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					                          Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9455


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                         Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9457

FUNDING AVAILABILITY FOR THE                         want evaluated. Only one application                    III. Program Description; Eligible
HISPANIC-SERVING INSTITUTIONS                        may be evaluated. If you do not respond                 Applicants; Eligible Activities
ASSISTING COMMUNITIES                                within the stipulated cure period (see                     (A) Program Description. The purpose
PROGRAM (HSIAC)                                      Section V of the General Section of this                of HSIAC is to assist HSIs expand their
Program Overview                                     SuperNOFA), all of your applications                    role and effectiveness in addressing
                                                     will be disqualified. You should take                   community development needs in their
   Purpose of the Program. To assist                 this policy into account and take steps                 localities, including neighborhood
Hispanic-serving institutions of higher              to ensure that multiple applications are                revitalization, housing, and economic
education (HSIs) expand their role and               not submitted.                                          development.
effectiveness in addressing community                   For Application Kits. For an                            (1) For the purposes of this program,
development needs in their localities,               application kit and any supplemental                    the term ‘‘locality’’ includes any city,
consistent with the purposes of Title I              material, you should call the                           county, township, parish, village, or
of the Housing and Community                         SuperNOFA Information Center at 1–                      other general political subdivision of a
Development Act of 1974, as amended.                 800–HUD–8929. If you have a hearing or                  State, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin
   Available Funds. Approximately $6.5               speech impairment, please call the                      Islands within which your HSI is
million.                                             Center’s TTY number at 1–800–HUD–                       located.
   Eligible Applicants: Only nonprofit               2209. When requesting an application                       (2) A ‘‘target area’’ is the locality or
Hispanic-serving institutions of higher              kit, you should refer to HSIAC and                      the area within the locality in which
education that meet the definition of an             provide your name and address                           your institution will implement its
HSI established in Title V of the 1998               (including zip code) and telephone                      proposed HUD grant.
Amendments to the Higher Education                   number (including area code). You may                      (B) Eligible Applicants. Only if your
Act of 1965 (Pub.L. 105–244; enacted                 also access the application on the                      institution is a nonprofit institution of
October 7, 1998).                                    Internet through the HUD web site at                    higher education and meets the
   Application Deadline. May 10, 2000.               www.hud.gov.                                            statutory definition of an HSI in Title V
   Match. None.                                         For Further Information and                          of the 1998 Amendments to the Higher
                                                     Technical Assistance. You may contact                   Education Act of 1965 (Pub. L. 105–244)
                                                     Jane Karadbil of HUD’s Office of                        are you eligible to apply. In order for
  If you are interested in applying for              University Partnerships at 202–708–                     you to meet this definition, at least 25
funds under the Hispanic-serving                     1537, extension 5918. If you have a                     percent of the full-time undergraduate
Institutions Assisting Communities                   hearing or speech impairment, you may                   students enrolled in your institution
Program (HSIAC), please review                       access this number via TTY by calling                   must be Hispanic and not less than 50
carefully the General Section of this                the Federal Information Relay Service                   percent of these Hispanic students must
SuperNOFA and the following                          toll-free at 1–800–877–8339. You may                    be low-income individuals. You are not
additional information.                              also write to Ms. Karadbil via email at                 required to be on the list of eligible
I. Application Due Date, Application                 Jane R. Karadbil@hud.Gov.                               institutions prepared by the U.S.
Kits, Further Information, and                          Satellite Broadcast. HUD will hold an                Department of Education. However, if
Technical Assistance                                 information broadcast via satellite for                 you are not, you will be required to
                                                     potential applicants to learn more about                certify in the application that you meet
   Application Due Date. Your                        the program and preparation of the                      the statutory definition. If you are one
completed application is due on or                   application. For more information about                 of several campuses of the same
before 12:00 midnight, Eastern time, on              the date and time of the broadcast, you                 institution, you may apply separately
May 10, 2000 at HUD Headquarters.                    should consult the HUD web site at                      from the other campuses as long as your
   See the General Section of this                   http://www.hud.gov.                                     campus has a separate administrative
SuperNOFA for specific procedures                                                                            structure and budget from the other
covering the form of the application                 II. Amount Allocated
                                                                                                             campuses. In addition, in order to fund
submission (e.g., mailed applications,                  Approximately $6.5 million in FY                     as many different HSIs as possible, you
express mail, overnight delivery, or                 2000 funds is being made available                      can only apply if you did not receive an
hand carried).                                       under this SuperNOFA for HSIAC. Of                      HSIAC grant in FY 1999.
   Address for Submitting Applications.              this amount, approximately $50,000 is                      (C) Eligible Activities. (1) General.
Your completed application consists of               being set aside to correct a funding error              Each activity you propose for funding
an original signed application and two               for one of the FY 1999 grantees.                        must meet both a Community
copies of the application. Submit your                  The maximum grant period is 24                       Development Block Grant Program
completed application to the following               months. The performance period will                     (CDBG) national objective and the CDBG
address:                                             commence on the effective date of the                   eligibility requirements. A discussion of
   Processing and Control Branch, Office             grant agreement.                                        the national objectives can be found at
of Community Planning and                               The maximum amount to be                             24 CFR part 570.208. There are three
Development, Department of Housing                   requested and awarded is $400,000.                      national objectives:
and Urban Development, 451 Seventh                   Since the Statement of Work and other                      (a) Benefit to low- and moderate-
Street, SW, Room 7251, Washington,                   facets of the technical review are                      income persons;
DC, 20410. When submitting your                      assessed in the context of the proposed                    (b) Aid in the prevention or
application, please refer to HSIAC and               budget and grant request, and in the                    elimination of slums or blight; or
include your name, mailing address                   interest of fairness to all applicants, if                 (c) Meet other community
(including zip code) and telephone                   you submit an application requesting                    development needs having a particular
number (including area code).                        more than $400,000 in HUD funds, the                    urgency because existing conditions
   HUD will accept only one application              application will be ruled ineligible.                   pose a serious and immediate threat to
per HSI campus for this program. If your             HUD reserves the right to make awards                   the health and welfare of the
institution submits more than one                    for less than the maximum amount or                     community, and other financial
application, per campus, HUD will ask                less than the amount requested in your                  resources are not available to meet such
you to identify which application you                application.                                            needs.

