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					                                                                                               Together We’re Better
                                                                                                     February 2011
     140 Glen Echo Drive Hamilton, Ontario L8K 4J1
       Phone 905 560 - 6630 Fax 905 560 - 0798
                 Mr. R. Contant – Principal
         Mrs. K. Humphreys - School Administrator
               Web site

                                                                             Coming in February
First Term Report Cards:                                                  Kindergarten Registration
It’s hard to believe but the first term Report                Early Learning specialists say parents shouldn’t overlook the
Card is not that far away. At Glen Echo                       importance of a child’s first two years of school. Kindergarten
School, we believe that student success is                    provides the basis for future school success by engaging children
dependent on the equal partnership and                        in age-appropriate language, math, science, arts, and health and
                                                              physical activities.
continued support and efforts of the school, parent/
guardian and student. It is important to review upcoming            Advantages of HWDSB’s Kindergarten Program
dates, discuss assignments and comments that are recorded
in your child’s agenda daily. If you have any questions,      •    Safe school environments in which your child will learn
                                                              •    Parental involvement opportunities in every school
comments or concerns, please contact you child’s class-
                                                              •    Community partnerships to enhance your child’s learning
room teacher. Report Cards will go home on Wednesday,
February 16th.                                                •    Access to numerous resources and support services
                                                              •    Caring, well-trained educators and staff
             The staff at Glen Echo would also like to take   •    Child-care facilities available at selected schools
             this opportunity to wish all students and
                                                                       Glen Echo School: Half-day/every day
             parents a “Happy Valentine’s Day. We would                             learning
             also like to encourage all students to wear
             Red and White on Monday, February 14,                      Eligibility - If your child is:
                                                                       Age four of five by December 31st,
             2011.                                                       Kindergarten attendance is optional
                                                                    Age six by September 1st, full-time school
If you plan to send baked goods into the school for a class                     attendance is required
celebration, please remember that Glen Echo is a Peanut
                                                               Junior and senior kindergarten registration for the 2011-2012
and Nut Safe School. We have a few students in the                         school year begins February 9, 2010.
school who can have their personal safety immediately         Check out in February for more information.
compromised if they come into contact with these
products.                                                         Pizza                Welcome Back!          We would
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in                                    like to take this opportunity to
keeping our school environment safe for all students and      Notice                   welcome back Mme Gregoris to our
staff.                                                                                 Core French and Library program.
                                                        A reminder to our              Mme Gregoris will be with us as
                A reminder that if you do not receive a parents that if your           Mrs. Agro is away on a maternity
                newsletter and calendar at the end of child is absent for              leave.
                each month, please go to our website at pizza, they will               We also would like to welcome Mr.
                                                                                       Spies to Glen Echo in our English
                                                        receive a credit for
       All     newsletters, calendars and               the following week.
                                                                                       Grade 1 Program. Mr. Spies will be
                                                                                       taking over for Ms. Houle, until she
    important information are on our                                                   returns.
        website! Check it out...
                                                                             Together We’re Better
                                                                                  February, 2011
    140 Glen Echo Drive Hamilton, Ontario L8K 4J1
      Phone 905 560 - 6630 Fax 905 560 - 0798
               Mr. R. Contant – Principal
       Mrs. K. Humphreys - School Administrator
       Web site

Head Lice

We have had an increase in the number of cases of
head lice in the school since returning from the
Holiday break. Please check your child's head
regularly, if you find that your child has lice,
please contact the school office.

We are looking for Volunteers to start a Head Lice
check team. Volunteers will be trained by our
Public Health Nurse. If you are interested, please
call the school or drop by the office.

                                                        NEW Parents to       February 14th
                                                     French Immersion SK      Valentine’s
                                                                               Day Cake
                                                      Information Night         Raffle
                                                     Tuesday, February 1st   An annual tradition at Glen
                                                       6:30 - 7:30 in the    Echo. Parent’s donate cakes,
                                                            Library          display them in the Library,
                                                           Welcome           and the kids come bid on
                                                        Christine Rees       them. Raffle tickets are only
                                                        FSL Consultant       25 cents. What a great time!
                                                                                          Together We’re Better
                                                                                                 February, 2011
     140 Glen Echo Drive Hamilton, Ontario L8K 4J1
       Phone 905 560 - 6630 Fax 905 560 - 0798
                Mr. R. Contant – Principal
        Mrs. K. Humphreys - School Administrator
        Web site

