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   ANGLICAN                         VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10                                      NOVEMBER 27, 2009

Comfort Dolls—Rev. Thora Rowe
The marvellous response of my fellow parishioners in bedecking the “Tree of
Warmth” at the back of St. George’s with hat’s mitts and scarves to help keep
children of our community warm this winter has inspired me to write this
article. Clearly we are a caring community, and besides some of us enjoy
Last winter I discovered a most satisfying and worthwhile way to fill the long
winter evenings when I was free to watch TV; to create comfort dolls.
Originally named Izzie dolls, in honour of Master Corporal Mark Isfield, who
was deeply touched by the poverty of children as he served peacekeeping
missions with U.N. They were the creation of his mother who knitted them as
gifts to be distributed to the traumatized children of war. This became a
memorial mission for her when her son was killed clearing land mines in
Croatia in 1994.
In the years since, the idea of creating these comfort dolls has expanded across the country from classrooms
at one end of the age spectrum to seniors’ residences at the other. It is difficult for us to imagine the poverty
of children, possibly orphaned because of AIDS or war, with no possessions of their own, not even a single
toy. To be able to picture the expression on those children’s faces when given the comfort of a soft doll of
their very own is reward enough for an evening’s knitting.
In our Diocese, Barbara Bonnard of our ACW Executive has made it a project to inspire many of us to knit
these dolls– if you can knit a scarf you can knit a doll! - which she then collects and makes available for
packing around medical supplies being shipped to war torn countries. There they may be distributed by
Canadian peacekeepers, medical missionaries or orphanage staff. Last winter I was blessed to be able to
contribute two dozen of these dark faced dolls for Africa, helped in part by a contribution of wool from Club
Would you like to share the blessing? Just follow the accompanying knitting directions as printed in the
Dialogue in March 2007. Call on me to show you a sample, if you wish, and to have the pleasure of
delivering your contribution to Barbara at any of the monthly diocesan ACW meetings.

                                                                       row. Row 11: K1 (K1, K2 tog. 5 times) K1. To finish 1. Sew sides
How to knit a Comfort                               Doll               together to form a centre back seam.
You need                                                               2. Stuff head. Weave a single strand of matching yarn across the
                                                                       first face row. Draw up to form neck and secure ends. 3. Repeat
• Small quantities of Sayelle or similar weight yarn,                  for body, drawing in at ankles. 4. Stuff feet and sew up bottom,
                                                                       pulling in as much as possible. 5. With matching yarn, form arms
• a pair of 2.25 mm knitting needles,
                                                                       with tiny back stitches through all layers from waist, to two rows
• a tapestry needle                                                    beneath the neck. Define legs in same way, from bottom to just
                                                                       below waistline. 6. Embroider hair and facial features as desired.
• some polyester fiberfill

To begin

The basic method for making each doll is the same. Begin at the
feet and knit a rectangle, changing yarn colour for each body seg-
ment. The head is stuffed and the neck formed by pulling in with a
gathering thread. When the body is stuffed, the feet are formed by
pulling with thread. The arms and legs are defined by stitching
through all layers after the doll is stuffed. The number of rows in
each part of the doll can be increased or decreased depending on
the individual design. Finished height of each doll is approximately
13 cm (5 inches).

To knit Work in stocking stitch throughout. Cast on 32 stitches.
Work 4 rows for feet. Change yarn. Work 14 rows for pants.
Change yarn. Work 12 rows for sweater. Change yarn. Work 8
rows for face. Change yarn. Work 11 rows for hat as follows:
Rows 1 to 4 - work evenly in stocking stitch. Row 5, 7, 9: de-
crease 5 stitches evenly across row. Rows 6, 8, 10: Purl across
      An Advent Message
When I was young, my buddy’s mother had a little sign in her kitchen which read “The hurrier I go, the
behinder I get!” The sound of those words made me laugh, and I’ve remembered them to this day. I’ve also
remembered those words because I’ve discovered over and over just how true they can be. For many of us
the days and weeks leading up to Christmas are a season of hurriedness and behindedness. We have so
much to put in order, so much to prepare, and so much to do in readiness for the event which is Christ-
mas. We want everything to be just so, and often our efforts leave us tired, worn, and scattered.

