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FirstSwing is offering Summer Camps in cooperation with the City of Everett Parks and Recreation
Department at the Phil Johnson Baseball Complex for youngsters 3-16. These FUN camps are
based on sound educational principles and teach that baseball/softball is more than just a game!
The overall mission of the baseball and softball camps is to teach the FUNdamentals of the game
and “life’s little lessons” while playing the game. Young ballplayers will learn the basic skill sets of
hitting, throwing, fielding and the “mental game” as well as financial literacy, conditioning, manners,
decision-making, goal setting, nutrition, problem solving, and more!! Camp teaches the youngsters
to be accountable and responsible for their actions, and empowers them to be good productive
citizens. EVERY camper will play games and be part of an interactive team.

Please visit or for more information. Questions, please call 425-257-
8293 or toll-free (866) 405-2307 or write to PO Box 497 Medina, WA 98039

Camp Descriptions

Complete Camp (Ages 6-14)
From the first swing to the last catch, have fun learning every skill required in the game of baseball: hitting, throwing, fielding,
base running, and infield and outfield play. Be part of the excitement -- participate in a home run derby or Bunt-a-thon and
earn cool prizes. Campers receive constructive coaching while playing an hourly game on a team.

Skills Camp (Ages 8-16)
Develop your game with more specialized coaching. Each player chooses a defensive position for individual instruction and
evaluation: pitcher, catcher, infield or outfield.

Small Ball (Ages 3-5)
Even the smallest ballplayers can score big fun in this parent-toddler camp. Preschool-aged campers play BlastBall and
enjoy learning baseball skills. Parents learn helpful tips from our syllabus. Camp is limited to 12 families per session.

Special Evaluation (Ages 9-16)
Practice to advance! If you're motivated to play at baseball's highest level and relish the opportunity to practice and benefit
from one-on-one coaching, this camp is for you. Coaches teach and review individual and team skills. Detailed assessments
include bat/hand speed, throwing/pitching, fielding, hitting skill sets, running measurements and mental/visual acuity. Each
camper receives a written individual evaluation with constructive recommendations for improvement. Limited to 20 serious
players of all ability levels. Players 8 years or under may attend with instructor permission.

Baseball/Softball Challenge (Ages 9-17)
This camp is for the serious ball players. Learn the game of baseball though actual game experience that focuses on the
fluency of the game and understanding the mechanics. Individual work in a team environment with controlled game
situations: throwing/pitching, hitting/bunting, fielding, base running, and the MENTAL game. Youth under 9 years of age may
attend with instructor permission.

Please visit or and follow the links to register. If you do not want to
register online call (425) 257-8293 or send the registration form and check to Everett Parks and Recreation, 802 E. Mukilteo
Blvd, Everett, WA 98203. Payment must be received with the registration in order for your child to participate in
camp. Scholarship opportunities are available on an individual basis; call 425-257-8300 option #2.

Schedule and registration form on reverse
LOCATION            Phil Johnson Ballfield Complex, 400 W. Sievers-Duecy Blvd, Everett, WA 98203
   COMPLETE CAMP                     TIME             BARCODE          FEE       AGE                FORMAT
June 28-July 2 (M-F)              9am - 12pm             67739        $105        6-14         Baseball & Softball
July 12-16 (M-F)                  9am - 12pm             67740        $105        6-14         Baseball & Softball
Aug 2-6 (M-F)                     9am - 12pm             67741        $105        6-14         Baseball & Softball
Aug 16-20 (M-F)                   9am - 12pm             67742        $105        6-14         Baseball & Softball
     SKILLS CAMP                     TIME             BARCODE          FEE        FEE               FORMAT
June 29-July 1 (Tu-Th)               1-4pm               67743        $105        8-14         Baseball & Softball
July 26-30 (M-F) NEW TIME         9am - 12pm             67744        $105        8-14         Baseball & Softball
      SMALL BALL                     TIME             BARCODE          FEE       AGE                FORMAT
June 28-July 2 (M-F)              9am - 12pm             67749        $105        3-5          Baseball & Softball
July 12-16 (M-F)                  9am - 12pm             67750        $105        3-5          Baseball & Softball
Aug 2-6 (M-F)                     9am - 12pm             67751        $105        3-5          Baseball & Softball
Aug 16-20 (M-F)                   9am - 12pm             67752        $105        3-5          Baseball & Softball
 SPECIAL EVALUATION                  TIME             BARCODE          FEE       AGE                FORMAT
Aug 23-27 (M-F)                   9am – 12pm             67769        $130        9-16              Baseball
Aug 23-27 (M-F)                   9am – 12pm             67770        $130        9-16               Softball
BASEBALL CHALLENGE                   TIME             BARCODE          FEE       AGE                FORMAT
Aug 30-Sep 1 (M-W)                9am – 12pm             67771        $130        9-17         Baseball & Softball
Registration:                                      Call 866-405-2307 if you need special accommodations.
Mail fee with the registration form to:                      Make check payable to
  Everett Parks Department                                     City Of Everett
  802 E Mukilteo Blvd
  Everett WA 98203

Please Print Legibly or Type (*required information)
*PARTICIPANT NAME: _______________________________________ *D. O. B: ____/____/____ GRADE:_____

*PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME: ____________________________________________________________

*ADDRESS ________________________________________ CITY ___________________ ZIP _______

*HOME PHONE: (_______)____________________                *WORK PHONE: (_______)_______________________

*E-MAIL ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________________

*EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME: (other than parent) ____________________________________________________

*HOME PHONE: (_______)___________________              *WORK PHONE: (_______)___________________

            DATES                       CAMP SESSIONS                         DATES                       CAMP SESSIONS

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and understand that the program in which my child is enrolling will involve a certain degree of strenuous
physical activity. I agree to assume all risks associated with the program and further agree to hold the FirstSwing Foundation and the City of
Everett its officers, agents, and employees harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, claims, costs and expenses, for both personal
injury and/or property damage, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise as a result of my child’s participation in the program. In case
of emergency and you are unable to contact me and you believe it is necessary to obtain the services of a doctor or hospital to render services
and/or treatment to my child, I hereby authorize you to do so at my expense. The undersigned also agrees to release and hold harmless the City
of Everett, from any and all claims, actions, demands, suits, expenses, losses or liability, or compensation in any way related to the use and
reproduction of photograph(s) taken of me which are used in City sponsored publications or placed on the City’s website.

Signature of Parent or Guardian of Child _________________________________________________
(This must be signed for your child to be eligible to participate.)