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   On Thursday October 21st, Southern Cross Credit                        This year’s theme for ICU Day is “LOCAL. TRUSTED.
   Union enjoyed International Credit Union Day, a day                    SERVING YOU.” and this is reflected in the results of
   celebrated internationally on the third Thursday of                    Southern Cross Credit Union’s recent Member Survey,
   October, since its inception in 1948. International Credit             which was sent to a randomly selected group of adult
   Union Day celebrates that for more than 150 years, credit              members and some statistics are shown here:
   unions worldwide have proudly put people before profits

   in order to provide access to affordable financial services                        95% were very satisfied with service in
   for all members, and it also aims to create awareness and                          the branch they visit
   celebrate the ways credit unions improve the lives of their
   members around the world.
     “Credit unions are not-for-profit financial
                                                                            •         97% were very satisfied with the service
                                                                                      they received when telephoning SCCU
     institutions that provide banking and financial
     services for more than 186 million members
     in 97 countries worldwide. They exist to serve
                                                                            •         91% rated SCCU’s efficiency as Excellent
                                                                                      or Very Good
     their members, providing a safe place to save
     money and access affordable loans,” said Peter                         •         92% rated SCCU’s professionalism as
                                                                                      Excellent or Very Good

                             Iwanuscha, CEO.                                          95% rated SCCU’s friendliness as
                                                                                      Excellent or Very Good
                                 As     not-for-profit   financial
                                 cooperatives, credit unions
                                 invest their earnings in helping           •         91% rated SCCU’s fund security as
                                                                                      Excellent or Very Good
                                 members. In addition to
                                competitive loan rates and                Overwhelmingly, those members surveyed commented on
                                better customer service,                  the friendly, professional staff they dealt with
                                members        experience     the         at our branches, and a recurrent theme was that they

                                                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2010
                                difference that comes through             wouldn’t want to deal with any other financial institution
                                in our democratic structure, our          because of that, particularly knowing that their credit union
                                service to members, and the               can provide any of the products that major banks can – with
                                social goals that credit unions’          the added benefit of supporting their local community!
                                philosophy supports.                      When you go to the credit union, you're not just a customer-
                                                                          you're a member. It really is "your credit union." Banks
   Credit unions play a vital role in the economic                        belong to shareholders, hoping to profit from your
   development and stability of the communities they                      transactions. At a credit union, any earnings are returned
   serve, helping people improve their lives through access               to you in the form of better rates on loans and savings. This
   to affordable financial services and supporting their                  year’s International Credit Union Day theme celebrates the
   local communities. Credit unions are also recognised                   advantages of credit union membership. Value, trust and
   as a force for positive economic and social change and                 service are just some of the many benefits of being a credit
   have provided significant social and economic value in                 union member – you are in charge of your money
   both developed and emerging nations.                                   and your credit union!
                                                                                                                                                            Printed on recycled paper

   These days, there's more than one way to pay your bills.
   BPAY is an easy and quick alternative to standing in queues or making
   multiple phone calls, because you can pay all those regular bills in one
   hit-over the phone or over the Internet, around the clock,
   365 days a year.
Product issued by Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd. AFSL No. 241000

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                                             Another “Peter” reAches
                                             20 yeArs of service!
                                                      It seems to be a trend that your name should be PETER, if you are to reach
                                                       long service levels in Head Office at SCCU! Peter Hunting commenced
                                                        employment with Southern Cross Credit Union in 1990 as a Loans Officer in our
                                                        Murwillumbah branch. He was later promoted to Team Leader of that branch, and
                                & Pete r Iwanu
                                               scha     then in 1995 Peter took on his current role as the Manager –Audit & Compliance.
                 Peter H                           During the last 15 years there have been several amendments to legislation that
                              financial institutions have had to comply with, and Peter Hunting has ensured that Southern Cross
             Credit Union has been compliant with these industry changes.

                                                                                          RELAY FOR LIFE
                                                                                         FUND              RAISER A SUCCESS
                                                                                        The Southern Cross Credit Union Relay for Life
                                                                                        team had a very successful fundraiser to the
                                                                                        smash hit musical “Mamma Mia” on 19th
                                                                                        September, with 50 people attending
                                                                                        and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
          NORTH COAST                                                                   The major sponsor, Parsons Bus & Coach,

          MUSICIANS UNITE                                                               delivered everyone safely to and from the event,
                                                                                        with lunch supplied by the other major sponsor,

               TO SUPPORT                                                               Subway in Murwillumbah. Local businesses
                                                                                        also kindly donated wonderful prizes for all
          MENTAL HEALTH AND                                                             the raffles and the event raised $2300 for the
              HOMELESSNESS                                                              Murwillumbah Relay for Life.

