34th Annual Concours d'Elegance by ps94506

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									                                  NOVEMBER 2010


34th Annual Concours d’Elegance
      AUSPUFF                                                            The judges of the 34th Annual Concours d’Elegance
      NOVEMBER 2010

 John	Alfenito
 		(818)	436-9204
 Advertising	Director
 Don	Kuckenbaker
 Associate	Editors
 Birgitta	Baker
 Susan	Stone
 Carolyn	Ewbank
 Bob	Gordon
 Janice	Herndon
                                                                                     11            	 11	 R.U.F.	Quest	For	Barbecue
 Martin	Keller                                                                                 	     13		 Gimmick	Rally	-	With	A	Twist
 Nicolas	Liakas                                                                                	     16	 34th	Annual	Concours	d’Elegance
 Jeffrey	&	Rosalee	Merrick
 Caleb	Newcomb                                                                                 	     20	 Camarillo	Autocross
 Marissa	Sanchez                                                                               	     23	 Pre-Concours	Detail	Clinic
 Glenn	Sato                                                                                    	     27	 SBR	At	Kiwanis	Oktoberfest	 	
 Debbie	Schultz
 David	Stone
 Mike	Turek
 Printing                                                                                          	 onthly	Meetings
 Mike	Pomerantz                                                                                	        7	 Camarillo	Breakfast

 Sir	Speedy	Printing                                                                           	        9	 Santa	Barbara	Breakfast
 1661	Pacific	Avenue	#20
 Oxnard,	CA	93033                                                                              	       28	 Board	of	Directors	Meeting
 (805)	487-8300

 34th Annual Concours d’Elegance 34th Annual Concours d’Elegancew
                                                                                                   News	&	Events
                                        NOVEMBER 2010                                              	    3	   SBR	Events	Calendar

                                                                                                   	   12	   Drive	To	The	Nethercutt	Museum
                                                                                                   	   15	   Annual	Holiday	Dinner	Party

                                                                                                   	   18	   It	Happens	In	Vegas!
                                                                                                   	   19	   Seventh	Annual	Motor	4	Toys
                                                                                                   	   26	   Concours	d’Elegance	Final	Results
                                                                                                   	   30	   SBR	2011	Election	Ballot

                                                                                                   	    3		 SBR	Board	of	Directors
  34th Annual Concours d’Elegance                                                                  	    4	 President’s	Column
                                                                                                   	    4	 From	The	Editor’s	Desk
            On	The	Cover                                                                           	   24	 PCA	Membership	Anniversaries
The five major award winners at                                                                    	   24	 SBR	New	Members	&	Transfers
this year’s Concours d’Elegance.
                 Photos by John Alfenito                                            23             	
                                                                                                       31	 Classified	Ads	&	Advertiser	Directory
                                                                                                       32	 …the	last	word

Der Auspuff, which translates as “the exhaust,” is the official publication of the Santa Barbara Region, Porsche Club of America.
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2   November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
SBR Board of Directors                                                      A
                                                                        SANT BARBARA REGION
                 Santa	Barbara	Region
                 President	•	David	Stone
                                                                        EVENTS CALENDAR
                  drs993@verizon.net (805) 389-8999

        Vice	President	•	Bill	Sampson
        malibubill@yahoo.com (310) 457-2601                             	     Saturday	         6	 Camarillo	Breakfast/Food	Drive
                                                                                                     Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.
                 Secretary	•	Nadine	Tracy                                   Wednesday	 10	 Board	of	Directors	Meeting
                 nadine356@gmail.com (805) 898-1565
                                                                             Saturday	 13	 Santa	Barbara	Breakfast/Food	Drive
                                                                                                     Moby Dick’s Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.
               Treasurer	•	Steve	Kaller	                                      Saturday	 20	 Nethercutt	Museum	Tour	                                	
       stevekaller@verizon.net (818) 489-4225                           	             	   	 jc@nexus.com Page 12

                 Membership	Chair	•	Janice	Herndon
                 janice911c2@gmail.com (805) 568-1965
                                                                        	     Saturday	         4	 Camarillo	Breakfast
                                                                                                     Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.
          Activities	Co-Chairs	
             Doreen	Pankow	                                                    Sunday	 5	 Motor4Toys	-	Woodland	Hills
             &	Ted	Lighthizer	                                              Wednesday	 8	 Board	of	Directors	Meeting
                   (805) 527-8280                                            Saturday	 11	 Santa	Barbara	Breakfast
                                                                                                     Moby Dick’s Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.
                          Goodie	Store	Managers		
                          Jeanne	&	John	McNair                                Saturday	 11	 SBR	2010	Holiday	Party
                          jjmcnair3@verizon.net                         	             	   	 dpankow@sbcglobal.net Page 15

                                                                                        January	2011	
                          (805) 494-1527

   Der	Auspuff	Editor	•	John	Alfenito
        DerAuspuff@gmail.com (818) 436-9204                             	     Saturday	         1	 Happy	New	Year!
                                                                                                     The Way-Point Café is closed today
                                                                                                     Camarillo Breakfast resumes February 5
                 Past	President	•	Nicolas	Liakas
                 nicolasliakas@yahoo.com (818) 706-6016                       Saturday	         8	 Santa	Barbara	Breakfast
                                                                                                     Moby Dick’s Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.
  Santa	Barbara	Region	Board	Appointees                                   Wednesday	 12	 Board	of	Directors	Meeting
Der	Auspuff	Advertising	Director	•	Don	Kuckenbaker                          Fri/Mon			14-17	 It	Happens	In	Vegas!
                         Archives	Director	•	James	Oldham               	           	     	 MLK	Weekend	Trip	to	Las	Vegas
                                       oldhamjames@msn.com                                           ndajb@aol.com Page 18
Autocross	Co-Chair	•	Dan	Byers
                         Autocross	Co-Chair	•	Martin	Keller
                                         mhkflyer2@gmail.com                                      JOSEPH CARASTRO IV
Concours	d’Elegance	Chair	•	Carolyn	Ewbank                                                                       DMD, MS
bcewbank1@verizon.net                                                                             ORTHODONTICS &
             Distribution	Directors	•	Chet	&	Joan	Yabitsu                                         DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
Insurance	Chair	•	Jim	Brown                                                     se
                                                                                                  122 S. Patterson Avenue, Suite 214

                                                                                   With A Sm

brownbearz@verizon.net                                                                            Santa Barbara, CA 93111
                                Rally	Chair	•	Joe	Schneider                                       Tel: 805.964.4786
                                          autohaus@silcom.com                                     E-mail: dr.joe@verizon.net
Webmaster	•	Randy	Fishwick                                                                        www.risewithasmile.com

                                                                  www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010       3
                                                                                                                               Gary Betz
                                                                                                                               Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                                                                               Gary Betz

                                                                                                                               1591 Los Angeles Ave., Ste. 15
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                 President’s	Column                                                                                            Phone (805)659-3311

                                             David	Stone
                                                                                                                      The Optimist Creed

                                                                                                                               Promise yourself:
         s you know, November marks the month when we                                                    To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
         traditionally pause to give thanks for the many blessings                                   To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.
                                                                                                         To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
         we have received throughout the year. For some people,                                  To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
this year has been difficult with unemployment, illnesses, family                              To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
                                                                                              To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
problems or other issues. But as members of the SBR family,                              To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
we are probably more fortunate than most. I hope that you will                          To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
                                                                                        To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
be able to celebrate the season with friends and family and take                                      To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
                                                                                                               And too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
the opportunity to reflect on how good life truly is. It’s also the
perfect time to share with others less fortunate in any way we can.                         Paid for by Bill Sampson • 310-457-2601 • malibubill@yahoo.com
    And here’s one way to help. Please attend one or both of our

November breakfast meetings and bring at least three food items
for donation to the Ventura County Food Share, one of our
designated charities for 2010. Non-perishable items such as cans
of vegetables or fruit, dried beans, rice, any type of pasta, cereal,                        LAW                G RD U                   PAPC
and non-carbonated drinks are welcome. We will present the
bounty to our Food Share representative as another gift from the                    DAVID L. CUNNINGHAM
Santa Barbara Region.                                                               DAVID L. CUNNINGHAM
                                                                                    Of Counsel
                                                                                    Of Counsel                                                       1484 East Main Street
                                                                                                                                                  1484 East Main Street
    On November 20th, members of the Porsche Mademoiselle                           Estate Planning
                                                                                    EstatePlanning                                                            Second Floor
                                                                                                                                                               Second Floor
Society will be volunteering their time and effort at the Ventura                   Real Estate/Business
                                                                                    RealEstate/ Business                                               Ventura, CA 93001
                                                                                                                                                    Ventura, CA 93001
County Food Share by “working the line,” sorting and boxing                         Bus 805/641-9992                                         dlc@strausslawgroup.com
                                                                                    Bus 805/641-9992                                          d lc@strausslawgroup.coln
food items for distribution to the needy. Ladies who would like                     Fax 805/641-9993                                         www.strausslawgroup.com
                                                                                    Fax 805/641-9993                                          Vvww.s rra uss lawgro u p .co m
to join in should contact Karen Turek at klynnturek@hotmail.
com. Space is limited, so get signed up today.

