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Used Vehicle Dealers,
Please read the following information and fill out the enclosed dealer application and Tax Resale Certificate
which is to be returned to our office as soon as possible. We will need copies of the following along with your
• Current Used Vehicle Dealers License
• Dealer Bond
• Tax Exempt Form (included in packet)
• Drivers License copies for both Owner and Agents
We will not be able to process your application until all of the requirements have been met. Authorization of any
Agent to represent your company will remain in effect until we are notified in writing of any changes. You are
responsible for both the buying and selling privileges of your named agents through the Goodson Auto bid sale
Bidding Rules
It is your responsibility to check the VIN, miles, color, etc. Double check and bid the right vehicle! ALL

Bid sheets will be provided for you at the bid sale. Bidding hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. After hours bids
may be faxed in until 7:00 AM the following morning. Our bid sale will also be online for your convenience and
bidding online has a deadline of 7:00 AM as well. You will be notified of your winning bids by 12:00 PM the
day after the sale. **We reserve the right not to sell any car listed in our bid sale**

Arbitration **
    a) All cars in the bid sale are sold “as is”
         This is also stated on the bid sheet as a reminder.

    b)    Exceptions for arbitration:
          i) Frame damage undisclosed (found within 1 week of sale date).
          ii) Bad transmissions undisclosed
          iii) Bad rear end undisclosed
          iv) Odometer discrepancies undisclosed
          v) Salvage or branded titles undisclosed

**Arbitration only applies on the day of pickup except as noted
**Arbitration is not a negotiating factor.
**The only options are to return the unit or keep it for the bid amount.

Your choices of payments are as follows:
• Drafting - Please complete the Banking Information section. Drafting is a privilege that Goodson
Auto grants after verifying your references. Drafting privileges may be revoked by Goodson Auto if drafts are
not paid promptly or are returned for any reason. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for unauthorized return of a
• Company Check - A guaranteed letter of credit must be furnished by your bank. A sample letter is included in
this packet.
• Cash or cashier’s checks - Unless approved for drafting or check payment, cash or cashier’s checks are the
only other forms of payment. Cash may only be collected directly from your dealer principle and given to the
Goodson Auto business office. No agents can pay with cash and cash will not be accepted at the sale.

Vehicle pick up & title transfer
All vehicles must be picked up by 12:00PM the first Saturday after the bid sale. Storage fees will start to accrue
after the 7th day at a rate of $15/day.
Each vehicle purchased will be charged a $35 transfer fee. Vehicles paid by draft will have titles exchanged
when ready with your bank. Vehicles paid by company check will have the title held for 10 days for check to
clear. Vehicles paid by cash or cashier’s checks will have titles mailed to your company within 20 days of
                       Dealer Registration Information
                                 Please Print or Type

Dealership Name:_________________________________________________________

Owner(s) or Chief Operating Officers:_________________________________________

Physical Address of Dealership:______________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different from physical):____________________________________

Telephone Numbers (including area code):_____________________________________

Fax Number:_____________________________________________________________

Email address:____________________________________________________________

General Distinguishing Number (or P #):_______________________________________

Other auctions from which you have purchased:_________________________________


**Fill in the following information only if you wish to apply with Goodson Auto
Group for drafting or check writing privileges. Please refer to the drafting and/or
check writing section for the necessary documentation needed for approval.**

Method of Payment:_______________________________________________________

Bank Name:_____________________________________________________________

Bank Address:____________________________________________________________


Account #:_______________________________________________________________

Bank Officer:____________________________________________________________

I have read the attached bidder information sheets as well as all information on
registration forms and agree to abide by the terms set out therein. I also grant
Goodson Auto Group permission to request information from my bank and/or other
auctions listed above.

Signature                       Printed Name            Date
Dear Client,

The Texas Motor Vehicle Board has revised its rules governing sales and purchases of

vehicles by agents of licensed car dealers. As a result, if anyone other than the owner or

dealer principal is to buy or sell vehicles, written authorization on the company’s

letterhead, signed by the owner or dealer principal must be on file with us stating that the

dealer is liable for any acts or omissions including financial considerations of the named

agent, representative, or employee. This authorization should include the employee’s,

agents, or representative’s name, address, phone number, and the business’s name,

address, and dealer’s license number. Please furnish this document before bidding to

allow your agents / employees to continue to conduct business for your firm.

In addition, vehicle titles must be reassigned to the dealership’s name and can only be

released to the dealer, the dealer’s employee, or dealer’s principal institution; never to the


Only checks or drafts on the dealers account, cashier’s checks in the name of the dealer or

Wire transfers from the dealer’s bank can be accepted for a dealer’s wholesale purchase.

