Digital Dames Summit
Welcome to the inaugural year of Digital Dames Summit, a conference on convergence
anchored to the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. It is our hope that DDS
will grow into a full-fledged conference focusing on the art and issues of digital
technology. This year we’re concentrating on the art. We’ve chosen an innovative
interactive documentary, GDP: Measuring the Human Side of the Canadian
Economic Crisis. This project spans two years and involves 12 directors, 17 field
photographers, 40 locations, 15 ongoing stories and 200 photo essays and an
interactive map of the country.
The National Film Board of Canada and SJIWFF present:

MASTER CLASS: Making an Interactive Documentary, A Case Study
GDP:Measuring the Human Side of the Canadian Economic Crisis
LSPU Hall: MON, OCT 25, 10:00 am

Attention documentary and short film creators!
Join filmmaker / project creator Hélène Choquette and participant
Janice Goudie (Grand Falls/Windsor field director) as they guide
us through GDP from conception to completion. This workshop
will cover the successes, the pitfalls, the technical challenges and
requirements of the project while exploring the work online.
Winner of the NUMIX Award for Best Multimedia Information and
Magazine Production, GDP is an exemplar of innovative
interactive documentary filmmaking.
Cost: $25 (Separate Registration)

                 2010 St. John’s International
                    Women’s Film Forum

Masonic Temple: TUES, OCT 26, 1:00-5:00 pm

                   Join Roberta Munroe, former Sundance Short Film Programmer for a
                   workshop like you've never experienced that is geared solely towards
                   those wishing to create a short film. You'll learn from the go-to short film
                   expert how to properly structure your script, and how to produce, cast and
                   accomplish successful post production of your film. You'll also learn how
                   and where to submit to film festivals (and where not to submit) and of
                   course you'll get a complete guide to the wide-wide world of Short Film
                   Distribution. This is an opportunity that is not to be missed!

                                 SJIWFF 2010 Film Forum rev. Oct 12                        page 1
Masonic Temple: WED, OCT 27, 10:00-11:30 am
Getting the funding your short film usually requires some creativity. Grants, programs,
broadcast licenses and services are all out there, but it all comes down to building
relationships. This session will introduce you to some of the people who can help you
make your film. You’ll have the opportunity to chat about your project and receive some
solid feedback. Who knows? You might even land a deal.

Confirmed Resources include: Joy Loewen, National Screen Institute; Jean Smith,
NIFCO; Dorian Rowe, NLFDC; Rob Riselli, PS Atlantic; Judy Gladstone, Bravo!FACT;
Roberta Munroe, Film Consulting Services

MEET THE FILMMAKERS: The Art of the Music Film
Presented in partnership with Music NL
Masonic Temple: WED, OCT 27, 1:30-3:00 pm
Imagine a film without music. Can you? It’s hard to
imagine silence throughout an entire film, as music has
always been pivotal in creating the “feeling” of a story.
If music’s purpose is to set the tone of a film and
solidify the emotions of a character, then how does a
documentary filmmaker change their creative angle
from using music as a backdrop to showcasing a
musician’s art in a doc style?
Meet filmmakers William D. MacGillivary, Terry Greenlaw (Man of a Thousand Songs),
Judith Keenan (Paul Quarrington: Life in Music) and Rita Chiarelli, (Music from the Big
House) as they explore and share their artistic journey in creating the ultimate tribute to
music and music makers.
Late night: Join us for Women of Blues at the Ship Pub, featuring Mary Barry, Lori
Cooper and Rita Chiarelli. Presented by Music NL and the SJIWFF

Moderated by Lori McCurdy, Investment Analyst for Telefilm Canada
Masonic Temple: WED, OCT 27, 3:30-5:00 pm
A Producer, a Broadcaster and a Lawyer…
                     So you have a kickass script and a wonder cast that you know will
                     come together in a Genie-winning production, your first long form
                     production. Your confidence and enthusiasm are outstripped only by
                     your eagerness to get to camera. Unfortunately, your credit card
                     limit is $1,000 and the camera rental alone will take all that and
                     more. Join us for a lively a nuts and bolts discussion about what
                     every emerging producer and filmmaker needs to know before they
                     yell “Roll camera!” This is business affairs 101 and although
                     glamorous it ain’t, essential it is!

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LSPU Hall: THUR, OCT 28, 10:00 am

                   Low budget, indie, cutting-edge.
                   Producer of Oscar®- winning Independent films.
                   New York based. Independent of the Hollywood
                   system, but occasionally dips one foot in because the
                   water is inviting. Inspirational, bucking the odds…
                   —All this and a woman too.

