Is Spanking Detrimental to Children by nikeborome


									Is Spanking Detrimental to

    YES: Murray A. Straus
    NO: Robert E. Larzelere
Definition of Spanking

Non-abusive, physical punishment

In most research : 2 slaps to child’s rear
Research claims:

 Used in 3/4 of world’s societies
 Most common form of physical punishment in the U.S.
 Accepted part of American culture
   belief that spanking works when all else fails
   legal in all U.S. states
   84% of Americans believe it is sometimes necessary
   almost 100% of parents with toddlers hit their children
 More acceptable when child violates moral rule as
  opposed to a social convention
 Most likely to occur at home, usually with other people
 Agreement that psychological punishment and abusive
  punishment are wrong, but unwilling to make similar
  statement about hitting or spanking.

 Illegal in 5 countries
   Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland
   Close to being prohibited in Germany, UK, Canada, and Bolivia
   Child Abuse rates still high

 Is spanking an effective form of discipline?
   Short-term effects

 Is it causing violence or other psychological problems?
   Long-term effects -- modeling

 Are studies sufficient in studying effects of spanking?

 Should spanking be prohibited in the U.S.?
YES: Spanking and the Making of
a Violent Society

Straus claims that spanking:
  teaches children violence
  leads to a more violent adult
     a society that accepts spanking will be violent
  shows children that it’s OK to hit others to solve
  weakens the bond between parent and child
The article looked at two types of studies:
     corporal punishment increases the probability of societal
     more corporal punishment, the greater the probability of
      the child:
         • being a delinquent
         • having anger
         • assaulting others
     also a greater probability of physical assault on the
Ten Myths that Perpetuate
Corporal Punishment
1. Spanking works better
2. Spanking is needed as a last resort
3. Spanking is harmless
4. One or two times won’t cause damage
5. Parents can’t stop without training
6. If you don’t spank, your children will be spoiled or run wild
7. Parents spank rarely or only for serious problems
8. By the time a child is a teenager, parents have stopped
9. If parents don’t spank, they will verbally abuse their child
10. It is unrealistic to expect parents to never spank

However, due to lack of direct evidence and
 problems with causality, it cannot be concluded
 that corporal punishment causes societal
article states that non-spanking alone won’t
 produce a non-violent adult, there must be:
  high level of attention to child’s needs and safety
  positive rather than punitive modes of dealing with
NO: A Review of the Outcomes of Parental
Use of Nonabusive or Customary Physical

Many studies that find detrimental outcomes are
 cross-sectional and do not effectively distinguish
 the differences between physical/abusive
 punishment and nonabusive/customary

These studies also have methodological flaws
 such as studying populations that are already at
 risk or are already prone to be violent.
Overall parenting style, rather than the
 use of spanking, determines an individual
 child’s initiative.
Relevant Studies

 All six of the clinical    Those studies that
  treatment studies and       excluded abuse from
  both of the sequential      their measures of
  studies showed              physical punishment
  predominantly               were more likely to find
  beneficial outcomes.        beneficial outcomes.
 70% of the prospective      (55%)
  studies found neutral

How the parents use discipline tactics is
 more important than the actual

Spanking is no more harmful, if not less
 harmful, than verbal putdowns.
Have you witnessed another child being
 spanked? How did you react? What were
 your opinions about its use? Did it seem to
 be effective?
What disciplinary techniques did your parents
 use? Which were most effective?
How do you plan on disciplining your own
Can spanking ever be effective and not
 harmful in parenting? How does overall
 parenting style interact with use of spanking?

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