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					                   Office Hours                                      Mass Intentions
Parish Phone – 269-6635                                             Week of January 3, 2010
Parish Website –
Monday, Tuesday,            9:00 AM to 12:00 noon,          Monday, January 3
 Thursday:                  1:00 to 4:00 PM                  7:00 Sean Brown - His Family
Wednesday:                  9:00 AM to 12:00 noon,           8:45 Norma Wind - Planning and Community
                            l:00 to 5:00 PM                                               Development
Friday:                     9:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Saturday:                   9:00 AM to 12:00 noon           Tuesday, January 4
                            l:00 to 5:00 PM                  7:00 Dan Donaghy
Sunday:                     9:00 AM to 1:30 PM               8:45 William Thorpe - The Alberici Family
          Emergency calls may be made at any time.
                                                            Wednesday, January 5
Parish Regional School – Holy Family Regional                7:00 Harry Mulkern - Helene Jerulli
School is located at 2 Indian Head Road, Commack, NY.
It offers a Catholic Education for Nursery School
                                                             8:45 Frank Chicosky - His Loving Family
through Eighth Grade. For more information contact
Constance Jenkins, Principal at:                            Thursday, January 6
         Phone – 543-0202                                    7:00 Jean Lanzer - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kelly
         Website –                8:45 Dora Manna - Jo Brophy
To schedule a tour of the School please contact                           Friday, January 7
                                                             7:00 Margaret Hennessey - Michael and
 We Celebrate the Sacraments                                                              Janice Egan
                                                             8:45 Margaret Gerardi - Her Grandchildren
                                                                                          and Children
The Sacrament of Baptism
Registration: Parents are asked to register at the Parish
Center at least a month before the date of Baptism.         Saturday, January 8
                                                             8:45 Frances Lule
Preparation: The Pre-Baptism program is held in the
school at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every month.
                                                             5PM Mary Raleigh - Brenda Ryan and Family
                                                             6:15 Mary Hagan - Bingo Volunteers
Ceremony: Baptism is celebrated on the first, second
and fourth Sunday of the month at 1:30 PM.
                                                            Sunday, January 9
The Sacrament of Matrimony                                                             .
                                                             7:30 Frances Greene - K.P Senior Citizens
Arrangements for weddings should be made at least            9:00 John Lane - Rob and Lisa DePola and
eight months prior to the date of marriage.                                                      Family
                                                             9:30 Purgatorial Mass
The Sacrament of Reconciliation                             10:30 For Mass Guild Members
In the Nazareth Chapel in the Parish Center on:             11:00 Clara Castora - Santa and Dan
Saturday: 4:00 to 4:45 PM                                                                     Matarazzo
Eve of Holy Days and of First Fridays: 4:00 to 4:45 PM
                                                            12:00 For All Our Parishioners
The Sacrament of the Sick                                    5PM Viola Fallon - John and Maria Misso
Arrangements for sacraments and visitation of the sick in
the home or hospital are arranged through the Parish
Center.                                                                              Please Note
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)                                      The Parish Center
The RCIA is the current form of instruction for those who                            will be closed,
wish to join the Catholic Church. If you have never been
                                                                                  Saturday, January 1st
baptized, confirmed or received First Holy Communion,
                                                                                 Sunday, January 2nd and
or are a member of another Christian Church and wish to
become a member of the Catholic Church, contact
                                                                                  Monday, January 3rd
Deacon Roy Smith at 269-6635 ext. 208.
                           From the Desk of Fr. Seán
                       ‘‘I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year
                    ‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown’

                                           And he replied,
                  ‘Go into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God
                That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way!’

                           So I went forth and finding the Hand of God
                                    Trod gladly into the night
                                   He led me towards the hills
                            And the breaking of day in the lone East.

                                        So heart be still!
                                What need our human life to know
                                  If God hath comprehension.