The season of Advent is upon us, and indeed it is a great time of preparation. But Advent calls us to prepare
not for an event, but for a relationship. We are to prepare the way of the Lord, to be ready to welcome Jesus
Christ into our lives, anew and afresh. And we are invited to share that relationship in and to a world that
hungers for comfort, blessing, and peace.

So as we hurry towards Christmas with all of its preparations, let us also wait. Let’s take time each day to
wait upon our Lord: to remember what Christ has done for us; to meet him in scripture, prayer, and
thanksgiving; and to open our hearts and minds to the work of his Spirit in our lives. In this way, not only can
we be ready to “do” Christmas on that special day, but we can welcome and receive Christ into our lives and
relationships each and every day. In this we truly receive and share the gift God gave to us on that first
Christmas Day.

                                                                                                      God bless!
                                                                                                       Rev. Jim

                                                         These were applied to our working capital account.
    Saint George’s Cemetery                              Third, we did not take on any major projects that we
                                                         could not pay for up front. Having said that, we still
Well we are coming to an end to the nice weather and
                                                         need to pay ourselves back the $10,000 that we
the leaves are falling from the trees, as they tend to
                                                         borrowed over the previous two years. That will be the
do this time of the year. We have a few century old
                                                         goal next year, and we can do it with your help if we
Maples at the cemetery that one day will have to be
                                                         can build the Memorial Trust account up to $150,000
replaced as some of the major branches on these
                                                         by the end of 2010. Let’s put our shoulders to the
trees are showing their age and starting to break
                                                         wheel next year and get ourselves back to a good
away. For now though, they are shedding their cloaks
                                                         healthy fiscal position and then we can take on the
of many colours and covering a pretty good size area
                                                         transformation of the Columbarium area which will
with a blanket of leaves that will in turn provide a
                                                         again lead us to a new revenue stream.
virtual gourmet smorgasbord of organic food to the
lowly earthworms as they enrich the soil. If you feel    Here are a couple of interesting Headstone
that there are too many leaves on your family plot,      Epitaphs that we found:
and decide to spend a few hours raking them up, you
can dump them at the back northwest corner of the lot In a Uniontown, Pennsylvania cemetery:
where they will compost and provide us with some
really rich material to dig in when spring arrives.      “Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake.
                                                         Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.”
We had another generous donation to the Memorial
Trust Fund this month. We would like to take this        A lawyers epitaph in England:
opportunity to thank Mrs. Florence Brickman from         Sir John Strange. “Here lies an honest lawyer and
Napanee for her donation to our trust fund in memory that is Strange.”
of her husband, David Charles Brickman.
                                                         On a grave from the 1880’s in Nantucket,
We may actually finish this fiscal year breaking even Massachusetts:
for the first time in three years. The past two years we
have had to borrow $5000 a year from our capital         Under the sod and under the trees,
fund to make so this is a major step in the right        Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
direction. Several things have happened that have        He is not here, there’s only the pod.
made this improvement possible. First, we have           Pease shelled out and went to God.
established the new Memorial Trust Fund that now
stands at $40,000 and is giving us quarterly interest
that we did not have before. Second, we have had a
few generous donations given to us without
restrictions of where and how they could be used.

      Next Newsletter will be available for
      January 29, 2010.

