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					                                                                                                     M A RCH 2001

News for the members of the Madison Nordic Ski Club                                     Vol. 20            No. 5

                               • A WORD FROM JIMMY •                                       OUR NEXT MEETING
                I Beg Your Pardon                                                         March 12th, 7:00 pm
                                                                                           Community Center
                                           who insisted on skiing faster than the      7:00: Socialize, POTLUCK!
                        s my second term
                        as your president  club president, I extend my forgive-        7:40: Announcements
                    draws to a close, it’s ness. To the generic guy, it’s always a     8:00: Spring skiing options
                                           guy, who has, and will, step on my                and awards! And,
                    time to issue a few                                                      more fabulous door
                    presidential pardons.  poles at least 5 times in rapid succes-           prizes.
                    You might ask: who in  sion going up the power lines at the
                    the nordic world       birkie, you are pardoned. To the            MNSC BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                    would have done any-   chronic whiners in Silent Sports who
thing so egregious as to require a par-    have forgotten that skiing is fun, abso-       Jimmy Vanden Brook
don? Unfortunately, skiers are all too     lution is yours, provided you lighten                 President
                                           up.                                                (608) 437-4192
human. Some will question my motives                                              
for granting these pardons                   Second, a small number of individ-
                                                                                             Willi VanHaren
but remember, it is always                              ual pardons. Ned Zuels-
                                                                                              Vice President
better to forgive, and if
some people show a little
                                “     WHO IN THE        dorff, Elver race director,
                                                        is pardoned for accusing
                                                                                             (608) 437-3782
gratitude, well, how can                                the President of disturb-              Brett Larson
you refuse?
                                   NORDIC WORLD         ing his slumber, by snor-                Treasurer
  Before I go any further,                              ing, on a number of ski               (608) 232-9675
let me say that my wife’s
                                     WOULD HAVE         outings. Ned does a fair

                                                        impression of a Stihl                Nancy Hoene
brother did not lobby me
directly and certainly            DONE ANYTHING         chainsaw himself (pardon                Publicity
                                                                                            (608) 226-0730
made less than $400,000                                 pending). Since the by-  
to represent some of his         SO EGREGIOUS AS laws say nothing about                        Jim Coors
clients listed below. He                                the President not being                Membership
also looks a lot better             TO REQUIRE A        able to pardon him/her-              (608) 231-3593
                                                        self, I pardon myself for
than Hugh Rodham in
tennis shorts. And, there             PARDON?”          the following crimes: ear-       Margaret Rankin Riley
                                                                                                Trips Chair
are a few notable folks                                 lier this year, at Nine-mile
                                                                                             (608) 836-6695
that I refused to pardon. Marc Rich,       in Wausau, I took off for home with a         rankin@surger
while being a skier, declined the op-      ski bag that looked like mine but real-
                                                                                             Ned Zuelsdorff
portunity to provide 800 hours of          ly belonged to Ben Neff. Ben got his                Race Chair
community trail grooming service, so       skis back the next day… bad Jimmy.                (608) 231-1876
was not pardoned by this president.        Long ago, in a birkie far, far away I    
SWIX is not pardoned for getting me        “helped” my buddy Rich Hayes wax                     Harry Lum
to buy XF classic wax at obscene           his wooden skis for the big race. Big         Adver tising/Promotions
                                           expert that I was, I ironed in a lot of           (608) 273-2821
prices and then dumping the entire                                            
line the next year. And, the vendor at     kick wax over the whole ski. Probably
                                           used half a tin. Rich could climb trees              Kay Lum
the Birkie ski EXPO who was telling                                                             Newsletter
folks that his ski pole/grip combina-      with those skis, but he could com-                (608) 273-2821
tion would take 25 minutes off your        fortably descend a tree with them as
                                                                                            Pete Anderson
Birkie time will be forever con-           well, provided he double-poled with                KidSki Chair
demned to a lower level of Dantes’ in-     vigor… really bad Jimmy. So, now I’m                222-1928
ferno. But, enough of that, on to the      off the hook, thanks to me.       
pardons.                                     Lastly, I am issuing a pardon which                John Taylor
  First, a few blanket pardons. To all     will make the Marc Rich affair seem                 Social Director
those club members (innumerable)                 (SEE PARDON, CONTINUED ON PAGE 2)
trivial, and the Nixon pardon a
minor footnote in pardon history.
                                         Help Improve Ski Trails in
This clemency is for two individu-
als whose crime is so heinous                   Madison —
that I fear doing injustice to their
guilt through an inadequate de-              Make a Donation
scription. Their transgression
brought dishonor upon the                    ore frequent grooming of Madison ski trails is needed. The Madison
nordic world, shame upon their               Nordic Ski Club is initiating a FUND-RAISING DRIVE to acquire a new
houses, and yet they show no re-         $7,500 grooming machine for use by the City of Madison. OUR GOAL IS TO
morse, no contrition for the das-        RAISE $3,750 BY THE END OF MARCH. EVERY DOLLAR WE RAISE WILL BE MATCHED

tardly deed committed some 8             BY ONE DOLLAR FROM THE CITY OF MADISON. Jim Morgan, City of Madison

years ago. In fact, they have justi-     Parks Superintendent has committed to improved grooming of the ski
fied their scandalous ways to            trails in 2002 if we can help them get the new machine. Currently the
themselves and revel in their mis-       city is grooming the six ski trails in town (see Grooming article) with
deed. Truly shocking.                    two machines. A third machine would eliminate a lot of wasted time
   This sports tragedy ranks with        spent hauling machines to and fro. Additionally, the city has three peo-
the scandals of the Chicago              ple available during the winter to perform grooming chores, so the
“Black Sox” or Olympic impostor          machine would be put to direct use.
Rosie Ruiz. Of course, the scandal          PLEASE SEND DONATIONS TO Madison Nordic Ski Club, PO Box 55281,
to which I refer is the “stolen          Madison, WI 53705. Make your check payable to Madison Nordic
start” of the 1993 Pre-Birkie where      Ski Club, X-C Groomer on the memo line. Your donation will go di-
our offenders left the start line        rectly to purchase the new groomer because our volunteer organi-
some 7 minutes before the start-         zation has no operating expenses. Your help is greatly appreciated.
ing gun, and raced to an illicit fin-    If you have questions about the groomer or other aspects of this
ish. The race was stolen from the        fund-raiser, please contact Jim Vanden Brook at 608-437-4192 or
“silent majority” of law abiding, c
upstanding, and righteous skiers
who waited for the gun. Yes, it
was “Black Saturday”, the day
that lives in nordic infamy.
                                                   A Letter of Thanks
   To protect their families, I shall                              YOU ARE WELCOME!
refer to these miscreants by their
first names only. Ron, son of
Birkie skiing legend and current
age class champ, Grace White,
should have known better. About
Mike, former Madison Nordic Ski
Club president, what can I say?
Forgiveness is the better part of
virtue and presidents have par-
doned former presidents before.
Therefore I extend my pardon to
these wayward lads. But, don’t be
too hard on the boys. After all, in
future when they finish a race,
the question will always be
asked, “When did you start?”
   Dear readers, you should know
that these pardons have benefit-
ed me more spiritually than finan-
cially. And when I eventually
leave the oval ski shelter, I’ll be
honored to take home the many
fine pairs of skis you’ve given me
over the years. And believe me,
I’ll think about you everyday I
drive to Elver in that beautiful
Subaru Outback you bestowed
upon me during my reign. Pardon
me, but, I believe it’s time to sign
off. Thank you. Thanks. Thank
you very much. c

