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					Research Centres – Short Description
University Research Centres/Institutes

Agricultural Research Western Australia (ARWA)
to muster larger, more diverse and more effective scientific teams better able to address the
sector’s researc h and training needs.
(Curtin University of Technology, the Department of Agric ulture Western Australia, Murdoch
University, and the University of Western Australia).
Murdoch Contact                                   Prof. Nick Costa

ARC Centre of Excellence in Anti-Matter Matter Studies
to study the interactions of anti-matter with different types of matter, from single atoms to
biological molecules, surfac es and mat erials.
Deputy Research Director                             Prof. Igor Bray
http://www.positron. edu. au/

Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID)
Research, Development and Commercialisation of content and technologies for the creative
industries; compromising of game development, digital art, performing and visual arts, design,
film, television and multimedia sectors.
Murdoch Contact                               Prof. Duane Varan

Australian Biosecurity CRC for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Protects Australia’s public health, wildlife, livestock and economic resources through research
and education that strengthens the national capability to detect, diagnose, identify, monitor,
assess, predict and res pond to emerging infectious disease threats which impact on national
and regional biosecurity.
Murdoch Contact                                       Prof John Edwards

Australian Centre for Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens (ACNFP)
Studies fundamental and applied as pects of fungal plant pathogens that attack grain crops in
Southern Australia.
(Murdoch University, the Department of Agriculture Western Australia and other centres in
Southern and Eastern Australia)
Director                                        Prof Richard Oliver
http://wwwacnfp.murdoc au/

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
National researc h organisation, specialising in housing and urban research and policy. Make
a real difference to housing and related urban outcomes throughout Australia by the creation
and dissemination of knowledge in housing markets, housing policy and programs, and the
urban environment in cities, towns and regions.
(Murdoch University, University of WA, Curtin University of Technology, and other cent res
from around Australia)
Murdoch Contact                                    Mr Paul Flatau

Centre for Atomic, Molecular and Surface Physics (CAMSP)
Provides a broad base for research training in theoretical and experimental atomic and
surface physics using the collaborative efforts of cognate researchers at Murdoch University
and the University of WA.
Directors                                          Prof Andris Stelbovics
                                                   Prof Jim Williams

Centre for Clinical Immunology and Biomedical Statistics(CCIBS)
To assemble a unique multi -disciplinary team integrat ed with clinical care and routine
diagnostic medicine and the necessary physical resources to apply the full power of
contemporary scientific knowledge and methods with an emphasis on genetics, mathematics,
computing and clinical and laboratory research to our vision.
(Murdoch University, Department of Health Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital)
Director                                         Dr Ian James

Centre for Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases
To assemble a unique multi-disciplinary team integrat ed with Clinical care and routine
diagnostic medicine and the necessary physical resources to apply the full power of
contemporary scientific knowledge and methods with an emphasis on genetics, mathematics,
computing and clinical and laboratory research to our vision>
Director                                         Dr Elizabeth Phillips
Murdoch Contact                                  Prof Simon Mallal
(No website as yet)

Centre of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Care
The Centre will advance a model of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) research based on a holistic
approach to both disease pathogenesis and clinical care. The collaboration draws together
the capabilities of specialists in the wide range of disciplines required to deliver health
(Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, University of WA, Hollywood Privat e Hospital,
as well other foundations, institutes and centres)
Director                                            Dr David Nolan
(No website as yet.)

Centre for Labour Market Research
Furthers the Knowledge of labour market and related issues, with specific reference to
Australian labour markets and thos e in the Asia-Pacific region
(Murdoch University, the University of WA, Curtin University of Technology, and the University
of Canberra)
Murdoch Contact                                   Mr Paul Flatau au/

Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA)
Conducts grain and annual pasture legume research and development that leverages the
strengths of it’s partners to address the problems and priorities of the Western Australian
grain and pasture legume industries
(CS IRO, Department of Agriculture WA, Murdoch University and the University of WA)
Director                                          Prof Kadambot Siddique
Murdoch Contact                                   Prof Mik e Jones

Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
Supplies a wide range of research projects requiring electron microscopy and microanalysis
(Murdoch University, Curtin University of Technology, the University of WA and the Western
Australian State Government)
Murdoch Contact                                  Prof Stephen Thurgate
http://cmm.uwa. edu. au/

Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management
Develops techniques and strategies to protect Western Australia’s biodiversity and biological
resources from the effects of phytophthora root and collar diseas e and to minimise their
impact on native flora and fauna and commercial operations
Director                                         Prof Giles Hardy
http://www.cpsm.murdoch. edu. au/

Centre for Research for Women
Facilitates research through links between researchers at the four public Western Australian
Universities (Cutin University of Technology, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, the
University of WA) and within the community to meet government, community and private
sector needs of research for Women.
Murdoch Contact                                          Prof Bev Thiele
Centre for Rhizobium Studies
Focuses on integrat ed research and education in the science of root-nodule bacteria in
Mediterranean environments.
Director                                        Adjunct Prof John Howieson
http://wwwscieng.murdoch. edu. au/centres/crs/

Centre for Sustainable Mine Lakes
Conducts research to provide solutions to important mine closure questions that confront
mining companies worldwide, and foster the creation of mine lakes of value to the
community, environment and economy through quality research, education and training
(Murdoch University, Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University and the
University of WA)
Director                                         Dr Alan Lymbery

CRC for Genetic Beef Technologies
Develops world-class research and education programs to address the major consumers -
relevant issues which hold the key to the economic future of the Australian beef industry.
Murdoch Contact                                 A/Prof David Pethick au/

CRC for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry
Conducts research and development which will result in reduced production costs for high -
quality pork through more reliable and consistent protein and ene rgy supplies via innovative
grain production and through improved herd feed conversion efficiency
Murdoch Contact                                  A/Prof John Plusk e
                                                 Prof David Hampson

CRC for National Plant Biosecurity
Plant Biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect a crop, crops or a sub-group of
crops from emergency plant pests (EPP) at national, regional and individual farm levels.
Murdoch Contact                                  Prof Mik e Jones

CRC for Forestry
Generat es new technologies to apply to the management challenges fac ed across the entire
forestry business chain – from site selection to delivery of wood at the mill gate.
Murdoch Contact                                    A/Prof Giles Hardy

Desert Knowledge CRC
Aims to improve the sustainable livelihoods of remote desert communities and develop new
export opportunities for Australian desert knowledge.
Murdoch Contact                                  Dr Martin Anda

Environmental Biotechnology CRC
Uses cutting-edge biotechnological techniques to enhance existing biologically-based
environmental processes as well as producing new advantage as well as producing new
advanced bioengineering technologies.
Murdoch Contact                                 Prof Steven Halls

Environmental Technology Centre/United Nations Environment
Programme Co-operative Centre of the International Environmental
Technology Centre (ETC/UNEP IETC)
Conducts industry focused research and development in environmental technology. A partner
centre for Asia-P acific region of the United Nations Environment Programme International
Environmental Technology Centre.
Director                                            Dr Martin Anda etc/
Housing and Urban Research Institute of W A
Aims to assist governments, privat e industry and the community to improve housing, housing
policies and urban/regional development by conducting and disseminating research int o
current housing, urban and regional issues.
Murdoch Contact                                   Mr Paul Flatau

Interactive Virtual Environments Centre (IVEC)
Increase Western Australia’s innovative capacity and economic development thr ough the
exploration, evolution and exploitation of advanced computing technology, high speed
communications, scientific visualisation, grid technologies and e-research infrastructure.
Murdoch Contact                                    Prof Igor Bray

Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Information to be obtained
Murdoch Contact                                    Adjunct Prof Simon Mallal
(No website yet)

Molecular Plant Breeding CRC
Conducts research, education and training in the field of molec ular plant breeding, aiming to
successfully deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia and developing
Murdoch Contacts                                 Prof Rudi Appels
                                                 Prof Matthew B ellgard

Nanoscale Characterisation Centre of WA
Information to be obtained
Murdoch Contact
(No website yet)

Parker CRC for Integrated Hydrometallurgy Solutions
Adds value to the worlds hydrometallurgical industries by delivery of the best science and
technology for the extraction of metals and metallic compounds such as alumina, gold, nickel,
copper, and zinc from minerals by solutions
Murdoch Contact                                   Mr Mark Woffenden

