2011 march april newsletter by AdamZurek


                                        The Spring Edition
                                        March/April 2011
                                                      You will preview your pictures, make any
                                                      changes and then place the order right then and
                                                      there. If you are placing a picture in our annual
                                                      yearbook all you have to do is give us the # of
                                                      the picture! Picture dates are as follows:
                                                      April 28th & May 4th : Coram Pictures
                                                      April 29th : Nesconset Pictures
 So who is sick of the rain? I know I am but          May 22nd : Competition Pictures
 hopefully this means spring will be here to
  stay. If spring is here that means that the         ATTENTION ALL PARENTS
recital is just around the corner! As we head         Come and show those kids where they got their
into the next couple of weeks lets go over our        talent from. The theme this year is going to be Mardi
                Recital check list.                   Gras. It’s going to be a blast!!! We will be rehearsing
                                                      Monday Nights @ 8:30. Please sign up at the desk
                                                      with a contact #, we will be starting soon. If we have
                                                      everyone’s #’s then we can leave you a message.
Costumes will soon be going out. Please note          TINY TOTS
that Tiny tots, Preschool, Primary 1 & Primary 2      The 2011 Tiny Tot recital will be held Monday May
classes are all inclusive which means they come       30th here at the studio. The Tiny Tot Super Stars will
with tights –preschoolers get rubber on the           be performing as follows:
bottom of their shoes, as well as all hair
and/shoe bows. If you are absent when
                                                             Class Day/Time                 Performance
costumes are given out just
come in and ask the desk.
                                                      Miss Jennifer's Tues.                   9:30 AM
                                                      Miss Jennifer’s Tues. 4:45
Our Dance photos will be
shot by Daniel Kreiger
                                                      Miss Melissa’s Wed. 10:15               10:30 AM
again. Please note there will not be a picture pick
                                                      Miss Gail's Sat. 9:30                   11:30AM
up day due to the fact that they will be internet
accessible. He will give a code for the studio.
                                                           will get their own page in the journal and be the
Recital gifts such as Teddy bears,                         “Dance USA Superstar Model of the year”. They will
Roses, Picture Frames, and more will                       also receive a month’s tuition free plus registration
be sold here that morning. Tiny Tot T-                     for the 2011 dance year! Please remember to try to
Shirts are also available to order. Fill                   get sponsored by a business its tax deductible.
out the attached form and bring it in.                     Please see attached form!

Sign up for awards and trophies will be going up                                COMPETITON CORNER
next month. Please realize that if your child is due                            Watch out for the Dance
for a trophy and their name is not on a list they will                          USA Superstars in the 2011
not receive one. Remember Primary awards are for                                competition season. The
students who have completed ALL baby classes-                                   weekend of April 8th, 9th,
Tiny Tots, Preschool, Primary 1, & Primary 2...                                 and 10th at East Islip High
Otherwise, Trophy increments are as follows- 3, 5,                              School. Admission is free
7,10, & 15 year. If you are to receive a plaque which                           and you can look for your
is Primary and 10 years please make sure your              friends and family on the web index for a
spelling is correct of what name you would like on         schedule!
the plaque. Regardless, every dancer gets a
participation medal and you do not have to sign up
for it.                                                     From our Families to yours we all
                                                             send our wishes for a Peaceful
                                                                 Easter and Passover!
We are in need of volunteers
for the recital please fill out
                                                           Coming up next month-
a form and hand it to the desk!
                                                           Dress Rehearsal Schedule as well as recital
We will be preordering recital
t-shirts this year for our 2011
recital “Mardi Gras”. Sizes
                                                                         March Birthdays
are child 6-8, 10-12, 14-16.
                                                           3/1- Ashley Schwier
Adult sizes: Small Adult,
                                                           3/2 -Alexa Fisher, Liana Kaplan
Medium Adult, Large Adult &
Extra Large. On the back of the                            3/3 -Michelle Hockett
t-shirt will be everyone’s                                 3/4 -Gabriella Locorriere, Jkai Taylor
names-on the front will be the                             3/5- Sophia Funkhouser
Theme of the recital. T-shirts                             3/8- Leva Tarasevicius
are $25.00. There will be a                                3/9 – Jillian Kennedy, Emma Farrell, Ella Montes De
sample behind the desk within                              Oca
the next week.                                             3/10- Emma Shiels
                                                           3/11- Erin Cergol
                                                           3/12- Violette Baez
            DANCE USA SUPERSTARS                           3/13- Gabrielle Germain
Be a part of the Annual Ultimate Dance Yearbook!           3/15- Isabella Quaranta, Cassidy Healy
Put a picture of your favorite dancer in the journal. If   3/16- Kristen Sappelsa
not, send your favorite dancer a booster and send          3/19- Emelia Makinen
them the love and support they deserve for all of the      3/20- Valery Piedrahita, Brianna Vogel
hard work they put in this year! “New for this year        3/21- Danielle Kaplan
“the dancer that brings in the most ads for this year      3/22- Grace Plumitallo
3/25- Melissa Russo, Anaya Rodriguez, GRAM
3/27- Marissa Polonski, Emily Sanders, Gracie
3/28- Isabella Gonzalez, Delaney Theodoropoulos
3/29- Morgan Anzini, Austin Murphy, Joshua Murphy
3/30- Kendall Perkins
3/31- Cameron Wolanski

              April Birthdays
4/1- Courtney Carron
4/2-Elizabeth Lebci
4/4- Ariana Burns, Keira McGuire
4/5- Brandon Becker
4/9- Stephanie Dunham
4/10- Skylar Gerena, Samantha Gibbs
4/11- Gianna Luisa
4/13- Meagan Dunham, Julia Cappelmann
4/14- Dalila Diamond, Katya Fedotov, Destiny Oyola
4/16- Kailee Corria, Avery Hogarty
4/17- Jacqueline Ehrlich
4/18- Skylar Hogarty, Leah Landron, Leigha
Sahagian, Shannon Ross
4/19- Alexis Di Stefano, Kyla Heyward, Francesca
4/20- Alexandria Martiscia
4/21- Amanda Brooks,Lezandra Velez
4/22- Isabella Casciano
4/24- Jessilyn Johnson
4/25- Amanda Setteducate
4/28- Jamie Elexis Baskin, Raia Carr, Michelle
Hagenburg, Kayla Roth
4/29- Melissa Heerbrandt
4/30- Michael Evers, Rebecca Heerbrandt

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