 마케팅
    -   초저가, 고마진! 하드 디스카운트 소토어

W10 (1)May 3
Chapter 5
    -   Homework: 5-46, 5-A3
         - Case Presentation 4: 5-66

    -   한식의 새로운 도전

    -   의료서비스의 재탄생
    -   제품에 날개를 달아주는 서비스

    -   서비스의 경쟁력을 바꾼다: LBS

    -   따뜻한 기업 Zappos 의 행복배달

    -   요람에서 요람으로
    -   쿄토의정서
    -   돈되는 환경전략, 에코효율성

    -   약자의 전략: 로컬기업에서 배워라

    -   주먹을 놓고 진정한 자유를 얻다

W11 (1)       May 12
Chapter 9 Management control systems and responsibility accounting
    -   Discussion of Vocabulary
    -   In-class: 9-B1,
    -   Internet Company Survey of Chapter 9
    -   레몬의 가설

YHNam-Managerial Accounting-20110112

    -   임원평가의 두축, 업적평가와 역량평가

    -   비금전적 보상, 업무의 날개를 달다
    -   올바른 성과관리의 세가지 조건

W12 (2)       May 17, 19
Chapter 9
    -   Homework: 9-52

    -   Case Presentation 5: 9-56

W13 (2)       May 24, 26
Chapter 10 Management control in decentralized organizations
    -   Discussion of Vocabulary

    -   In-class: 10-A4, 10-B2

    -   Internet Company Survey of Chapter 10
    -   ROE 지표의 활용
    -   똑똑한 아웃소싱
    -   카오의 혁신지표, EVA
    -   EVA 성과지표의 활용

W14 (2)       May 31, Jun. 2
Chapter 10
    -   Homework: 10-30, 10-35

    -   Case Presentation 6: 10-60
         Wrap-up of the course

W15 Jun. 9
Final exam