EDITORS NOTE: we’d like to remind
Jimmy that, unlike the U.S. President,
MadNorSki Presidents can reign for
more than 2 terms.
2 c MNSC M       2001
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                                  Badger State Games —
                                  A Different Perspective
                                             BY KATHY RICE, INTRODUCTION BY GINA INTERRANTE
KATHY RICE (A VISUALLY IMPAIRED                                                                                    made better time than last Satur-
SKIER) TOOK THE BRONZE (3RD PLACE)                                                                                 day; and what incentive to do bet-
AT BADGER STATE GAMES IN THE NOVICE                                                                                ter and go further next time. I
CATEGORY! SHE PROUDLY STOOD ON THE                                                                                 hope to offer incentive for others
PLATFORM AS HER FANS APPLAUDED HER                                                                                 with special needs
                                                                                                                   FEELINGS UPON OUR FINISH:
                                                                                                                   I was a bit shaky when I had to
                                                                                                                   remove my skis. It was so totally
                                                                                                                   awesome that so many people
AS SHE HUGGED HER GUIDE.          THIS WAS                                                                         came up to us to congratulate us
                                                                                                                   for doing the race. Per Brian, we
                                                                                                                   had completed the 10K in about
                                                                                                                   1 hour 38 minutes. This was
                                                                                                                   quite a surprise since it took me
                                                                                                                   2 hours and 10 minutes the previ-
                                                                                                                   ous Saturday.
WORKED WELL FOR HER.   SHE CUT HER                                                                                   The hot chocolate was not yet
TIME FROM   2:10 (DURING A TRIAL SKI                                                                               quite ready but Brian was waiting
10K THE WEEK BEFORE) AT WAUSAU TO                                                                                  for it patiently. I was too “high” to
1:38:28 AT THE GAMES!                                                                                              even think about food or drink. I
  KATHY BEGAN CROSS COUNTRY SKIING                                                                                 was not cold just in complete awe.
                                                   Kathy Rice stands on the podium proudly holding her 3rd place
                                                                                                                     Brian then reported I took 3rd in
                                                                bronze medal in the 10k novice race.
                                                                                                                   the Women’s Novice Group. Once
                                                  locked into the skis, the poles in
2001. (SKI-FOR LIGHT IS A WEEKEND                                                                                  again almost complete disbelief
                                                  place, and the whistle blows. “is
                                                                                                                   on my part. OK there probably
                                                  it really time to go?” I ask Gina.
WI. FOR VISUALLY & MOBILITY IMPAIRED                                                                               weren't that many participants. It
                                                  For the first 4 K, I seemed to have
                                                                                                                   still felt neat to have a medal.
                                                  kept up pretty well to a few
CAMP & SONS OF NORWAY.)                                                                                              The presentation of the awards
                                                  skiers. The newly waxed skis
  WE ARE ALL PROUD OF HER MAJOR AC-                                                                                was running a bit behind. Dave
                                                  seemed to have given me some
                                                                                                                   Robb also a ski guide and a mem-
                                                  speed on the down hills because I
                                                                                                                   ber of the Madison Nordic Ski
                                                  sure did fly. I took some pretty
                                                                                                                   Club had won a Silver and was
                                                  good falls on the somewhat icy
                                                                                                                   waiting for his award as his next
                                                  snow! One fall was right in front
                                                                                                                   race was about to begin. The
                                                  of a support person. Gina could
OUT A WINNER IN MY BOOK! SHE IS A                 not stop in time and landed
GREAT INSPIRATION TO US ALL!                      under me! It was great! Skis,
  CONGRATULATIONS!                                poles, and limbs all over the trail!
   FOLLOWING IS KATHY’S EXPERIENCE IN             Guess what Gina asked - “anyone
HER OWN WORDS.                                    have a camera?” The poor sup-
                                                  port person just muttered “Oh”
                                                  when the whole thing happened.
    t is difficult to put into words my           He was at a complete loss for
    feeling from my first ski race. I             words and actions!
was noticeably nervous as we                         When we approached the rest
checked in, one of the gals asked me              area, I was quite thankful for a
why I looked so scared. I then tried              short break. With about 1K to go,
to put my mind at ease and concen-                the Junior 4K racers were on the
trate on race prep (mentally). We                 same trail as we were on. It was
did some interviews with a Wausau                 great fun watching and listening
newspaper and a TV station which                  to their efforts as they skied very
helped to change my focus.                        hard.
  Our trial run of 1K revealed my                    “Here you go, ski your hardest,
basket had fallen off of my pole, I               you are at the finish line. Go
had one of my poles and one of                    ahead of me, I'm right behind
my husband's poles, and the                       you” is what I hear from Gina.
rental area at Nine Mile was                      Then I hear the crowd. Most
closed. Once again, Gina (my                      clearly, I hear Brian “Come on
guide) to the rescue. She used my                 Kathy”. It was so totally awesome!
poles of different length and of-                    My thoughts as I cross —
fered me her poles.                               thanks for the friends who sup-                                  Gina Interrante and Kathy Rice pause for a “Kodak” moment
  It is race time, the boots are                  port me; I am pretty sure we                                     before the big race.

4 c MNSC M           2001
                                                                                                     fered to take me out cross coun-
                                                                                                     try skiing. He has an excellent
                                                                                                     teaching technique. We went out
                                                                                                     several times that winter. Mike
                                                                                                     then moved to Schofield and after
                                                                                                     that I did not ski much until I met
                                                                                                     my husband Tim in 1995. Tim is
                                                                                                     not a real fan of winter but he will
                                                                                                     ski occasionally because he
                                                                                                     knows I like to get out. We bought
                                                                                                     a used set of skis to try out the
                                                                                                     sport. In January of 2000, I attend-
                                                                                                     ed the WI Ski for Light. This was
                                                                                                     quite overwhelming for me as I
                                                                                                     had never attended a camp type
                                                                                                     setting without knowing anyone
                                                                                                     who was going to be there. We
                                                                                                     took a bus from Madison to
                                                                                                     Rosholt. Upon getting off of the
                                                                                                     bus, I heard a man introduce him-
                                                                                                     self as Mike Graper. big smile on
                   Kathy pushes towards the finish line with Gina’s urging as the crowd cheers!      my face! I walked over to where I
Madison skiers had all assembled                                                                     heard his voice coming from and
near the award presentation area.                                                                    explained that I was Kathy who
It was terribly cold out there!
They all stayed to offer congratu-
                                                            “A                    S A VISUALLY       he took out skiing in Green Bay in
                                                                                                     the early 1980’s. Mike helped me
lations — the Women's Novice                                                                         locate my luggage and to get to
was the last group presentation.                                                   ,
                                                                     IMPAIRED SKIER YOU              know some others. I was paired
What a hearty bunch.                                                                                 with Gina Interrante as my sight-
   It was pretty neat to receive the                              LEARN TO LISTEN WELL               ed guide. What a great pair. She is
award. While up on the podium, I                                                                     totally outgoing and loads of fun.
heard Gina say “turn around”. I                                           AND TO PERFORM             This was Gina’s first time as a
thought she wanted to get the                                                                        guide. she did great. We skied
“Blind Skier” sign Brian had made                                                                    what I thought was a lot! Little
                                                                     EXACTLY WHAT YOUR               did I know how far the Madison
up for me. I don’t think she meant
for me to turn completely around,                                                                    Ski Club members ski! Gina and I
but in keeping with my mind set of                                GUIDE INSTRUCTS   .O          NE   kept in touch. We went on a cou-
listening and performing what she                                                                    ple of bike rides together. You
says, I did turn all the way around!                                 WRONG MOVE COULD                see, Tim and I tandem bike. Now
As a visually impaired skier, you                                                                    that is a sport he can get into!
                                                                                                     The weather is warm! Gina asked
learn to listen well and to perform                                MEAN A TREE HUGGING               if I would like to do Badger State
exactly what your guide instructs.
                                                                                                     Games and in December I re-
One wrong move could mean a
tree hugging incident!
                                                                                INCIDENT             ceived the e-mail from her stating
   Before I stepped down from the                                                                    entry forms are now available.
podium, the gal who finished                                                                         That is where it all began. Next
after me, came up to me to offer                            mained quite stable. It is progres-      year, she has already suggested I
congratulations. She said I was                             sively getting worse which was           try the 20K race. Hmmmm! Gonna
pretty fast. Well I wouldn't go that                        predicted by doctors as normal           have to do a whole lot more ski-
far, but it was sure nice she                               people do notice some vision loss        ing to prepare for that. Thanks to
stayed for the awards and came                              with age. With contact correc-           all who take part in Ski for Light.
up to me afterwards. There is so                            tions, I am able to read the large       It is great fun to meet so many in-
much support that it really gives                           letter on a chart with my left eye       teresting people. It is great that
one the drive to improve.                                   and 2 lines with my right eye.           so many give of their weekend to
   Thanks to all of you who are                             This is considered legally blind.        spend time skiing with a visually
                                                                My parents always encouraged         impaired skier, serving at the
guides or who are thinking of being
                                                            me to live without limitations -         camp, and many of hours of orga-
a guide. You should know how
                                                            “the sky is the limit” was what I        nizing the event. Each year the vi-
much of a difference you make in
                                                            was told. This is how I try to meet      sually impaired skier is paired
our lives.
                                                                                                     with a different guide. This year,
                                                            new challenges.
A BRIEF HISTORY OF MY                                                                                with Lori Veit’s assistance, I
VISUAL IMPAIRMENT                                           SKIING HISTORY:                          gained confidence with snow
I was born with Leber's congeni-                            In 1985, I was living in Green bay. I    plowing and holding my poles
tal Amerosis. Many people born                              contacted a rehab center to see if       properly. In Lori’s words “You
with this disorder are completely                           there were any groups who par-           control the snow”. This is what I
blind from birth. I am quite fortu-                         ticipated in cross country skiing        try to remember when the down
nate in that up until about 5 years                         or tandem biking. Mike Graper            hills seem pretty fast and then
ago, my vision while bad has re-                            who had answered my call of-             the turns come up! c

                                                                                                                    MNSC M       2001 c 5
                A Sweep at the Noquemanon!
                                                       BY SCOTT BACHMEIER