      Articles, pictures are wanted! Please have
      submissions in by January 21, 2010.
                                 Coming Events

 Holy Trinity - Frankford                                Food Bank:
 November 28th Frankford Tourist Park Carol              Christmas is coming and the goose is fat
 Sing 5 p.m.                                             Please put a dollar in the Food Bank hat!
                                                         If you haven’t got a dollar,
 December 13 - Lessons and Carol Service at              a can of goods will do
 7pm.                                                    If you haven’t got a can of goods
 December 20 - Music Recital by the Students             May God Bless You!
 of Riverside Music ~ 6 p.m.
                                                         For the month of December we will be
 Christ Church—Glen Miller                               collecting juice, tea and instant coffee for the
 Dec 6th Christmas Tree Decorating—                      Food Bank.
          following the 9 a.m. service
 Dec. 9th Soup and Sandwich Luncheon—                    A big “Thank You” to all congregational
 11:30 to 1 pm Cost is $7.00 per person                  members. Through your generous donations
 Dec 14th Christ Church ACW                              and contributions to the “Pennies from
       Thank you Dinner 7pm                              Heaven” container all year we are currently
 Dec 20th Lessons and Carols 9 a.m. service              able to adopt and clothe 14 children.

 St. George’s Trenton
 Dec 4th ~ Circle of Christian Women ~ 6:30 p.m. Pot Luck! Open to all Christian Women.
 Dec.5th ~ St. Nicholas Day ~ 1:30—3:30 pm
 Dec 17 ~ Lessons and Carol Service ~ 7 p.m.
 Dec 19~ The Nativity Story—Family entertainment In the Parish House/Church

Circle of Christian Women                                              Lectionary Study Group
Hello Ladies!!
                                                                       The Wednesday Night Bible Study
Well it looks like we are in the beginning stages of a busy holiday    Group meets at Sadie Gamble’s
season. In keeping with the holiday spirit the Circle of Christian     house at 7 pm. We go over readings
Women will take place on a special date with a Christmas theme.        for the service on the upcoming
The next gathering will take place Friday, December 4th at 6:00pm.     Sunday, to hopefully have an
We will meet at St. George’s for a pot-luck dinner followed by a
                                                                       understanding of the reading on
Nativity Scene show and tell. All women are encouraged to bring in
a hot dish, cold dish, or dessert along with a nativity scene.         which the Sermon might be based.
The nativity scene can be in any form you wish a manger set, a         We have also started to read the
photo, figurines, or anything you desire.                              Book of Revelations to John. We are
                                                                       going to study Revelations in small,
All women are welcome and you can bring a friend!! We look
                                                                       easily managed portions , over the
forward to seeing you!
                                                                       next couple of months.
If you have any questions please contact Christine at 613-394-4244     New members are welcome to the
or                                      group. Contact Sadie or Mike Scott at
 VOLUME 2       ISSUE 10

   Reflections with
   "The Shack"
   The Shack is a "guy-meets-God" novel which
   provokes some interesting questions about
   God and our faith while also offering some
   interesting insights. God invites Mack, whose
   heart has been broken by the tragic death of
   his daughter, to spend the weekend away with
   Him. Through this weekend together with God
   the author, Wm. Paul Young explores a
   number of themes relevant to our faith in sometimes a provocative and always and easy to understand

   Monday Dec. 7th, 14th and 21st we'll be meeting at Holy Trinity at 2 pm to have informal discussions
   about some of these themes (Incarnation, Trinity, the Church...) with the help of "The Shack" and

           Family Tree Researchers ~ Quinte Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society ~
                                   Special Announcement
St. George’s Anglican Church Records and Churchyard and the St. George’s Cemetery have been
transcribed and updated by Sandra and John Horwat . This new Edition contains 3,329 entries, more than
double those in previous transcripts. Fully indexed, this transcript is available on a searchable PDF file on a
CD–Rom, produced by Quinte Branch Digital Media.

The CD is available to purchase through the Church office or by contacting the Quinte Branch Genealogy

Cost of the CD is $20.00. If sent by mail: $26.00.
Paper copies are available at $55.00 (plus postage if applicable)

Phone 613-394-3381 ext 3328 for further information.

