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       I would first like to welcome parents and juniors to the 2009 golf season! This
season we are going to build on a great 2008 season, which saw our highest turnout for our
spring junior lessons. We will once again be holding our annual spring junior swing
classes and hope to increase our participation again this season. Along with our spring
classes we will be holding multiple junior summer camps, specific junior clinics and re-
introducing an advanced junior coaching program. Our goal is to give each junior
member of Lynx Ridge the opportunity to enjoy the game as much as possible and
improve their golf game on a constant basis. For our younger junior members we will
continue to have our Junior Fun Nights every Sunday, these nights will include many
different fun games, and an opportunity for parents to take their kids out a play a few
holes. For the older group of juniors we will have a Lynx Ridge Junior League, this
league will allow juniors to play against each other in a year long competition.
Tournaments are a staple part of any successful junior program and we have our fair share.
The club championships, Member – Guest, Match play ladder and Interclub tryouts
will provide our junior members with a great competitive and exciting atmosphere. And
as always our junior members get a great reduced rate on any lessons with one of our
CPGA Professionals!

A quick side note, last years Junior Club Champion Dylan Cann is now an old boy and is
not eligible for this season’s tournament. The question is who will step up and take claim
to the Lynx Ridge junior thrown.

                           JUNIOR GIRLS TAKE NOTICE!

       Lynx Ridge is one of the few golf courses in Calgary that have a great female
Professional on staff, and her name is Brandi Godfrey. Brandi is a great teacher and a
great player, having played in Texas on a golf scholarship. Girls you need to take
advantage of having Brandi as your mentor! This season we will be holding Girls Only
clinics and camps! What a great way to play, have fun and meet fellow junior girls who
love the game as much as you do. You girls are the key to us having a truly great program
and we hope to see you out in strong numbers, beating down those boys every chance you

       This booklet will outline all of the items I talked about above and more. All of the
staff here at Lynx Ridge is excited about the upcoming season, and cannot wait to see each
and every one of you in the spring.
                             SPRING SWING CLASSES

        Following the great success of our spring swing classes last season we are going
ahead with them in 2009! The general outline will be very similar, with a few minor
changes to further help our junior members. Every player no matter age, ability or
experience can benefit from these lessons. They are a great way to learn fundamental
skills that are needed to enjoy this game to the max, and also as a refresher in the spring
for the more experienced player. Remember we do live in Canada and it is a very
looooong and chilly winter!


   1. Putting

              The absolute most important part of the game, we will spend one full lesson
   on the fundamentals of the putting stroke. This lesson will include putting games and
   practice routines that each junior can take home with them to further help them improve
   their putting. We will also make sure that each junior has a putter that fits them. If
   parents would like to bring in putters to be cut down, please bring them a few weeks
   prior to the first lesson and we will gladly cut them to the right length.

   2. Chipping

              Along with putting, chipping rounds out the “Short Game”. The proper
   chipping technique is vital to hitting great chips that lead to easy putts. We will cover
   the basic stance, proper hand position and stroke associated with chipping. And as with
   putting, we will also be incorporating games and drills that can be used well after the
   final lesson is finished!

   3. Full Swing
              The part everyone loves! We will incorporate this section of the program into
    two (2) lessons. In the first lesson we will cover the basic fundamentals involved in a
   great golf swing; grip, stance, and posture. In the second lesson more of the swing
   fundamentals will be introduced. Safety will also be a large portion of this section; each
   junior will be given the safety procedures to follow before ever hitting a golf shot to
   ensure safety for everyone involved.
                                    SUMMER CAMPS

       This season we will be introducing our Summer Camps to the junior program.
These camps will offer in depth coaching for player of all ages and ability levels. Each
camp will be spread over 2 days, with 3 hours of instruction each day, for a total of 6 hours
instruction. Camps will be broken into 3 age groups, as well as, different sessions for
junior boys and girls, which will allow players of same age and gender to play and learn
together. The ages group break down will be as follows; 8 yrs – 10yrs boys and girls,
11yrs – 13yrs boys and girls, and a 14 – 18yrs group of boys and girls. To maximize the
amount of one on one coaching time for each student, there will be a maximum of 10
juniors per group; this will allow each teacher to spend the necessary amount of time to
fully help each player.