     his is a tale of how one not-so-                                                                         There were about 20 times when I
     well-trained citizen classical                                                                           resigned myself to stop at the
skier conquered the mighty 53 km                                                                              start of the half marathon (the
Noquemanon Ski Marathon on a                                                                                  cutoff point) and just call it a day.
cold but sunny day in January 2001.                                                                           I was tired, getting cold, and the
The trail possessed stunning                                                                                  tracks were not the greatest.
beauty, and the kick wax was just                                                                             Maybe I should have done the
right — what could possibly go                                                                                Half Marathon again this year. Vi-
wrong to spoil such a wonderful                                                                               sions of a warm ride back to the
skiing venue? After all, I had worked                                                                         Superior Dome began dancing in
my way up to the Big Leagues now                                                                              my head, along with visions of
… I’ve got a Birkie under my belt,                                                                            steamy bratwurst and frosty
and I even ski the Tuesday night                                                                              mugs of beer at the Landmark
Elver races. I am so there!                                                                                   Hotel pub. Yes, I had Bonked.
   Knowing that hydration would                                                                                 I got to the cutoff point at the
make or break my performance, I                                                                               30km mark, and I was 5 minutes
went to great lengths to ensure                                                                               past the “cutoff time”. The race
an adequate supply of sports                                                                                  official decided to let me contin-
drink for my Noquemanon adven-                                                                                ue, since I suddenly claimed that I
ture. My backpack contained not                                                                               felt pretty good at that point (not
one, but two CamelBak Zoid                                                                                    sure if I was trying to convince
reservoirs, complete with high-                                                                               them, or myself). Seems that I
tech neoprene sleeves on the               Scott and his wife, Ruth at the finish line of the 2000 Noque-     had somehow forgotten about
hoses and insulated bite valves to       manon race. If you read the article, you will understand why Scott   that little “stop and the cutoff
prevent freezing. Imagine my re-                            didn’t get a photo thisyear!                      point” idea I had conjured up dur-
action when both of my Camel-            with a nice, big, heavy basket, and                                  ing the previous few long climbs.
Bak tubes froze by about 15 min-         they even helped me transfer the                                     I did know (from skiing the Half
utes into the race (I think it was       Exel Evolution wrist strap from                                      Marathon twice before) that the
about +8° F at the 9 a.m. start).        my broken pole to the loaner. OK,                                    final half of the course was not so
Nothing worked to thaw the use-          problem number 2 solved — let’s                                      bad, and even mostly downhill,
less appendages — not even try-          ski this race! As the terrain be-                                    so the decision to finish the race
ing to tuck them under my fleece         came tougher and the K’s added                                       seemed like a safe one.
vest. OK, no need to panic … I’ll        up, I began to appreciate the ben-                                     From about the 30km point on, I
just ease off on my pace a bit and       efits of carbon/fiberglass pole                                      was treated to the sounds of
rely on fluids at the aid stations.      technology. Man, that metal pole                                     snowmobiles following not far be-
   I made it to Aid Station #1 (at the   was heavy! But wait — my wife                                        hind me. Yep, I was the very last
7 km mark) just fine. Drank 3 cups       was planning to go to Aid Station                                    one, and the Trail Sweep team
of Energy drink. OK, this isn't so       #                                                                    was on my tail. They must have
                                          2 to watch the race, and I could
bad after all. Onward! Unfortu-                                                                               been bored with either my pace
                                         grab her new racing poles which
nately, at half a kilometer past Aid                                                                          or my technique, because once in
                                         were in the cargo box on top of
Station #1, my right pole sank                                                                                a while they would zoom around
                                         our car! “See, this isn’t going to be
deep into the soft snow beside                                                                                me and flog their sleds a bit in an
                                         so bad after all”, I said to nobody
the soft tracks, and I heard the un-                                                                          attempt to perhaps coax me into
                                         in particular. A comment I had to
mistakable “snap” of what could                                                                               picking things up a bit. The novel-
                                         rescind once I arrived at Aid #2 to                                  ty of all the noise slowly wore off,
only be a twig breaking under the
                                         find that she had already left (she                                  and I made up my stubborn Nor-
snow. Nope — it was my 20% car-
                                         assumed that I must have already                                     wegian mind right then and there
bon fiber pole. Suddenly the
                                         passed, but in truth, I was behind                                   that I would finish the race, if only
frozen CamelBak tubes seemed
                                         my predicted pace due to the                                         to force them to have to follow
trivial. Faced with the decision of
                                         aforementioned pole issue). In                                         Slow Skier Bib Number 109 the
skiing another 6.5 km with one
pole or going that 12 km back to
                       ⁄                 fact, she left about 5 minutes be-                                   rest of the way, no matter how
Aid Station #1, I chose the latter       fore I arrived, I learned after ask-                                 long it took.
option. I began to ski back, going       ing if anyone had seen a woman                                         At about 44km, I executed a
against what was thankfully very         with a baby in a blue baby jogger.                                   wonderfully animated face-plant
light traffic, knowing full well that    Oh well, racing poles are over-                                      on a steep curving downhill, and
a thundering herd of skaters was         rated, let’s hydrate, and get back                                   broke the high-tech Excel Evolu-
sure to be headed this way very          to skiing!                                                           tion wrist strap that I had so
soon (they started 50 minutes              As the trail profile map will tell                                 painstakingly transferred from my
after the classical skiers). I made      you, there are some pretty long                                      broken pole to the loaner pole.
it back to Aid #1 just in time to        and challenging climbs in the                                        “Fine, I’ll just hold the bloody pole
marvel at their speed and tech-          middle section of the race. It was                                   with a death grip the rest of the
nique as they roared past. Some          here that I began to run out of                                      way”, I muttered (again, to no one
friendly Yoopers helped me select        steam, and really wish I had more                                    in particular). “Hey, maybe he’ll
a nice, heavy, metal touring pole        fluids and a lighter right pole.                                     quit now”, I'm sure the Trail
6 c MNSC M       2001
Sweep guys were thinking.
   Much to my surprise, I passed a                                                 • JUNIORS ARE ON THE MOVE!•
skier at the 49km point … I was              “SOME FRIENDLY
no longer in last place! And I no                                                 Big Junior
longer had to listen to those             YOOPERS HELPED ME
pesky snowmobiles 100 feet be-                                                      News
hind me. I was suddenly liberat-         SELECT A NICE , HEAVY,                          BY DON FARISS
ed, and the euphoria brought re-
newed energy to my tired body.
Suddenly, I was skiing with some-         METAL TOURING POLE                        ue to a severe
thing resembling a pace, and I                                                      weather day, the
was even executing a few double-            WITH A NICE , BIG,                two day Wisconsin
pole-kick maneuvers. I was Bjorn                                              High School
Daehlie, in the final K of a World           HEAVY BASKET ”                   Championships
                                                                              Pursuit event
Cup race!
   Finally, that gigantic Superior                                            was compressed
Dome looming in the horizon be-       finish line and apparently felt         into a one day,
came close enough to reveal the       sorry for me — she offered me a         two race event held
finish line banner. I must say, it    Subaru cowbell. I may not have          February 10th on the
was refreshing to ski to the finish   an official time for the Noque-         trails at Minocqua’s Winter Park.
line without all those annoying,      manon (they stopped timing 45           This was a difficult test for all
cheering spectators lining the        minutes before I arrived) … but I       entrants. The Junior MadNorSki
course. No traffic jam at the exit    have a cowbell!                         contingent proved up to the chal-
chute. Just me. Then, it hit me —        So, will I ever return to more re-   lenge and turned in many “above
I, out-of-shape office boy, had ac-   spectfully conquer that mighty          expectation” performances. The
tually finished the full 54 km No-    Noquemanon course? Probably. It         boys team pulled off a 3rd overall
quemanon! (remember, I skied          really is a spectacular course. In      team placing behind Hayward and
that extra kilometer back there to    spite of what you read above, I         Iola. Junior Ben Cline was the 3rd
get a replacement pole). My time,     did actually have fun during            individual in the classical and pur-
you ask? Eight Hours and Fifteen      much of the race. And if I, an of-      suit races. Sophomore Amanda
minutes. Not enough to move me        fice boy lacking world-class ath-       Durkin also captured top ten
up to Wave 5 in the Birkie. A lady    letic prowess, can finish this race,    medals by placing 10th and 8th.
stepped out of a large van at the     so can you! c                           Way to go Juniors! c

               Hayward, WI • Home of the Birkie

                        It was a character-building experience!
       END OF SKI SEASON SALE!                             V2 AERO ROLLERSKIS IN STOCK!
        Skis, Boots & Poles 25% off.                      Steve says it’s the best skate ski you
            Clothing 10-50% off                                    can buy. He’s right.

                                  PHONE 1-800-754-8685
            For orders, trail conditions, information, the “up north” report.
                                 or E-mail
                                                                                              MNSC M       2001 c 7
Seen Through My Eyes — I Wish You Could
                                                 BY W. E. BLUESTOCKING