          With the state of mental health services in
          regional NSW being the subject of intense media
          and political attention in recent months, a bevy
          of north coast musicians have banded together
          to proactively address the issue. Over 20 local
          bands have pledged their support to the In Good
          Company Open Air Festival for mental health and
          homelessness, to be held in Lismore this coming
          November, and it is proudly being sponsored by
          Southern Cross Credit Union.                                                   (Paul Lee-Parso
                                                                                                         ns Bus & Coach
                                                                                         & Helen Swift-                 , Sharon Sidhu
                                                                                                        SCCU Relay for                 -Subway, Toni
                                                                                                                       Life Team)                    Anstiss
          “Live music can’t end mental illness or
          homelessness in our communities, but it can                                   In additions to the major sponsors - John and
          definitely help raise awareness and money                                     Paul of Parsons, Sharon Sidhu of Subway and
          to address some of the problems,” said                                        Southern Cross Credit Union - the Relay
          Horace Bevan, the brainchild of the event. The                                for Life team would also like to thank
          grassroots event, organised entirely by volunteers,                           Allure Home & Style, Murwillumbah Pet Shop,
          will be held on Saturday November 13 at                                       Bray Park Butchery, J&B Meats, Toy Kingdom,
          The Lismore Turf Club and is tipped to draw                                   Rodgersons Jewellers, Heart of Arts Gallery,
          crowds in their thousands to town, and raise big                              Showcase Jewellers, Madura Tea, Tumbulgum
          bucks for local charities the Mental Health Support                           Tavern, Sugar Beat, Luffley Café, Lavender Blue,
          Group and the Lismore Soup Kitchen. In Good                                   Hair It Is, Leisa Viglione (Avon), Kathy Alexander
          Company’s musical line-up is growing bigger                                   (Nutrimetics), Carolyn Cormick (Tupperware),
          by the day, boasting an eclectic mix of local and                             Kim Miller (Partylite Candles), Lyn Reid (ENJO) &
          inter-state rock n roll, reggae, folk, indie, pop and                         Healing Water Sauna .
          blues acts, and from midday to midnight,                                      Following on from this success, the SCCU Relay
          there’ll be theatre and circus performers sprawled                            for Life team are organising a similar trip to see
          across the grounds, market and arts stalls and                                “Wicked” in Brisbane on Sunday January
          great music across two open-air stages. For more                              30th and tickets are selling fast ,so if you are
          information, hit the Festival’s official website;                             interested please contact SCCU Murwillumbah
          www.ingoodcompany2010.org                                                     to reserve your seats.

Lismore     Ballina      Lennox Head      Casino   v Byron Bay    Mullumbimby    Murwillumbah         Cabarita Beach            Centro Tweed             Tweed City
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      ABN 82 087 650 682

        VISA                                                                                                                   TRAVEL INSURANCE –
        CARDS                                                                                                                  ARE YOU COVERED?
     Are you checking your statements? It is
     extremely important that members regularly                                                                                Southern Cross Credit Union and Allianz are pleased to offer
     check their Visa statements to ensure transactions                                                                        you a range of travel insurance options through the Allianz
     are legitimate and have been authorised by you. Any                                                                       Travel Insurance product, provided by Mondial Assistance.
     unauthorised transactions must be reported to the                                                                         Travel insurance provides you with security and protection
     Credit Dept immediately by phoning 02 6672                                                                                whilst you are travelling domestically or internationally and
     2744. Failure to notify us as soon as possible may                                                                        whether you are looking for comprehensive or budget cover.
     result in a fee being charged in order to recoup the
     funds from the merchant.                                                                                                  The Allianz Travel Insurance Policy offers:
                                                                                                                               •	 International & Domestic Cover
     HAVE SEEN A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN                                                                                       •	 Competitive premiums
     OVERSEAS FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS,                                                                                         •	 Policy cover options (single, couples,
     WHO SPECIFICALLY OFFER “FREE TRIALS”                                                                                         family)
     ON THEIR PRODUCTS. E.G. FOR WEIGHT                                                                                        •	 Pre-departure medical advice
     SUPPLEMENTS ETC.                                                                                                          •	 Cancellation policy (cancellation fees &
                                                                                                                                  loss of deposit)
     Please be careful that the merchant you                                                                                   •	 Luggage, medical & repatriation cover
     are providing your Visa card details to is
     legitimate and always read the “terms & conditions”                                                                       •	 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
     regarding any free trial. Transactions will often                                                                            emergency assistance
     commence within a fortnight after you provide
     your details, and it is often difficult to dispute the                                                                    •	 10 day claim settlement period
     transactions incurred, as you have provided your
     card information. Should you have any concerns                                                                            Get an Instant Online Quote for an Allianz Travel Insurance
     regarding these types of transactions,                                                                                    policy to cover your destination by visiting www.sccu.com.au
      please contact our Credit Department on                                                                                  and click on the Travel link.
     02 6672 2744
                                                                                                                               Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ("Allianz") and arranged through
                                                                                                                               ETI Pty Limited trading as Mondial Assistance, (AFSL No 245631 ABN 52 097 227 177).

    COMPETITION                                                                                        – CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL CREDIT UNION DAY!

                                                                                                To celebrate International Credit Union Day, we’d like to involve our junior members (aged
                                                                        EMO                     12 and under) in a colouring competition. Just go to our website at www.sccu.com.au and
                                                                                    W           click on the Kool Kids page, where there is a link to download the Newsletter ICU Day Colouring
                                                                                                Competition. There you can print off the page to colour, then write your name and membership
                                                                                                number on the back, and send it to The Marketing Officer, PO Box 2, Murwillumbah
                                                                                                NSW 2484. Four juniors will each win $50 credited to their SCCU account, and will be
                                                                                                notified by Friday December 3rd.

                                                                                                Last newsletter, all BPAY transactions made by our members during August were entered into a draw,
                                                                                                and the 5 lucky ‘BPAYers’ who won $50 credited to their account were; Lisa Wood, Kim Daley, Emma
                   al C
                                it U
                                                                                                Ryan, Louise Doherty and Kerrie Gardiner
                                           Day ®
                                                             21, 20

Lismore         Ballina                                               Lennox Head        Casino   v Byron Bay    Mullumbimby     Murwillumbah           Cabarita Beach            Centro Tweed            Tweed City

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