                                                                                From The Editor’s Desk
    An alternative activity for November 20th is a drive through
the mountains and a tour of the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar.
SBR member John Cliff has put together an event that promises                                                             John Alfenito
to be a real crowd pleaser. After a spirited jaunt behind the wheel
of your favorite car, we’ll have brunch together at the legendary
Rock House Restaurant at The Rock Store, a frequent haunt of
local celebrities. Then it’s a short drive to Sylmar for a guided
                                                                               F   or those SBR members who might
                                                                                   be on “the sidelines,” I hope all the
                                                                               activities covered in this edition of Der
tour of the famous Nethercutt Museum, home to a wonderful                      Auspuff will tempt you to become more
collection of classic automobiles, antique furnishings and a                   involved. Every month an interesting
variety of vintage musical instruments you won’t want to miss.                 lineup of club get-togethers, from our two breakfast meetings to
You’ll find registration information on Page 12 of this issue.                 driving events and social functions, gives you a lot from which to
    Finally, don’t forget to mark your ballot (Page 30) for SBR’s              choose.
Board of Directors for 2011. Make your vote count by turning it                    Why not join us on the first Saturday of the month at the Way-
in no later than December 4, 2010. The SBR Board of Directors                  Point Café in the Camarillo Airport or on the second Saturday
will be installed at our annual Holiday Party December 11, 2010                morning of every month, we convene at Moby Dick’s on Stearns
at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Ventura.                                  Wharf in Santa Barbara. These monthly breakfasts provide a great
    Thank you for your generosity throughout the year that has                 opportunity to meet new members, reconnect with fellow car
allowed us to help support three worthy causes. Susan and I wish               enthusiasts, and hear about the other events our club has for you
you all a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.                             to enjoy. I hope to see you at an SBR function very soon.

4     November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
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6    November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
    Ad 100307-CA PCA-Half Page-bw.indd 5                                                                            3/9/10 5:15 PM

A	Balmy	Breakfast	
Kickoff	For	October
Story	&	Photos	by		John	Alfenito

         n unseasonably tropical morning greeted the 139
         members and guests at our October Camarillo Breakfast.
         Seventy-seven Porsches, from 356s and 914s to GT3s and
Panameras, filled the Way-Point Café lawn, once again creating an
instant car show.
                                                                                SBAG’s Walt Branscome (left) and author Randy Leffingwell
    President Dave Stone called the meeting to order and
introduced author Randy Leffingwell, who is writing another book
about Porsche. Randy, who has asked for SBR assistance in the
past, did so again, in an advance solicitation for member cars to be
photographed for the new project. Several members volunteered,
and our region’s Porsches will be well represented when Randy
publishes the book in 2011.

   Janice Herndon, our Membership Chair, introduced new
members Tim Martin from Thousand Oaks, and Don & Claudia
Earl of Oxnard. First-time breakfast goers Steve & Amy Keneally of
Montecito and Bruce Frasco from West Hills, a recent transfer from
the L.A. Region, were also recognized. Jeannette Smith brought a
special guest - Taekwondo Master Kim from Buson, South Korea.
                                                                                From Oxnard, new members Don & Claudia Earl
    Don’t forget to see Janice and “sign in” when you attend the
breakfast meetings. It helps us keep track of how many participants
we have, and we can also assist you in meeting some new members
if you like. Plus, you get those free raffle tickets (see below).

   Activities Co-Chairs Ted Lighthizer and Doreen Pankow
outlined the upcoming SBR events with several individual event
coordinators promoting their specific dates. information on all
upcoming activities are always found here in Der Auspuff or
online at our website pcasb.org

    Once again, the meeting closed with a drawing for several
“vintage” automobile posters provided by Santa Barbara Auto
Group. Multiple winners capped off another enjoyable meeting
at the Camarillo Airport. We hope to see you all at a breakfast                 Always amazing Porsches at our Camarillo Breakfasts
gathering soon. =

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8      November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
                                                                   OCTOBeR 9, 2010 • SANTA BARBARA
                                                                   Perfect	Weather	Greets
                                                                   Pre-Concours	Crowd
                                                                   Story	&	Photos	by		John	Alfenito

                                                                            n the day before our annual Concours d’Elegance, a few
                                                                            of the familiar faces were absent - no doubt hard at work
                                                                            shining up their cars for the contest to come. However,
                                                                   beautiful clear skies greeted the gathering of 37 members and
                                                                   guests who parked their 22 Porsches on the pier at Stearns Wharf.

Janice Herndon (l) and Doreen Pankow                                    President Dave Stone welcomed everyone and introduced a
                                                                   few dignitaries, including author/photographer Randy Leffingwell.
                                                                   Randy briefly addressed the club telling us a new book is in the
                                                                   creation phase. Titled “The Complete Book of Porsche 911s,”
                                                                   Randy’s new tome will require hundreds of photos of 911s. He
                                                                   solicited our assistance, and promised to provide Dave Stone with a
                                                                   list of the specific years/models of 911 that he’d like to photograph.
                                                                   The incentive to allow Randy to use your car for his book, besides
                                                                   the obvious prestige of being included, would be a signed copy of
                                                                   the book upon its completion, and a CD of the photos Randy will
                                                                   shoot. We’ll keep you updated on this.
                                                                       Dave announced that Mike & Karen Turek have traded their
                                                                   beloved 993 Coupe for a 2007 997 C4S Cabriolet. The Artic Silver
                                                                   beauty was parked among its peers and drew an admiring crowd
                                                                   after breakfast. SBR member and Santa Barbara Auto Group rep
                                                                   Walt Branscome handled the transaction for Mike & Karen.
New SBR member Dennis Archie of Thousand Oaks
                                                                      Membership Chair Janice Herndon recognized new member
                                                                   Dennis Archie from Thousand Oaks, who was attending his first
                                                                   breakfast meeting as a member, having joined within the week.
                                                                   Janice also introduced new members Claudie & Don Earl of
                                                                       Doreen Pankow, our Activities Co-Chair, ran down the calendar
                                                                   of upcoming Santa Barbara Region events including the November
                                                                   20th trip to the Nethercutt Museum, the Nov 20th P.M.S. work
                                                                   session at Food Share in Oxnard, and the December 11th Holiday
                                                                   Party at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.
                                                                       Before the meeting was adjourned, more classic Porsche posters,
                                                                   courtesy of SBAG, were raffled off, along with bags of Meguiar’s
                                                                   detailing products donated by Dick Douglass. Good food, great
                                                                   friends, terrific weather, and lots of fun…what more could you ask
MIke & Karen Turek and their 997 C4S Cabriolet from SBAG           for? Hope to see you at a meeting very soon. =

                                                           www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   9
                   AUTOBAHN  WEST
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10 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
R.U.F.	Quest	For	Original	Barbecue
Story	&	Photos	by	Nicolas	Liakas

         journey of discovery awaited 20
         R.U.F.ians on September 23...a
         slight departure from previous
adventures as the destination was not to
be an “educational experience” but rather
a gastronomic lesson. We were in search of
the origin of Santa Maria Style Barbeque,
and we found it!
    This unique style of preparing, serving
and enjoying tri-tip is named for the small
city that launched the feast almost a half
century ago, and had the recipe copyrighted      Trueman. It was also nice to see the return of Santa Maria, accompanied by his wife
in 1978. It’s not just the special and secret    of Gordy Weniger after being missing in Donna. We grabbed the opportunity to
ingredients that appeal to us carnivores; it’s   action for a few months. We completed the take their picture, but one member of our
the entire method of presentation coupled        customary paperwork and commenced our group had the audacity to inquire into the
with the correct fixings. The specific           drive up Highway 154. Just past Los Olivos, mayor’s official compensation package,
location given credit for all this (according    we turned onto Foxen Canyon Road for using the City of Bell scandal as the excuse.
to many but not everyone whom you might          practically the entire balance of our trip.    The mayor and his wife roared in laughter,
ask) is Shaw’s Steak House in the heart of           It was a beautiful drive along the thank goodness! The offending inquirer
Santa Maria. We went to savor the goodies        numerous vineyards, each ready for shall remain anonymous; besides, I already
in search of the truth. We located the           harvest in the very near future. The scenic apologized to the mayor. Oops!
alleged home, but were stifled in our quest      sights coupled with the pleasant surface          The menu included soup or salad,
for the truth and nothing but the truth.         and curvature of the roadway provided baked beans, salsa, garlic bread, several
    We had an especially beautiful and           a masterful and memorable one-hour side dishes and of course the main event.
mild morning when we gathered at our             Porsche driving experience. There was a The meat was perfectly cooked! Not one
customary starting place, the Sears parking      momentary negative instance when dust complaint from our usually demanding
lot in downtown Santa Barbara. Joining us        from nearby agricultural trucks blanketed crew, and by the end of the meal everyone
for their first-time appearance today were       our caravan; it was somewhat amusing to expressed his/her great satisfaction with
prospective member Dennis Archie and             witness our petrified road warriors attempt the day’s adventure. However, we could not
Helen Boswell, who accompanied Ron               previously unknown driving techniques in conclusively declare where this style of BBQ
                                                 failed attempts to avert or circumnavigate had its official origin, but we were glad to
                                                 the stress point. Our cars were a little exit the premises with the acceptance that
                                                 dustier, but eager to carry forth nonetheless. we indeed feasted in a historic site.
                                                     We were somewhat early for our                The R.U.F. committee meets once each
                                                 restaurant reservations, but the staff and     month on a weekday. After all, we are retired
                                                 the BBQ were ready and waiting. Before we and unemployed folks. If you would like to
                                                 could devour the medium-rare or medium join us in our various adventures, please
                                                 steaks, we were to be confronted with two contact the undersigned at nicolasliakas@
                                                 surprises. First, and just by happenstance, yahoo.com =
                                                 a Boxster pulled into
                                                 the parking lot. It was
                                                 occupied by Barry &
                                                 Valerie Weinstein who
                                                 were on their way to
                                                 Monterey for a family
                                                 commitment and just
                                                 happened to see all our
                                                 Porsches in the lot. Two
                                                 more for lunch, please.
                                                 The second surprise
                                                 awaiting our arrival was
                                                 the Honorable Larry
                                                 Lavaquino, the mayor Santa Maria Mayor Larry Lavaquino and his wife Donna

                                                                 www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   11

    We’ll meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Park & Ride lot at Las Posas Road, SW side of the 101 Freeway. Departure is at 9:30 a.m.
    for a challenging and fun drive on Potrero Road and Mulholland Highway to The Rock Store’s famous Rock Café for
    brunch around 10:45 a.m. After brunch it’s on to the renowned Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar for a docent-led tour at
    1:30 p.m. Total cost per person, including brunch and activity fee, is only $20.
    Please R.S.V.P. to John Cliff (805) 981-8211 or jc@enexus.com Send your check made out to PCA/SBR care of:
    John Cliff, 1133 Unidad Way, Oxnard, CA 93030. Cancellations within 48 hours of this event WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.