      o me a favor right now, close                                                                 Skiing wasn’t the only activity
      your eyes. Continue on with                                                                   that weekend. Volunteer
what you were doing. Go ahead give                                                                  Cindy Easly joins the group for
it a try. Can’t read this can you?                                                                  a tubing adventure.
Now try this: close your eyes, stand
up, and lift one foot. Raise it up so                                                               Below, volunteers Gail Van
that your knee is almost touching                                                                   Haren, Martha (from Marsh-
your chest. Next to impossible, or at                                                               field) and Karen Wesley goof
least, very difficult, right? Imagine if                                                            off before being guides a
you can the magnitude of being                                                                      snowshoeing excursion.
“blind.” OK, now let’s add a pair of
cross-country skis to that picture.
How many of you would even con-
sider attempting that feat? Helen
Keller said, “sight is a terrible thing
to waste without vision.”
   Spending a weekend as a guide
for the blind was, pardon the              Certainly. They associate that
pun, an eye opener! I’ll be totally        taste with that word.
honest with you, prior to this               We were informed that the “un-
weekend I had very little expo-            sighted” would be meeting us
sure to the sightless. Yet, they           Saturday morning during break-
deal with our world every day of           fast. After breakfast we would be
their lives. Oh sure, I have a             given actual instructions on the
friend who’s loosing his sight, he         snow. We would be blindfolded
has night blindness now. But, he           and instructed to fall. Thus,
lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and          learning the basics of recovery
I don’t see him that often. Oh,            from a sightless perspective. I
and there was Mr. Rainey a cus-            was apprehensive about it all. I
tomer of the bank where I use to           just didn’t want to hurt anyone.
work. Funny, I could always tell           Michael Graper the gentleman re-      task of choosing what cookie they
what he ate that day. We use to            sponsible for organizing this         want! They don’t know without
laugh about that; somehow that             yearly event informed us which        tasting or feeling everything. In
doesn’t seem too funny anymore.            visually impaired person we           looking around further I noticed
   I volunteered to be a ski instruc-      would be partnered with. My           the flickering fire in a huge ceiling
tor/guide for the visually impaired        partner’s name was Jodi she was       to floor fireplace. Then it struck
at the Lion’s club in Rosholt, Wis-        14 years old and congenitally         me; here amongst us were those
consin the weekend of January              blind (which means blind from         who couldn’t. Guilt.
19th and 20th. This annual event           birth.) Think about that for one         I looked around and felt uncom-
is called “Ski for Light.” Upon Fri-       minute. No concept of color, no       fortable. There were many with
day’s arrival basic instructions           concept of shapes unless she          canes using them as radar. Gently
were given on living in the world          had felt them with her hands. Try     moving them from left to right in
of the blind. Some of the simplest         to explain a ribbon of gently         the immediately proximity of
were: the unsighted hold your              rolling hills to a person who has-    their front. Made sense. In look-
elbow, and your steering allows            n’t seen a hill, nor a ribbon. We     ing further, I noticed many bowed
them to follow easily. They typi-          were advised there were 41 visu-      heads, a typical stance of comfort
cally evaluate things by assigning         ally impaired people. Ranging in      for the blind. I felt twinges of dis-
numbers. Say for instance, levels          ages from 12 to 49, with the ma-      comfort staring at sightless eyes.
of difficulty are from one through         jority between 12 and 18.             Eyes that didn’t look back, some
five, five being the most difficult.         After the instructional portion,    filmed over in a milky white hue;
There are different levels of the          the guides and some of the sight-     some distorted as if plucked by
blind. Congenitally blind, blind           less congregated in the lodge         some vile cruelty. Button eyed
after birth, partial, bright light af-     area. I immediately spotted the       kids clothed in less than fashion-
fected, night blindness, shad-             table laced with hundreds of as-      able attire, shirts begging to be
owed, etc. It is fine to ask them          sorted cookies, and a variety of      tucked in and some desperately
what level they are. It is accept-         beverages. A polite grandmother-      begging to find a more suitable
able to use the words “look” and           ly lady asked me what flavor of       mate. Most hairdos sported disar-
“see” in their presence. They use          cookie and beverage I would like. I   ray, certainly unfamiliar to comb
the clock to determine where to            thought how sweet it was to have      or brush. I was wondering if I did
feel. Their face is always noon.           this greeter, but realized quickly    the right thing by volunteering.
So, at a dinner table it is appro-         that she served a more valuable       Oh please forgive my shallow-
priate to state, “your glass is at         purpose. She became the eyes of       ness. Hey look, here comes more
2:00 filled with orange juice.” Or-        the sightless. Imagine. They can-     guilt headed my way!
ange? Do you think that matters?           not even experience that simple          Kicking myself in the proverbial
8 c MNSC M        2001
behind I forced myself to over-        tive words to a person who has          able amount of energy depleted.
look the “looking.” That does          been blind since birth.                 She tired quickly. A one-mile ski
make sense if you think about it.        I picked her up at her cabin. I       was a three-hour grueling ordeal.
In doing so, I was drawn to what       watched her put on her adequately       There was no fluid technique,
all of them possessed. It was a        warm (but less than fashionable)        just shear grit. In this short
smile. Actually more like a “shit-     clothes with little trouble. Stocking   amount of time I realized Jodi
eating grin,” but heck, they don’t     cap pulled entirely over her head       had a vision. Her vision was to
know. Their mirrors don’t speak.       and face; strange but not to her. I     preserver. Maybe her anger fu-
I was starting to realize the sight-   asked which elbow she would wish        eled her interest? As much as I
ed have many disadvantages.            to hold. She said it didn’t matter. I   talked and tried to pull informa-
These sightless people didn’t          led her out the door and to the ski     tion, she was unwavering in her
have to deal with the thin waist,                                              short retorts. She had tried run-
the pretty eyes, and the competi-
tion that evokes inadequacies;
                                            “TRY TO EXPLAIN A                  ning, she had ridden a horse, and
                                                                               she had no siblings, and went to
low self-esteem birthed by visual                                              the school for the blind in
appearance. I needed to know                 RIBBON OF GENTLY                  Janesville. Determination. Shear
more. Curiosity.                                                               guts. A vision.
  It was late, so we retired to our         ROLLING HILLS TO A                   I met many blind people that
cabin. Ten women sequestered in                                                weekend. All with a vision. Their
a cold dorm style room. Scarce of          PERSON WHO HASN’ T                  talents were incredible. Kevin
anything but the beds, which by                                                played Mozart, as if he was
the way were hermetically sealed
in rubber and plastic. A thought
                                            SEEN A HILL , NOR A                Mozart. Ping sang like a chip-
                                                                               munk to a Simon and Garfunkel
creeps in … is it possible to have                                             song while she twinkled the
ten bed wetters in one room? God                   RIBBON.”                    ivories. Gracie belted out a “Bro-
forbid the blind would be inflict-                                             ken Vow” by Laura Fabian. I cried.
ed with yet another adversity.         hut for finding skis. She’s my          Then there was Joe. Joe had a
  Saturday morning arrived,            height, so that was easy. She           49th birthday that Saturday and
breakfast was served. I sought         knew her boot size, so that was a       insisted he wanted kisses planted
out Jodi. A table filled with the      plus. OK, it was out to the tracks.     on his cheek. Quick thinking
sightless was my destination. I        I explained the concept of a trail      made me resort to untruths, of
asked if there was an Jodi at the      being about 24 feet wide. In this       which I told him I was a nun, mar-
table. Many chimed in “yes” and        trail were two sets of tracks. The      ried to the church. He was a
pointed in the direction of a girl     left one was my set of tracks and       stitch the whole weekend, beg-
who was rocking with head              the right one was her set. I let her    ging for kisses. I now know even if
tucked. I gently place my hand on      feel them, so she knew approxi-         a wolf loses its teeth and eyes,
her right shoulder and intro-          mate distance. I let her feel the       the desire never leaves! But, I also
duced myself, at which point she       skis, tips, tails and bindings. I ex-   found out this guy skis in the
started screaming and flailing her     plained I was going to bend             “Tommy Bartlett Water show.”
arms about! I’m sure my heart          down, kneel and pick up her right       He’s the guy who skis completely
was sucked out of my chest at          foot to insert it into the binding,     around the boat! That’s a 360
that point. She bellowed in a pos-     and then her left. We struggled         folks! I asked many questions of
sessed voice “let’s get something      for quite some time until I gave        those who seemed more content
straight, don’t ever touch me.”        her permission to place her hand        with their blindness. Mike the
The entire chattered chaos in the      on my back for stabilization.           disk jockey, was so pleasured by
cafeteria stopped. You could of        Houston we had ignition! Explana-       my askings. He said I asked the
heard a pin drop! I meekly apolo-      tion was required at all times of       most interesting question, one
gized and told her I would see her     track condition; track is set           that no one had ever asked him
after my lesson. Poor Jodi, such       straight, 30 feet 180 degree turn       in his 25 years. He too was blind
an angry child. Empathy.               left. There will be a wash out on       from birth. My question to him
  After my hour lesson in minus        right foot in 15 feet, hang with        was, “do you dream, and if you
five below, I was frozen solid.        left. I promised her I would be at      do, what do you dream if you
Since my eyes were closed most         her left side at all times calling      haven’t seen colors or shapes?
of the time I realized eyelids         out any less than comfortable           He smiled that shit-eating grin
freeze too! Advice: pay attention      conditions. When she slipped out        and simply said it was all sound
to their needs, ask of they are        of tracks, the command was step         and smell. Waterfalls, ocean
warm enough, check their cloth-        right, step right, or step left, step   waves, great music, flowers, and
ing, and make sure it’s adequate.      left, tips left, or tips right if she   a girl’s sweet voice, followed by a
The blind can learn in several         was twisting in the opposite di-        sweet perfume. His vision.
ways. One is to sculpt them into       rection. Confidence was gained.           So, the next time you look in
the form or position you want.            We skied two days. She was re-       the mirror and complain about
That was definitely out in Jodi’s      lentless, refusing defeat, ac-          the hips or belly being too big,
case, since I wasn’t allowed to        knowledging my recommenda-              the face too pudgy, the lips or
touch her. The other being, I          tions and commands. She fell            hair too thin. Do me a favor, over-
could let her touch me with my         more than I care to admit, but          look the looking. Volunteer your
permission. That would be my           was never hurt. Many five level         time. Try being a guide for the
technique. The biggest challenge       hills were accomplished without         blind, you know, the ones with a
I would have would be descrip-         spills. There was an insurmount-        vision. c
                                                                                              MNSC M       2001 c 9
                           Hodag Ski Chase 2001
                                                BY G. RAE VAN SLUYS

    eed a new destination for an         tracted over 150 skate skiers, in-      mossy marshland, crossing lakes
    early January ski race? Pelican      cluding our own club Treasurer,         and cascading down steep hills. A
Rapids is nestled in the “Heart of       Brett Larson, who placed in his         few technical areas ranks this race
the Northwoods” at the junction of       age group (ask Brett to fill you        for moderate to expert skiers.
the Wisconsin and Pelican Rivers. A      in). Last year’s 33K distance was       Four feed stations along the
mere four hour drive from Madison,       shortened to 30K this year, skat-       course were adequate, sans gu.
this little logging town established     ing only, run in the opposite di-          All the amenities from clothing
in 1880 lost its’ scenic name to rail-                                           sacks to completion medallions
road tycoon F.W Rhinelander of
                   .                         “…THE FEW MOGULS                    for everyone who finished, plus
New York. Could the lumberjacks of                                               bus transport for spectators and
that era ever have imagined that, a                                              skiers, and last minute trail con-
century later, Boom Lake would
                                           AND OCCASIONAL DIVOTS                 dition updates, polished the
teem with over 150 brightly-lycra’d                                              event to professional standards.
skiers chasing a mythical beast                  ADDED TO THE                    It seems that the racers were es-
called the “Hodag”?                                                              pecially fast this year — or my
  To shorten a long tall tale of                 CHALLENGE…”                     energy was compromised — but
1896, a hairy, horny muscular                                                    friend Trudi and I jubilantly
monster with razor-sharp claws           rection (south to north). This          achieved our goal of feeling good
feasted on white bulldogs in the         changed the difficulty of terrain       at the finish line, albeit last! Other
forests of Rhinelander. The im-          and eliminated a hair-raising pin       than being annoyed by snowmo-
pressively overactive imagination        turn, decreasing the risk of flus-      bilers following us for the last 7K
of a pioneer named Gene Shepard          terclucks (consult author for in-       from the end, the race was thor-
created the hoax from wood, ox           terpretation).                          oughly enjoyable.
hides, bull horns, and steel rods,         Both years the few moguls and            Would I do this race again?
then heroically captured it in a         occasional divots added to the          Probably. We’ll see what next year
cave.                                    challenge of the remarkably well-       brings! Get additional details at
  This year’s 2nd annual HODAG           groomed trail rolling through           (715) 845-2195, or emailing scout
SKI CHASE held on January 13th at-       beautiful hemlock stands and   c

                                                                          IOWA IS NOT FLAT

                                                                                    COME CHECK
                                                                                    OUT THE AREA OF

                                                                    20 KM OF SKI TRAILS
                                                                    AND ENDLESS

                                                                    BIKE TRAILS.