                                    In the dizzy strife of things
                                        Both high and low,
                                    God hideth His intention.’’
                                                                Minnie Louise Harkins 1875-1957

The dawning of a New Year evokes all sorts of emotions for each of us. There is the melancholy of
seeing another year come to its close and the wariness of what the year ahead might bring. We
know what we’ve had... we don’t know what we’re going to get. The year 2010 is not one that
many of us will look back on with fond memory ~ it brought its own unique challenges, losses,
and its ‘dizzy strife of things’. Hopefully, it also had its moments of happiness and blessings for
each of you as well.
So what of 2011? Perhaps the way we initiate this New Year is to follow the suggestion of the
above poem ~ to place our hand into the Hand of God and allow Him to guide us gently and
steadily through the days that lie ahead. In the good that comes to you this New Year ~ thank
and bless God. In any misfortune and sorrow that may cross your path ~ trust that only God can
draw good from the worst that life can bring.
It’s no accident that the Solemnity of Mary - Mother of God is the threshold of the New Year.
The Church gives us her example and intercession as we embark on the journey of these next 365
days. Let us faithfully follow her example of complete trust and confidence in God and be at
peace, secure in the knowledge that she prays for us.
In 2011 may you discover in wonderful and surprising ways The Infant
King who was sought by Wise Men and Shepherds... May the year ahead
be filled with the presence of Emmanuel ~ God with Us!
The intentions, hopes and prayers of each of you will be among my inten-
tions as I celebrate the First Masses of this New Year ~ God Bless Each
and Every One of You!
Fr. Seán

                        Stewardship Is Our Way Of Life
           Second Collection                                    Parish Stewardship
Next Sunday’s second collection will be                              12/26/10
for Facility Maintenance. Thank you for                            General Collection
your support.                                                         $8,029.72
                                          Parish Events...
 Catholic Daughters of the Americas                    DAYTIME BINGO –
                                                       Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM
             Calling all Students                      in Travis Hall. $3,000 in prizes
              in Grades 4 - 12                         given away each week. Door opens
                                                       at 9:00 AM.
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court
Ave Maria invites all students in grades 4 to 12       For more information, please call
to participate in the 2011 education contest.          269-6635 ext. 248 during Bingo Hours Only.
The themes of the contest are: (Choose One)
             ‘‘The Lord Is My Light’’                        Service and Goods Auction
                                                       St. John the Baptist D.H.S., located in West
         ‘‘The Light Others Give To Me’’
                                                       Islip, is proud to announce their 12th Annual
We offer all young people an opportunity to            Service and Goods Auction which will be held
share their talents and love of Jesus through          on Friday, January 21st at 7:00 PM in the
original work in the following categories:             Cougar Cafe. Many items to bid on, door prizes
Grades 4-5:        Essay, Poetry, Art, Computer Art
                                                       (a month’s tuition) and raffles! Vacations,
Grades 6-7-8:      Essay, Poetry, Art, Computer Art,   camps and dinners are just a few items to bid
                   Music, Photography                  on. Please join us for a fun evening where the
Grades 9-10-11-12: Essay, Poetry, Art, Computer Art,   proceeds will benefit all the students at St.
                   Music, Photography                  John’s!
The complete contest rules and all necessary
forms can be obtained by calling Peggy Rissier                    Divorce and Beyond
at 631-724-0178 or Pat Ziegler at 631-724-
                                                       Divorce and Beyond, a ten (10) week program
0413. Get your pens, pencils, crayons, mark-
                                                       designed to help deal with the HURT, ANGER
ers, cameras and computers busy today. The
                                                       and STRESS of Divorce and Separation will
deadline for all submissions is February 14,
                                                       begin on Tuesday, February 1st at 7:30 PM in
2011. Prizes will be awarded to the first place
                                                       the Centennial Room here at Sr. Joseph’s
winners on the local, state and national levels.
                                                       Parish. The Group is limited to 15 people. Call
                                                       269-6635 ext. 480 to reserve your place.