  Join the online discussion 24/7.
  Get technical help. Shop the free classifieds.
  Line up some friends for a weekend drive.
  You can do it all on the SBR Members’ Forum.

                           R      M        S

                                                                                     SERVING ALL OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

     Design  P R I N T  Mail
12 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
Gimmick	Rally	With	A	California	Twist
                                                                                                  barbeque lunch of chicken, tri-tip and
                                                                                                  salads was prepared on the spot by Aaron
                                                                                                  Johnson’s Q-Time Barbeque in Ojai (805-
                                                                                                  798-2138). Q-Time is a club favorite, and
                                                                                                  the lunch was a fine example of why the
                                                                                                  club continues to call on Aaron’s terrific

                                                                                                      What about the Gimmick Rally
                                                                                                  winners? The grading was on the honor
                                                                                                  system, albeit closely monitored by the
                                                                                                  group. This year we had SBR Goodie Store
                                                                                                  gift certificates for the top three winners of
                                                                                                  the Gimmick Rally, and a first place prize
                                                                                                  for the California Twist winner. Jeff Parker
                                                                                                  and Becky Lundberg were our first place
                                                                                                  winners, a step up from last year’s second
                                                                                                  place finish. Jeff and Becky received a
 By	Rosalee	&	Jeffrey	Merrick                                                                     $50 gift certificate from the SBR Goodie

                                                                                                  Store. Steve & Ilene Freeman, Gimmick
         aturday, September 25th the call       Hitching Post restaurant made famous by           Rally finalists, were in second place and
         to order went out: “Are you ready      the movie “Sideways.” Our travels were all        received a $35 gift certificate. A tie-breaker
         to rally?” In reality, it was our      in search of the 55 Gimmick Rally answers.        was required to determine the third place
         annual SBR Gimmick Rally with          It was really quite a sight.                      finalist. The extra-points question: “In
a little something extra – the California                                                         what year did Porsche celebrate its 50th
trivia twist. This year’s Gimmick Rally             After an hour-plus of driving, our            anniversary?” The answer, for those that
was planned and hosted by Sue & Randy           destination was at hand. Tucked away off          might have brain freeze, is 1998. Our third
Kinsling and Rosalee & Jeffrey Merrick.         the 101 freeway is the beautiful Nojoqui                                        Continued on Page 14
Remember, the Gimmick Rally is not about        Falls County Park, one of
time or speed, and it is not a race. It is      northern Santa Barbara
about using your keen observational skills      County’s best-kept secrets.
and your aptitude for solving word plays.       Upon arriving at the park
Gimmick rallies, unlike their namesake          grounds, ralliers gathered
brethren “Car Rallies,” are meant to be a       under the cool shade of
casual driving experience, with a driver,       the oak trees to relax. The
a navigator, a fun car, and a set of game       picnic tables adorned with
show-type questions. Think of “Jeopardy”        tablecloths and fresh apples
in a car. “I’ll take Roadside Landmarks for     provided a welcoming
$200, Mr. Trebek.” Then imagine 52 club         atmosphere. Maybe “relax”
members and 26 Porsches driving like little     is not the appropriate
old ladies from Pasadena, craning their         word since we all actually
necks to catch a glimpse of a passing road      sat down to complete the
sign or landmark.                               second challenge: the 32
                                                California trivia twist
    Our starting point was the Sears parking    questions. Even though the
lot in Santa Barbara. After a briefing of the   majority of the ralliers claim
Gimmick Rally rules and a warning that          to have California origins,
“you may not like the person sitting in the     these twist questions proved
seat next to you after this is all over,” the   that true Californians are a
group took off at 10:00 a.m. High powered       rare breed indeed.
sports cars meandered first through the
streets of Santa Barbara, then through the         By noon, our ralliers
San Marcos Pass and the picturesque Santa       had worked up an appetite,
Ynez Valley. Next came a drive through the      and the smell of barbeque
quaint town of Solvang which included the       was in the air. A gourmet

                                                               www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   13
Continued from Page 13
place Gimmick Rally finalists were Mike
& Karen Turek, who received a $25 gift
certificate from the SBR Goodie Store. The
Gimmick Rally California Twist winners
were David Litschel & Martha Shilliday,
who received a lovely coffee table book
on – you guessed it – California. Most
of the ralliers could have used this book
before they attempted to answer the trivia
questions. Congratulations to all of our
Gimmick Rally winners!

    After the tasty lunch had been
consumed, prizes awarded and member
fraternization had dwindled down, a few
of the ralliers needed to stretch their legs
before departing. Honorable mentions go            Rosalee & Jeffrey Merrick along with Doreen Pankow (background)
to the happy feet of Janice Herndon (in
heels), Steven Bernston, Doreen Pankow,
Ted Lighthizer, Steve Freeman, Ilene
Freeman, Rosalee Merrick and Jeffrey
Merrick for making the easy 10-minute
hiking trail to the falls, where the water
cascades 66 feet down a mossy, fern-
covered sandstone wall and into a pool. For
those who decided to skip this hike, you
missed a very beautiful section of the park.
And there was even a little waterfall action
to heighten our visual pleasure. This park
is strongly recommended for a return trip
in early spring when the falls are at their
high water mark or anytime after a rainfall.
Needless to say, it was a perfect ending to a
fun-filled day.

    If you would like to organize and host
a future SBR event, please contact Ted &           The ralliers enjoying the beautiful picnic area at Nojoqui Falls County Park
Doreen at dpankow@sbcglobal.net. They
are our SBR Activities Co-Chairs and they
provide tremendous support with the
planning and execution of all our activities.
An additional source of SBR information
is the club’s website www.pcasb.org, where
you can find back issues of Der Auspuff
and complete information on upcoming
events. Remember, the cars are fun, but it’s
really all about the people. =

Photos	by	Nicolas	Liakas

                                                   First Place finishers Jeff Parker and Becky Lundberg

14 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
                                                          Announcing the Santa Barbara Region’s Annual

                   Holiday Dinner Party
                                               Saturday, December 11, 2010

                                          At The Four Points Sheraton Hotel
                                       1050 Schooner Drive, Ventura Harbor
                                           Enjoy fine dining, harbor views, great music,
                                               fun dancing and wonderful camaraderie!
                                             No-host cocktails from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                          All for only $55.00 per person (includes tax & tip)
                                                R.S.V.P. no later than December 4 with funds payable to
                                             PCA-SBR, c/o Doreen Pankow, 2251 Brownstone Creek Ave.,
                                                         Simi Valley, CA 93111 • dpankow@sbcglobal.net
                            The Holiday Party will include the installation of the 2011 SBR Officers & Board of Directors.
                                         Please bring an unwrapped toy valued at $10 or more for donation to charity.

Sponsored by         Names: _____________________________________________________
The Auto Gallery     Number of persons: _____________ Amount enclosed: _______________
                     Email Address: _______________________________________________
                     Entrée Choice(s): Herb Marinated      Salmon      Seared Filet
                                             Chicken______ Filet______ Mignon _______
                             Cancellations within 48 hours of this event WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND

                                www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010               15
   California State University Channel Islands • October 10, 2010
   34th Annual Concours d’Elegance
   By	Carolyn	Ewbank

             perfect day and a beautiful new venue combined for which they eagerly did. A huge thank-you goes out to Rusnak for
             our 34th Annual Concours d’Elegance on the special their continuing support of our region throughout the year. We
             date of 10/10/10. Special indeed, as 71 Porsches were presented a commemorative plaque to Rusnak Westlake General
             perfectly placed on the grass of El Dorado Park on Manager Keith Goldberg for his company’s specific sponsorship of
the campus of California State University Channel Islands in the concours.
Camarillo.                                                                  Several car-related businesses and Der Auspuff advertisers
    No event of this magnitude could ever be successfully staged were invited to set up displays on the perimeter of the show field.
without the help of many individuals. I’d like to publicly thank the Lavaggio - The Art of Auto Detailing, SoCal Shop Guy, Bling Ragz,
members of the Concours Committee for all their help in making Dr. ColorChip, and World Class Motoring were all on hand to
our concours work so smoothly. Dick Douglass, who acted as greet their current customers and, hopefully, generate a few new
Concours Co-Chair, always went above and beyond, when I ones. We thank all the vendors for joining us.
needed extra help. His pre-concours detail clinic (see Page 23) was         Some special guests were present, too: PCNA Regional
both extremely helpful and very entertaining.                            Aftersales Manager Kerry West; PCNA Past-Club Liaison Jack
    The Porsches started arriving before dawn, with owners eager Blair; noted Porsche author and photographer Randy Leffingwell;
to begin the final detail process before judging would commence. Past General Manager at Rusnak Porsche/Westlake David Pierce;
Every speck of dust and dirt had to be addressed. Several volunteers and our very own Zone 8 Representative Michael Dolphin.
were there to greet the early participants. Luckily, coffee and             With 38 judged entries to inspect, the judges worked through
pastries were on hand to                                                                                        the morning. As lunchtime
help the helpers get the busy                                                                                   arrived, a delicious Mexican
day off to a well-organized                                                                                     buffet was served first to the
start. Sincere thanks to all                                                                                    judges, timers, and runners
the concours volunteers for                                                                                     so they could get back to
always stepping up to the                                                                                       the task at hand. A short
plate and helping out where                                                                                     time later, participants and
needed.                                                                                                         guests formed two lines for
    As the sun rose, a                                                                                          the hearty lunch, including
rumbling was heard coming                                                                                       a delightful cheesecake for
up the CSUCI drive. All                                                                                         dessert, and sat down at the
heads turned, as a bright                                                                                       tables arranged in the shade
red 1987 959 was slowly                                                                                         of the giant sycamores.
directed into the center of                                                                                         As they’ve done in
the Full Concours section.                                                                                      numerous        years    past,
The sighting of a 959 is a                         Tony Hart’s incredible 1987 Porsche 959                      Jeanette      Bassett     and
rare event as there are very few “federalized” examples in the U.S. Linsey Orr processed the concours scoring as each car’s judging
This beautiful icon of Porsche’s early experiments with “supercars,” was completed. This is no small task as the information must be
justifiably drew a lot of attention all day long.                        rechecked and arranged prior to the Awards Ceremony which
    Our SBR Autocross Co-Chair Dan Byers acted as concours was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Naturally, with the divisions so full
emcee, making the necessary announcements to keep our show on of competitors, two cars had to be re-judged to resolve tie scores.
schedule and running smoothly. Everyone agreed that Dan did a Jeanette and Linsey handled this admirably as the division winners
terrific job, setting the perfect tone for a relaxed day of advanced were determined.
Porsche appreciation.                                                       Before the concours awards were announced and presented,
    As your Head Judge and Concours Chair, I called the judges each judge was recognized and given a lovely writing pen in an
meeting at 9:30 a.m. so they could begin their tasks promptly at engraved gray metal box as a token of our thanks for all their hard
10:00 a.m. Twenty-two judges plus timers and runners gathered work. It would be impossible to stage a successful concours without
together to get their hats, name badges, and other “equipment” our judges. We thank them all again.
necessary to judge the 38 entries that had registered in the                Now, to the awards (complete list is on Page 26). Darya & Roger
competitive classes.                                                     Loyo with their beautiful 1969 Polo Red 912 Coupe joining us from
    Our event sponsor, Rusnak Porsche/Westlake, brought their Hermosa Beach won the Wash & Shine Division.
boutique with lots of Porsche products for sale. The dealership             Taking Best of Show in the Street Division was Robert Watt
also provided eight new Porsches for our attendees to inspect, with his gorgeous 2003 996 4S Grey Coupe. Robert traveled from