Meet Christine Vachon, co-founder Killer Films, who burst onto the scene with Todd
Haynes' controversial first feature, Poison, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1991
Sundance Film Festival. Since then, she has produced some of the most acclaimed
American independent films including Far From Heaven (nominated for four Academy
Awards), Boys Don't Cry (Academy Award winner), One Hour Photo, Hedwig and the
Angry Inch, Happiness, Velvet Goldmine, SAFE, I Shot Andy Warhol, Go Fish, Swoon,
and I'm Not There (Academy Award nominated). Christine produced two films released
in 2008: Oscar winning actress Helen Hunt's directorial debut, Then She Found Me,
starring Hunt, Colin Firth, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick; and Tom Kalin's Savage
Grace, starring Julianne Moore and Stephen Dillane, which premiered in official
selection of Director's Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

Her awards include the Frameline Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lesbian and
Gay Media (1994), Muse Award for Outstanding Vision and Achievement by New York
Women in Film and Television (1996), the IFP's Gotham Award for producing (1999), the
Provincetown Film Festival Provincetown Filmmaker on the Edge Award (2000), and the
Producers Award from the National Board of Review (2003). She is the author of two
books, Shooting To Kill (1998) and A Killer Life (2006).

2009 saw the release of Matt Aselton's debut feature Gigantic starring Paul Dano, Zooey
Deschanel and John Goodman; and Katherine Dieckman's Motherhood which starred
Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards. Christine also won her first Emmy
in 2009 for her role as the executive producer of the Showtime series "This American
Life." 2010 has already seen the release of Ruba Nadda's critical hit Cairo Time starring
Patricia Clarkson in a role that is already earning her end of the year awards buzz.
Upcoming releases include Jordan Scott's debut feature Cracks (IFC), Abe Sylvia's
debut feature Dirty Girl (The Weinstein Co.), Todd Haynes upcoming HBO miniseries
"Mildred Pierce" and Dustin Lance Black's directorial debut What's Wrong With Virginia.

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Presented by WIFT-Atlantic
Masonic Temple: THUR, OCT 28, 1:00-3:00 pm (plus private sessions)

                    What is a pitch anyways? Quite simply: it is what will open a door, or
                    not. In our business all stories are created equal until one stands out
                    and is championed by someone who can open a door to the next
                    level, get someone else interested, who in turn opens the door to
                    the next level. A great story is just the beginning. Led by Canada's
                    pitch guru, Jan Miller, and President of Lowenbe Holdings, this
                    workshop will help you make your project STAND OUT and give you
                    the tools and confidence you need to open doors. This two-hour
                    session will be followed up with private coaching sessions.

THE NEW DISTRIBUTION: Dissemination in a Digital world
Masonic Temple: THUR, OCT 28, 3:30-5:00
In an industry that has been dominated by the Hollywood
blockbusters and their media machines, the world of web 2.0
has changed the playing field, giving indie films a bit of a leg
up. Join Janet Brown of Cinetic Rights Management, a leading
digital distributor to on-demand platforms worldwide including
iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and cable VOD, to discuss the new
landscape of distribution: the pitfalls and the opportunities of
Movie 2.0.

THE ART OF HOOP JUMPING: Story from Concept to Consumption
(CTV WIDC Career Advancement Module Panel Discussion)
Masonic Temple: FRI, OCT 29, 10:00 am
Once you manage to get the attention of investors then you have many hoops to jump
through before they will spend their money and time on you and your story. The larger
the sum of money being invested the larger and more complex the hoops, potential loop
holes and possible loop-the-loops. Join moderator Carol Whiteman (CWWA/WIDC)
and industry insiders Trish Williams (CTV), Marguerite Pigott (Super Channel), and
others TBA, to learn more about the delicate art of bringing a story to market from
concept to consumption. Followed by Q & A. Presented by Creative Women
Workshops Association through the support of the CTVglobemedia/CHUM tangible

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Masonic Temple: FRI, OCT 29, NOON
ACTION BE DAMNED! Finding Alternatives in an Action-Film Wasteland
                            Join these accomplished women:

                            Broadcaster Deborah Bernstein (former CBC Senior Arts
                            and Entertainment Programmer), Producer Barbara
                            Samuels (Black Harbour, North of 60, Answered By Fire)
                            and Producer/Director Barbara Doran (Still Rowdy After All
                            These Years, Random Passage, Love and Savagery) as
                            they discuss the notion that in order to make it in today’s
                            market you have to be making action films.

Getting movies made is first and foremost about building relationships. Face to Face is
simply the opportunity for an introduction or a mini-pitch. Come and enjoy an informal
luncheon with local, national and international industry representatives. Afterwards, meet
with them one-on-one for a 15-minute pow-wow. Have one meeting or book several
meetings. Talk about your projects or just connect. It’s up to you. YOUR ONE-ON-ONE
THURSDAY Oct. 28, 5 pm. Spaces will be allocated as available. Be sure to indicate
second and third choices.

Sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and CBC
Moderated by ACCT board member Barbara Doran.

Masonic Temple: FRI, OCT 29, 4:00-5:00
There are a number of exciting filmmakers attending the festival this year. Over the week
we will meet, mingle and discover the issues that they want to talk about. Join us for a
lively discussion about the state of the art, industry and craft of filmmaking.

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