                                                                   Religion and Rock
             Court Ave Maria                                     Tune into ‘‘Religion and Rock’’ with
            Nursing Scholarship                                  Msgr. Jim Vlaun on Sunday from 7:00
                                                                 to 8:00 AM on WBAB 102.3 FM. Next
In an effort to provide financial assistance to a                Sunday’s theme is ‘Life’s Struggles’.
worthy Kings Park High School Senior (male             Don’t forget to tune in!
or female) who wishes to pursue a career as a
Registered Nurse, the Catholic Daughters of
the Americas is offering a scholarship in the                    Gospel Drama
amount of $750.00.
The recipients must have been accepted and be
enrolled in an accredited School or Program                        Begin for Grades 5-12
for Registered Nursing, and The Catholic                                Good Friday
Daughters application form and all attach-               Living Stations Of The Cross Re-enactment
ments must be completed and returned to the                         Saturday, January 8th
Chairman by April 11, 2011.                                   11:30 PM in Room 101 and 103
For more information, or to request an applica-                For more information contact:
tion, please contact Kay Martell at 269-6837 or               Natalie Kennedy at 265-1531 or
Pat Ziegler at 724-0413.                                  
                                       Poinsettia Memorials
Poinsettias have been placed on the Altars to remember the following family and friends,
living and deceased, this Christmas season:
     Richard and Shirley Winters                 Nicholas and Nancy Bonelli                  Agnes and Walter Haller
  Harold and Elizabeth Cavanaugh                         Geoffrey Boyle                            Robert Langro
            John S. Przonek                             Thomas Lunney                                Jean Lanzer
        Fr. Edward Fitzpatrick                       Mary and Joe Lunney                          Ritzman Family
 Deceased Members of Przonek and               Eleanor and Lawrence Lennon                          Melvin Geant
          Szkutnik Families                            Vito M. DeMarzo                          Benjamin J. Snyder
     Arnold and Eleanor Scheer                  Elizabeth and Gerald Dooley             Catherine and Arthur Brannigan
 Stanley and Charlotte Jaworski, Sr.               Joseph and Helen Ross                          Frank X. Goehle
           Emmett F. Glynix                              Robert Sauer                              John Picariello
              Frank Pipolo                              Rose Frascogna                             Lucille Bienia
            Ann Piedimonte                           John and Mary Lane                         Edward Bienia, Sr.
    Jaegge and Bartran Families                         Michael Norton                          Edward Bienia, Jr.
    O’Brien and Watson Families               Battistone and Muratore Families                Jack and Trudy Lawlor
            Mickey McGuire                               Pilock Family                            Baby Jack Laura
Deceased Members of Cichanowicz and                       Emil Ogiba                              Daniel Dennihy
           McGuire Families                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Richard                          David Walsh
     Izzo and Forgione Families                  Edward and Kathleen Foley                         John Matthews
            Richard Klauser                Hoffman, Hughes and Johnson Families                   Elizabeth Healy
            Jeffrey Schubert                          William Smith, III                        Elizabeth Nicoletti
        Ryan Patrick Caulfield                         Joseph Ruggiero                   Margaret and Benjamin Laszcik
      Reddy and Jarvis Families                         Rose and Angie                       Rosaria and Cory Tabone
              Bob Magnan                    Charles Weiners and Margaret Gentry                Dot and Ed Pedersen
               Gail Quinn                               Neenan Family                       Teresa and Anthony Molloy
     Mary and Elmer Schoeppner                           Sgroi Familiy                              Betty Hasson
           Stanley Rucinski                            Joseph Contrino                            William Witzak
     Dorothy and Charles Caputo            In Thanksgiving for Baby Natalie Grace            Mary and Camillo Parisi
           Chester Zalewski                          Richard McLoughlin                      Helen and Stephen Leo
       Ann and Joe Schiavone                              Jean Lanzer                  Virginia Pepe and Antonio Martinez
         Paddy and Dot Long                             Raymond Cuiffo                          Paul and Lucy Man
              Danny Long                          Richard and Nora Garland                           Simon Wong
     William and Helen Tekverk                    John and Margaret Hynes                            Simon Wong
           Stephen Tekverk                           Victoria Modzelewski                              Kam Moy
             Preisler Family                           Caroline Karman                         Pat and Bill Eberhart
             Joseph Bajada                              Robert Gormley                              Loretta Boyce
      Marcella and Joseph Mish          John and Josephine Coughlan, Walter J. Lynch             John MacDougall
         Olga and Paul Thoms                         Joseph Blydenburgh                              Our Parents
           Joseph Donnelly                           Henry B. Armstrong                    Marie Costa, Ed Ferrara and
Deceased Members of Normandin and            Neil J. Zarcone and Paul J. Zarcone                     Stacey Costa
            Breslin Families                            Frances Pinther                            Marie Murphy
    Lee and McDermott Families                           Carl Pagnotta                          Seamus K. McGarry
           Stephanie Derych                              Bob Broderick                               David Walsh
              Albert Claps                            Salvatore Palatella                             John Egan
             Margaret Lloyd                           Mrs. Elsie Crowley                      Mom and Dad Iacovino
    Crowley and Herbst Families                     Mr. Jeremiah Crowley                 Mom and Dad Ansbach and Arty
   Blanche and Joseph O. Kistner                 Mrs. Joan Howard Crowley                        Pankovcin Family
    Dorothy and Joseph F. Kistner                    Baby Laura Martinez                             Dora Manna
      Maura and Patrick Jordan                    Jonaitis Family Members                           Joseph Nappi
        Nora and John Keegan                         Stephen E. Goepfert                  Frank and Maria DeMaria and
             Donal Hughes                                James Spence                             Catherine Scotto
 Margaret, Michael and Marie Tracey                      Ronald Olson                            Terri Nally-Dratch
   Pepperman and Keane Families            Grace, Edward and Edward, Jr. Hughes            Michael and Laura Sheakey