16 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
the Bakersfield area, Golden Empire Region, where he is their
Concours Chair this year.
    In the Unrestored Division, John Kraus with his 1988 White
911 Carrera Targa was presented with the Best of Show. John is a
proud Santa Barbara Region member.
    With all six parts of the car judged, including undercarriage,
Joseph Demeo and his 1986 Marble Grey 930 Coupe took home
the Best of Show Award in Full Concours. Joseph is from Pacific
    All concours entrants and those whose cars were displayed
received a ballot to select their favorite Porsche at the show –
The People’s Choice Award. The winner was Marco Gerace and
his stunning 1972 Tangerine 911ST Coupe. It’s always a treat
giving out an award to an owner and car deemed best by all the        The men from Rusnak Porsche/Westlake (l-r): Mark Viggiano-
other participants…not judged, but preferred by the majority.         Porsche Brand Specialist, Keith Goldberg-General Manager,
                                                                      Sam Abergel-Service Manager, Syd Sutton-Parts Manager, and
Congratulations to Marco and to everyone who participated in          Mark Leach-Shop Foreman
our most successful concours ever. We look forward to seeing you
all again next year as the Santa Barbara Region celebrates its 35th
annual gathering of the greats. =

Event	Photos	by	John	Alfenito	and	Bob	Gordon

                                                                      Welcome to the concours! (l-r) Volunteers Toni Briones, Karen
                                                                      Turek , Sue Kinsling, and Jeanette Bassett

Darya & Roger Loyo                 Robert Watt

John Kraus                         Joseph Demeo                       Carolyn Ebwank gives Keith Goldberg a thank-you plaque

Marco Gerace                                                          The People’s Choice - Marco Gerace’s 1972 911ST Coupe

                                                              www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   17
                                                                                                 This includes one buffet dinner at
                                                                                              the Mirage Friday evening, sit-down
                                                                                              lunch at the Harley-Davidson Café on
                                                                                              Saturday, and a picnic-catered lunch at
                                                                                              Valley of Fire on Sunday. Entrance fees
                                                                                              for both Hoover Dam and the Valley of
                                                                                              Fire State Park, along with the activity
                                                                                              fee are also included. Other meals and
                                                                                              entertainment are on your own.

                                                                                                                            Hoover Dam

 It Happens In Vegas!
 January 14-17, 2011                                                                             We get a 10% discount to any shows
                                                                                              at the Mirage (including: Cirque du
                                                                                              Soleil Beatles LOVE and ventriloquist
                                                                                              Terry Fator). Be sure to check Las Vegas
    PCA/SBR is ready to roll into Las             High speed elevators transport visitors     show schedules for dates and book
 Vegas for the Martin Luther King, Jr.            down into the walls of the canyon 520       early. http://www.lasvegas-nv.com/
 weekend. Come join us for a fabulous             feet to the power plant below. We’ll then   shows.htm#Shows
 4-day, 3-night getaway to this Nevada            head back to Vegas for lunch at the one        Members are required to book the
 town that never sleeps. With great ac-           and only Harley-Davidson Café.              hotel separately at an additional cost
 tivities planned, fine food, good friends                                                    of $130 per night. This includes the
 and always lots of laughs, this trip, like          On Sunday, a beautiful 55-mile drive     resort fee and covered parking. This
 past ones, will leave you with a week-           to the Valley of Fire State Park, a loca-   rate will be effective only until Dec.14,
 end to remember.                                 tion known for its unusual rock forma-      2010 . They are only holding 30 rooms,
                                                  tions. Scientists believe that people be-   so please make your reservations
                            The Mirage Hotel                                                  early. Call the Mirage at 800.499.6311 or
                                                  gan inhabiting this area more than15,000
                                                  years ago. Ancient rock drawings, or        702.791.7444 and tell them you are with
                                                  petroglyphs, date back a thousand           the Porsche Club.
                                                  years. Many movies have been filmed            Please contact Nancy Maletz at
                                                  here including “The Professionals” with     NDAJB@aol.com or 805.532.2462 for
                                                  Burt Lancaster in 1966 and the Star Trek    reservations.
                                                  movie where Captain Kirk finally dies.
                                                  We’ll enjoy a catered picnic lunch in the
                                                     When: Friday, January 14
    We will stay at the Mirage Hotel in              to Monday January 17, 2011,
 the heart of the Strip, where we’ll enjoy           Where: The Mirage Hotel,
 a buffet dinner Friday evening. Satur-              Las Vegas, Nevada.
 day, it’s a behind-the-scenes tour of the           Limit: 30 cars, about 60 people
 spectacular Hoover Dam. This 726-foot               Cost: $115 per person .
 tall structure completed in 1935 is a Na-           Checks payable to PCA/SBR.
 tional Historic Landmark, and it is one of       Send to: Nancy Maletz, 2896 Wood-
                                                                                                Valley of Fire State Park
 the engineering wonders of the world.            flower St., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

18 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
                                                                                                   seventh annual
                                                                                                   seventh annual

                                 rs pla
                   BR M embe event. We
          tion S            great            ge
   Atten nding this stlake Villa
           e                 e               .
   on att et in the W t 7:30 a.m n
    wil l me       king  lot a       Cen  ter i
           o par             arner p.
    Costc avan to W                  u
            ar                 a gro           unt,
    and c nd Hills as                 per co ow
             l a               a pro           k
     Wood we’ll have oreen Pan
     So   that       V.P  . to D       al.n et
              e R.S.            cglob            ne                 charity car show & toy drive
      pleas ankow@sb g at least o
                p               n                                   Sunday Dec. 5th 2010
              d         to bri          ued a
                 orget ed toy val
          on’t f
                                                                     Gates open at 6:30 AM
       D              app
                                                                     Show ends at 12:00 Noon
        new, more.
         $10 o                                              Entrance to the event is FREE to everyone.
                                                            We ask that each guest bring at least one
                                                            new, unwrapped toy valued at at least $10.

                                                            Anthem Building (Blue Cross) in Warner Center
                                                            21555 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

                                                                      For more info. please visit :         www.motor4toys.com

Premium Car
Care Products
                                                                                                  Paul Bancroft Roofing, Inc.
                                                                            STATE LIC. # 467286

                                                                                                  7706 Deering Ave.
                                                                                                  Canoga Park, CA 91304
                                                                                                                            (818) 888-7307
                                           9434 Irondale Avenue                                                              pbroofing.com
Waxes - Sealants                            Chatsworth, CA 91311
Polishes - Compounds                          ph: 1-818-762-2507                                  ALL TYPES OF ROOFING • INSURANCE PROTECTION
Cleaners - Degreasers                        cell: 1-818-633-3200                                  ROOFING CONSULTANT • INVESTIGATIVE WORK
Dressings - Clay Bars                    www.SoCalShopGuy.com