Dealer understands that cash cannot be accepted from agents / employees for purchased

vehicles. If cash is the only approved method of payment for the dealership, it can be

accepted only from the dealer principal.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rocky McCullough

*Cash may only be accepted from the owner or dealer principal (if not named by the state
as such, must provide D.B.A. papers or charter as proof).
*Agents may buy and sell vehicles, and pay for vehicles with a company check. Agents may
NOT pick up titles.
*An employee that is also an agent may buy and sell vehicles, pick up titles, and pay for
vehicles with company checks.
(Dealer) authorizes the following (agent / Employee) to buy / sell vehicles on behalf of Dealer.
Dealer shall be liable for any acts or omissions regarding duties and obligations including any
financial considerations caused by agent / employee unless and until either written revocation of
the agent / employee’s authority is received or revocation of dealer’s license. Dealer understands
the purchased vehicle titles can be released only to the dealer, dealer’s employee, or dealer’s
financial institution. Dealer understands that cash cannot be accepted from agents / employees for
purchased vehicles. If cash is the only approved method of payment for the dealership, it can be
accepted only from the dealer principal.

Agent                                                    Employee
Name____________________________                         Name_________________________
Address__________________________                        Address______________________
_________________________________                        ______________________________
Phone #__________________________                        Phone #_______________________
                                                         Is employee also an agent?_______

Agent                                                    Employee
Name____________________________                         Name_________________________
Address__________________________                        Address______________________
_________________________________                        ______________________________
Phone #__________________________                        Phone #_______________________
                                                         Is employee also an agent?_______

Agent                                                    Employee
Name____________________________                         Name_________________________
Address__________________________                        Address______________________
_________________________________                        ______________________________
Phone #__________________________                        Phone #_______________________
                                                         Is employee also an agent?_______

Dealership Name__________________________________________________________
Dealer license no._________________________________________________________
                                CHECK OR DRAFT AGREEMENT

This agreement is made by and between _______________________________________________________
(“Seller”) and ______________________________________________________ (“Purchaser”, whether one or

WHEREAS, Seller has agreed to sell and has delivered possession of the following motor vehicle to Purchaser:

________     ___________________        ______________________         _________________________________
 (Year)         (Make)                         (Model)                               (VIN)

WHEREAS, Purchaser has agreed to pay for said motor vehicle and has given Seller a check, draft or similar
instrument (“Document”) in lieu of cash as all or part of the purchase price.

   1. Purchaser and Seller agree that both ownership and title to the above motor vehicle, both legal and
equitable, shall remain with the Seller regardless of whether any documents of title have been delivered to the
Purchaser, through and until the time the Document is finally and fully paid to Seller and Seller has received the
proceeds of such Document in good funds.

  2.   Title and ownership of the above motor vehicle shall be transferred to Purchaser at the time the Document
       has been fully paid and such proceeds thereof received by Seller.

  3.   In the event the Document given as the purchase price, or part thereof, of the vehicle is not paid for any
       reason, including, but not limited to, stop payment order, not sufficient funds, account closed, improper or
       forged signature, mistake, bank failure or any other reason, Purchaser agrees, upon notice from Seller to
       Buyer at the address or telephone number indicated below, to immediately return the above vehicle to
       Seller at Seller’s place of business, as shown on the vehicle purchase documents, together with any
       documents of title or the motor vehicle that Buyer has received as part of the sale.

  4.   Upon Seller receiving notice of any dishonor or failure of payment of the Document following
       presentment, Seller may, but shall not be required to, make demand upon Purchaser by written notice or
       telephone to return the above motor vehicle to Seller. Purchaser agrees to voluntarily return the motor
       vehicle to seller within 24 hours of receiving such notice or within such same period to pay Seller the
       balance due it for the motor vehicle in cash or certified funds.

  5.   In the event Purchaser fails or refuses to return the motor vehicle or to pay for the motor vehicle in cash
       within 24 hours of notice by Seller of the dishonor of the Document and demand for return of the motor
       vehicle, Purchaser agrees and authorizes Seller to take possession of the motor vehicle and to pay the
       Seller all of its reasonable and necessary costs of the retaking.

Executed on this _______ day of _______________________ , 20 ___ .

______________________________________________                      _____________________________________
(Seller)                                                            (Purchaser)

By: __________________________________________                      _____________________________________




                                                                    Work Telephone No.


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