Check through their website at
                                                              Youth Zone
  VOLUME 2       ISSUE 10

             ABC Christmas

        A is for Angels, shining and bright, telling        O is for the offerings of gold and of myrrh.
             of Jesus, that 1st Christmas Night.                        P is for Peace on Earth.
       B is for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.          Q is for Quickly, as shepherds who heard,
        C is for Cattle, their manger his bed                  hastened to act on that heavenly word.
      D is for Darkness, where the stars did shine.              R is for rejoicing the birth of Jesus.
     E is for East, where the men saw the star                S is for sharing with all people on earth.
       and rode away quickly to follow it far.                  T is for Thanksgiving, Hope and Joy!
     F is for the fine gifts brought to Baby Jesus.            U is for Us, to whom Jesus was given.
             G is for God, who sent us his Son.               V is for the Voices raised loudly in song,
            H is for Hark! Glad tidings we sing!                singing of love from dusk until dawn.
            I is for Infant Son, tender and mild.             W is for Wonderful, that the Lords’ name
                  J is for Lord Jesus                        with wonderful words and works he came.
           K is King, a true king was he coming                X is for Christ, when in Greek it reads,
               to rule in great majesty!                     He’s our Saviour and Lord, the angel said!
                      L is for Love                        Y is for Yes, to all of God’s ways, to speak his
        M is for Mary, the mother of Jesus.                           words and sing his Praise!
         N is for the night, when the Saviour was              Z is for Zeal that burned in God’s son.
       born for nations of earth and people forlorn         From his childhood years till his life’s work
                                                                               was done.

             Youth Study Group                                        You are invited!
                                                                              St. Nicholas Day Party
A Convenient Truth:
God in the midst of our Broken World                                          Saturday, December 5, 2009
I’m happy to report that the second half of our youth study                    St. George’s Parish House
was a success!! The youth gathered together in
fellowship and study, to examine how we can participate                                St. Augustine Hall
in caring for the environment of the world we live in.
                                                                                        1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Together we watched the documentary “An Inconvenient
Truth” by Vice President Al Gore. We had important                            For Children JK to Grade 5
discussions and shared many ideas of how we can care
for the world as God called us to. We even planted and                         Come and bring a friend!
watched beans, lettuce, and chives grow as an example                                        Lots of fun!
of our participation in the creation process.
We look forward to future opportunities for the youth to       Games, Crafts, Stories, Snacks and Songs
gather in fellowship, study, and worship. Any ideas,
suggestions, and volunteers are welcomed. It would be                        Please bring indoor shoes.
nice for our youth to continue to journey together in the
                                                            Please let us know if you plan to attend by
discernment of their gifts and purpose.
Thank-you for your support and Prayers.                       calling the Church Office at 613-394-4244
                                                                         or Sally Honey at 613-392-8421.

Nativity Story ~ Family Movie Showing
Saturday, December 19th
"One family. One journey. One child who would change the world forever."

The Nativity Story (2006) is a fun family movie which tells the story of a young Mary
and Joseph as they journey to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. The movie is very
entertaining and insightful telling of a familiar story.
Join us at St. George's when we show the movie Saturday Dec. 19th from 2pm-4pm.
It will be a fun way to prepare with Mary and Joseph and bring in Christmas.
The movie is 1hr and 40 minutes. There will be a brief intermission with refreshments.

Hope to see you there!
                                                                   A Message From Denmark
         PAGE 6

Hi everyone! I am glad to say that I am safe and happy in Denmark now, and I am
becoming a bit of a Dane. I have visited Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid statue and
Hamlet's castle, Kronborg. I have even seen Aqua in concert. Other than the big
events, I also have a more regular life of school, and until recently, language
school. This has helped me, as now, jeg kan taler lidt dansk (I can speak a little
Danish). My host family, the Raths, have also helped me with my Danish, and about a
million other things. I am very happy here and am still excited for the experiences
ahead, though I do miss home sometimes. Thanks to everyone, for all the support and
thoughtful words I've received. See everyone next summer,

If you would like to send Brendan a note his address is
as follows:

