Situation Report on Tsunamis hitting coastline of Sri Lanka by nikeborome


									Situation Report on Tsunamis hitting coastline of Sri Lanka: 26th

Massive earthquakes of
magnitudes ranging from 5
to 8.6 that have occurred in
Sumatra (Indonesia) and
Nicobar region (India) seem
to have caused tsunamis
(tidal waves). These waves
hit the eastern coast of Sri
Lanka this morning and
many areas on the southern
and western coast later. This
has caused extensive damage
to life and property in those

Scattered reports received now indicate a loss of atleast 225 lives in Trincomalee,
(200 in the division of Mutthur alone) and similar numbers in Batticaloa. No
information has been received from Ampara and other districts on the east coast.
Reports also indicate loss of lives in Galle district.

                                                Information on the severity of the
                                                disaster and the impact on the areas
                                                affected are being collected. The
                                                President’s Office has issued a media
                                                release declaring a state of disaster in
                                                the country in view of the seriousness
                                                of the situation, and requested for
                                                International assistance. The Prime
                                                Minister and the senior members of
                                                the Administration are holding a
                                                meeting with the International and
                                                donor agencies in a short while (15:00
                                                Local time)

                                                (The areas marked in yellow are those
                                                districts that are affected in the tidal
                                                surge caused by the tsunamis)

                                                For more information contact:


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