Camp Details

       Cost is $99 per junior
       Maximum 10 juniors per group
       Each junior will receive a ‘Lynx Ridge Skills Camp’ hat
       Register in the Proshop

Age Group Breakdown

8 – 10 Years

This is a very exciting group! This is the only group that will pair boys and girls together
and will consist of 2 hour sessions on back to back days. The main focus of this session
will be to teach the fundamentals that are required to have a solid golf game and give an
introduction into the rules and etiquette of golf for these young golfers.


July 2 & 3 rd (Thu – Fri) – 8am to 10am
August 3 & 4 th (Mon – Tue) – 8am – 10am
                                SUMMER SKILLS CAMPS
11 – 13 Years

At this age players should be steadily improving and we will look to build on this
improvement and accelerate it. Boys and Girls will be split into separate groups and times
to allow them to meet golfers their own age and learn in a very comfortable setting.
During these sessions we will analyze each player’s ability level and customize the
approach we will take with each student. Rules will be a very important area that will be
covered, as at this age golfers will be finding themselves in situations where knowledge of
the rules will be necessary. This session will be a great learning experience for young
golfers looking to improve for enjoyment of the game and a great step toward tournament


July 8 th & 9th (Wed – Thu)
Boys– 8am – 11am
Girls – 11am – 2pm

August 11 th & 12th (Tue – Wed)
Boys – 8am – 11am
Girls – 11am – 2pm

14 – 18 Years – Advanced

Our 14 – 18 year old advanced sessions will look heavily into areas of each player’s game
that needs improvement. These sessions will not follow a strict agenda, as many of the
players will need to work on different areas to improve. One area that will be covered
extensively with the entire group will be the mental aspect of golf. Course Management,
tournament preparation, strategies, and emotional control will be talked about, as players
at this age and ability will need to learn about this part of the game to see serious
improvement. The fundamentals will be touched on with each player, and time will be
given to hitting different shapes of shots and trouble shots as well. This session is aimed at
players who are currently playing tournament golf, or the player who is on the verge of


July 14 th & 15th (Tue – Wed)
Boys – 8am – 11am
Girls – 11am – 2pm

August 19 & 20 (Wed – Thu)
Boys – 8am – 11am
Girls – 8am – 11am
                             LYNX RIDGE JUNIOR ACES

       The Lynx Ridge Junior Aces is a great opportunity for junior golfers to take serious
strides in maximizing their golf games and reaching their goals. There will be two groups
available, and advanced group and a intermediate group. Each group will be open to a
maximum of 8 juniors to ensure ample one on one coaching time. The program will focus
on all aspects of golf, with emphasis placed on the player’s short game, full swing, and the
mental aspect of golf. Throughout the summer physical fitness will be touched on, and a
leading into tournaments there will be extensive preparation for these events. The Aces
program will consist of 10 group sessions, 3 – 60 minute private lessons, video analysis,
on course instruction and weekly competitions. Along with skills, the Aces program is
devoted to building a respectful and courteous golf program, and each member will be
required to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional matter. Below is a brief
breakdown of each element of the 2009 program;

Group Sessions
Each group session will be 45 minutes in length and will have each group member
practicing together. During these sessions the group will work on common skills and
discuss any issues they are having with their games, along with, any thoughts they have on
any number of subjects.

Private Lessons
Each student will have 3 60minute private lessons at their disposal. These lessons will be
scheduled by the player or the coach, based on the state of the student’s game, or
upcoming events.

Video Analysis
Video can be used in many ways to help juniors; it can be used to show improvements
over the course of the year, it can serve as a confidence boost, and it is a great tool for
identifying potential problems and being able to see these issues. Video will be available
to all members of the junior aces program, and considering that it carries a cost of $99 per
session outside of the program, this adds a lot of value in itself to the Junior Aces Program.