      Brendan McShane
      c/o Mr. Kurt Rath
      Jerismosevej 46
      2670 Greve

Pastoral Care Workshop                            We are commanded to pray, it is not your choice,
                                                  yet we have to decide. Prayer builds a
The workshop on prayer put on by the Pastoral
                                                  relationship with God which begins by asking and
Cares Section of the Parish Council was
                                                  we have the assurance of God’s Word that He
attended by six faithful people from the parish.
                                                  answers us so start praying expectantly. We are
We were greatly blessed by the presentation
                                                  called to God’s purpose predestined and justified
given by Rev. Ruth Smith which covered General
                                                  by His Son Jesus Christ.
Prayer, Intercessory Prayer and Healing Prayers.
                                                  If you find it hard to pray; try praying in this
The course included Bible Study which showed
us from where, when, how and who did pray.
Our study of the Old Testament showed us how          • recognize God and where He is;
prayer was developed and used in daily lives and      • Praise His name and who He is;
how it, connected people, to our loving God.          • Recognize His Kingdom and will for you;
The prayers of the peoples of the Old Testament       • Ask for daily bread (His Word) and food to
days were brought before our Lord by way of a             eat for mind and body;
Prophet who interceded on their behalf.               • Forgive others so that God can forgive
The New Testament showed how Jesus provided
                                                      • Ask for guidance through trails and
us with direct access to God through His death
                                                          temptations of life;
and resurrection. In Christ we have a direct line
                                                      • Jesus has already saved us from the evil
to God by prayer through the Holy Spirit in His
                                                          one so recognize that;
                                                      • Look forward with expectation to the return
Throughout the whole study it was clearly pointed         of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
out how each phase of prayer is important and         • Come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon.
how they dovetail into each other to become
                                                  Thanks goes to the volunteers who provided the
General Prayers (Personal), Intercessory Prayer
and Healing Prayer.                               wonderful chicken soup, the muffins and apple
                                                  cobbler that we enjoyed for our lunch.
 Celebrate the indomitable spirit and courage of the World’s refugees.
 Throughout their long and daunting journey from oppression and persecution to asylum and protection, and eventually to
 a place they can call home, refugees show incredible strength , courage and determination. Their journey is a danger-
 ous and arduous one an every day spent in exile is a day too long.
 But in every step of their journey refugees carry with them an unshakable, unrelenting hope, By hanging on to their
 hopes for basic survival, sustenance and protection, and for the chance to one day rebuild their lives, refugees defy all
 PWRDF supports and advocates for uprooted peoples, including refugees, internally displace populations and migrant
 workers, through relief and development programs, advocacy and monitoring of human rights, and networking and
 education in Canada.

A Message from the Curate!
As I write this there are 37 days until Christmas!! Fewer by the time you read this. If that makes you nervous,
well you're not alone. Advent (the time when we prepare for the coming of Christ) is more of a stressful time
than a spiritual one for many people. With Christmas almost here we being thinking of all the things we have to
do; shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, decorating and more.

We often feel like we have to make Christmas happen. Of course trees don't decorate themselves, cards don't
write or mail themselves and parties take some planning, but these things aren't Christmas. It's important not to
confuse things we do at Christmas with Christmas itself. Truly Christmas isn't something that we make or some-
thing that we do, it's what God does and has done and is doing; being present in the world and with God's peo-
ple in Jesus Christ. The work of Christmas is the Joy that has come into the world and it's not a joy we put there
with presents, lights and singing. It's the joy of God who is with us in our midst, it's the joy of sharing in the very
life of God in here and now. It's the joy of God's very self given to us and alive in the world in Christ. So we don't
make or do Christmas, God has already done it for us and continues its work. We just need to receive it and
celebrate it.

If our advent preparations only result in stress and ripped wrapping paper without leading us to the joy we have
in Christ or to God who is with us and in the world, then maybe we're working too hard at making our own
Christmas instead of finding a stress free way to celebrate the one God has given us.

