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									                        The Reviewer
Volume 5, Issue 1                                                                           Fall 2005

Composer Bucks are Back!
Beginning the week of September 12, the                  Piano Lesson Discounts!
composer buck incentive program for our piano            Earn a $12 credit on your account for referring a
studio returns. Each week students can earn              family who enrolls in any of the Artsplace (“the
composer bucks, which can be spent during group          big yellow house”) courses. Get a FREE piano
weeks at our special piano store. This program will      lesson if you become a member of the Suzuki
combine several of our programs, plus help               Association of the Americas.
students target specific goals each week. After
making money during the lessons, students will
make a “deposit” in our bank so you won’t need
                                                         Calendar, Fall 2005
to keep track of dollars earned. During group            September 12: lessons resume
week, students can go shopping for pencils, pens,        October 31-November 4: Group lesson week
sheet music, theory & scale passes, CDs, and             November 13: Fall recital
more.                                                    November 21-25: Thanksgiving break
Students can earn weekly bucks for doing the             December 10, 1:00 pm: Play-a-thon at Brightleaf
following:                                               December 12-16: Group lesson week
 Practicing the 5 day per week minimum                  December 19-January 6: Winter break
                                                         January 9: lessons resume
 Completing weekly listening goals
 Completing a sticker sheet
 Polishing a piece for review                           Holiday Music
Extra bucks may be earned for the following:             Even though it is only the beginning of the school
 Completing a piano explorer/inTune monthly             year, it is time to start thinking ahead to the winter
     quiz                                                holidays. If you or your child is interested in
 Attending group lessons and recitals                   playing special music this holiday season, now is
 Finishing a Suzuki book or notereading book            the time for me to order it! Please let me know if
     set                                                 you’d like some music for the holidays.
 Meeting a specific weekly goal (completing
     theory or notereading assignment,
     demonstrating good posture without                  Reading and Review Contests Winners
     reminder, etc.).                                    This summer, many of you participated in the reading
                                                         or review contest. I am pleased to announce the
                                                         following winners:
New Programs, and old favorites, at
                                                         REVIEW CONTES T: 1st Place: Haylee Borden
Artsplace                                                               2nd Place: Ju lia Alexander
The big yellow house has some new programs to
offer for the Fall! In addition to private lessons for   READING CONTES T: 1st Place: Bobby McMahan
                                                                           2nd Place: James McMahan
guitar and piano, we now offer private flute and                           3rd Place: Coy Cameron
violin lessons. Younger students may now enroll
in weekly Musikgarten classes. These classes             Winners will receive their prizes in the co ming
feature music and movement, storytelling, poetry,        weeks. All students who participated in this contest
pitch matching…a great beginning to musical              will receive an ext ra $10 in co mposer bucks! Thanks
literacy! Please let me know if you’d like any           to all who participated.
information about programs at the big yellow

Hancock Piano Studios                                                      jenn@hancockpianostudios.com

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