                                                                        TALK WITH WARD ABOUT
                                                                       YOUR EQUIPMENT NEEDS.

                                                                        the silent sports headquarters.
                                                                      101 COLLEGE DRIVE • DECORAH, IOWA 52101
                                                                      PHONE: 319-382-8209 • FAX: 319-382-9126

1 0 c MNSC M      2001
                                                                                SCENES FROM THE
                  Silver Skiers                                                   BARNEBIRKIE
                             BY   GREG JONES

     ll of the hard work that the silver skiers put in has paid off. We
     started meeting in the fall with some dry land training. There were
16 skiers that came on a regular basis after the first snow fall. We
awarded pins to skiers for the amount of skiing they did over the course
of the season. A gold pin was awarded to skiers logging more than 30
hours, a silver pin for more than 20 hours, and a bronze pin for more
than 10 hours. A maximum of only 5 hours was allowed for the month
of December. The rest of the hours were earned between January 4th
and February 15th. ANSEL SCHIMPFF had the most at 53 hours!
  Kudos to those enthusiastic Silver Skiers who might not have
raced much, or at all, this year but who had fun learning new tech-
niques, skiing with friends, and gaining confidence on their skis.
None of these kids get much support from their friends at school
for their efforts, so when you see them on the trail, give them some
encouragement. That goes for the High School kids and the Elemen-
tary School kids as well. They are all hardy individuals with a com-
mitment to a wonderful sport. For those of us who love snow it's
been a winter dream come true.
  We had a handful of Silver Skiers win medals in races around the
state this winter. I would like to recognize them here:
  MARQUETTE MICHIGAN:                  Corrina Jones — 2nd skate            Ok, so its 8:00 p.m. on Feb 28th. The newsletter is due, and I
                                                                            have space to fill. It needs to be done tonite. I look around my
  Rachel Fanney — 2nd skate,           & 3rd classic
                                                                            office and see these cute pictures of my niece and nephew.
  2nd classic                          Rachel Fanney — 1st skate
                                                                            Emily and Zach Proeber, from Muskego, (or they would for sure
WAUKESHA CTY. PARKS:                  PARTICIPATION   AT   ELVER:           be members of KidSki), show off the medals they earned doing
 Ansel Schimpff — 1st                 Emily Ricker, Corrina Jones,          the 2.5K Barnebirkie race.
CITIZEN RACE IN NASHOTAH:              Rachel Fanney,
  Birken Schimpff — 1st               Ansel Schimpff, (in at least one
SNEKKEVICK RACE IN WAUSAU:             race) Birken Schimpff, Noah
 Corrina Jones — 1st                   Kenoyer, Neal Smith
  Rachel Fanney — 1st
 Hannah Fanney — 3rd
  Birken Schimpff — 3rd
  Birken Schimpff — 1st
  Noah Kenoyer — 1st
  Corrina Jones — 1st
  Ansel Schimpff— 3rd
  Birken Schimpff— 3rd
 Noah Kenoyer — 8th classic
 Rachel Fanney — 8th classic
Boys team — 3rd overall
 (Ansel Schimpff, Noah
 Kenoyer, Tim Cline)
                                                                            Emily Races to the
                                                                            finish line while Zach
 Are You Over 40 and Fit?                                                   cheers her on! (Who
                                                                            wouldn’t want a little
     book is being put together called “Fit Past 40: Healthy Bodies,        brother like that?)
    Minds, Spirits in Midlife and Beyond”. The author is seeking inspira-
tional personal stories and poems celebrating physically active older
lives for new book that demonstrates it's never too late!
Deadline: May 30, 2001
E-mail or write (with sase)
K. Evans, 849 Alamar Ave., Ste. C, PMB 486, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 c

                                                                                                      MNSC M                 2001 c 1 1
                             • WHAT’S UP WITH KIDSKI •                                       “Hej Hej!”
         Lots of Snow Brings                                                                   Skiers
            Lots of Kids!                                                                     Greeting
                                                                                                BY MADELINE URANECK
                                  BY PETE ANDERSON
      idski had its grand                                  Big thanks should go               like “HEY!”
      finale-- a good day of                              to Odana coaches               If someone              “Hej Hej!”
 skiing, followed by food.                                 Peter Berbee, Derek           yells “Hej! Hej!”
 After a cancellation                                      Popp, Dave Robb,              at you as you ski by,
 because of ice, we fin-                                  Kris Long, Jeff Palmer,        they’re not mad at you, wanting
 ished on a layer of pow-                                Mark Plane, Pete An-            you to get off the track, or hoping
 der and polished the                                   derson, and all the par-         you'll stop to say “Hi”. It's just a
 pizza at Rocky's afterward,                         ents who helped out.                friendly Norwegian/Swedish -style
 where we watched ski videos                     Some got special awards from            skiers' greeting, similar in intended
 and handed out awards. These                  the kids-- Valentines. As Dave            meaning to “Go! Go!” or “Go get-
 achievement pins--gold, silver,               Robb said, that was better than           tum’!” or “Joy! Joy! Ain’t we all
 and bronze--are much sought                   a salary.                                 glad there’s still snow on the
 after by the kids. So’s the pizza.              Silver Skis coordinator Greg            ground!”
   We had a good year, thanks to               Jones put a lot of work into a               Skiing developed in Scandina-
 abundant snow, and a good                     successful new program, and               vian countries and the shouts of
 batch of kids. We had about 25                Galen Kenoyer, Dale Fanney,               exultation have been exported
 younger kids at Odana, and                    and Jeff Schimpf coached as               with the knitted caps, sleek skis,
 about 15 regulars in the Silver               well.                                     and ringing cow and goat bells.
 Skis at Elver. They learned                     Special thanks to all the kids          Sorry for any one I’ve startled on
 everything from how to get                    for being a fun group to play             the trail: I lived a year in Sweden
 back up to how to do a V-2. And               with. All in all, a good year. See        and have traveled to Norway 12
 we had fun teaching them, too.                you next year! c                          times. “Hej! Hej!” just comes out
                                                                                         naturally by now. Har det bra! c

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                                                                       Good through March 14

                                                                    Downhill • Cross Country Skis
                                                                    Snowboards • Winter Outer Wear

                                                                    Top Brands
      ENDURO ROLLER SKI CLINIC                                         Marker
        WITH VIDEO ANALYSIS                                            Volkl
              April 22 at Pinnacle Health                              Mt. Hardware
            5973 Executive Dr. Fitchburg, WI
          10:00-12:00 XC Skating Technique
               12:30-2:00 Video Analysis
               Taught by Dale Niggeman
         Bring your helmet, safety gear & poles
               Rollerskis will be provided
                     Call to register
                                                                     251 State Street,
                                                                     Madison 53703
       PLANET XC NORDIC SKI CATALOG                                  Phone: 608-257-5043
                                                                                              Monday & Thursday        10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
         120 Shorewood Terrace, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494                                    Tues., Weds., Fri., Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
               800-380-8412 •                                         Sunday                   11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1 2 c MNSC M       2001
              Time to Level the                                                          • READY, SET, GO! •
                Playing Field                                                            7 of 7
                             BY IAN D. DUNCAN                                           BY NED ZUELSDORFF