So if your celebrations can't happen until January 20th or decorations can't be put up, know that Christmas will
still happen, God has taken care of it. Just remember to spend some time with Christ on his birthday

This advent in our Churches we have number of events happening meant to help us hear how and why God
came into the world in Jesus: Lessons and carols services, St. Nicholas day celebration and the Nativity Movie.
I pray this Advent and Christmas season we are all renewed in the life and joy of Christ who is alive and in our


THANK-YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS                               I am happy to announce that I have been
                                                         “recommended at this time for postulantcy.” The asses-
As you all may remember on the weekend of October sors discerned in me a call to the ordained ministry. I
23, 24, and 25 I was in Toronto at the Sisterhood of St. was overwhelmed with emotion and elated with their
John the Divine. I participated in the discernment proc- observations. I felt my sense of call affirmed and it is
ess of the Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordi- amazing to me.
nation. It was a wonderful and spiritual experience
where I felt calm, prayed for, and surrounded by God’s I want to thank all of you who have supported me in my
presence. Each of the 16 candidates participated in      journey. I thank you for your prayers, encouragement,
one group interview and three individual interviews. I   and affirmation. It is amazing to have such a wonderful
experienced these interviews as fair, provoking, and     group of people believe in me. I thank you so much for
faithful. I felt supported by the assessors, the         your support and care. You are a blessing to me. I ap-
candidates and the Anglican Sisters who participated     preciate all you have done!
in the weekend. We ate together, fellowshipped to-
gether, worshiped together, and prayed together all of
which was part of a faithful discernment weekend. The Your sister in Christ,
weekend was a complete blessing to me above and          Christine Williams.
beyond the decision I faced Sunday morning.
VOLUME 2         ISSUE 10

Worship Services
1st Sunday of Advent Nov 29—St. George’s 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. BAS pg 230
                             Christ Church 9 a.m.
                             Holy Trinity 10:30 a.m.
2nd Sunday of Advent Dec 6— St. George’s 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. BCP
                             Dedication of Stained Glass Window
                             Christ Church 9 a.m.
                             Holy Trinity 10:30 a.m.
3rd Sunday of Advent Dec 13—St. George’s 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. BAS Healing Prayers
                             Christ Church 9 a.m.
                             Holy Trinity 10:30 a.m. Lesson and Carols 7 p.m.
Thursday, December 17th—     Lesson and Carol Service, St. George’s 7 p.m.
4th Sunday of Advent Dec 20— St. George’s 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. BAS
                             Christmas Pageant - Dedication of Stained Glass Window
                             Christ Church 9 a.m. Infant King
                             Holy Trinity 10:30 a.m.
December 24—Christmas Eve—St. George’s 7 p.m. BAS 10p.m. BAS pg230
                             Christ Church 5:00 pm
                             Holy Trinity 7 p.m.
December 25—Christmas Day—St. George’s 10 a.m. BCP
December 27—1st Sunday after Christmas—Normal Worship Schedule

                                                                                           December 2009
Sun              Mon            Tue              Wed               Thu               Fri             Sat

                                1 Quilting St.   2   Service @     3 Choir           4               5
                                G 9 a.m.             11 a.m.
                                                 Joint ACQW

6     2nd Sun-    7 Beavers 6   8 Quilting St.   9 Service at 11   10 Choir          11              12
      day of      pm St. G.     G 9 a.m.         am
      10 a.m.     Karate 7:30
      service     p.m. St. G

13 3rd Sun-       14Beavers 6   15 Quilting St. 16 Service at      17 Lesson and     18              19
day of Ad-        pm St. G.     G 9 a.m.        11 am              Carol Service
vent                                                               St. G. 7 p.m.
                  Karate 7:30
                  p.m. St. G

20 4th Sun-       21Beavers 6   22               23 Service at     24 Christmas      25 Service 10   26
day of            pm St. G.                      11 am                Eve Services   a.m. St. G.
Advent                                                                7 pm BAS
Christmas         Karate 7:30                                      10 Pm Bas Pg      Merry
Pageant St.       p.m. St. G                                       230               Christmas
G.                                                                 CC 5 pm

27 1st Sun-       28            29               30 Service at     31
day after                                        11 am

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