Importing Student Information Into Easy Grade Pro

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					                           Importing Student Information Into Easy Grade Pro

Open the Excel file
with the student
information you want
to set up in Easy Grade

Highlight JUST the
fields you want to
include in your grading
program (usually
Student ID, Last Name,
First Name, and at the
secondary level –

Copy this information
into the Clipboard by
holding down the
<ctrl> key and hitting
the “c” key.

Create a blank text file
by right clicking the
desktop, choosing New
> Text Document.

Name the file with
something that makes
sense (period1.txt or

Double click the file to
open it up and paste the
contents of the
Clipboard into the file
by holding down the
<ctrl> key and hitting
the “v” key. The
student data copied
from Excel should
appear delimited by
tabs (this is computer
talk for how the
information is
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Open Easy Grade

Choose add a class
from the tool menu
or from the drop
down class menu.

Name the class and
choose the term.

Choose Import from
Another File.

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Easy Grade Pro (and
any other grading
program) needs to
know how to store
and categorize the
data. The order of
the data and how it
is delimited is very
important. Easy
Grade Pro uses tab
delimited text
information to map
the student records.
This is why we
created the text file
of student data.

In order to map this
data, we will choose
New Format.


Student fields are set

The Results Now
order is Student ID,
Last Name, First
Name, then Grade
Level (Student
Custom 1 ). Hit the
copy key to select
the field

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Easy Grade Pro then
asks if you want to
import into the
current class (since
we just created this
class > choose
Current Class)

Easy Grade Pro
needs to know
which file to use to
get the data, so find
the text file you just
created and open
that file.

7578dcce-e796-4b41-9027-0d49d88eb53d.doc       Gail
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You should see all
of your student
records. Choose
Import Records.
You are done with
this class!!!

If you have
additional classes to
set up, you will need
to create the text
files first and then
choose Untitled
Format to map the
student information
into Easy Grade Pro.

Please note – Easy Grade Pro sometimes crashes when setting up multiple classes. If this happens, just restart
the program.

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