Summer Assignment Handout - Summer Assignments for Rising Sophomores by pptfiles


									                               Summer Assignments for Rising Sophomores

1.   Find these assignment parts at on June 1, 2009.
              M ath - Introduction to Statistics. After reading a four page introduction to the study of statistics,
               complete 7 problems that are related to the topic. A project incorporating this new information is
               then to be completed. The project involves collecting data from an appropriate source, completing
               statistical analysis, constructing an informative graph, and writing a summary of the implications of
               the data that was collected.
              Science – Part 1: Look up information (any source) on three Chemistry topics and write summaries
               of what you found out. Part 2: Choose one of the topics you researched, and use it in a thought
               exercise to create a hypothetical research project.
              Social Studies- Part 1: M ake a time line of 10 important events that occurred between 1400 and
               1600. Part 2: Choose which of the events is most important and defend your choice in no more than
               one type written page (12 font)
                     NOTE- a person is NOT an event; do not use the birth or death of a person as an event. Do not
                     put obtuse things like the invention of the fork. Do not go too far in the future to justify your
                     choice (i.e. the U.S. would eventually become a world power). Do not go further than 1750 in
                     explaining the significance of your choice.
              English – Read and annotate Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. After you read,
               utilize your prior knowledge of critical lenses to answer analysis questions in chunk format and
               create four Seminar questions (one per lens). Your work must be typed, double-spaced, and in 12pt
              Plagiarism – Read the article, and take the short summary quiz to check understanding. Do not
               hand in these pages.
              Team Assignment sheet – Sign, and print your name at the top pledging your have completed the
               plagiarism assignment and done your own work on all summer assignments. Give this sheet to one
               of your M ath/Sci teachers.
2.   Review summer assignments for all classes before you leave school. Find your sophomore teachers before
     school ends, if you have questions. We may not check our e-mail until the teacher work week in August.

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