                                                              www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010    19
                           By	Martin	Keller                                         he Santa Barbara Region Autocross season is over after
                                                                                    the very successful September 18, 2010, Autocross at the
                                                                                    Camarillo Airport. The entire season was a great success
                                                                            due to the work of all the volunteers who have stepped up to
                                                                            organize and run these events for the club. Our autocrosses have
                                                                            proven to be very popular. We’ve had full attendance throughout
                                                                            the season and have had a waiting list at each event. Co-Chairs
                                                                            Lloyd Martinez and Dan Byers have worked hard to allow all of
                                                                            us to enjoy testing our own abilities as well as our cars’ abilities
                                                                            without any incidents.
                                                                                The last Camarillo Autocross was a little different than usual in
                                                                            several ways. First, it was Co-chair Lloyd Martinez’s last Camarillo
                                                                            Autocross. He’s stepping down after two years of working to
Lloyd Martinez                       Dan Byers                              organize and help with the different autocross events put on by
                                                                            the club. Lloyd will be missed as co-chair, but it’s hoped that he
                                                                            will volunteer as his time permits and that he will continue to
                                                                            participate in club events.
                                                                                Lloyd’s position as the Camarillo Co-chair is being filled by
                                                                            yours truly. If you attended the autocross, you most likely saw
                                                                            me following Lloyd around, learning all the things that need to
                                                                            be addressed to ensure a successful event. There are a great many
                                                                            things that must be accomplished, as I have learned from Lloyd
                                                                            and Dan and the other volunteers. Among them are retrieving and
                                                                            returning the club’s autocross trailer and how all the registrations
                                                                            are handled and processed for our events.
                                                                                Second, the autocross team had all of the participants sign in
                                                                            and identified at the airport gate and assigned a run group color
                                                                            and car number so that they could have access to the event without
                                                                            too much delay. The participants could then just go to the tech area
                                                                            and then to the run group parking area they were assigned, after
                                                                            their car passed tech inspection. The tech folks from Schneider
                                                                            Autohaus were very efficient and had everyone ready to make their
                                                                            first practice run on time.
                                                                                Yes, the gate seemed a little crazy, but the folks who volunteered
                                                                            to man the gate and check everyone in did a great job. The eager
                                                                            participants were waiting at the gate when we arrived to set up
                                                                            the registration table at 6:00 a.m. for the event. As one of the co-
                                                                            chairs said, we hope to do better next year in this area so that it
                                                                            will be a little smoother next season. The airport now requires that
                                                                            everyone be identified and signed in as part of the new Homeland
                                                                            Security measures. Check-in at the gate also helps to keep the
                                                                            commotion at a reasonable level at the course location for all the
                                                                            club volunteers and to get things going as soon as practical.
                                                                                Third, the course was set up and run on the right side of the
                                                                            airport area and finished up where we’ve usually started in the past.
                                                                            The course was also laid out to be more technical than a high-speed
                                                                            course. But it was still quite fast, as people were putting down some
                                                                            very quick and impressive times. It also gave the drivers a good
                                                                            workout, as the layout made them work their steering wheels to
                                                                            the max to avoid those little orange cones. The length of the course
                                                                            was just right and allowed all of the participants plenty of practice

20 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
laps before our break for lunch. Q-Time BBQ catered the lunch,
and it was above and beyond what everyone was expecting at an
    Fourth, the afternoon runs took a little longer, but we were still
able to have everyone, including the volunteers, out of the airport
at a reasonable time. The timing crew, Jeff Parker and Jeff Merrick,
paid special attention to the operation of the equipment so that
everyone’s times were recorded and the cone counts were verified
and scored correctly. They really did a great job making sure all of
the data was efficiently gathered and scored.
    Last but certainly not least, the club wants to thank all of the
volunteers who helped with the autocross events throughout this
past year. Without your help, none of the events would have been
a success for the club, nor would they have been as much fun for
the participants who attended. It’s not just the co-chairs and the
timing crew that make these events happen. Thanks to all who
step up and do the tasks, such as setting up the course, manning
the check-in and cleaning up at the end of the day. There are a lot
of you out there who work in the background and do it just because
that’s the way you are.
    Many thanks also go to our great sponsor, Rusnak Westlake
Porsche. We hope to see you next season! =

Event	Photos	by	Nicolas	Liakas,	Caleb	Newcomb,
	       																	Marissa	Sanchez,	&	Glenn	Sato

               ON PAGE 22

                                                                 www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   21
               09/18/10 FINAL RESULTS
        top            1.
                                      Lisa Severy
                                    Ryan Severy
                                                                                                           Amil Garcia
                                                                                                       Frank Donahue
                                                                                                                              Lotus elise
                                                                                                                              Cayman S

        10             3.
                                  Larry Martinez
                                   Chistos Adam
                                 David Witteried
                                                            BMW M3
                                                            911S Targa
                                                                                                          Fred Bowen
                                                                                                       Charile Bennet
                                                                                                       Lloyd Martinez
                                                                                                                              Boxster S

 Pos.   Class                     Driver Car	Model                Best	Time             Pos.   Class                 Driver Car	Model           Best	Time
   1       f                   ed Palmer 911T                            dns             9       x              Joe Finegold Lotus elise           48.551
   1       f                Aaron Burham 911T                            dns            10       x             Martin Keller Miata                 49.021
   1      gs                  Nick Rettie 924S                       51.805             11       x           Samuel Petrasca Toyota MR2            49.395
   1      hi                  Fred Bowen 911 S                       47.786             12       x          Darren Friedman Cobra                  49.527
   1      hs            David Witteried 911S Targa                   45.640             13       x             Nick Sibersky Subaru                49.811
   1       j                Michael Klein 911                        52.743             14       x             Gary Davison Miata                  50.432
   1      js          Chris Andropoulos Porsche 951                  53.632             15       x               Glenn Sato Miata                  51.162
   1      kp             Brian Adlawan 968 Cab                       55.707             16       x               Troy Dudley Corvette              51.939
  1T       l            Lloyd Martinez Boxster                       48.157             17       x               Peter Wood Mazda Speed 3          51.972
  2T       l                Dave Madsen Boxster                      49.055             18       x               Doug Biggs Infiniti G35           50.996
  1T      n             Frank Donahue Cayman S                       46.859             19       x           Neil Friedlander BMW M3               52.041
  2T      n                  William Byrd Cayman S                   51.275             20       x           Richard Schrope TransAM               52.254
  3T      n                  Robert Freed Boxster S                  54.292             21       x               Bill Brier Sr. Mercedes SLS       52.451
   4      n                  Steve Ferrari 911 Cabriolet             57.665             22       x                Paul Scott Cobra                 52.481
  1T      np             Charlie Bennet Boxster S                    48.136             23       x             Ted Lighthizer MINI                 52.665
  2T      np                  Don Bennet Boxster S                   53.016             24       x          Michael Parrotta Mustang               53.003
  1T      o                    Kim Leigh 911 Carrera                 55.179             25       x           Caleb Newcomb Jetta                   53.265
  2T      o          Ronald Trueman Jr. Carrera 4S                   57.613             26       x            Andre Metzger Miata                  53.340
   3      o            Ronald Trueman Carrera 4S                     85.936             27       x             Mike Zielinski Cobra                53.708
   4      o             Steve Bachman 996 4S                             dns            28       x              Ken Whitney S2000                  53.721
  1T      q                 Chris Breuner 997 4S                     49.503             29       x              Justin Ooms Audi A4                54.967
  2T      q            Shahram Fatemi Porsche 997                    49.835             30       x                Rich Shaw BMW 325                55.055
   3      q                    Ben Coats 997 4S                      50.004             31       x              Patrick Redd MINI                  55.763
   4      q                   Ken Shinpo 996 Turbo                   54.331             32       x                Steve Doll BMW M3                55.938
   1     k-r                 Richard Wolf Cayenne                    58.507             33       x         Keerti Bhamidpati Honda Civic SI        56.178
  1T       x                  Lisa Severy Corvette                   43.644             34       x           Sevan Dakarian Porsche 997            59.793
  2T       x                 Ryan Severy Corvette                    44.820             35       x               Pete Moore Cobra Daytona          60.820
  3T       x             Larry Martinez BMW M3                       45.564             36       x           Fred Langalang Datsun 240z            61.686
  4T       x                Christos Adam Miata                      45.569             37       x            James Garrigus BMW 335i              64.074
  5T       x                  Amil Garcia Lotus elise                46.674             38       x         Steven MacFarlane Corvette                   dns
   6      x                 Mark Helmick S2000                       48.167             38       x           Fred Sangalang Datsun 240z                 dns
   7       x                  Bill Brier Jr. Mercedes SLS            48.422             38       x            David Dewittig Ferrari                    dns
   8       x                   Joe Ligutti Mitsubishi evo            48.539             38       x           Paul MacFarlane Corvette                   dns

22 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
                                                                       Detail	Clinic	
                                                                       A	Shining	Success
                                                                       By	Carolyn	Ewbank

                                                                                 n a beautiful Saturday at a beautiful location, Lavaggio –
                                                                                 The Art of Auto Detailing, Agoura Hills, 38 eager students
                                                                                 listened attentively to Dick “Concours extraordinaire”
                                                                       Douglass and Eric Walker of Meguiar’s at the third annual SBR
                                                                       Pre-Concours Detail Clinic.
                                                                           Representing Lavaggio was General Manager Lydia Derian and
Our instructor, the always entertaining Dick Douglass
                                                                       Dustin Troyan, who handles their marketing. They welcomed us
                                                                       and explained when Lavaggio opened and the kind of detailing
                                                                       they do. They gave each student a discount coupon for a detail of
                                                                       their choice.
                                                                           Before Dick started his presentation, the Meguiar’s team
                                                                       took member Lloyd Martinez’s Boxster into the detailing area of
                                                                       Lavaggio to work on it. Their purpose was to show everyone how a
                                                                       car looks in different stages of detailing with their products.
                                                                           After Carolyn Ewbank, Concours Chair for 2010, introduced
                                                                       Dick Douglass, he began revealing countless detailing secrets.
                                                                       Dick’s instructions were designed to assist the attendees in
                                                                       preparing their cars for the upcoming 34th Annual Santa Barbara
                                                                       Region Concours d’Elegance. He showed us the use of types of
                                                                       products for obtaining the best results. Dick answered the excellent
Lavaggio’s Lydia Derian and Dustin Troyan                              questions from the students, which helped them understand what
                                                                       the judges would be looking for on their cars. He talked about
                                                                       products and cloths that you should avoid, and what care was
                                                                       recommended to keep the cloths you do use in their best condition.
                                                                       Dick spoke about the Zone 8 Concours Rules and how they are
                                                                       applied in judging at concours events. He revealed the places in
                                                                       your car the judges love to examine to see how much detail you
                                                                       have actually done.
                                                                           A delicious lunch of salad, sandwiches, chips, cookies and soft
                                                                       drinks catered by Lavaggio’s Bistro across the street was served at
                                                                       12:30 p.m.
                                                                           At 1:00 p.m. Carolyn Ewbank introduced the three
                                                                       representatives from Meguiar’s who had traveled up from Orange
                                                                       County. Eric Walker showed how best to clean a car and the correct
                                                                       products and cloths to use. He explained what you should look for
Concours Chair Carolyn Ewbank with the dreaded white gloves            in a microfiber cloth, how to launder these cloths, even warning us
                                                                       to remove the product tags to avoid scratching the paint. Meguiar’s
                                                                       then brought the demonstration Boxster out into the sun. They had
                                                                       taped the hood of the car into four sections to demonstrate how
                                                                       each additional step and product used improved the look of the
                                                                       car. The final cleaning stage removed the “spider webs,” making the
                                                                       car shine like a mirror.
                                                                           At the end of Meguiar’s instructions they gave each student a
                                                                       Goodie Bag with a cleaning product and a microfiber cloth. Also, a
                                                                       CD was given to each student with helpful information for detailing
                                                                       their car before the concours. Dick Douglass was rewarded with a
                                                                       gasoline credit card for his day’s work. =

