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									             A.B.N. 76 000 100 854


      The enjoyment of golf depends a great
deal on the co-operation, consideration and
courtesy extended to fellow players.

       That same co-operation, consideration
and courtesy should be evident at all times in
the clubhouse.

       The standard of dress and the
etiquette of members will determine the spirit
and image of the Club.
              HISTORY OF THE CLUB
    The Port Macquarie Golf Club w as formed in July 1910,
although there is evidence of golf being played in Port
Macquarie as early as 1905

    The course first played follow ed the foreshores from the
Munster Street end of the camping reserve to the site of the
cottages now situated east of Pacific Drive above the cliffs,
thence w estw ard to near Ow en Street and then northw ard to
Burraw an Street in the south-w estern corner of the portion of
Oxley Park now occupied by the High School.

    Gradually over the years it became almost entirely
contained in Oxley Park. This area, w ith more people playing,
and w ith crossed fairw ays, became dangerous to players
and public, and in 1948 a search w as begun to find a more
suitable area.     Finally, Mr. J. Scott, course architect,
responsible for the design of Elanora, w as commissioned to
choose from the sites offering and to submit a plan. He chose
the present site and w ork began in 1951.

    In July 1953, the Club moved to the new course but
because of the necessity to maintain the old course for play,
very little progress had been made on the new area.
Members, how ever, elected to play under rugged conditions
for a time in order that reasonable progress could be made.

    Play w as first over six holes, progressing fairly quickly to
eleven holes. At this point course extensions w ere delayed
for a few years because of the need for a more suitable
clubhouse.     That having been achieved, the southern
extension w as next brought into play. Work w as finally
completed to a sufficient degree to bring the full 18 holes into
play in April 1967, and the official opening w as pronounced in
February 1968, by the President of the New South Wales Golf
Association, Mr Les Graham.
          OFFICE BEARERS - 2009 - 2010
Patron                             Peter Schroder
President                           Bill Macdonald
Captain                                Keith Heap
Vice-Captain                          Dave Harris
Treasurer                          Peter Stephens
Course Chairm an                    Neil Stevenson
Directors                             David James
`                                        Rob Tate
                                     Geoff Staines
General Manager                     Trevor Haynes

Match                                   Keith Heap
                        Dave Harris - David James
                      Geoff Staines ( Handicapper)

Course                 Neil Stevenson - Keith Heap
                        Dave Harris – David James
                                         Rob Tate

Finance               Peter Stephens– Gordon Bain

Mem bership             Keith Heap – Geoff Staines

House               Peter Stephens – Gordon Bain –
                                         Rob Tate

Chairm an             Bill MacDonald is Ex Officio
                           on all Com m ittees
             2009 – 2010

President               GRAHAM AUSTIN
Captain                   GREG COLLIS
Secretary                GREG CHRISTIE
Treasurer                 DAVID NEVILLE

              2009 – 2010

President              JANICE SPURRIER
Captain                WENDY FOREMAN
Secretary              MARGARET POPLE
Treasurer              PATRICIA O’BRIEN
                   RECIPROCAL CLUBS

BEVERLEY PARK                                   NSW
BELMONT                                         NSW
COOLANGATTA-TWEED HEADS                         NSW
LIVERPOOL                                       NSW
OATLANDS .                                      NSW
PAMBULA/MERIBULA                                NSW
YARRAWONGA                                      NSW
RUSSLEY, CHRISTCHURCH                            N.Z.
NGAMOTU, NEW PLYMOUTH                            N.Z.
OXLEY                                            QLD
MOUNT LOFTY                                      S.A.
FLAGSTAFF HILL                                   S.A.
CLAREMONT                                        TAS
DEVONPORT                                        TAS
ROYAL HOBART                                     TAS
KEYSBOROUGH                                       VIC

     Members visiting the above Clubs should be sure to take
their Membership and Handicap Cards w ith their handicaps
entered (or in the case of Ladies w ith their Handicap Cards)
otherw ise they may be refused Membership rights.
                      MATCH COMMITTEE


    All men’s play is from the w hite markers and ladies’ play
from the red markers.

     The Match Committee reserves the right to change the
programme/competition at any time.