 The following Intentions are fondly remembered this Christmas as part of our Outdoor Christ-
 mas Memorials.
                                                                                     Fr. Fitzpatrick
                    Father Fitzpatrick                                               Jackie Trodden
                         Father Ed                                                     Peter Ryan
                       Frank Pipolo                                            James and Maria Trodden
                    William Smith, III                                         John and Anna Humphrey
    George D’Amato and Nettie D’Amato and James Share            Deceased Members of the Fernbacker and Walker Families
                     Grandpa Charlie                                                 Fr. Fitzpatrick
                 Mike and Richard Trotto                                             Fr. Fitzpatrick
                    Charles R. Doonan                                       Frank Toto and Jean McCormack
    Deceased Members of the Lynch and Coughlan Families                               Gary Blanford
                       Daniel V. Lehr                                     Kathy Parlato Weiner and Phil Parlato
                     Stephanie Derych                                                James Dorman
            Stephen Bryan and Theresa Schilling                               Prainito and Iannetta Family
    Deceased Members of the Battaglia and Hynes Families                           Brittany Ruggiero
         Scripture Reflection                          Guild Mass Intentions
       The Epiphany Of The Lord                    The following members will be included in the
                                                   Mass Guild Intentions at the 10:30 Mass begin-
                                                   ning January 9th, January 16th, 23rd and January
                                                   30, 2011. (*indicates Mass is for the living)
                                                         For:                    From:
                                                   Hilda Doyle *              Maureen Egan
                                                   Dan Matarazzo *            A & B Prayer Group
                                                   Gabriel Jaen *             A & B Prayer Group
                                                   Donald Farole, Sr.         Mary and Jim Cassidy
                                                   Kathleen Hill              Marion and Jane Przonek
                                                   Herbert Wolf               Charles and Joan Dolan
                                                   Herbert Wolf               St. Vincent de Paul Society
                                                   Francis Kobus              Francine Siegel
Our celebration of the feast of the Epiphany
teaches us there is no room for religious elit-    Kevin Cahill and Family*   Frances Finnell
ism. In God’s eyes all are equal. Our readings     James Finnell, Sr.         Frances
today tell us that we are all co-heirs, co-mem-    Claire Collins             Frances Finnell
bers and co-partners. We are called to be a        Mary Ann Recco             Teresa Sauer
classless society of equals. Epiphany means        Rose Ferrazzi              Maria Iraci and Laraine
manifestation, a manifestation that Jesus is not                                   Ciraolo
solely the Jewish Messiah; he is for all of us,    Veronica Byrnes            Tim and Sally Dacey
equally. How does this play out in our own         Richard Petrucci           The Sommo Family
lives, in our relationship to others? It does
little good to preach that Jesus is always                   Pre-Baptism Ministry
among us if no one can see him. In the
                                                   Have you ever thought about getting more
Epiphany story lies an ‘‘epiphany challenge’’, a
                                                   involved in Parish Life? How about joining our
challenge to continue the manifestation of
                                                   Pre-Baptism Ministry! Host Couples and Indi-
Christ to the whole world. The only way that
                                                   vidual Greeters are needed to assist new par-
this manifestation can continue is through
                                                   ents in their preparation for The Sacrament of
those living now who opt to follow Christ. A
                                                   Baptism. Host Couples share their experiences
question to ponder - if Jesus Christ was born
                                                   with the class and Individual Greeters help to
today in Kings Park, who would be the first
                                                   welcome the new parents as well as lead dis-
                                                   cussion groups.
                                                      Helping families come closer to God...
         Celebrate New Life                          what a wonderful way to spread your faith
                                                        and fulfill your Baptismal Promise!
Parents, grandparents, godparents, families               For more information, contact
and friends are invited to attend a Special              Natalie Kennedy at 265-1531 or
Mass and Blessing of Babies at 12:30 PM in            
Travis Hall on Sunday, January 9, 2011. The
blessing is for babies baptized during 2010.
There will be hospitality following the Mass.