    n the last newsletter, the success of the women’s ski clinic at Elver was
    reported. For the second year in a row, the club has organized and spon-          ore than 400
sored a successful clinic and they are to be congratulated. However, with-            skiers from age
out meaning to sound too much like Scrooge, isn’t it time for the men to get     10 to 60+ partici-
a shot? While a men-only clinic might sound a bit too chauvinistic, next year    pated in this year’s
a mixed clinic would be a compromise. Certainly a women’s only clinic with-      Tues. night Elver
out a similar opportunity for male skiers in 2002 would be unreasonable.         Park race series. For
Perhaps those of either gender who want to ski together and feel inhibited       the first time in sev-
by the other sex could ski in a separate class/es. Believe it or not, some men   eral years, great condi-
and women are quite happy taking lessons together; in fact some actually         tions allowed all seven scheduled
want to! The club used to organize clinics for all in the past, and having       races to be held. Our largest race
attended them it’s fair to say that they also were a great success. So next      involved 87 skiers, and 55 racers
year, let’s see, some equal opportunity and give everyone a day out with         signed up for the entire series.
Cindy et al at Elver (almost poetic!). c                                            Both classic and freestyle
                                                                                 races were held each night and
                                                                                 skiers had the choice of roughly
         A Special Thank You                                                     5 and 10K distances on the parks
                                                                                 lighted trails. Based on condi-
    Thanks to all the sponsors who donated door prizes
                                                                                 tions and to keep things interest-
                 and to the lucky winners.                                       ing, a variety of different courses
 BICYCLE DOCTORS                 KAY LUM                 MINOCQUA                were used during the series in-
  ATOMIC ARC SKIIS              FUNNY HATS             WINTER PARK               cluding the now infamous “Hans
   Linda Zelewski            Kevin Leroy, Mark       2 DAILY ADULT PASSES        (Stege) Bypass” at the final race.
    FOOTWARMERS                Harms, Tim             Denise Smith, Paul         While we normally used a mass
    Pete Anderson               Wadlington              Matteoni, Stacy          start, an interval start was used
 SWIX RACING GLOVES           JAMES MILLS                 Meanwell               at one race where skiers started
     Kevin Jones            (REP FOR CARBOOM,            NEW MOON                individually at 10-second inter-
                            ULTIMATE DIRECTION,                                  vals. Racers predicted their fin-
     DECORAH                                           SWIX WORLD CUP
                              SIERRA DESIGNS)                                    ish time at another of the races.
      BICYCLES                                          LARGE DUFFLE
                              CARBOOM GELS            Ray Cox, Neil Smith        Dale Fanney and Pete Anderson
   TREK WIND VEST                                                                had the closest time to their pre-
  Carol Gosenheimer            Susan Miller,             PLANET XC
                             Susan Gallagher                                     diction (2.5 and 16 seconds, re-
 Brock Woods, Sashia                                 GERMINA SKATE SX901         spectively) and were each award-
  Taylor, Tom Dosch          Willi Van Haren
                                Ian Duncan              Ansel Schimpff           ed one of the highly prized, hand
 TREK 3 WAY HAT AND                                    NATIVE EYEWEAR            crafted MadNorSki clocks for
                            HYDRATION SYSTEMS           Tom Gallagher            their effort. Results from all races
     James Mills                                                                 are posted on the club’s web site,
                             Linda McCallum                   REI
       FAST WAX                Clare Seguin,                                     thanks to Joe King.
                                                         DAY BACKPACK
       APRON AND               Carolyn Senty                                        Thanks are also in order to the
                                                          Jeff Larsen
    ASSORTED WAXES             SIERRA DESIGN                                     skiers who participated, didn’t
      Bob Rabin,                                      SIBLEY SKI TOUR            complain much, and made run-
                                 WIND VEST
    Gina Interrante         Dirk Retting, John         FREE RACE ENTRY           ning the races a lot of fun. Major
       FONTANA               Miller, Andy Ellis          John Gillich            thanks go to the many volun-
                                                      STEVE SWENSON              teers who helped out, especially
 FRM SOCKS,TOKO PAD,                                                             Tom Rebholz who helped with
   Kalyn Stiles, Mark
                                   I won!             (REP FOR GU,EXCEL,
                                                           PELTONEN)             timing, and Tom and Sue Gal-
 Saunders, Jeff Larsen,                                 ONE CASE OF GU           lagher who were always out on
       Don Fariss                                     Brock Woods, Mark          the course, and to Russ Hefty
                                                       Plane, Don Fariss,        and his grooming crew. Thanks
     Gail Van Sluys                                    Bret Larson, Tom          to Don Fariss and the MadNorS-
                                                      Kaufman, Matt Muir         ki Juniors Team, and to the UW
                                                                                 Ski Team for running two of the
        GRAPHITE                                      TELEMARK LODGE
                                                                                 races and allowing a night off for
     Dave Peterson,                                    FAMILY SEASON PASS
   JoEllen Torresani,                                                            President Jimmy and I.
                                                          Ian Duncan                I hope to be back next year to
      John Miller,
      Birken Shiff                                     DAVE CALHOON              again organize the race series. I
      START HITEC                                       WI STATE PARK            would appreciate any sugges-
  GRAPHITE ADDITIVES                                       STICKER               tions you might have on im-
   Stan Koenig, Mike                                     Bob Jeanne              proving the races (231-1876 or
      Kapp, Nancy                                                       If you’ve never
        Wiegand,                                                                 raced, think about giving it a
    Hans Herweijer                                                               try. c

