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By Mindy Dickens, Owner of Morgan Multimedia
Why Is My Site Down?
Business owners hardly ever think about their domain registration or hosting, until something goes wrong. Just like eating healthy food helps
keep your body working well, your website needs certain things to stay active. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts that will help make sure
you’re not asking why your site is down.
All Hosting Providers Are Not Equal.
When you buy furniture you need a place to put it before you can call it home. In the most general sense hosting is the place (space) to put your
website furniture (files). There’s much more to hosting though, and trying to decipher hosting terms is not always easy. “Is there enough space
for my files” is just the beginning. Even after you choose hosting, there’s the question of who’s going to monitor it. Managed hosting service
providers – like with Morgan Multimedia - recommend and obtain hosting for their clients based on what they need, and then monitor it. If
there’s ever a problem with the hosting (from attack, hardware or configuration) managed hosting includes email, phone, and/or chat with the
hosting vendor with no billable hours to the client, help (if possible) to figure out what’s wrong and obtain an eta for getting things back up and
running. Managed hosting relationships usually also have faster and better access to support when needed. That means you don’t spend hours
and hours of time, and are less frustrated.
That said, if you’re going to choose hosting and monitor it yourself, there are a number of criteria to decide which is the right hosting for your
website. The list goes beyond how much space you need and includes things about the hosting in general - such as the ability to withstand
denial of service attacks, the facilities, the types of servers, the vendor’s track record, access to a control panel interface and how easy or difficult
it is to use, server maintenance, historical reliability, system backup, multiple locations, number of staff, responsiveness, supported programming,
3rd party software support, climate control, disaster recover plan, and the list goes on... Remember, what’s done when things go wrong is just as
important as what’s done to prevent server downtime.
Beware of Domain Renewal Scams
One of the most common scams is a mailed letter that looks like a domain renewal notice. Don’t assume a renewal notice is legitimate. If you do,
best case scenario is you wasted money. Worst case is you could transfer away your domain registration without realizing it.
Keep Your Domain Login Info, and Keep Your Contact Info Updated
Think of this as a vitamin. It’s easy to forget, but you’re so much better off when you remember. If your domain has outdated contact information
you’re asking for problems. There are a number of different types of contacts associated with a domain name:
Registrant: This is the owner of the domain registration.
Administrative: This contact is used to confirm most changes via email.
Technical: This contact is usually your web developer/web designer.
Billing: This contact is used for the bills.
If you don’t have the login to your domain control panel and your contact info is outdated it’s going to be a challenge to gain access. Having your
website down is a jolting way to find out your contact info is not valid. Domain recovery will take time and money, and each registrar has
different hoops to jump through.
Can I Move My Site?
There are template websites that don’t have actual files. If you switch your hosting for one of these, your website will no longer exist. For
websites with real files, in order to move your website you’ll need a copy of all the files – including images. The files need to be uploaded to the
new hosting and tested. Forms might also need to be re-coded, and pop3 email addresses will need to be recreated. Once you know everything
works you’ll need to login to your domain control panel and point the domain to the new hosting. Then you wait for “propagation”, which means
it takes time for the settings to spread through the Internet. Propagation usually takes between 24 – 72 hrs.
How do I know my site is backed up?
Your hosting control panel should have a section devoted to backing up your website. Some hosting vendors have automated backups once
per week. Some give you the option of determining when to back up. Others do both. We recommend you also keep a current copy of your
website files backed up with your company’s network files.
If someone across town can see my website, why can’t I?
When you browse to a website, it’s not a direct connection from your computer to the site’s hosting server. There are corporate servers and
Internet Service Provider servers that connect your computer to any website. They are called “hops”. There are on average 6 – 10 hops for your
computer to browse a particular website. If any of those hops are slow or down, it will affect your computer’s ability to browse that site. It’s like
driving to a store with a road closed. The store is there, and there’s plenty of parking, but your car can’t get there. There are services that tell you
what “route” your computer takes to browse a website, but at this point in time we’re not aware of any service that can reroute you.
In a nutshell
For good results make sure your domain contact info is up-to-date and your login information is in a safe place. For best results use a professional
web development company like Morgan Multimedia that will give you guidance and help shield you from site downtime – so you don’t have
to worry about it.
And of course, when you need help, we’re here…
Morgan Multimedia, Inc.

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