                                                                 Rosary Society
                                                   Rosary Society will meet for Mass
                                                   and Rosary on Monday, January 3rd
                                                   at 1:00 PM in the Nazareth Chapel.
                                                   New members are welcome. No
                                                   obligations except prayer support to
                                                   each other.
               Pastoral Care                                      Religious Education
Minister to the Sick and Homebound                                                          Office Hours:
If you have a family member who is                                                    Tuesday through Friday:
homebound and would like to receive the                                                  9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Eucharist, please call the Parish Center                                                      Saturday:
at 269-6635 to make arrangements.                                                       8:30 AM to 11:00 AM
                                                                                        (when program is in session)
                    If you or a loved one are in one of
                    our local hospitals, please call the
                    Parish Center so that a Pastoral
                    visit can be made.

        St. Anthony’s High School                                       Grade Four Parents
               Honor Roll                                  All Winter Session Grade Four Parents are invited to
                                                           attend a special presentation by your children. It will
Below you will find the names of students from our         take place on Saturday, January 8th at 10:30 AM in
Parish who made the Honor Roll for the First Quarter       Travis Hall.
at St. Anthony’s High School:
                           2011                                           Grade Two Mass
Sarah Bardenhagen                 Donald Ravella           Grade 2 children and their families are asked to
Lauren Bongiorno                  Victoria Simeone         attend a special Mass on Sunday, January 9th at 10:30
Nicole Ficano                     Liliandra Vivolo         AM in the Church.
Laurel Koch
                           2012                                              First Penance
Brian Boland                      James Mazza
Kimberly Cotter                   Carly Munnelly           First Penance will begin on Thursday, January 13th at
Jeanette Facompre                 Georgina Pinou           5:15 PM for children in Rooms 101 – 104. Parent and
Brittnee Frizol                   William Ramos            child please meet in the Church. All other classrooms
Sarah Gregori                     Michael Ravella          have a regular class.
Gina Langiulli                    Antonella Termini
Courtney Magnusson                                                       Catechists Needed
                           2013                            We are in need of teachers for our Spring Session
Nancy Fabrizi                     Nicholas Mercogliano     Saturday morning program. If you are interested in
Daniella Ganiaris                 Danielle Pitch           volunteering, please call our office at 269-4383.
Brendan Mahoney                   Joanna Saporito
Anthony Massina                   Nicole Ventura
John McWilliams                   Christopher Wood                 Life Center of Long Island
                           2014                                                OUR MISSION
Vincent Amoroso                   Alec Manfre
Dana Bongiorno                    William Massina          To promote, encourage and foster public senti-
Brigitte Ferrando                 Tess McCormick           ment and respect for the dignity of human life.
Thomas Koch                       Michael Saporito
Lisa Langiulli                    Brian Twohig                              (516) 798-9100
Madison Little                    Marielle Vivolo                