                                                                       Photos	by	John	Alfenito
The participants listen as Dick reveals some judging secrets

                                                               www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   23
       PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA                                                           SBR MEMBER ANNIVERSARIES
29	Years                      16	Years                                                    4	Years                       1	Year
Michael & Peggy Moore         Carolyn ewbank                  9	Years                     Steven & Marilyn Bachman      Frank & Nancee Baldino
                              Jeffrey & Terri Field           Michael & Kathleen Mills    Charles & Donna Bell          David Bayer
27	Years                                                      Peter & Daniel Postas       Thomas & Arthea Hermann       Mark & Debbie Blankenship
Alan Surgi                    14	Years                                                    Rod & Susan Hersberger        Martha Burciaga
                              Michael &                       8	Years                     Richard & Joan Jonsson        Michael Cavalier
                               Adrienne Pomerantz                                                                       Ben Coats
25	Years                                                      Steven Bernston
                                                                                                                        Otto & Linda Crass
Michelle Hampton                                              Henry Calles                3	Years
                                                                                          Randy & Sue Kinsling          Francis & Anna Donahue
 & Andrew Tymkiw              13	Years                                                                                  Harold ertlet
                              Roberto Michelin                7	Years                     Richard Kelman & Patti
                                                                                          Mccourt                       Mylene Furey
22	Years                                                      Matthew & Richard Hall
                                                                                          Brian & Janet Smith           Daryl Haus
Jay S. Laifman                12	Years                        Falin & Karin Shieh
                                                                                          Allen & Patrick Trowbridge    Michael Ludwig
                              Wayne & Houri Greko                                                                       Drew Mackel
18	Years                                                      6	Years                                                   Fred Petro
                                                                                          2	Years
Paula Golus                   11	Years                        Claire Mamakos
                                                                                          Gary W. Baker
                                                                                                                        Joao Ricci Terra
                              Carol Primea & Ted Frech          & Peter Kokiousis                                       Tama Riddle
                                                              Jorge & Antonio Raphael     Thomas Duck
17	Years                      Francisco & elaine Cote Rayas                                                             Shalom Rubin
                                                                                          Charles & Lara Liu
Masahiro & Kiyomi Iwadare                                                                                               Dan Schindler
                                                                                          Mike & Piper Macchiarella
                              10	Years                        5	Years                     Frederick & Natalie Mueller
                                                                                                                        Sharareh Shahbari
                              Gary & Robin Allen              Rich & Nancy Arnesen                                      James Siminoff
                                                                                          Cherrie & Greg Pedigo
                              Richard & Pearl Banks           George & Jeanne Mitchell                                  Gil Siqueido
                                                              Jonathan Reiss                                            David Thompson
                                                                                                                        Scott & Stacey Vonlank
                                                                                                                        Stan & Sharon Weiner
                                                                                                                        Robert M. Weinstock

             SANTA BARBARA REGION                                                        NEW MEMBERS & TRANSFERS
New	Members                                                                               Transfer	Members
Ori & Malka Fogel             Richard & Karen Imendorf                                    Jeremy Potts                  Henry Williamson
                              Oxnard, 1982 911SC                                          Oxnard, 2007 Cayman           South Pasadena, 1974 911
Los Angeles, 2011Panamera
                                                                                          from Ark La Tex Region        from San Gabriel Valley Region

Lien Nguyen                   Christian & Celeste Marx
  & Lawrence Hoan             Santa Barbara, 2004 996GT3
Simi Valley, 2001 996

    Congratulations to all our members celebrating anniversaries this month. We warmly welcome all the new
    and transfer members joining our region. Thank you to all those who renewed their memberships as well.
    Please remember that you can log onto the PCA.org website to change any of your membership information.
    We hope to see everyone at a breakfast meeting or an event soon.
                                                                                            Janice Herndon
                                                                                         Membership Chair

24 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   25
 34th Annual Concours d’Elegance Final Results
          October 10, 2010 • California State University Channel Islands
     Last Name First Name               Year        Model        Body Type           Color              Class   Division   Score Place
         Shirley Skip & Leslie          1963        356 T-6      Coupe               Oslo Blue            C1    Concours   324.7   1
       Markham Lawence                  1959         356A        Coupe               White                C1    Concours   323.7   2
         Conger Steven                  1954       356/1500S     Coupe               Turkish Red          C1    Concours   323.6   3
          Greko Wayne & Houri           1957         356A        Speedster           Red w/tan            C2    Concours   322.6   1
        Pidduck Richard                 1968          912        Coupe               Irish Green          C3    Concours   324.3   1
      *	Demeo Joseph                    1986          930        Coupe               Marble	Grey          C5    Concours   324.9   1
           Hart Tony                    1987          959        Coupe               Red                  C5    Concours   321.9   2
           Scott Craig                  1996       911 Turbo     Coupe               White                C6    Concours   324.8   1
       Petersen Pete & Nickole          1991         911C2       Coupe               White                C6    Concours   324.2   2
        Lindsay Dan                     2006          997        Cabriolet           Blue Turquoise       C7    Concours   322.1   1
       Samojen Tony                     1970         914-6       #1 Production Car   Signal Orange        C9    Concours   321.6   1
         Karolyi Stephen                1965         356C        Coupe               Red                  S1     Street    238.9   1
       Adlawan Brian                    1994          968        Cabriolet           Black               S10     Street    238.0   1
       Fledhorn Bill                    1965         356SC       Cabriolet           Champagne            S2     Street    238.7   1
         Naylor Debera                  1959         356FD       Convertible         Ivory                S2     Street    238.5   2
      	#	Gerace Marco                   1972        911ST        Coupe               Tangerine            S3     Street    239.1   1
         Alton II James H.              1965          911        Coupe               Champagne Yellow     S3     Street    239.1   2
         Koskie Jeff                    1971          911        Targa               Black                S3     Street    237.5   3
         *	Watt Robert                  2003        996	4S       Coupe               Grey                 S7     Street    239.6   1
         Yabitsu Chet & Joan            2002       996 Turbo     Coupe               Slate                S7     Street    238.8   2
        Cusenza Frank                   2008        Boxster      Convertible         Triple Gray          S8     Street    238.8   1
        Carastro Joseph                 2006        Cayman       Coupe               Azurro SB            S8     Street    237.9   2
         Murray Stephen                 1982         911SC       Coupe               Chiffon White       UR4      UR       239.0   1
        *	Kraus John                    1988      911	Carrera    Targa               White               UR5      UR       239.5   1
          Lopez Steve                   1986          930        Coupe               G-Red               UR5      UR       239.2   2
         Shipley Donn                   1989      911 Carrera    Coupe               White               UR5      UR       238.5   3
     Cobarrubias Linda & Doc Pryor      1997          993        Cabriolet           Black               UR6      UR       239.1   1
        Pankow Doreen                   1990        Carrera      Coupe               Diamond Blue        UR6      UR       238.8   2
       Douglass Dick                    1965         356 C       Cabriolet           White               WS1      WS       128.2   1
         *	Loyo Darya	&	Roger           1969          912        Coupe               Polo	Red            WS2      WS       129.0   1
        Vorgitch George                 1973         911T        Targa               Beige/Gray          WS2      WS       128.7   2
         Moore Keith                    1986          911        Coupe               Red                 WS3      WS       127.9   1
       Schmeltz Willie                  2001         996TT       Coupe               Seal Gray           WS4      WS       129.6   1
          Liakas Nicolas                2008          997        TT                  Black               WS4      WS       129.3   2
      McConnell Mike                    2006       Carrera 4S    Coupe               Cobalt Blue         WS4      WS       129.3   3
          Stone David                   2006       Cayman S      Coupe               Seal Gray           WS5      WS       129.7   1
        ewbank Carolyn                  1986         928S        Coupe               Prussian Blue       WS6      WS       129.1   1
   (*) Division Winner, (#) People’s Choice Winner

26 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
   SBR	Lines	Up
   For	Rotary	Club’s	Oktoberfest
                                                    of jewelry and other items were made              two-seat trainer aircraft that was providing
 By	David	Stone