Planning and Transport Research Centre
Aims to build professional and academic capability by offering high-level professional
education programs and undertaking a research program, expanding the number and quality
of researchers in its specialist fields of urban public transport/land us e, freight logistics and
transport safety/security.
(Murdoch University, Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University and University
of WA)
Murdoch Contact                                      Prof Andris Stelbovics

Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE)
To assist the development of the Australian sustainable energy industry through standards
development, equipment testing, research and development, demonstration, education,
training and policy analysis
Murdoch Contact                                    Prof David Harries ex.html

Sheep CRC
Promotes collaborative scientific research and education at the sheep meat and wool
interface to ensure the Australian sheep industry has the technology and know-how to deliver,
in a profitable and sustainable manner, products highly desired by the customers
Murdoch Contact                                   A/Prof David Pethick

Sustainable Tourism CRC
Manages and delivers research focusing on three key areas: Sustainable destinations,
sustainable enterpris es, and sustainable resource management, to support the sustainability
of one of the largest, fastest growing industries – tourism.
Murdoch Contact                                    Dr Jim MacBeth
                                                   Dr Diane Lee

WA Centre for Comparative Genomics
In Comparative Genomics. It draws together both biomedical and agricultural comparative
genomics and bioinformatics activities and expertise in such a way as to promot e shared
understanding within and ac ross fields of study.
Murdoch Contact                                   Prof Matthew B ellgard

WA Marine Science Institute (WAMSI)
Information to be obtained
Murdoch Contact                                    Prof Neil Loneragan
(No website yet)

WA Nanochemistry Research Institute (WANRI)
To build the expertise and techniques in areas (such as crystallization and materials
characterisation) that naturally leads into a substantial Nanochemistry capability.
Murdoch Contact                                    Dr Chris Lund

WA State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre
Provides plat form technologies and world class equipment and facilities for R&D in
agricultural biotechnology to researchers from universities, state government and industry.
Director                                 Prof Mik e Jones

Inter-Divisional Research Centres

Murdoch Environment
Director                                  Prof Steven Halls

Divisional Research Centres/Institutes


Asia Research Centre
A focal point for research conducted across the Murdoch Campus on contemporary Asia
Director                                         Prof Garry Rodan

Centre for Everyday Life
Examines how everyday life is changing due to inc reasing pace, changing gender roles and
family structures, new technologies, increased work pressures, economics restructuring and
fears about security
Director                                        Dr Mark Gibson

Centre for Social and Community Research
Undertak es interdisciplinary res earch promoting social justice, social well being and social
sustainability in local, regional, national and international communities; cooperates with loc al
communities in developing research projects and promotes research training and capacity
Director                                             Prof Craig McGarty

Interactive Television Research Institute (ITRI)
A leader of research and activity in interactive television on a global scale
Director                                         Prof Duane V aran
http://www.itri.t v/

Science and Engineering

Centre for Organic Waste Management
Develops and promotes environmentally-s ustainable solutions for managing organic waste
and its by-products, and leads educational initiatives in waste management
Director                                           Emeritus Prof Arthur McComb

Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research
Undertak es research in fish and fisheries biology for the sustainable management of fisheries
and aquaculture, and provides research training at undergraduate and postgraduate level
Director                                           Prof Neil Loneragan
http://wwwscieng.murdoch. edu. au/centres/fish/

Murdoch University Energy Research Institute (MUERI)
Teaches, res earches and provides information in the area of renewable energy systems
Director                                         Prof Phillip Jennings
http://wwwscieng.murdoch. edu. au/centres/mueri/

Health Science

Australasian Centre for Companion Animal Research
Investigat es diseases of dogs, cats, horses and aviary birds
Director                                          A/Prof Peter Irwin

Centre for Biomolecular Control of Disease (CBCD)
Murdoch University node of the West Australian Biomedical Res earch Institute; aims to
assemble, maint ain and focus expertise and facilities in biomedical and molecular studies of
humans and animals, their pathogens and diseases
Director                                          Prof Andrew Thompson
http://www. CD

Centre for Production Animal Research
Fosters research and teaching designed to improve farm animal production and health in
Western Australia
Director                                       A/Prof David Pethick

Professional Centres
Centre for Learning, Change and Development (CLCD)
Provides res earc h, consultancy and professional development services to both educational
organisations and the wider community
Director                                          Dr Judith MacCallum edu. au/clcd/index.html