                                                                  Our Lady of Mercy Academy
   St. John the Baptist High School                                      Honor Roll
              Honor Roll
                                                           Below you will find the names of students from our
Below you will find the names of students from our         Parish who made the Honor Roll for the First Quarter
Parish who made the Honor Roll for the First Quarter       at Our Lady of Mercy Academy:
at St. John the Baptist High School:
                                                                            Coryn Carrion (9th)
                      th                              th
Timothy Haggerty (9 )         Stephanie Greco (11 )                        Laura Aversano (10th)
Cortlyn Hooten (9th)          Brandon Camenzuli (12th)                     Lee Ann Kraska (11th)
Daniel Jiritano (10th)        Rebecca Scholldorf (12th)                     Krista Mallon (12th)
                     Memorials                                   Please Remember In Your Prayers
                                                                             Those Who Are Sick
         Remembering Loved Ones
                                                                  Kathleen Kern, Alfred Grady, James Grady,
Many parishioners have expressed an interest                      Susan Wildberger, James Roberts, Ann
in making a monetary donation to cover the                        Trobiano, Richard Gorle, Eileen Malone,
cost of flowers or the cost of bread and wine                     Gabrielle Revere, Neil DeGennaro, Stewart
                                                                  Kollath, John McCarron, Katherine Derganc-
or Sanctuary Lamp for a period of one week,                       Billings, Bob DeLuca, Lee Schultz, Chris
usually in memory of a loved one, living or                       Peters, Baby Charlie Weidner, Lucille Weidner,
deceased. If at any time you are interested in                    Neal Izzo, Jr., Virginia Cicero, Kim DeVito,
making such a donation, please call the                           Kathleen Malone, Anthony Ferrara, Michael
                                                                  Ferrara, Theresa Ferrara, Anna Valente,
Receptionist at the Parish Center (269-6635)                      Gabriella Richter, Steven Richter, Sylvester
or stop in to make arrangements. An                               Cicero, Sandi Ferrara, David Pearson, Warren
acknowledgement of your offering will appear                      Davis, Shirley Wayne, Patrick Dugan, Helen
in the bulletin.                                                  Smith, Thomas Mach, Patricia Foley, Baby
                                                                  Anthony Pugliese, Eric Kobus, Laura
Main Altar Flowers ............................$75.00 each        Woodfield, Jean DiPippo, Frank Genna, Mary
                                                                  Boylan, Nicholas Lombardi, Gabriel Jaen,
                              or two pieces for $125.00           Loren Kilkenny, Daniel Matarazzo, Tony
                                                                  Carella, Hilda Doyle, Catherine Bonner,
Blessed Mother’s Altar Flowers ................. $75.00           William Hagzan, Sr., Susan Bennardo, Judy
                                                                  Thiele, Baby Julianna Zach, John Higgins,
St. Joseph’s Altar Flowers ........................ $40.00        Jeanne Murphy, Eleanor Vetter, Elizabeth
                                                                  Williams, Janet Smith, Jane Pilz, William
Bread and Wine ....................................... $25.00
                                                                  Malloy, Debra Wojcik, Josephine Parisi, Emma
Sanctuary Lamp ...................................... $25.00
                                                                  Gordon, Lil Bijesse, Lorraine Heinen

Respect Life Rose ..................................... $10.00             Those Who Have Died
                                                                                   Hans Richter
                       Respect Life Rose                                         James Gilchriest
                                                                                   Rose Pagano
        This week’s Respect Life Rose is In
                                                                                 Graham Gurcan
       Thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother on
                                                                                  Joseph Savage
the Birth of my great-grandson, Dominick
John. All My Love, Nanny, Sr. (Przonek).                                            John Rizzo
                                                                       Time for a New Start ...
             Sanctuary Lamp Memorial                              Make 2011 a Year of Self-Discovery!
         The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this                        Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are
         week to thank Ann and Ed McElhone,                       you widowed, divorced, separated and unem-
         Sr. and Family for their love and                        ployed, underemployed or receiving Public
         kindness from Mary Hughes and                            Assistance? You may be eligible for career
         Family.                                                  readiness training!