On Course Instruction
This section covers a lot of information. During group sessions that we are not on the
range, we will be on the golf course. While on the golf course we will be hitting many
different shots from many different places. Course Management comes into the equation
during these on course days as well. It gives the junior the opportunity to get on the course
and focus on practice, as opposed to just playing. Hitting great shots on the range is a lot
different than hitting great shots on the golf course. This allows our juniors to put the
shots they have been working on into real time situations on the golf course.
                            LYNX RIDGE JUNIOR TOUR
       This season we will introduce a true Lynx Ridge Junior Tour, providing junior’s
golfers the opportunity to compete against their peers weekly. The Junior Tour is a great
way for our members to play at a high level at their home course while at the same time
refining their skills for the Alberta Junior Tour season. Events will be held every Sunday
afternoon and will be open to juniors of all ages and ability, and each event will be
handicapped in order to level the playing field. The format of each event will change
weekly, formats will include; stroke play, match play, team match play, and stableford
point systems. Points will be awarded based on participation and standings, with the top 3
positions in that week carrying the most weight. Each events points will count towards the
year end order of merit, with the winner being named Tour Champion. The cost of the
tour will be $30 per junior; this will go towards weekly prizes and food during certain

The first event of the tour will be May 9 th, 2009 and will run until September 13 th,

                                 JUNIOR FUN NIGHTS

       Last season we had record turnouts for our Junior Fun Nights, and this season we
look to keep the momentum going. We will continue to hold these fun nights Sunday
evenings, running from late June to the end of August, tee times will start at 4:15 and run
until 5pm. This season we will be implementing a few games each week, from zoo golf to
parent – child challenges. Sign up will continue to be in the locker room, and with limited
spaces every week, make sure you sign up early. As always any volunteer help would be
greatly appreciated, we would be looking for parents to help sending the kids out and
handing out prizes following the golf. If you are interested please contact John Deneer in
the Proshop.

Schedule - Format

June 27th
July 5th
July 12th
July 19th
July 26th

August 2nd
August 9th
August 16th
August 23rd

                         LYNX RIDGE LADDER MATCHES

       To compliment the Junior Leagues and Fun nights, we will also be conducting a
junior match play ladder. This is a season long event that will have lynx ridge juniors
competing against each other in match play format. Matches will be played at lynx ridge,
or any course decided by the juniors. This tournament will be a self run event by the
juniors; it will be up to each player to make sure they are available for matches while
completing them by the stipulated dates. The goal of this event is to reach the top of the
pyramid, you may challenge only people that are in the row above you, and you can only
challenge those that are directly on top of you within 2 spots. If you have been challenged
you may not turn down a match unless you already have a match scheduled. If you turn
down a match or do not play in matches you will be asked to move to a lower level of the
pyramid. Please register in Proshop.
                                 CLUB TOURNAMENTS

Spring Parent – Junior – Sunday May 24
Fall Parent – Junior – Sunday Sept 20th
The staple of our junior tournament season, these tournaments are absolutely great events
that pair juniors with their Parents or with an adult. There will be two different groups this
year, and alternate shot group which will consist of juniors 10 years and younger, and a
Best Ball format for juniors 11 years and older. Each event will have a great dinner
following play, as well as, a prize presentation. Lets make these events even better than
last year, so please register in the Proshop as soon as possible as these events will fill
quickly. And as always any volunteer help is greatly appreciated.

Junior Member – Guest – July 6 PM

The Junior Member – Guest tournament is an event where Lynx Ridge junior members
invite a friend to be their teammate for the day and compete against other junior teams.
This event will be handicapped to level the playing field and juniors of all ages are invited
to attend. There will also be a junior girls division, so come on out girls and enjoy a great
day on the golf course with your friends. This season the teams will be playing a Best Ball
format, with many hole prizes thrown into the mix as well. Please register in the Proshop,
registration must include you guest’s name, handicap index, phone number and club
affiliation is applicable.

