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In a flower garden, there was a grasshopper who love to sing and dance. He is happy to
be able to live in a beautiful garden. In the park there are also various types of flowers
such as hibiscus, rose, dahlia, ylang, jasmine and Cempaka. Garden is a colorful and
fragrant. Every day, the locusts will be singing and dancing. It will jump from one tree to
another tree. Grasshoppers have many friends in the park. There are butterflies, beetles,
bees and ants. They can stay in the park. They often play and sing together.

One day, the locusts find all his friends to play, but they were all busy looking for food
and shelter before moving to the rainy season. Grasshoppers do not believe rain will tujun
shortly. It was fun to sing and dance alone. After a long singing, grasshoppers went home
and slept from exhaustion. With heavy rains and locust wake. It felt very hungry but no
food at home.

"When the rain stops, I can find food," he said to himself. Grasshoppers lay back and fall
asleep. When he awoke, the rain still falling heavily. Grasshoppers are sorry for not
following his advice to find food before the rainy season. Finally, the locusts fell ill.
Friends do not know the grasshoppers locusts are sick. When the rain stops, the bee will
remember the grasshopper. He came out of the nest and went to a grasshopper. He was
shocked to see the locusts bedridden at home.

"I will bring food," said the locusts when the bees to see the locusts were too weak and
pale. Ants and bees find another friend to help grasshoppers. Finally healed and healthy
grasshoppers. Grasshopper learn and often heard the advice of his friend.

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