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					                                              March 2009
                                        THE VINE NEWS
                                 I am the vine and you are the branches.
                                                                    John 15:5

                FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                       Winter Issue # 7

                                                            Finally, Second Term report cards will go home
The big word on the street is GREASE! It is the             after March Break on March 31. Teacher-parent
super-big production that comes alive on the Divine         dialogue will only take place by request. Mean-
Mercy stage next Monday through Wednesday (Mar.             while, a quick reminder that we continue to need
9-11). The amount of work that has gone into this, the      more parent volunteers to help out in the hot lunch
energy it has generated among staff, students and           program, the Spring BBQ in June and other won-
parents is incredible. What you will see on those three     derful programs that keep our school a beehive of
glorious nights will be nothing short of magical.           positive activities. Just call the office and register
The truth is very simple though. When you have an
enthusiastic school community eager to work together
as a team, ‘nothing short of magical’ is the result. The    MARCH BREAK
actual play is choreographed and directed by                This year, the March Break falls between Monday,
Ms. Craig, Mr. Maurati and Ms. Cowan. But the cast          March 16 to Friday, March 20. Enjoy the time
of support behind the scenes is astounding by its sheer     off with family and friends.
number—many staff members, students and parents
have united to help paint, create, cut and paste, donate,
borrow, beg, carry, and do all that is necessary to
ensure a super production of Grease. A huge thank           SECOND TERM REPORT CARDS
you to all the support crew and cast of the play.           Report cards will be sent home on Tues-
                                                            day, March 31. At this time in the year,
It is the same sense of pride and commitment in our         parent teacher conferences are scheduled ‘upon re-
school that has placed Divine Mercy on the map. Next        quest’ either by the teacher or the parent. Please
month, on April 7, 2009, Divine Mercy will be               contact your child’s teacher if you would like to
honoured by the Garfield Weston Awards as one of 30         meet with them.
most improved schools in the Province of Ontario.
The gala award ceremony will take place at the Royal
York Hotel in Toronto. The school will be adequately
represented by Catholic School Council co-chairs
Mr. Michael Ferrante and Mrs. Rosanna Soda, two
Grade 3 teachers, two Grade 6 teachers, Mr. Oloya,            Director:         Susan LaRosa
                                                              Superintendent:   Diane Murgaski
Mrs. Hopps, and Mrs. Tuzi-De Caro. The message we             Trustee:          Teresa Ciaravella
will carry to the awards is that nothing is impossible        School Chair:     Mike Ferrante
where there is united determination to make a                 Principal:        Opiyo Oloya
difference. Together, we have already made a                  VPs:              Sandra Tuzi-De Caro
difference in the lives of our students, and will                               Rosemary Hopps
continue to work hard to ensure that we keep that high
standard of achievement.
    PAGE 2                                                                                   THE VINE NEWS

                               School News Information
GETTING READY FOR SEPTEMBER                                     HIP HOP PROGRAM
Please assist us in determining our staffing and accommo-       Once again this year all students at Divine
dation needs for the school year commencing in September        Mercy enjoyed several Hip Hop dance
2009. If you are moving out of the                              classes. The experience was energetic, ac-
area or if your child will be attending                         tive and fun. Students commented on how
another school, please let us know so                           much the program was enjoyed. Thank you
that our enrolment numbers can be                               to the Catholic School Council for once
adjusted accordingly. Similarly, if                             again funding this worthwhile endeavour.
you know of anyone moving into the
area, please encourage them to con-
tact the school and register their children as soon as possi-
                                                            AZEEM KAYUM
ble. Parents of pre-school age children with special needs, Motivational speaker Azeem Kayum visited Divine
who are eligible to attend school in September 2009, are    Mercy on Friday, February 27 to speak to the junior
asked to please contact the school as soon as possible so   and intermediate students. Azeem’s courageous life
that special education services may be put into place for   journey has inspired hundreds of students, parents,
your child’s entry this fall.                               teachers and administrators. He has mustered the
                                                            strength from his family and his faith to overcome pro-
                                                            found difficulties and become an inspiring example of
      JUMP ROPE FOR HEART                                   true success. Our staff and students have been touched
      We wish to thank Ms. Greco for her efforts in coordi- by his message of courage and hope.
      nating and implementing the Jump Rope for Heart
week with the primary children. The students learned the
value of healthy activity and had fun in the process.       GRADE 6 V.I.P. PROGRAM
                                                                The grade 6 Values, Influence, Peers Program is in full
                                                                swing at Divine Mercy. Police Constable Ron Peevers
HEALTHY SCHOOLS, HEALTHY KIDS                                   of the York Regional Police Department vis-
COMMITTEE                                                       its the students weekly to deliver a program
Once again we would like to recognize and thank                 that emphasizes being a responsible citizen.
all of the parent volunteers on the HSHK Com-                   The students are gaining a great deal of
mittee for taking the time to purchase and deliver              knowledge through this positive interaction
healthy snacks to the students of Divine Mercy. This            with police, school and peers.
month, they will be running a second session of the
“You’re the Chef” program to the Gr. 8 students. Forms
went home on March 2.