Club Championships – July 28

The Club Championship is the headliner for the 2009 golf season. Boys & Girls divisions
include many different age groups, so everyone is encouraged to come out and play.
There is a history of great junior champions from Lynx Ridge that have gone on to play
university golf and beyond.
Age Groups – Boys & Girls

10 & under
11 & 12
13 – 15
16 - 18
                            JUNIOR INTERCLUB EVENTS

Foothills Interclub
Lynx Ridge is involved in a Junior Interclub competition with 12 other golf courses. The
purpose of the Interclub is to create some fun and competitive golf for our juniors who are
interested in playing some different golf courses and meeting other juniors. Each
competition requires 4 of our players against 4 from an opposing golf course. Each
member of the Lynx Ridge Interclub Team will receive a Lynx Ridge logoed golf bag and
a lynx ridge shirt. For more information please go to

Qualifying for the team

Players will be able to qualify for the team a number of different ways. The first way to
qualify will be by competing in our interclub qualification tournament. Members of the
Lynx Ridge Junior Tour will also be giving opportunities to qualify based on results at
each event. Preference will be given to the juniors who have high participation levels and
represent Lynx Ridge in the proper way.

Lynx Ridge / Bearspaw Junior Ryder Cup

Lynx Ridge will be playing in a home and home vs. Bearspaw Country Club in a Ryder
cup format this season. The team will consist of 6 boys and 2 girls, with the age group
break down as follows; 1 - 11& under, 1 - 12 -13yrs, 2 - 14& 15yrs, and 2 - 16 – 19yrs.
The junior girls can be of any age.

Qualifying for the team

Similar to the qualifying process for the Foothills Interclub, except there will be no
specific tournament with the sole purpose of qualifying. The teams will be selected based
on the Junior Tour results only. Players hoping to be a part of the Lynx Ridge Ryder Cup
team must be members of the Junior Tour.


Being a member of an Interclub team is an honor that should be respected by juniors. A
select few get to compete in these events, so each player must respect the golf courses that
they are playing and the players that they are plying with. All members are required to
show up on time for tee times in appropriate attire and remember that you are a
representative of your home club, so please represent Lynx Ridge with great respect.
                                JUNIOR COMMITTEE

       The purpose of any golf committee is to give members an outlet to express their
thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns on a given topic. The Junior Committee will allow our
junior members to give input and suggestions regarding their program. This is very
important because they are the people taking part and will be the main beneficiaries of a
successful junior program. This season, being the first season that a junior committee will
be in place, we will be accepting applications from juniors who wish to be a part of the
committee. This process will take place during the Junior Event Fair on April 18, 2009
and will be open for a further 2 weeks following the event. The committee will be made
up of 1 Chair person or Co-Chair people, 1 secretary, 4 – 6 committee members, and 1
parent volunteer. The committee will meet a minimum of once per month, and meetings
can be scheduled at any time by the Chair person, or by a golf professional. The
committee will be responsible for organizing volunteers for club tournaments, discussing
possible future events/tournaments, discussing the state of the program, and coming up
with creative ideas that will benefit the junior program as a whole. If you have any
questions or would like to volunteer please contact John in the Proshop.
                           LYNX RULES AND REGULATIONS
Juniors have booking restrictions that we must be aware of. On the weekend Junior’s are
only allowed to play after 12 noon. Anytime after that is acceptable for juniors to play. On
weekdays, juniors are restricted between 4pm and 6pm, so please book before or after this
block of time.
The Lynx Ridge Golf Club has a strict dress code policy. All Junior’s must wear pants or
shorts at an acceptable length. No jean shorts or jean jackets are allowed. All shirts must
have a collar, and must be tucked in. Any headwear must be worn correctly; at no time
may hats be worn backwards.

Attitude and course conduct is very important. Other member’s see the way juniors act
and play on the golf course. Actions that are detrimental to you such as throwing a golf
club, swearing, inappropriate actions will come with punishment.

Junior’s have the same privileges at the golf course as every other member. They have the
right to use the driving range and chipping green, the right to eat in the restaurant. Just
remember to respect these privileges.

Junior Members can also use the ballot system to get time times on the weekend. The
ballots are On-line and can be accessed via our website @ . For more
information on how to ballot please contact the Proshop.

Actions in the clubhouse are also important. Behaving in a respectful manner is an
absolute must; any juniors, or members for that matter, found to be disrespecting the
clubhouse may be banned from certain areas.