                                                                                              MNSC M           2001 c 1 3
        Marathon Canadien de Ski —
     Sneaking into the Ranks of Canada’s
                Veteran Skiers
                                               BY MADELINE URANECK
THE ICE STORM COMETH                                                                        snowboarding, or ice skating on
When I arrived in Ottawa to                                                                 Ottawa’s nine miles of canals.
downed power lines, blackened
                                                                                            TOUGH DECISION
out suburbs and the worst ice
                                                                                            Ski organizers hardly cast a
storm in years, I was thankful no
                                                                                            glance our way. They’d made the
one had accepted my numerous
                                                                                            tough decision to sacrifice a day
pleading invitations to join me to
                                                                                            of the Marathon in order to put
try the Canadian Ski Marathon.
                                                                                            full forces on grooming the re-
   Ice was so thick on sidewalks it
                                                                                            maining 73 kilometers of trail - to-
was dangerous to walk. Snow
                                                                                            morrow’s one-half.
glazed into a thick transparent
                                                                                              It was no mean job. Troops of
crust, catching reflections of the
                                                                                            Boy Scouts and National Guard,
sun, setting the ground on fire.
                                                                                            provincial foresters and volun-
Trees crippled right before my
                                                                                            teers built snow bridges over
eyes with the weight of accumu-
                                                                                            flooding rivers and creeks. Snow
lating ice.
                                                                     Temperature - 18º F,   plows moved snow on top of
   As I journeyed by busses across
                                                                        Wind Chill -55º F   lakes that were covered by 12
Ottawa to make my connections                                    Is our Madeline frozen?    inches of slush to form raised ski
to tiny Papineauville, Québec, I                          Or is she posing for a picture?   paths for crossing. Downed trees
and my fellow 2,085 marathoners                                    Only Madeline knows!     and power lines were dragged off
hadn’t yet any inkling that one
                                                                                            the trail. Some trail sections were
day of the two -day event was
                                        was primitive. Worse, the day’s                     completely rerouted.
about to be cancelled.
                                        wax recipe called for klister.
   I checked into the dorm, along                                                           THE WILD IDEA
                                        When the sun rose, and we wait-
with 500 others. Skis were every-                                                           Sunday. The race was on! Alarms
                                        ed to dash to the school buses to
where. Old friends (as in 70-year-      take us to the start area, I winced.                at the school dorm started going
old friends) greeted one another        Blue globs of klister dripped                       off at 3:00 am, as volunteers left
in French and English. Dozens of        down the sides of my skis. Nice                     to survey whether repairs had
high school kids in outdoor edu-        wax job.                                            held through the night. At 4:00
cation classes arrived to ski the         The news of the cancellation                      am, two men nearest me woke
Marathon on assignment. Fami-           was doled out airlines-fashion.                     and started pulling on their lycra.
lies walked in with small children.     First an hour delay. Then another.                  These were the “wannabe” Couri-
A cross-section of Canada in            Then a third. Word came that the                    er de Bois - the guys who hadn’t
polypropylene and long johns            Courier de Bois (Runners of the                     yet skied the full course, but who
bedded down on the gym floor            Forest) —veterans determined to                     intended to go to the “bronze”.
with a cacaphony of yawns,              ski the full 155 kilometers, who’d                  They were to eat breakfast at 4:00
snorts, farts, and nocturnal            departed by bus at 5 am to get                      am, get on the bus at 5:00 am, and
moans. The forecast promised            their well-deserved two hour                        be skiing, head lanterns flicker-
snow all night. The consensus           head start — were still sitting in                  ing, by 6:00 am, aiming to com-
among all had been to wait to           buses at the start line. Everyone                   plete 73 K in a day.
wax skis till the next morning.         groaned, “C’est mauvais.” (Bad                        A wild idea landed in my brain.
                                        news)                                               Why not? I breathed. I thought of
                                          Announcements were made in                        the money I’d forked out for air-
At 4:45 am the next morning, I
                                        French. This was Québec, after                      line ticket, Marathon entry, hotel
awoke to a “click” as the school’s
                                        all. Following the announcement,                    reservations. I had come here to
power went. “There goes break-
                                        a murmur worked forward from                        ski, darn it all! Blue klister was
fast,” I mumbled mournfully. Break-
                                        the back of the room, it was trans-                 coursing in my veins. I rushed
fast was hardly anyone else’s
                                        lated and passed on. My compre-                     about, trying to get ready.
worry. Crews had been out all
                                        hension was as foggy as the                           The idea of skiing all the full dis-
night, lugging trees off roads, sand-
                                        weather — half-truths, half-dread.                  tance in one day was a stretch,
bagging flooding rivers, and trying
                                        At 10:am, the final word, “annulé”                  given my training, but the adven-
to shore up a disintegrating
marathon trail. No snow had fallen.     — cancelled. It was a tough way                     ture was irresistible. It was pitch
                                        to learn new vocabulary.                            dark as we boarded the buses. No
WAXING BY FLASHLIGHT                      Two thousand people quickly                       one noticed one “Courier de Bois”
Still unsuspecting of a cancella-       Made Plans. Good numbers indig-                     didn’t have the right bib color.
tion, a sleepy-eyed ski army            nantly departed for good, saying                      “How do we follow the trail, in
trooped into the waxing area.           something about “Great snow in                      the dark?” I asked timidly, as the
Have you ever seen skiers waxing        Montréal, why ski on ice here?”                     bus bounced down a deserted
by flashlight? No irons, no hair        Others, all with cars, took off for                 road.
dryers, no electric brushes. This       day trips — sledding, tubing,                         “Don’t vorry,” said the
1 4 c MNSC M      2001
Québeçois next to me. “Just follow                    I skied steadily, trying to find a                    pleting a single section. Compa-
ze light of the guys ahead of you.”                   pace I could hold a whole day.                        nies and ski clubs enter team cat-
                                                                                                            egories to win awards for the
ALONE IN THE FOREST                                   NOT LIKE THE BIRKIE
Yeah, right, I thought. Sure                          The trail is divided into 10 sec-                     most sections skied. Well orga-
enough, bang! the gun (or in this                     tions (only 5 today), each of vary-                   nized, tired skiers find a warm
case, a popped paper bag) went                        ing lengths and degrees of difficul-                  school bus at the end of each sec-
off, 400 head lamps disappeared                       ty. A sign at the beginning of each,                  tion, waiting to take them back to
into the blackness, and there I                       e.g., “Section 2. Intermediate. 16.2                  the dorms and parking lots. The
was, all by myself, in the middle                     K” let me know what to expect. Ar-                    real Courier de Bois, however,
of a Laurentian forest. The moon                      riving at the checkpoint at the end                   must ski the full 155 K in two
shone on the snow. I felt, rather                     of each section was like entering a                   days. The “bronze” ski the full
than saw the tracks.                                  new country, getting my passport                      distance; the “silver” ski the dis-
   400 head lamps disappeared                         (bib) stamped to indicate I’d com-                    tance with a 15 kilogram pack;
into the blackness, and there I                       pleted the section before. Unlike                     the “gold” ski both days with a
was, all by myself, in the middle of                  Birkie food stations, where skiers                    pack, and camp out the night in
a Laurentian forest. Temperature:                     grab a bite and fly on, here all                      between in the snow, under the
18 F. Wind chill: minus 55! The                       skiers, fast and slow alike, took off                 stars, fixing their own dinner and
chill woke my brain to the reality                    their skis, commiserated about                        breakfast over camp fires.
of my folly. 1 K down; 72 to go.                      the wind, greeted old friends, re-
Blackness turned to dark blue,                        waxed skis, drank hot soup. The                       COURIER DE BOIS - GOLD
then a lighter shade of night.                        mood was merry, exultant.                             This particular year, no one had
   An hour later, the sun and I                         A false Courier de Bois, howev-                     skied the first day, but the Couri-
both crested over a hill at the                       er, I had to keep an eye on the                       er de Bois Gold had nonetheless
identical moment. There, before                       clock. I kept moving on. The wind                     gathered around fires at their
me, was the first of but a few                        was fierce and biting, against me                     usual snow camp and spent the
houses on the trail. A Swedish-                       all day long.                                         night outside. “It’s the best night
style log cabin, log barn, log                          By the end of the day, I’d skied                    of sleep I get all year,” one
sauna. A man at a lamp-lit win-                       1112 hours, from 6 am to 5:30 pm,
                                                          ⁄                                                 quipped later.
dow smiled and waved.                                 including soup breaks, photo ses-                       The Courier de Bois Gold were
   Ecstasy hit me. Joy and glory! I                   sions, stops to put on and take off                   mostly guys — gray hair, lean
braked, threw off my mittens, and                     layers and to pry bark and twigs                      bodies. “Once you do it, said
tugged my camera out of my day-                       from the night’s storm off the                        guide Bill Pollock, who completed
pack. How to capture the moment:                      hungry klister on my skis.                            his 73 K in a leisurely seven
I tried snapping photos in all di-                                                                          hours, you have to keep doing it.”
                                                      I’D   NEVER SKIED A FULL DAY BEFORE,
rections: sun, cold, pristine farm,                                                                           “Why?” asked a new Courier de
                                                      SUN UP TO SUN DOWN.
but how to record my pounding                                                                               Bois Bronze beside him.
                                                                   It was a rich experience, to watch
heart? I knew I’d made the right                                                                              “Because if you don’t, you’ll get
                                                                   in detail what we too rarely ob-
decision. I knew I’d finish.                                                                                out of shape.” He laughed.
                                                                   serve, the sun’s passing across a
NOTHING HAD PREPARED ME FOR THE                                    winter sky.                                Whether a tourer, a real Courier
BEAUTY OF THE MARATHON.                                               Overall, the trail was not too        de Bois, or a fake Courier like me,
Québec is vast; open farm valleys,                                 difficult. I took a few spills on ice,   I don’t think I know any skier who
tiny villages. The spaciousness                                    but there were no Birkebeiner            wouldn’t enjoy this event, revel in
contrasted with Wisconsin’s retire-                                Powerlines or Noquemanon mus-            the spectacular beauty and vari-
ment home-studded forest -lake                                     cle-achers. The Marathon is in           ety of the trail, welcome the
country and concentric ski areas.                                  the tradition of Canadian woods-         chance to meet English- and
The Marathon’s 155 K of trails go                                  men and guides, who could                French-speaking Canadians and
through such a variety of land-                                    spend days on skis, covering             to find out, just how long you can
scapes that a first-time skier                                     long distances, completely self-         ski in a day.
hardly notices numbed fingers or                                   sufficient. It was created in recog-       The final check point deadline,
aching legs. River valleys, forests,                               nition of Canadians’ love of the         open only to Courier de Bois and
Laurentian hills, lakes, ponds,                                    outdoors in winter. That it is not       one lone faker, was 3:15 pm. I
wetlands. Up, down. Climb, glide.                                  a race, but an endurance event,          crossed it with a minute to spare.
                                                                                      takes it deeper       58 K behind me, 15 K to the finish.
                                                                                      within you. You       The last hills, covered with rubble
                                                                                      go as far as you      from the storm, spread out into
                                                                                      can go.               magical finish - a sea of pink ice
                                                                                         Over 23 of the
                                                                                               ⁄            reflected the sunset. Later I found
                                                                                      participants          out it was a golf course.
                                                                                      were there like         “Congratulations,” said the
                                                                                      me, “tourers”,        shivering volunteer, lips blue,
                                                                                      just intending to     punching my bib with its 5th and
                                                                                      ski a portion of      last hole. “You’ve completed the
                                                                                      the trail, not the    Canadian Ski Marathon!” c
                                                                   Ready, Set, Go!   whole thing. Little    Marathon Canadien de Ski
                                                                                     kids earn a            C. P. 1031, Succ B, Hull
                                                                                     “Mighty Mite”          Québec, Canada J8X 3X5
6 a.m. — Courier du Bois (Runners of the forest) Bronze start —headlamps blazing!    award for com-         (819) 770-7428
                                                                                                                         MNSC M        2001 c 1 5
                                                    • JUNIORS ARE ON THE MOVE!•
                                          My first Half-Marathon—
                                             the Noquemanon
                                                      BY KRISTIN GALLAGHER
KRISTIN GALLAGHER IS A SOPHOMORE AT                                                  no idea where to put myself, so I
MADISON MEMORIAL AND IN HER SECOND                                                   stood in the 3rd row back from
YEAR WITH THE MADNORSKI JUNIORS                                                      the start line. (I think I was up a
PROGRAM. UPON FINISHING THE NOQUE-                                                   little too far, because I didn’t see
MANON SHE WAS LITERALLY GLOWING AND                                                  any of the people around me
VOLUNTEERED TO SHARE HER EUPHORIA                                                    throughout the rest of the race.)
WITH YOU READERS.                                                                    As they clock counted down to
                                                                                     the start, I was feeling optimistic
                                                                                     and confident. The gun went off
    decided I wanted to do the 23K
                                                                                     and we all started skiing. Every-
    Noquemanon race when some                  tremely nervous just as I had
                                                                                     one was going really slow, trying
of my team mates went up to do                 been the night before. As we
                                                                                     not to get in the way of other
the Kortelopet last year. I wanted to          drove to the sports dome in Mar-
                                                                                     skiers or break a pole. I contin-
prove to myself that I Can do a race           quette, all I could think about was
like that. I signed up for the race                                                  ued skiing along and I still felt re-
                                               the race and what it could have in
last November and continued train-                                                   ally great. As I approached the
                                               store for me. About an hour later,
ing by adding longer workouts into                                                   first aid station, I wasn’t too
                                               my team mates and I (Hans Stege,
my schedule. About 2 weeks prior                                                     thirsty, but I drank anyway be-
                                               Matt Nicolai and Zak Kaufman)
to the race, I was beginning to                                                      cause I was going to need that
                                               boarded the bus to the start of
doubt myself: “Can I really do this?”                                                water later in the race! After ski-
                                               the 23K race. The entire ride         ing for a while, I was thinking to
“Why did I sign up for this race? I            there, all I could think about was
can’t ski that far.” I decided that                                                  myself: “Wow, I must be close to
                                               the race and how I would do. I        finishing, I’ve been skiing for a
these thoughts weren’t going to                was nervous that I wouldn’t be
help me at all, so I tried really hard                                               pretty long time, I wonder how
to only think about the positives. Of                                                many kilometers are left?” Not
course, a person can’t always be                   “WHY DID I SIGN UP                too long after that, there was a
positive about everything, but I def-                                                sign posted saying there was
initely improved my thoughts to be                    FOR THIS RACE?                 14K left! I freaked out for a
less negative.                                                                       minute, but then I realized I was
                                                                                     having so much fun, just skiing
   On the Tuesday before the race,
I chose to do the 10K at Elver just
                                                 I CAN’ T SKI THAT FAR.”             along on the beautiful course
to practice doing a slightly longer                                                  and going down lots of fun hills
                                               able to finish the race or I would    that I’ve never skied before. A
race than the 5K I’m used to. After
                                               have a really slow time. As we got    little while later, there was a
that race, I couldn’t imagine doing
                                               off the bus, some of the 53K skiers   short, steep hill that turned to
11.8K and another 11K all in one
                                               were passing by the start point of    the right at the bottom. Every-
single race. On the night before
the race, I couldn’t sleep. I was so           our race and for some reason, it      one in front of me was going re-
nervous that all I could think                 just put me at ease. I think it was   ally slow down it and I was
about was every possible thing                 because I knew I was only doing       afraid I would hit them if I went
that could happen in the race                  half of what they were doing and      down after them in a faster
(good and bad). I woke up the day              if they could do it, so could I.      speed. I decided to take off my
of the race and for a moment, for-                Before I knew, it was time for     skis, run down the hill and put
got what I was about to do that                the 2nd wave of the 23K to start. I   them back on at the bottom. It
day. I suddenly remembered I was               got my skis and poles on and          felt weird to do that during a
going to race 23K and became ex-               headed up to the start line. I had    race, but I got away from that
                                                                                     hill faster than some of the peo-
Kristen Gallagher skis her first
                                                                                     ple skiing down it! Before I knew
  half-marathon in her second
  year as a MadNorSki Junior!                                                        it, I only had 1K left to go, so I
              Congratuations!                                                        gave everything I had left and
                                                                                     pushed it hard into the finish
                                                                                     with a time of 1 hour and 48
                                                                                     minutes. I was overjoyed with
                                                                                     emotion after having finished
                                                                                     my first half marathon, and I
                                                                                     would have to say it was a very
                                                                                     fun and enjoyable experience!
                                                                                     I’m looking forward to skiing the
                                                                                     Kortelopet and starting in the
                                                                                     5th wave with my dad (whose
                                                                                     doing the 53K)! (Kristen finished
                                                                                     the Kortelopet in 2:29:26!) c