                                                    throughout the day. Authentic German              fly-overs for the crowd. Upon landing, it
           n Sunday, September 26th, 31             food and other fare were in abundance,            was immediately apparent by the smile on
           members driving 18 cars arrived          making for a hearty lunch menu. A large           his face that he thoroughly enjoyed his 15
           early to set up a beautiful display      variety of authentic German brews were            minutes in the air over the venue, and he
 at the Newbury Park Rotary Club’s 24th             also available, and we didn’t hesitate to         received a big round of applause from the
 Annual Oktoberfest held at their new venue,        sample several of them in the 90+ degree          spectators as he walked to the gate.
 the Commemorative Air Force Museum at              heat of the afternoon.                                It was another enjoyable afternoon
 the Camarillo Airport. Invited by event                Entertainment was continuous and              spent with fellow PCA-SBR members
 chairperson Mary-Catherine McBride, our            included the Akkordion Freunde group              and gave us the opportunity to enjoy a
 long line of Porsches placed at the entrance       playing German tunes coupled with the             variety of entertainment, good food, cold
 made for an impressive presence as the             talented dancers of the Die Gemuetlichen          German beer and a chance to catch up
 public arrived. Many of the attendees were         Schudplattler dance troupe that, despite the      with one another while supporting a fine
 seen admiring and photographing our                heat, faithfully performed several dances         organization that will provide a portion of
 colorful array of cars, which ranged from          in traditional German garb. Later in the          the proceeds to the National Fire Fighters’
 three early 356 models to the newest 911           afternoon, we were entertained by three           Association and other local charities.
 and Cayman S stock. We were even able to           different contemporary bands.                         Thanks to everyone for coming out
 recruit a few new members.                             Mike and Pamuela Hodson’s son, Chris,         and supporting this special community
     A dozen interesting craft booths caught        convinced mom and dad that he should              celebration. =
 the eyes of our ladies, and several purchases      take his turn in a bright yellow WWII T-6
                                                                                                      Photos	by	Debbie	Schultz	&	Mike	Turek	
       odson in the
Chris H

                                                                                                                             SBR ladies clockwise
                                                                                                                             from 7 o’clock: Janice
                                                                                                                             Herndon, Nadine
                                                                                                                             Tracy, Suzanne
                                                                                                                             Stoops, Joan Yibitsu,
                                                                                                                             Becky Lundgren, Kelly
                                                                                                                             Ladwig, Debbie Blan-
     Nadine T                                                                                                                kenship, and Susan
             racy’s vin
                          tage SBR                                                                                           Stone.
                                     grille bad
                                                                   www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   27
October 13, 2010 - 6:30 p.m. – Seabridge, Oxnard                                              followed by a lunch at Ladyface Brewery in

SBR	Board	of	Directors	Meeting
                                                                                              Agoura. The November 18th event will be
                                                                                              to Edwards Air Force Base. There will be
                                                                                              no December event.

  Thank you Steve Kaller for hosting the         Auspuff on a one time basis as Joan & Chet      Past President: Nick reported that
October dinner board meeting at your             will be unavailable.                         committee members met to discuss the
condominium’s clubhouse. Present were:                                                        Camarillo breakfast site and presented
Dave Stone, Jeanne & John McNair, Joan             Advertising: The board reviewed Don’s      their recommendations. A motion was
& Chet Yabitsu, Janice Herndon, Nick             advertising report.                          made and passed that for the Camarillo
Liakas, Bill Sampson, Doreen Pankow,                                                          breakfast, held at the Waypoint Café, the
Ted Lighthizer, Jim Brown, Carolyn                 Goodie Store: John reported that           gate be staffed for ingress purposes starting
Ewbank, John Alfenito, Steve Kaller, Mike        October breakfast sales were $219 and        at 7:30 a.m. and remain staffed until a total
Pomerantz, Dan Byers, Martin Keller, and         concours sales were $425.                    of 60 vehicles enter; staffing will resume
Nadine Tracy.                                                                                 for egress purposes at 9:45 a.m. and
                                                Insurance: All certificates have been         terminate at 10:30 a.m. This is to become
   Secretary:      The September board filed through the end of the year.                     effective with the November 6th Camarillo
meeting minutes were accepted as                                                              breakfast.
presented.                                      Concours: Carolyn reported that the
                                              34th Annual Concours held on October              President: Some 18 Porsches and 31
   Vice President: Bill is still looking 10th at the California State University              members attended the Newbury Park
for new manager(s) for the Goodie Store. Channel Islands was a success. The day               Rotary Club’s 24th Annual Oktoberfest
Anyone wishing to volunteer please contact was clear and warm for the 180 attendees.          held on September 26th. It was a fun
Bill Sampson.                                 There were 71 cars on the grass with 38 cars    event and served as a fine example of our
                                              judged by 22 judges. The Mexican buffet         community outreach. The October 2nd
   Treasurer: Steve presented his Balance lunch was delicious. Thank you to the               Piloti Shoes Open House brought out a
Sheet and Profit & Loss YTD Comparison. approximately 45 volunteers who worked                good number of our members after the
                                              throughout the day and all who contributed      breakfast meeting. Thank you owner Kevin
   Membership: Janice reported that to make this a very special event.                        Beard for attending the meeting and giving
six new members joined our region and                                                         us a personal invitation.
membership stood at 738 at the end of           Autocross: Martin reported that the
September.                                    software for the autocross program may            Old Business: The SBR sound system
                                              need to be updated. Discussion followed.        upgrade is still in the works.
   Activities: Please take note of upcoming
events: Nov. 20th: Back Roads Drive to          Archives: James provided an assortment          New Business: There will be a Food
Nethercutt Museum, Nov 20th: Porsche of archive materials that was perused at this            Share food drive to be held at both
Mademoiselle Society Supporting Food year’s Concours d’Elegance.                              November breakfast meetings. Please
Share, Dec. 5th: Seventh Annual Motor For                                                     bring at least 3 canned food items or checks
Toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive, and        Webmaster:        Randy has updated           payable directly to the Ventura Food Share.
Dec 11th: SBR Holiday Dinner Party.           the PCA/SBR website for October with            Plans and budget for the SBR Holiday
                                              several new event fliers, event results, and    Dinner Party to be held at the Four Points
   Editor: The November issue features references to Der Auspuff.                             Sheraton in Ventura on December 11th
articles on the Camarillo Autocross, R.U.F.’s                                                 were discussed. The board again this year
visit to Santa Maria, the Gimmick Rally,        P.M.S.: The group will be participating       approved to provide our members with a
Pre-Concours Detail Clinic, Kiwanis Club’s in sorting food at the Oxnard Food Share           $5.00 subsidy per person for the dinner.
Oktoberfest, our 34th Annual Concours site on Saturday, November 20th. Canned                 Door prizes for the event were discussed.
d’Elegance, new fliers, and the official food donations will be provided by the               The toys gathered from the Holiday Dinner
ballot for the election of 2011’s Board of participants and the ladies will have lunch        Party will be donated to the Unity Shoppe
Directors.                                    at the Kampai Restaurant following the          in Santa Barbara.
   Distribution: Chet reported a total of                                                       The November 10th dinner board
788 copies of the October Der Auspuff           R.U.F.: 20 members traveled to Santa          meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at Lavaggio
were mailed out. The postage cost was Maria and enjoyed lunch at Shaw’s                       in Agoura Hills.
$426.20, leaving a balance of $1725.82 in Steakhouse, home of the original Santa
the post office credit account. A motion Maria style BBQ. They had a pleasant                   Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
was made and passed to pay approximately drive, a fabulous lunch, and were joined
$170 above the usual cost of postage for by the Mayor of Santa Maria. In October
Sir Speedy to distribute the November Der the group will drive into the Malibu Hills          Minutes	Recorded	by	Nadine	Tracy

28 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
                                                                                                   MARK STRATMEYER
                                                                RUSNAK / Westlake                      Brand Specialist
                                                                3645 Auto Mall Drive
                                                                Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
                                                                                                   Direct Line 805.267.8385
                                                                805.496.6500 • Fax 805.496.6238

                                                        Are you seeking
                                                          a guaranteed,
                                                        secure income?
McAuliffe Financial Services, Inc.
Call us at 805-497-2332
Visit our website at:
www.McAuliffeFinancial Services.com
2660 Townsgate Road, Suite 160, Westlake Village, CA 91361
                                                                                               Neil G. McAuliffe, PCA/SBR Member

CA Insurance License No. 0454144 - Securities offered through Crown Capital Securities, L.P. - Member FINRA/SIPC

                                                  www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010   29
                                            OFFICIAL BALLOT
                                  2011 ELECTION OF OFFICERS

                  MEMBER                                             FAMILY/AFFILIATE MEMBER
Part 1 • 2011 OFFICERS                                     Part 1 • 2011 OFFICERS
The Santa Barbara Region Board of Directors and            The Santa Barbara Region Board of Directors and
Nominating Committee offer the following slate of          Nominating Committee offer the following slate of
candidates to serve as officers for 2011:                  candidates to serve as officers for 2011:

President:           [ ] Bill Sampson                      President:            [ ] Bill Sampson
                     [ ] Write-In ____________________                           [ ] Write-In ____________________

Vice President: [ ] Michael Brovsky                        Vice President: [ ] Michael Brovsky
                [ ] Write-In ____________________                          [ ] Write-In ____________________

Secretary:           [ ] Nadine Tracy                      Secretary:            [ ] Nadine Tracy
                     [ ] Write-In ____________________                           [ ] Write-In ____________________

Treasurer:           [ ] Steve Kaller                      Treasurer:            [ ] Steve Kaller
                     [ ] Write-In ____________________                           [ ] Write-In ____________________

Activity Chairs: [ ] Ted Lighthizer & Doreen Pankow        Activity Chairs: [ ] Ted Lighthizer & Doreen Pankow
                 [ ] Write-In ____________________                          [ ] Write-In ____________________

Part 2 • HONORARY CHOICES                                  Part 2 • HONORARY CHOICES
Please submit the name of your favorite candidate for:     Please submit the name of your favorite candidate for:

SBR Man of The Year:                                       SBR Man of The Year:
      Write-In ________________________                          Write-In ________________________

SBR Woman of The Year:                                     SBR Woman of The Year:
      Write-In ________________________                          Write-In ________________________

Part 4 • VOTER’S SIGNATURE                                 Part 4 • VOTER’S SIGNATURE
Signature required per SBR By-Laws. Only the Member        Signature required per SBR By-Laws. Only the Member
and Family/Affiliate Member are eligible to vote.          and Family/Affiliate Member are eligible to vote.