                         THE SNACK BOX                                          Snow Days: School
                                                                         Closure Due to Inclement Weather
                   VO LU N T E E RS N e e de d                         The season of cold weather, icy roads and snow
                                                                       days is upon us. The decision to cancel bussing
                                                                       and close schools is made by the Director of
Our pantry is beginning to run low… we’re looking for grain            Education or a designate. The Board’s current
donations! Any child who brings in cereal, cookies or crackers for     policy states that if bussing is cancelled, schools
the nutrition program in February will get to select one item for a    will be closed. The decision to close schools will
future snack break – and we’ll name that day’s snack after them!       be made by 6: 30 a.m. and communicated to the
Love strawberries… bring some Triscuits, put your name on the box,     media by one of the Board’s Public Relations
and you can choose strawberries for a snack day. The grain donation    Officers. To find out if the weather has resulted
must have 2g (or more) fibre per serving, less than 6g fat. Look for   in a school closure watch the Morning Live
a list of good choices with the newsletter.                            program on CHTV or tune into one of the
                                                                       following radio stations: CHML (AM900), Y108
We are also still looking for some snack help on Wednesday or          (FM 107.9), K-LITE (FM102.9), Oldies 1150
Thursday morning. And, if that time doesn’t work, but you want to      (AM1150), CHAM (AM820) and WAVE Jazz
help, you could come in any time during school hours to package        (FM 94.7). Up to date information will also be
snacks. Let Ms. Fox or Mrs. Humphreys know when you can help!          available on our website:
                                                                       Also, if the temperature is
                                                                       below -15C students will be
News From our School Council                                           kept indoors. Please time
                                                                       your arrival to as close to
                                                                       8:40 a.m. on these
                      Our Pita Monday was such a                       extremely cold days.
       success, that we will be offering another Pita Day
on Monday, February 28th. Forms will be going home on Wednes-
day, February, 16th and are due back at the school on Wednesday,                   A REMINDER THAT ALL
                                                                                  VISITORS TO THE SCHOOL
February 23rd. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported the                 ARE TO REPORT TO THE
activity.                                                                           OFFICE ON ARRIVAL.
• Our Valentine cake raffle will be coming up on Monday,
    February 14. We are looking for homemade or store bought            Recommended Reading
    cakes/goodies. If you are bringing something in that is home-
    made, we would like a list of the ingredients that you have used        •   Guess How Much I
    in making the item. This helps the purchaser know the                       Love You
                                                                            by Sam McBratney
    ingredients. When baking, remember that we are a " NUT
    SAFE School". Children can purchase raffle tickets that day for         •   Franklin in the
    the cakes.                                                                  Dark/Benjamin et la nuit
                                                                            by Paulette Bourgeois
•   Our next parent council meeting is Monday, February 7 at 6:30.
    All parents are welcome!                                                •   Celebrating
                         … Wendy Summerhayes School Council Chair           by Gwenth Swain
                                                                                 Together We’re Better
                                                                                         February, 2011
     140 Glen Echo Drive Hamilton, Ontario L8K 4J1
       Phone 905 560 - 6630 Fax 905 560 - 0798
               Mr. R. Contant – Principal
       Mrs. K. Humphreys - School Administrator
       Web site

              Food Donation List For Glen Echo Snack Program
                                (all donations must be peanut-free!)
Nutritional requirements per serving: Fibre 2g (or more) Iron 5% Daily Value (or more)
Cereals                                                   Cereal Bars
Cheerios                                                  PC Whole Grain Cereal Bars (Peanut-Free)
Multi-grain Cheerios                                      - Strawberry, 5 Fruit, Apple
Shredded Wheat + Bran (Spoon size)                        Nutri Grain Cereal Bars (Whole Grains)
Shreddies                                                 - Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Strawberry,
Quaker Corn Bran                                          Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry
Quaker Oatmeal Squares                                    Kellog’s All-Bran Oatmeal Cinnamon
Quaker Life 100% Wholegrain                               Kellog’s Raisin Bran Cereal Bar
PC Taosted Oat O’s
Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest
Kashi Organic Honey Sunshine
Crackers                                                  Cookies
Stone Wheat-thins Whole Grain                             Blue Menu Wheat Bran Bites
Triscuit’s (61% less sodium) 100% W. Grain                Bear Paw Minis
Triscuit’s Thin Crisps Parmesan Garlic 100% W. G.         Oatmeal Mixed Berry, Oatmeal Choc. Chip
Triscuit’s Balsamic + Basil 100% Whole Grain              Dare Simple Pleasures Ginger Snaps
                                                          Lifestyle Lemon Crisp
                                                          Lifestyle Cranberry Citrus Crunch
                                                          Lifestyle Chocolate Cherry
Nutritional requirements per serving: No added sugar. Vitamin C 30% D.V. and/or Vitamin A 15% D.V.

Canned/Jarred Fruit (unsweetened)
Dole Fruit Squish’ems                                     Apple Sauces (unsweetened)
PC Mini Chefs Smooshies                                   PC Appletreet– various flavors
NoName (in light syrup)                                   Motts Fruitsations – various
- Fruit Salad or Clingston Peaches                        Our Compliments Apple Sauce
Dole (in Fruit Juice)
Golden Pineapple, Tropical Fruit,