 If a player does not report by the final call he loses his
                       place in the field.
         Members w ho have nominated for an event and
subsequently find they are unable to play, are requested to
notify the pro-shop as early as possible.
         No names shall be changed on the time sheets unless
the alteration is authorised by the Captain or the pro-shop
         Members of recognised golf clubs on application to
play in club competitions m ust produce evidence of
Membership and current handicap.
         All players must report to the starter at least fifteen
(15) minutes before the nominated hitting off time.
         All competitors must be on the tee ready to hit off at
their appointed time. Should you be delayed or unable to play,
phone the starter so that other arrangements, if appropriate,
can be made.
         Players may only start in competitions by direction of
the starter. No nominations w ill be accepted for hitting off
times after the time at w hich the starting sheet has been ruled

                       “NO SHOWS”
      Members failing to cancel from the timesheet at least
one hour prior to hit-off w ill be penalised by having their
names removed from the timesheet for the next game they

1st Offence         Letter of information.
2nd Offence         Official w arning.
3rd Offence         One month suspension from competition.
4th Offence         Causing citation to a judiciary meeting, all
                competition privileges suspended until the
                matter is heard and dealt w ith.
Similar action may be taken against members w ho continually
nominate members for the timesheet w ho are subsequently
listed as “NO SHOWS”.

         The starter w ill substitute a replacement player if one
is available, or send off the other players in that time slot if no
replacement is available.
         The player w ho arrives late w ill be added to the list of
         The maximum number of players in the final group is at
the discretion of the Captain.

 (I) If a side (2 players) does not report by the final call it loses
     its place in the field.
      The starter is empow ered to substitute a replacement side
      if one is available.
 (ii) If one player fails to report by the final call the starter is
      empow ered to substitute a replacement player if one is
      available, otherw ise a replacement side w ill be
      If no substitute side is available the single player may elect
      to act as marker for a competing side.
(iii) If a side does not have opponents or a marker it may hit
      off w ith the final group - if necessary as a six (6) - p.m.

    Members should look at the Notice Board before starting
play, for they are deemed to be aw are of all notices, local or
temporary rules etc., there posted. They should also check
handicaps before starting play. (A handicap terminal is
situated in the dow nstairs foyer.)

    The Committee requires the competitors to w rite their
names on the card in accordance w ith groups as arranged on
the timesheet.

     The markers must have the distance from the pin recorded
in centim etres.
     When filling out the N.T.P. details, please ensure that all
group m em bers golf link num bers are put on the card
w ith the signature.

    The Rules of Golf place the onus on the competitor to see
that his or her correct score is recorded by his marker for
each hole. The score must be recorded ON COMPLETION OF

    The Scratch score must be w ritten on the card in the
format of the day’s play to be eligible to w in the trophy.

   Member-visitor combinations are not eligible to w in a
donated trophy, but w ill receive a voucher.

   Members of affiliated clubs w ith a current A.G.U. handicap
may be invited to join in Club competitions except Monthly
Medal Events.

                   CLUB REGULATIONS
   Members introducing visitors must ensure that their
guest’s name, club and/or address is entered in the Visitor’s

   Children (Minors) are perm itted in the Mem bers’
Lounge only if accom panied by a responsible adult,
except Friday evenings from 5.00 p.m . w hen the
Mem bers’ Lounge is reserved for adult m e m bers,
m em ber’s guests or bona fide visitors only. Children
ARE NOT perm itted in the poker m achine room at any
tim e.

    No canvassing for donations, raffles or subscriptions by
outside bodies is allow ed in or about the Club premises,
unless permission is granted by the General Manager.
                      RULES OF DRESS
    The standard of dress w ithin the Club is largely left to the
good taste of members. How ever, in order to maintain a
standard suitable to the Club, Mem bers and Visitors are
requested to adhere to the dress rules as displayed
on the Notice Board.

    All complaints should be made in w riting and conveyed to
the General Manager, w ho shall submit same to the
appropriate committee. In no instance shall a servant of the
Club be directly reprimanded by a member.

     The Board of Directors may from time to time approve the
alteration of a member’s handicap if in its absolute discretion
and having regard to all of the circumstances including the
member’s results in any form of competition, it considers that
the change is w arranted under the handicap system that the
Club follow s. The member shall have no right to make any
representation to the handicapper or the Board of Directors in
relation to any proposed alteration to the member’s handicap.
     In addition to the practice putting green and the chipping
area there are tw o practice areas on the course.
(a) South of the 13th tee. Practice in this area is permitted at
      any time and is to be betw een the ropes. The Club
      Professional has the right to use this area for lessons at
      all times.
(b) On the 10th fairw ay from betw een the ropes on the
      practice tee. Practice from this area is permitted only
      w hen the 10th/11th holes closure sign is in place.
      Practice times for this area
                Eastern Standard Time: from 3.00 p.m.
                Daylight Saving Time: from 6.00 p.m.
                 except that betw een Christmas and
                 Australia Day practice is not permitted
                 before 7.00 p.m.
     Playing of balls w hile proceeding to or from the
practice areas is not permitted unless green fees hav e
been paid.
     Balls may be picked up betw een ¼ to the hour and the
hour, or by mutual agreement of the players practising.
     Distinctly marked alls are to be used.
     Divots must be filled.
     Practice facilities are available to members only.
Practice Play
     No player may play more than tw o golf balls in any
practice round.
     Please use the buckets of soil provided and repair all
divots. Repair as many pitch marks on the green as you can
w ithout unduly holding up play, w ith the special forks
designed for this purpose.
     Members w ill assist the Committee in the proper
maintenance of the course by observing particularly Rules 6, 7
and 8, as printed under “Etiquette of Golf”.

