Petition for Divorce _Form 72A_

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					Petition for Divorce (Form 72A)
End Notes – Petition for Divorce (Form 72A)              12. RESIDENCE AND JURISDICTION – Residence

                                                             Under the Divorce Act you or the respondent
                                                             means the place where you are now living.
1. When you file your petition, the Registrar will
   assign a file number. You need to put this                 must live in a province for at least one year
   number on all your court documents.                       before the filing of the petition for Divorce.
2. You only need to complete one side of this form       13. CHILDREN – Check whether the support
   (either the English or French side.)                      arrangements proposed in paragraph 7(k) agree
                                                             with the guidelines. You only need to write
3. See Appendix 5 to choose the judicial district for
                                                             down the children that are dependants and
   your county.
                                                             that you are requesting support for.
4. Give your full name as it appears on the marriage
                                                         14. OTHER COURT PROCEEDINGS – Give the details
                                                             if you or your spouse have started other court
5. Give the full name and address of the                     proceedings concerning the marriage or the
   respondent. Your spouse is the respondent.                children of the marriage.

6. Write the language (English or French) you            15. SEPARATION AGREEMENTS – Give details about
   prefer to use in the divorce hearing, if there is a       any agreements and attach a copy.
                                                         16. COLLUSION, CONDONATION AND CONNIVANCE –
7. Leave this blank. When the Registrar receives             Strike out paragraph 10(b) because
   the Petition for Divorce, the Registrar will add          condonation and connivance apply to adultery
   the full date.                                            or cruelty.

8. CLAIM – Make your claim very clear. If you are        17. PLACE OF TRIAL – The place of trial must be the
   asking the court for custody or access, write the         same as the judicial district. See note 3.
   request in this place. Write down if you are
                                                         18. DECLARATION OF PETITIONER – Include your
   asking for support for yourself or a child. If you
                                                             full address. It must be a street address. Also,
   would like to have provisions of a separation
                                                             include your mailing address if that is different
   agreement included, refer specifically to the
                                                             than your street adress.
   provisions. Attach a copy of the separation
   agreement to the Petition for Divorce.                DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN AND DATE THIS FORM ON
                                                         THE LAST PAGE, AND INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS IN
9. RECONCILIATION – If you and your spouse did
                                                         THE SPACE PROVIDED FOR IT.
   not try to reconcile, strike out paragraph (b). If
   you did try to reconcile, write out what efforts
   you made.
    original or certified copy of your marriage
    certificate. Make sure that the information in
    the Petition for Divorce is the same as the
    information on the marriage certificate.
11. Place the maiden name in this blank, rather
    than a former surname from a previous

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