1 6 c MNSC M                       2001
Is Your Bike Ready For The                                                                 SCENES FROM
                                                                                            THE BIRKIE
                              BY BROCK WOODS

     e all know that a training base    can reciprocate. This could in-
     of lots of kilometers of aerobic   clude training on how to tune
exercise during spring, summer          your machine, how to be sure a
and fall is necessary to race at your   new bike fits you (a complete
best in winter. What method will        ‘bike-fit’ often costs $100 or
you use for your ‘madness’ this         more) or even testing it on a
warm season? Trail running or           wind-trainer to be sure your bike
roller skiing, boating or biking-they   fits you correctly and what to
are all good. And probably better in    change if it doesn’t. A session to
combination with each other to          do some/all of these things would
keep you eager to get out the door.     likely be set up at the natatorium
  For those of you who bike, you        on the UW campus. A good time           Andy Ellis and Glenda Hodge are all smiles after finishing the
should be sure your trusty old          might be the same hours as our          Birkie. Congratulations to Glenda on completing her first Birkie!
                                                                                Way to go!
steed is tuned up and ready to go.      regular club meeting, but in April-
Or perhaps it’s time to retire the      the second Monday, 7-10 p.m.
old nag and decide which hot,              What I need to know from you
new replacement will again let          is: are you interested in such a
you ride like the wind. Maybe           session and what do you need
that old ‘hoss’ can still kick with     out of it? Please think about what
the best of them, but just needs        you might find most useful and
to fit you a bit better. Whatever       communicate this to me soon, ei-
your bike needs, whether it's a         ther electronically via email at be-
tune-up, new bike or adjustments, or
we may have just the answer for         phone at 831-5601, or in person at
you at just the right time.             the next club meeting in March.
  Tim Gattenby, a lecturer in the       Once I hear what club members
UW-Madison Kinesiology Depart-          need, I’ll arrange it with Tim.
ment, avid triathlon athlete and           I myself am in need of and work-
member of the local ‘tri’ club is       ing on a new touring bike since
interested in working with our          my 25-year-old Sekai ‘just ain't        A group of unidentified MadNorSki skiers rehydrate after the race
club members to help them deal          what she used to be’… NOW               and help the economy of Hayward at the same time!
with any or all of these issues. He     might be a good time for you, too,
approached the club this winter         to take ‘stock’ of your riding situa-
about swapping ski lessons for          tion and either get your ‘old paint’             Fresh snow —
some of the ‘tri’ folks in exchange     ready or be sure of which new                       Amoré!
for their expertise in bike fitting,    mount to corral without having to
etc. I accommodated him with            pony up any more dough than
the skiing and now we need to           necessary. This way, when the
know what YOUR bike needs may           snow-sadly-- disappears from the
be to get ready for spring so they      range, you'll be ready to ride... c

             Need I Say More?
                               BY JIM COORS
                          MEMBERSHIP CHART

                                                                                Kay Lum (your editor) talks race strategy with 2001 Birkie 1st
                                                                                place winner Gianantonio Zanatel from Italy.
                                                                                                          MNSC M                  2001 c 1 7
                                                                            Grooming for Success
                                                                                                BY JIMMY VANDEN BROOK
       YOUR SKIS?
                                                                          his article is not about the lat-   has a 6 year-old Polaris snow-mo-
                                                                         est in stylish lycra. It's about     bile to assist in grooming.
                                                                     the efforts that go into grooming          Staff time to complete grooming
                                                                     the ski trails in the Madison Parks      at the six parks after a significant
                                                                     system. There are six trail systems      snowfall now amounts to about
                                                                     that are maintained by the city.         30 hours. Both staff and capital
                                                                     They include: Elver Park; Odana          costs have to be absorbed into ei-
                                                                     Golf Course; Monona Golf Course;         ther flat or decreasing city bud-
                                                                     Olin-Turville, South Unit of Chero-      gets ($300,000 decrease this
                                                                     kee Marsh, and Owen Park. Russ           year). The $15 trail pass for
                                                                     Hefty, Madison Parks Conservation        Odana and Elver provides the
                                                                     Resource Supervisor is responsible       funds to help pay for a portion of
                                                                     for keeping up with the demands of       the cross-country ski program.
                                                                     skiers and 14 Madison Conserva-          But the $15 fee is quite small
                                                                     tion Parks. I talked to Russ recently    when compared to the annual
                                                                     about the challenges of providing a      fees charged by ski centers like
                                                                     good skiing experience.                  ABR ($175) and Minocqua Winter
                                                                       For many years the Madison             Park ($210). To offset some costs,
                                                                     Parks Department used a 1978             the Madison Nordic Ski Club has
                                                                     Bombardier Snow Cat to groom             provided lots of trail maintenance
                                                                     the Madison Parks ski trails. With       labor and raised significant dol-
                                                                     the advent of skating, a wider           lars for trail projects including
Kay and Harry Lum did! Joe Gollinger, National Sales Manager for     trail to accommodate both strid-         the lighting system at Elver. This
Germina (above), and Mike Mandli, Cerax Racing Polymer Tech          ers and skaters was required.            cooperative arrangement be-
(below), were at the Seeley Bike and Ski shop Birkie weekend         What once took one or two pass-          tween citizen groups and Madi-
waxing skis for free (to the first 50 people) using the new liquid   es to set a track now requires six       son Parks goes back to the begin-
Cerax waxes. We got the tip from someone in the know (Brian          or more depending on snow con-           nings of the Madison Parks
Watzke) and took advantage of their service! I personally had        ditions. The number of grooming          system.
great glide! Thanks Guys!                                            kilometers mushroomed dramati-             In its very earliest days, Madi-
                                                                     cally. The little Bombi couldn't be      son parks and scenic drives were
                                                                     relied on to get the larger job          privately held. It was the fore-
                                                                     done. This venerable machine is          sight, effort, and funding from pri-
                                                                     on the auction block due to its          vate sources that created the
                                                                     antiquity, penchant for break-           parks system near the turn of the
                                                                     down, and scarcity of parts. The         century. Not until 1933 did the
                                                                     city purchased a brand new               city of Madison take over care of
                                                                     Track Truck groomer (like the            these parks. Today, the Madison
                                                                     machines used at Nine-mile in            Parks System relies on the energy
                                                                     Wausau) two years ago. This ma-          and support of its users to main-
                                                                     chine, which cost $55,000, can ac-       tain and improve these recre-
                                                                     tually complete a circuit at Elver       ational assets. Think about all the
                                                                     without breaking down, and does          effort of the city and its skiers
                                                                     a much better job of preparing           next time you take a spin at the
                                                                     the snow surface. The city also          Madison Parks. c

                                                                       Be Part of the Discussion!
                                                                          ver 40 Madnorski's are part of a new e-mail discussion group. Sub-
                                                                          scribe and you'll get daily insights on trail conditions, opinions, and
                                                                      ideas for developing Madison's ski community. Currently there's a spir-
                                                                      ited discussion about developing East side ski sites.
                                                                         Here’s how you “subscribe”: In an e-mail message on your com-
                                                                      puter, put in the “TO” box:, Put in the
                                                                      “MESSAGE” box:
                                                                                                       subscribe xc
                                                                                           (on 2 separate lines as shown)
                                                                        Leave everything else blank, don't add any additional information in
 Joe puts the final shine                                             the message, and press “send”. You'll get back a confirmation message
   on the skis! They are                                              that you're now part of the discussion group. If you want to send any-
  ready to plow through                                               thing to the group at large, send e-mail to “” Thanks to
       6" of fresh snow!                                              Joe King for getting Madnorski skeee-wired! c

1 8 c MNSC M                    2001
                                                                                                  FOR SALE

  The Madison Nordic Ski Club is in                                           Enduro Ski Rollerskis. Mens size 9
   need (want) of a few things. If                                           Riedell boots. No need to use your ski
    anyone has these items they                                                      boots. Selling for $250.
  would like to donate to the club, it                                                         Contact Steve
    would be greatly appreciated!                                                              608-967-2149

  • any used cross-countr y ski                                                                   FOR SALE
    equipment for KidSki or Juniors,
    even stuff that you may think is                                       99 Enduro roller skis with brake and size
    worthless, can be used for parts.                                      41 Riedell boots, $300 firm.
                                                                                                Contact Gina
  • trail maintenace tools, like rakes,                                                          849-7187
    shovels, loppers, leaf blowers.
                                                                           Got Something to advertise?
  • another winter like this, with just                                    If you are a member of the Madison
    a bit more snow-but NOT on                                             Nordic Ski Club, we will run your ad for
    Birkie day!                                                            free! Submit Classified ads to Jimmy at
                                                                                                                                              Des Miklusicak competed her very first Kortelopet, after making
                                                                                                                  the last minute decision to sign up the day before. That is an
                                                                                                                                              expensive medal!

                                                                                    Jimmy’s birthday cake that magically appeared on the
Ad sales/raffle prize gatherer, Harry Lum, and our Prez, Jimmy V. put their heads   eve of his birthday (which is January 29th — mark
together with Telemark Lodge VP of marketing and PR, Phil Van Valkenberg to         your calendar). He turned 49, this year. He already has
come up with MORE ideas to bring people away from “Survivor” and outside to         a “5” candle for next year, all he needs is a “0” and
enjoy the snow and great skiing at Telemark.                                        it’s a new age group for Jimmy!

                                                                                                                                              Brian Watzke confirms his time with the officials at the finish line
                                                                                                                                              of the Seeley Hills Classic.

Some of the MadNorSki members that joined other clubs at the Telemark Rendevous Trip in January pose
proudly inside the Telemark Lodge. From left: Karen Matteoni, Liz McBride, Marie Roethlisberger, Kay Phil Van Valkenberg and Jimmy Vanden Brook hit their VO2 max and are forced to stop V-2-ing for a
Lum, Harry Lum, Ned Zuelsdorff, Paul Matteoni and Prez. Jimmy Vanden Brook.                          moment on the birkie trail during the Telemark club rendevous weekend. Very Interesting.
                                                                                                                                                                   MNSC M                 2001 c 1 9
 M       A       D        I   S       O     N          N     O    R     D     I    C          S     K    I       C   L   U     B

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