                Under the direction of Mrs. Craig,
                Mr. Maurati and Ms. Cowan, the students
                have been busy preparing for the theatrical
                presentation of GREASE. The perform-
ances will take place on the evenings of Monday, March
9, Tuesday, March 10 and Wednesday, March 11.
Come on out and enjoy an evening of theatre and enjoy-
ment at Divine Mercy.
VIP HONOUREES                                                                                                                 Page 3
The VIP Program honours Intermediate students who consistently make good choices and good decisions that respect school code of
conduct, classroom work ethics, staff, peers, parents and members of the community. They are also honoured to show our apprecia-
tion for making Divine Mercy a safe and respectful atmosphere for all students. Finally, they are honoured for being good role mod-
els for younger students in the school. The following are the honourees at the ceremony on                           .
  Ms. Trentadue                    Ms. Lorenzon                   Ms. Lopez                    Mr. Zorzi
  Achiluzzi, Eleonora              Adamo, Julia                   Carnovale, Adam              Anianov, Andrejs
  Allinson, Mackenzie              Berton, Joseph                 Cellucci, Victoria           Araneta, Jenna
  Apostol, Adrian                  Bevacqua, Nicole               Chiarelli, Michaela          Barbera, Jessica-Rose
  Bianchi, Amanda                  Caramanna, Louis               Colacci, Sara                Bauco, Ava
  Bilotta, Joseph                  Cohen, Brendan                 D'Alessandro, Marco          Beltrano, Emilio
  Blacha, Aleksandra               Colombo, Nicholas              Duria, Lucas                 Cassin, Amanda
  Bramante, Daniel                 Cozzetto, Graziella            Fortino, Sabrina             Condo, Roxana
  Calcagno, Alexander              Del Re, Antonio                Galvao, Raul                 Da Conceicao, Nicholas
  Campeotto, Vittoria              D'Elia, Vincenzo               Giancola, Lucas              D'Andrea, Tara
  Ciuffreda, Daniel                Foote, Alexandra               Hann, Nicholas               El-Chaar, Alicia
  DeLuca, Giuliana                 Fortunato, Julian              Hickstein, Kaela             Episcopo, Gabriella
  Dennehy, Michael                 Garibaldi, JohnFranco          Lubiana, Gianmarco           Gagliardi, Natalie
  Derosa, Marcus                   Gileppo, Alessia               Mangaly, Peter               Labriola, Cassandra
  DiMarino, Kiana                  Hann, Erica                    Mirabelli, Dominique         Leonardelli, Sara
  DiVito, Antonio                  Laranjeira, Nikita             Morales, Andrea              Marinuzzo, Vanessa
  Dobrovich, Olivia                Lazzaro, Alexandria            Panacci, Vanessa             Martins, Tanya
  Falzone, Victoria                Malfara, Michael               Rigakos, Nicholas            Novo, Melissa
  Fielli, Analia                   McKenzie, Jacob                Rocca, Katrina               Pasquariello, Cristina
  Gonsalves, Naomi                 Moonilall, Sabrina             Rodriguez Bravo, Ivon        Portelli, Mark
  Kerschbaumer, Jessica            Muto, Matthew                  Santana, Jose                Pronio, Melissa
  Kusturic, Milenna                Parag, Jessica                 Simone, Amanda               Sorrenti, Alessandro
  Luciani, Alexia                  Parisi, Joseph                 Storto, Briana               Spada, Samuel
  Matusinec, James                 Perri, Natalia                 Thompson, Robert             Tatangelo, Gianluca
  Nasturzio, Elizabeth             Piacentini, Marisa             Turchyn, Solomiya            Theodoracopoulos, Amanda
  Panagakos, Christian             Saracino, Carina               Vendittelli, Selina          Thomaidis, Samuel
  Quintieri, Daniel                Szczebiot, Michael             Virone, Patrizia             Vitucci, Michael
  Storto, Jessica                  Tomassetti, Analisa            Warda, George
  Szczebiot, Nicole                Whyte, Madison                 Zeni, Monique
  Ventrice, Gaetano                Ziolkowski, Justine