Member’s Signature                                  Date    Member’s Signature                                  Date

     Advertiser	Directory
Aswell Trophy ...................................5
Auto Gallery .....................................2
                                                                  PCA/SBR                                                                 Classifieds
                                                           Want	to	reach	even	more	readers?		Post	your	ad	online	at	our	Forum.		Go	to:		www.pcasb.org/forums
Autobahn West ..............................10
Automotion...................................IBC      2005	911	CARRERA	COUPE	–	FOR	SALE
Paul Bancroft Roofing ....................19          Seal Gray/Black, 12,000 miles, six speed, ext warranty 02/2012, sport chrono, nav, power/heated seats, Bose sound pkg/CD changer,
Gary Betz enterprises .......................4        wheel caps/crest, new tires, garaged/cover. Like new. $44,000 Ventura CA area (805) 509-2917 forboatn777@yahoo.com (11/10)
Boykin Automotive ........................19
Walt Branscome, SBAG ...................10            BLACK	LEATHER	FACTORY	STEERING	WHEEL	-		FOR	SALE
California Cars Sportscar Collection ..8              Perfect condition--like new for 944 or 944 Turbo. Wheel is from mint 1986 36,000 mile 944 Turbo. Non airbag-4-spoke might also fit
                                                      911 or 930 Turbo-check first. $250 obo. Contact Steve 805-680-0038  info@americanglobal.org (11/10)
California Tire Company....................5
Bob Campbell’s 356 Services ..........32              BLACK	PARTIAL	LEATHER	FACTORY	SEATS		-	FOR	SALE
Joseph Carastro, D.M.D., M.S. ...........3            (Pair) in excellent condition - power drivers side, manual passenger side-from mint 36,000 mile 1986 944 Turbo - Asking $1000 for
David L. Cunningham .......................4          pair & worth it, but must sell, so no reasonable offer will be refused. Contact Steve 805-680-0038 info@americanglobal.org (11/10)
Ray DeSilva, Troop Real estate ........10
DSR Audio ........................................8   WANT	TO	BUY	-	1986	PORSCHE	911	CARRERA	CABRIOLET
eTF Portfolio Management...............5              Must NOT be ReD or GRAND PRIX WHITe. Looking for 90-95 percentile vehicle. expect to pay accordingly. Please contact: Joe Boucher
Steven Z. Freeman, CPA ..................19           (not the buyer, helping a friend) at joerally@aol.com (11/10)
Genworth Financial ........................10
                                                      2000	Carrera	4	–	FOR	SALE	
German Transmissions Haus ...........29
                                                      22,280 miles, 6 speed with PSM, sunroof with rear spoiler, excellent condition, deep blue exterior, black full leather interior, Porsche
Ghost Shield - Garret Pegler ...........29
                                                      factory Aero Pkg, “platnum” warranty $100 deductible--good till 2015 or 83,762 miles. Price: $35,000
Hammer Capital Management .........5                  Contact Sam (818) 825-5215 or sara.jackson@pepperdine.edu (10/10)
Lynn Kuchera, Troop Real estate .......9
Lavaggio ........................................25   2007	997	TURBO	COUPE	–	FOR	SALE	
Leland-West Insurance.....................6           14,400 miles, Slate Grey Metallic, Natural Brown leather,(both optional). Tiptronic transmission w/sport chrono, painted sport seats,
Los Angeles Dismantler ....................9          carbon fiber everywhere. Original MSRP $156,000 w/out PCCB. 35 factory options including deviating stitching throughout.
Monaco Motors ................................7       Never tracked, car is perfect inside & out. It would cost $175,000+fees to duplicate a 2010 for 20 more hp?
Neil McAuliffe.................................29     Price is $92,500. Call Jerry (805) 492-9478 or (805) 341-9081 (10/10)
North Hollywood Speedometer........8
Pacific Automotive Group .................5           1980	928	–	FOR	SALE	
ProMount equipment .......................8           Second owner. 45,505 miles. Silver exterior, dark blue leather and vinyl interior. Alan Johnson Racing body kit including rear wing.
Quinn The eskimo/Dr. Colorchip .....12                Chromed flat dish Fuchs Alloys. Well maintained, fresh tires. No expense spared. Fresh battery. Recent SMOG certificate. $8750.
RMS Direct .....................................12    Contact: Dan Lindsay at edgy01@aol.com (805) 452-5797 (10/10)
RS enterprises ................................29
Rusnak Westlake Porsche .............. IFC            1964	356	C	–	FOR	SALE
                                                      Original one-owner matching numbers Santa Barbara car. Ruby Red over Black interior. 136,000 miles. Mild Outlaw treatment
Bill Sampson ....................................4
                                                      when repainted in 1986. The ultimate driver, with 6 x15 Fuchs wheels. Drives beautifully. Owner: ed Yates. Well maintained with
Santa Barbara Auto Group..............BC
                                                      fresh tires, battery. CA SMOG exempt. $47,000. Contact: Dan Lindsay at edgy01@aol.com (805) 452-5797 (10/10)
Schneider Autohaus .........................6
Shaw Diamond Co. ...........................7         1985	PORSCHE	911	CARRERA	COUPE	–	FOR	SALE
SoCal Shop Guy ..............................19       38K original miles, Black/Black, 5-speed, leather seats, sunroof, cruise control, power windows/locks/driver’s seat,
Mark Stratmeyer, Rusnak ...............29             16” polished factory turbo rims, lowered to european specs, original owner, all records, Schneider Autohaus serviced.
TC’s Garage .....................................10   $21,000. Contact Bob at (805) 969-6732 (Santa Barbara) or rjasla@cox.net. (09/10)

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                                                                                                www.pcasb.org • Porsche Club of America • Santa	Barbara	Region • November 2010                                 31
                                                                                                  ...the last word
 Apparently They’re Quite Sensitive This Time of Year
 Testy	Turkey	Takes	Offense                                                                             ARE YOU
     At	September’s	Gimmick	Rally,	as	everyone	was	arriving	
 at	the	picnic	grounds,	Nick	Liakas	decided	to	pay	a	visit	to	                                           TALKIN’
 “the	facilities”	about	100	yards	to	the	north	of	the	parking	
 site.	As	he	approached	the	entrance	to	the	men’s	room,	he	                                             TO ME?
 noted	that	it	was	blocked	by	a	flock	of	wild	turkeys.	As	Nick	
 reached	for	the	door,	the	tom	turkey	felt	threatened	and	
 sensed	the	necessity	to	protect	his	harem.	It	did	not	give	
 any	ground,	but	rather	stared	at	Nick	and	proceeded	to	
 aggressively	challenge	the	presence	of	another	male	figure.	
 Ignoring	all	efforts	by	Nick	to	“scare	it	away,”	tom	was	ready	
 to	plant	his	first	nasty	bite	on	Nick’s	right	leg	when	a	brave	
 soul	rescued	our	past	president.	
     Yes,	Janice	Herndon,	all	5’5”	and	100	pounds	of	her,	
 recognized	the	danger	and	swiftly	removed	her	spiked	
 sandals,	hurling	them	like	a	fastball,	landing	one	on	
 the	belly	of	the	beast.	The	flustered	fowl	quickly	beat	a	
 hasty	retreat	into	nearby	bushes	along	with	its	female	
     Thus	our	6-foot	195-pound	distressed	male	was	saved	
 from	the	humiliation	of	becoming	turkey	bait. 3:17 PM Page 1
356 Services_05_2010:Layout 1 5/30/10

                           Since 1972
                           Bob Campbell’s

                 356 SERVICES
                          Santa Clarita, California                              Award winning

                                                                                 1954 Cabriolet
                                                                                 $140,000 USD
 BUY A 356!
                                                                                                                          C Model Engine
                                                                                                                          & GT Fuel Tank!
 Many More Investment Caliber                                                                                              1961 Cabriolet
 Porsches Available.                                                                                                            $77,500 USD

 Visit www.356Services.com
 LOCATE A 356!
 Still don’t see the right one?             Great Value                                                                  Very Solid
                                            Original Engine!                                                             Original Engine!
 Call for the most current inventory        1964 C Coupe                                                                 1964 C Coupe
                                            $42,500 USD

                                                                                                                         $30,000 USD

 Convenient, private, secure sale.
 You remain anonymous until sold.
 No calls, just me.
 No Lookie Lous.

 356 RESTORATION                                                                                             From a simple tune-up,
                                                                                                          to award-winning complete
 REPAIR & SERVICE                                                                                         restorations.
                                                                                                          By appointment.
 OVER 70 YEARS OF COMBINED PORSCHE                                                                        Enclosed Pick-up, Delivery
 EXPERIENCE IN EVERY JOB WE DO                                                                            and Storage is available.
 BUYER’S AND SELLER’S REMORSE COUNSELING AVAILABLE                                                          No affiliation with or approval of
 PHONE/FAX 661-251-3500 :: Bob@356services.com :: www.356services.com                                       Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North
                                                                                                            America is intended or implied

32 November 2010 • Santa	Barbara	Region • Porsche Club of America • 	www.pcasb.org
   2010 AUTOMOTION                                                                                         FREE ®

PORSCHE CATALOG TODAY!                                         ®

AUTOMOTION                                                                                                     Great
THE SUPER STORE FOR YOUR PORSCHE                                                                                   At
888.763.0280                                                                                                  Prices.
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Porsche . Experts In                      ®
Hard To Find                                                                                               Experience
Replacement Parts                                                                                              In The
And Accessories For                                                                                            Brand
Your Vehicle.                                                                                               You Love.

When ordering, please mention

Porsche Club of America, Santa Barbara Region
                                                                                   PRSRT STD
3708 Greggory Way #5 • Santa Barbara, CA 93105                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                               THOUSAND OAKS, CA
                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 238

                                                         Or current resident

   Porsche Santa Barbara
   805-682-2000 • 402 South Hope Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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