It is also imperative to treat the staff with respect, being polite to the serving staff will be
in your best interest and make your day enjoyable. Your privileges can be taken away if
you do not respect the staff.

                                    COURSE ETIQUETE

Juniors have to realize that their conduct on the golfcourse is interpreted as the kind of
person they are. Being well behaved on the golf course make the entire junior program
look better. Actions such as losing your temper really reflect badly on yourself and the
junior program.

A few points of etiquette that I would like to address will help you become a considerate
                          ETIQUETTE BETWEEN GOLFERS

The first is to not get in the way of another player's shot, meaning, do not walk directly in
front of someone playing a shot. On the green this means not to walk on another players
line. Also never stand directly behind a player especially during their putt, as this can be
distracting. Knowing where to stand goes a long way in being a considerate golfer.

I must also remind players that you must be quiet during another players shot. It is very
distracting for players if they hear chatter in the background.

Other actions that you can employ to becoming a considerate player is to watch each
others shots and help locate golf balls that go astray, it is also nice to compliment good


The golden rule for taking care of the course can be remembered by memorizing the “3
R’s” of golf. That is Rake, Repair, and Replace.

1. Rake Traps. Always rake the sand traps after use. The trick is to enter a sand trap at the
point closest to your golf ball and exit the same way, this way you don’t have to rake as

2. Repair Ball Marks. When your ball makes a dent in the green you must always repair
the damage you have caused so the greens stay in excellent condition. Not repairing a ball
mark today might mean a missed putt tomorrow. Our Grounds crew puts a lot of work to
keep the greens nice for you and it is our job to maintain them. A nice effort for every
golfer to make is to repair all the ball marks that you see even if they may not be yours.

3. Replace Divots. If you take a divot out of the grass during your swing, you must replace
this divot after your shot. In replacing your divots, the grass will heal much quicker and
again our course will stay nicer to play in the future.
                           ETIQUETTE FOR TEE TIMES

If you book a time it is imperative to show up for the time you booked. If for some reason
you cannot make a tee time you must cancel as soon as possible so we can fill your spot.
Our official cancellation policy is 24 hours barring an emergency. It is unfair to leave a
group hanging in the event of a no-show.

Good etiquette is to show up to the golf course well ahead of your tee time so that the
starter is not scrambling to find you. Thus check in early to the Proshop and then to the
Starter so that our time times run smoothly and on time. It is a proven fact that golfers play
much better when they are not rushed and have time to warm up before they play.

Speed of play is also an extremely important point of etiquette. At Lynx Ridge we require
you to play in 4 hour and fifteen minutes or less and/or not fall behind the group ahead of
you. If the course Marshall sees a gap between you and the group ahead of you, they will
put you back into position. On the flip side it is also not wise to hit into the group ahead of
you. So make sure the group ahead of you is out of your range before you hit. “Range” is
the distance you can hit the ball with the club you selected for you next shot. For example,
you must let the group ahead of you clear the green if you think you can reach it with your
next shot.

A few tips to achieve a good pace are:

1. Play ready golf- Proceed to your ball as quickly as you can without interfering with
   another players shot, then whoever is ready to take the next shot does so. Caution: One
   should not simply rush ahead and hit without regard for the other members in the
   group. Always decide between the group who is next to play.

2. Always watch your ball (especially on poor shots). Then pick a line to where you think
   it is and walk on that line to the ball. It is much easier to find the ball this way, and
   subsequently speeds up play.

3. Walk at a good pace; do not dilly-dally your way down the fairway.

Remember no one likes to wait on the golf course, so keeping up the pace is crucial.
                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

Page 1 – Overview of Entire Program
         Junior Girls

Page 2 – Spring Swing Classes

Page 3 & 4 – Summer Camps

Page 5 – Lynx Ridge Junior Aces

Page 6 – Junior Tour

Page 7 – Junior Fun Nights
         Ladder Match Play Tournament

Page 8 – Club Tournaments

Page 9 – Interclub Events

Page 10 – Junior Committee

Page 11 – 13 – Rules and Regulations

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