  Ms. Pileggi                      Ms. Fiorini                    Mr. Russo                      Mr. Saggese
  Agostino, Tamara                 Affrunti, Jessica              Bannon, Juliana                Abate, Samantha
  Andreucci, Brissa                Aguiar, Shawn                  Bianchi, Michael               Ammaturo, Enrica
  Barillari, Bruno                 Aguirre, Diego                 Brugnano, Jessica              Anichini, Andrew
  Belli, Marc                      Bartolini, Daniel              Chartrand, Leigha              Battista, Erica
  Bomben, Amanda                   Bauco, Giuseppe                Colautti, Christina            Bedoya, Desiree
  Capogna, Evan                    Borraccia, John-Anthony        De Melo, Lucas                 Berardi, Daniel
  Cappuccitti, Michael             Campese, Monique               Del Vecchio, Austin            Burgos Cando, Carolyn
  Conforti, Brittany               Campisi, Daniel                DiCio, Emily                   Cabreros, Michael
  D'Ambrogio, Sara                 Ciulini, Paul                  DiMaria, Salvatore             Cerratti, Danielle
  Del Re, Alicia                   Clarke, Daniel                 Fagundes, Alexander            Cioccio, Alexandra
  Domenichiello, Mikaela           DeRose, Natalie                Garro, Alessandra              Clement-Schlimm, Christian
  Giancola, Marco                  Fera, Vanessa                  Harris, Taylor                 D'Alessio, Adrienne
  Kontis, Anastasios               Galifi, Isabella               Iaboni, Christopher            Danelon, Matthew
  Lacson, Leonard Marius           Garibaldi, Sara                Ieradi, Christina              DeBuono, Frank
  Lazzaro, Victor-Anthony          Johnston, Nicole               Ionta, Cassandra               Dominguez, Daniella
  Longo, Mason                     Junio, Dana                    Leonardelli, Kristen           Ferrari, Erica
  Lopreiato, Mara                  Kazazi, Jenny                  Mauti, Alessia                 Giordano, Gerry
  Lostrangio, Stephanie            Kubiak, Matthew                Montanaro, Daniele             Lysik-Machado, Matthews
  Mardikian, Sabrina               Kulcsar, Emma                  Musto, Sarah                   Morabito, Joseph
  McKenzie-Halls, Ethan            Mercurio, Amanda               Nelson, Kyle                   Nestico, Julian
  Micciollo, Andrea                Montivero, Marcos              Ortins, Aaron                  Oyeniyi, Abraham
  Mikhael, Nhyren                  Pecchia, Celina                Panaro, Jessica                Quintero, Daniel
  Morriello, Stefanie              Picchetti, Monica              Saccucci, Erica                Quintero, David
  Nardone, Dante                   Polesel, Christopher           Santaguida, Lucas              Reid, Nicole
  Nardone, Massimo                 Scarsellone, Andrew            Sinopoli, Samantha             Safie, Stacey
  Perricciolo, Natasha             Schiavone, Marie               Soares, Phillip                Tersigni, Alexandria
  Rivera, Alejandra                Simone, Rocky                  Torbidone, Michael-Anthony     Tucci, Ashley
                                   Stoklosa, Klaudiusz            Valente, Victoria
                                   Tamburro, Julian               Vitorino, Tiago
                                   Vitmane, Alexandra             Zaffino, Michael
                                   Wickham, Scott                 Zannella, Juliano
                                                           March 2009

    S U N       M O N                         T U E                      W E D                              T H U                        F R I                S A T

1            2 “You’re The Chef”        3 Gr. 6 V.I.P. 12:45        4 Catholic School                5 Skills Canada                6                         7
             Forms go home to Gr.8s     p.m.                        Council Mtg. 7:00 p.m.           Presentation to Gr. 7 & 8
                                                                                                     2:45 p.m.                      Grease Rehearsals         Grease
             Grease Rehearsals          Snack Day                   Snack Day—”A”                                                                             Rehearsals

                                        Grease Rehearsals           Grease Rehearsals                Grease Rehearsals

8            9 Gr. 6 V.I.P. 9:00 a.m.   10 Grease                   11          Grease Performance   12 Gr. 8 Confirmation          13 Last day before        14
                                        Performance 7:00 p.m.       7:00 p.m.                        Retreat (Saggese/Fiorini)      March Break
             Grease Performance                                     Gr. 2 Trip to Solar Stage        SK Graduation Pictures
             7:00 p.m.                  Gr. 2 Trip to Solar Stage   (Iannetta, Paolella,
                                        (D’Alimonte, Cabral,        Pellegrino)
                                        Cutcher)                    Gr. 8 Confirmation Retreat
                                                                    (Pileggi /Russo)

                                                                    SK Graduation Pictures

15           16                         17                          18                               19                             20                        21

==========   M A R C H                                           B R E A K                           -============                  ============= =======

22           23 Gr. 6 V.I.P. at         24 Snack Day                25      Snack Day—”A” 26 Gr. 6 Trip to                          27                        28
             12:45 p.m.                 HSHK Comm. Meeting at               Kindergarten  Science Centre                            Civies Day

                                        9:30 a.m.
             Gr. 2 Reconciliation                                   Civies Day “A”                   Gr. 2 Trip to Community        Gr. 2 Trip to Community
             Practice 9:00-11:45                                    Kindergarten                     Safety Village - Fire Safety   Safety Village—Fire
                                        Gr. 2 Tile Workshop                                                                         Safety

29           30                         31 “You’re the Chef”
             Gr. 2 Reconciliation
             Practice                   Gr. 5s at Ontario Place &
                                        the ROM

                                        Report Cards go home

                                        Gr. 2 Reconciliation

                                        Gr. 7 at St. Elizabeth

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