Poem by ttarmizimn



Jackfruit fruit outside the fence,
Take a giant help jolokkan,
Our boys are just learning,
If wrong please show.

In the bushes have thorns,
Yellow for chicken nests,
People are always greedy and loss,
Like a dog with a shadow.

Children monkey on the beach,
Log in to eat the rice fields,
Let the bad use of cloth,
Lest the lack of courtesy.

Rupat Island seems berbalam,
Sampans loaded cargo box,
If close to send greetings,
If you send letters long.

Chestnuts in the city,
Direndang the evening,
Do not you say the word,
Fearing his own nose hit.

Batik-yeast bread,
A wet cloth on the basket,
If you want an intimate knowledge,
Look for a long pole.

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