              Bread and Wine Memorial                                     Displaced Homemaker Center
                                                                     Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center
         The Eucharistic Bread and Wine for                          725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge
         this week are In Loving Memory of                          Monday, January 10th to Thursday, January 27th
         Mickelina R. Criscuoli with prayerful                    Call 853-6540 to confirm eligibility and enroll.
         remembrance from the Liturgical
                                                                  Registration is Wednesday, January 5th at
         Spiritual Life Committee.
                                                                  10:00 AM.
                           Please Remember In Your Prayers
                                               Those In The Service
               CPO Louis Barani, US Navy                                          Major Sean Hood, US Army
           Lt. J.G. Timothy Barnikel, US Navy                              Lt. J.G. Michael Hyne, US Coast Guard
            Ensign Barbara K. Beal, US Navy                                   LCpl. Michael Johanidesz, USMC
              A1C Byron S. Beal, US Airforce                            Pvt. 1st Class Christopher Kerstiens, USMC
              Sgt. William Beisler, US Army                                Specialist Robert Kerstiens, US Army
            Captain Robert Bestercy, US Navy                                      PFC Brad Korin, US Army
                   Cpl. Ken Boss, USMC                                          Cpl. William Krumholz, USMC
              Cpl. Derek Brandafino, USMC                                       Lt. Keith M. Laffman, US Navy
             LCpl. Ronnie Brandafino, USMC                                    Sgt. Major Roger Lyon, U.S. Army
   Airman Nicholas Buttgereit, 106th Air Rescue, Air Guard                   Airman John Macaluso, US Airforce
                1st Lt. James Byler, USMC                                    Spc. Scott Michael Molloy, US Army
               Spc. Seamus Byrne, US Army                                     CPO Frank Marano, III, US Navy
                 PFC Ryan Canedo, USMC                                     T. Sgt. Michael R. Marotta, US Airforce
                 Sgt.. Paul Canedo, USMC                                      Ranger Brian McGuire, US Army
        Pvt. 1st Class Frank Capozzoli, III, USMC                            2nd Lt. Matthew F. Moore, US Army
                    PFC Garrett Carnes                                 Sgt. Donald Norton, US Army Ntional Guard
              PFC David Caulfield, US Army                                     Cpl. Robert A. O’Connell, USMC
        Staff Sgt. Michael Cavezza, 82nd Airborne                                Lt. Patrick O’Reilly, US Navy
            1st Lt. Adam Cecil, 82nd Airborne                                   Lt. Timothy O’Reilly, US Navy
              Cadet Robert Cilla, US Airforce                                    FM Henry J. Perez, US Navy
             Cpl. Robert Conaghan, US Army                                      Airman Dylan Revere, Airforce
         IT3, CS Michael G. DeDonato, US Navy                                      Pvt. Joey Rinaldo, USMC
               CPO Jose Delgado, US Navy                                    Commander Carl Petersen, US Navy
         Specialist Jason Dennington, US Army                                  LCPL Peter Rattopoulos, USMC
             Sgt. Mark Dennington, US Army                                    PFC Edward F. Salmon, IV, USMC
              Sgt. Patrick Doherty, US Army                                   Captain Shaun Salmon, US Army
                PFC Chris Digangi, USMC                                   Airman 1st Brian Schmeling, US Airforce
            Staff Sgt. James T. Drew, US Army                                     PFC Eric Schmeling, USMC
                LCpl. Peter Dudek, USMC                              Lt. Col. John Schulz, 106th Air Rescue, Air Guard
                  Chandlier Ellis, USMC                                            PFC Paul Schweit, USMC
              PFC Robert Elsmore, US Army                                        PFC Rick Silecchio, US Army
                PFC Patrick. Fagan, USMC                                      Lt. J.G. Matthew Sorace, US Navy
               LCpl. Michael Farrell, USMC                                1st Lt. Douglas M. Sparacio, US Airforce
         Medical Corp. Preston Fisher, US Navy                                   LTC Jeffrey Starke, US Army
         CPO Lauren O’Neill Fleming, US Navy                             Airman Michael Strombelline, US Airforce
             Captain Peter Gerboth, US Army                              Commander Edward J. Sullivan, US Navy
              Pvt. John Giacalone, US Army                                  Staff Sgt. John Swailes, Special Forces
           Spc. Anthony Giordano, Jr, US Army                                 Captain Kevin Sweeney, US Army
       Staff Sgt. Laura Ann Hagmeyer, US Airforce                                Major John Tresler, NYANG
       Sgt. Major William C. Hagzan, Jr., US Army                                 LCpl. Brian Weiyler, USMC
                Spc. Sean Harvey, US Army                                       ET, SS Thomas Wiese, US Navy
          Cpl. Robert Murphy Hayes, US Army                                 Spc. Daniel Wiwczar, National Guard
                 PFC Cory Holdorf, USMC                                          LCpl. Charles Wojcik, USMC
             1st Lt. Brian Holleran, US Army

 Please Note:
 We are currently updating this list. Reviewing it would be appreciated. If you know anyone who no longer needs to be
 on this list, please notify the Parish Center (269-6635) so that our list can remain current. Thank you.

