License by dpgunaga1232




Buying LEAP Office package indicates your acceptance of these terms and
conditions in the License Agreement. This product is provided by Center
for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), India either directly or
through its distributor and is licensed by CDAC only upon these terms and
conditions. This is a legal agreement between the licensee and CDAC. CDAC
reserves the right to take suitable legal action in case of any


1.    The Licensee assumes the full responsibility for the selection,
installation and use of the Software. CDAC does not assume any
direct/indirect damages ensuing from the use of the product.
2.    Copies of the Software and the manual can be made only for backup
purposes and non-commercial personal usage. Any copy made must include
all copyright and proprietary information notices appearing on the copy
provided herein. Such a copy if later on used for commercial purpose will
be treated as illegal.
3.    The licensee may transfer the product, all its upgrades and license
to another party if the other party agrees to accept the terms and
conditions of this agreement. CDAC must be informed to get this license
transferred to the other party.
4.    The licensee may use the Software or part of it, into another
Software for his own use. However the licensee cannot distribute any part
of these Software merged along with his Software, without the permission
of the CDAC.
5.    This license is applicable for use of Software on one computer


1.    The product is warranted for a period of one year, from the date of
2.    The licensee will receive a replacement for a defective
media/hardware by sending it to CDAC, during the warranty period. CDAC
reserves the right to charge for the replacement, if it observes that the
defects are due to negligence or misuse.
3.    CDAC may provide free upgrades for the Software during the warranty
period. This excludes the major Software releases and hardware upgrades.
For purpose of improving the product, CDAC reserves the right to change
specifications as it deems fit, without giving any notice.
4.    The complexity of this product makes it impossible to guarantee
that it is error free. However CDAC will provide the error corrections in
a timely manner, given that sufficient information is available to
identify the problem.
1.    The major releases of the Software, and hardware upgrades will be
provided at a discount.
2.    The licensee will be put on the mailing list, for keeping them
informed about the new products and applications.
3.    Queries will be accepted by Email/Fax (only with record/copy of
Registration card), if any from the licensees.
4.    CDAC welcomes suggestions for the product improvement and problem
removal. On it's own discretion and basis of merit, it may give free
copies of the Software incorporating these suggestions, to the licensee.

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