STROKE - Full handicap.
PAR - Full stroke handicap.
STABLEFORD - Full stroke handicap.

STROKE, PAR and STABLEFORD - Members play off full
handicap using their respective score cards.

4 PERSON AMBROSE - 1/8        of aggregate of 4 players.
Fractions to count.

3 PERSON AMBROSE -         /6 of aggregate of 3 players.
Fractions to count.

2 PERSON AMBROSE - 1/4 of aggregate of 2 players.
Fractions to count.

(Mixed or Non-Mixed)
STROKE – 3 /8 of combined handicap.

(Mixed or Non-Mixed)
STROKE – 3 /8 of combined handicap.
                 GENERAL: NEW MEMBERS
    Sponsors of any new ly elected member should introduce
him/her to the members of the Club and ensure that he/she is
conversant w ith the rules governing the conduct of the Club.
Before entering any competition a new member should be
sufficiently advanced in the know ledge of the Rules of Golf to
be competent to perform the duty of marker to a fellow
    Please see that you play w ith your nominee until he or she
are so equipped.

    Rule books may be obtained from the General Manager.

   All Mem bers are expected to know the Rules of

    Members are requested to ask all persons trespassing on
the Club’s property to leave the course.

    Members are reminded that in accordance w ith the
general practice at Golf Clubs, the Club Professional has sole
rights in recovery of lost golf balls and the sale of golf balls
found. Members are requested not to buy balls from persons
on and around the course. This also encourages stealing.
                             SLOW PLAY
    The regularly recurring problem of “SLOW PLAY ” is discussed
consistently amongst members. Almost ev ery play er/member of the
Club has at some time expressed concern about the ef f ects of slow
play on their enjoy ment of the game. The f ollowing suggestions should
be of assistance in ov ercoming this problem.

 1. Select club and ball while others play ers are hav ing their shots.
 2. Alway s mark the card while waiting y our turn at the tee. If hitting
         f irst, tee of and then mark the card.
 3. Walk directly to y our own ball, or lev el with same, and select club
     to be used while waiting f or the others to play their shots.
 4. Practice swings should be limited by discretion.
 5. If af ter a reasonable period, it is apparent y ou are holding up play ,
     call next group through.
 6. If called ahead as in 5. but immediately af terwards the group ahead
     located their ball and it is ev ident that play will proceed f aster if
     they continue, y ou should signal them to go ahead.
 7. On reaching the green and y our ball, study the line of y our putt
     immediately . When it is y our turn whenev er appropriate try to putt
     right out. Marking the ball is sometimes necessary , but not alway s
     and should be av oided where possible.
 8. Whenev er possible, a play er should hav e assessed his own putt
     f or direction and speed while other play ers are putting, prov iding
     that in doing so, no interf erence is caused to the play er.
 9. The play er nearest the hole should attend the f lag and then pass to
     the f irst play er to hole out, then appraise his own putt.
10. Alway s place y our buggy adjacent to the approach to the next tee.
11. Honour is to be disregarded in all stroke competitions. The play er
     f irst to reach the ball shall play f irst while not endangering other
     play ers.
12. Play ers in bunkers should where possible play f irst to enable them
     to rake the bunker while others play their shots.
     Pace of play related to the group in f ront.
     Keeping pace is maintaining an interv al of no more than 7 minutes
     with the group in f ront.

                       MOTORISED BUGGIES
1.    Carts must use the pathway s where prov ided at all times.
2.    Directional signage to be obey ed at all times.
3.    Carts MUST NOT be driv en on tees or within 10 metres of any
4.    Carts must not be driv en between green side bunkers and
5.    On the 9th hole carts MUST NOT be driv en between green side
      bunkers and the green or between the green and eastern pathway
      of the Club House.
6.    Driv ers of hire carts must hold a current driv er’s licence.
7.    Any damage to hire carts must be paid f or by the hirer.

1.    DISCONTINUANCE OF PLAY . One continuous blast on the
2.    RESUME PLAY . 3 short blasts on the siren.
      Ref er to Rule 6-8b

                    CAPTAIN OF EACH GROUP
The lowest marker is Captain of each group and should see that all
points of etiquette are observ ed, v iz. the group keeps its expected
place in the f ield, (judged by the distance of the group in front
rather than the group behind);         each play er in the group repairs
div ots and plug marks on the greens; carries and uses a sand bucket
f or div ot repairs; and smooths bunkers f ollowing play therein.

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