                                                 Care Packages Waiting to be Sent
                     Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners of St. Joseph’s, the Catholic Daughters have
                     shipped 70 boxes overseas to our very worthy servicemen and women. Your continued kind-
                     ness and support will be greatly appreciated as we strive to ship two (2) boxes a month.
                   If you have a friend or a loved one that might like to receive one of these care packages we’d
love to hear from you! Please drop off the name and address of the recipient at the Parish Center during office
hours or you can contact Patrice at 662-8399 or Gloria at 656-8802. Let us know of any address changes.
Please send a Care Package to the following military personnel:
 Referred By:_____________________________________________________________________________________
                       January 2 – January 15, 2010
                                                 Parish Calendar

  Sunday            Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday             Friday            Saturday
 January 2          January 3          January 4           January 5         January 6           January 7         January 8

Gospel Drama                         Mother’s Club       AA 10AM Rm106     Gr. 2 Religious    AA 10AM             Religious
‘‘Epiphany’’                         9:30AM Rms                            Ed 5:15PM          Rm 106              Education
11AM Mass                            101, 103, 108       Bingo 10:30AM     School Building                        Classes
TH                                                       TH                                                       Grades 3-6
                                     Child’s Choir                         Teen Choir                             8:30AM
AA 2PM                               5PM CR              LAOH Set          7PM CH                                 School Building
Rm 107                                                   Dancers 7PM
                                     AOH (Ladies)        Rm 208            Gr. 7 Religious                        Gospel Drama
                                     7:30PM TH                             Ed 7PM                                 Auditions
                                                         RCIA 7PM CR       School Building                        ‘‘Stations of the
                                     OA for Children                                                              Cross’’
                                     7PM Rms 103 &       AA 7:30PM         Gr. 7 Church                           12:00 Noon
                                     104                 Rm 107            Tour 7PM CH                            Rms 101 and
                                                         OA 7:30PM         Chamber Choir
                                                         Rm 108            8PM CH              FIRST FRIDAY
Parish Center     Parish Center
   Closed            Closed                              Folk Group                                 of the
                                                         7:30PM CH                           Blessed Sacrament
                                                                                                    in the
                                                         Martha’s Hands                       Nazareth Chapel
                                                         7:30PM Rm 103                       9:30 to 12:00 Noon
                                                         NA 8PM Rm 106

                 St. Elizabeth Ann   St. John Neumann

 January 9         January 10         January 11          January 12        January 13          January 14         January 15

Gr. 2 Mass       AA 10AM             Mother’s Club       AA 10AM Rm106     Deanery Mtg.       AA 10AM             Religious
10:30AM CH       Rm 106              9:30AM Rms                            9AM CR             Rm 106              Education
                                     101, 103, 108       Bingo 10:30AM                                            Classes
AA 2PM           Jr. Hibernians                          TH                Gr. 2 First                            Grades 3-6
Rm 107           6:30PM CR           Child’s Choir                         Penance 5PM                            8:30AM
                                     5PM CR              Family Mass       CH                                     School Building
Youth Group      NA 7PM                                  Committee Mtg.
Mass and         Rm 106              OA for Children     6PM Rm 101        Gr. 2 Religious
Combined                             7PM Rms 103 &                         Ed 5:15PM
Mtgs.                                104                 LAOH Set          School Building
5PM NC & LH                                              Dancers 7PM
                                     Respect Life Mtg.   Rm 208            Teen Choir
                                     7:30PM Rm 108                         7PM CH
                                                         RCIA 7PM CR
                                     SVDP Mtg.                             Gr. 7 Religious
                                     7:30PM CR           AOH (Men’s)       Ed 7PM                Exposition
                                                         7PM TH            School Building          of the
                                     Liturgical &                                            Blessed Sacrament
                                     Spiritual Life      AA 7:30PM         Gr. 7 Church             in the
                                     Committee Mtg.      Rm 107            Tour 7PM CH        Nazareth Chapel
                                     7:30PM PC                                                9:30 to 10:30 AM
                                                         OA 7:30PM         Chamber Choir
                                                         Rm 108            8PM CH

                                                         Folk Group
                                                         7:30PM CH

                                                         NA 8PM Rm 106

                                        Please call the Parish Center with schedule changes.
    Key for location of activities: TH = Travis Hall, CH = Church, PC = Parish Center, NC = Nazareth Chapel, LH = Lighthouse
    SC = School Chapel, CR = Centennial Room and Room Numbers are for classrooms in the School of Religion Building