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9458                     Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

   (You must ensure that of your                     Housing and Community Development                         (iv) Job and career counseling,
aggregate grant expenditures under                   Act of 1974;                                            assessment, training, and other activities
paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) above, at                  (e) Acquisition, construction,                       designed to promote employment
least 51% are for activities benefiting              reconstruction, rehabilitation, or                      opportunities, not related to special
low- and moderate-income persons.)                   installation of public facilities and                   economic development activities;
   You can find the regulations                      improvements, such as water and sewer                     (v) Capacity building for community
governing activities eligible under the              facilities and streets;                                 organizations;
CDBG program at 24 CFR part 570,                        (f) Relocation payments and other                      (vi) Social and medical services for
subpart C, particularly §§ 570.201                   assistance for temporarily and                          youths, adults, senior citizens, and the
through 570.206. Ineligible activities are           permanently relocated individuals,                      homeless;
listed at § 570.207. The CDBG                        families, businesses, and non-profit                      (vii) Fair housing services designed to
publication entitled ‘‘Everything You                organizations where the assistance is:                  further the fair housing objectives of the
Wanted to Know About CDBG’’                             (1) Required under the provision of 24               Fair Housing Act (42 U.S.C. 3601–20) by
discusses the regulations. You can                   CFR 570.606 (b) or (c); or                              making all persons, without regard to
obtain a copy from the SuperNOFA                        (2) Determined by your institution to                race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
Information Center. If you propose an                be appropriate under the provisions of                  familial status and/or disability aware of
activity which otherwise is eligible, it             24 CFR 570.606(d).                                      the range of housing opportunities
may not be funded if State or local law                 (g) Lead-based paint hazard reduction,               available to them;
requires that it be carried out by a                 pursuant to the CDBG regulations;                         (viii) Day care services and costs for
governmental entity.                                    (h) Special economic development                     the children of students attending your
   In addition, you may not propose the              activities described at 24 CFR 570.203,                 institution;
construction or rehabilitation of your               including activities designed to promote                  (ix) Continuum of care services for the
institution’s facilities unless you can              training and employment opportunities;                  homeless;
demonstrate that such activities would                  (i) Assistance to facilitate economic                  (x) Public access telecommunications
meet the purpose of this program to                  development by providing technical                      centers including Twenty/20 Education
expand the role and effectiveness of an              assistance or financial assistance for the              Communities (formerly known as
HSI in its locality. HUD will scrutinize             establishment, stabilization, and                       Campus of Learners) and Neighborhood
proposed activities for eligibility. As              expansion of microenterprises,                          Networks;
examples of eligible and ineligible on-              including minority enterprises.                           (xi) Activities to use HUD’s
campus activities, rehabilitating a                     (j) Assistance to community-based                    Partnership for Advancing Technology
library for use by your students would               development organizations (CBDO) to                     in Housing (PATH) technology;
not be an eligible activity, but                     carry out a CDBG neighborhood                             (xii) Services to assist low-income
rehabilitating it to convert it to a micro-          revitalization, community economic                      students to attend college, as part of the
business enterprise center for the                   development, or energy conservation                     U.S. Department of Education’s Gaining
community would be; or as another                    project, in accordance with 24 CFR                      Awareness and Readiness for
example, just undertaking your normal                570.204. This could include activities in               Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP).
activities (e.g., offering English as a              support of a HUD approved local CDBG                    (For more information, call 1–800-USA-
Second Language classes) would not be                Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy                    LEARN or visit the U.S. Department of
considered eligible activities because               (NRS) or HUD approved State CDBG                        Education’s website at www.ed.gov).
they would not expand your role and                  Community Revitalization Strategy                         (m) Up to 20% of your grant for
effectiveness in community                           (CRS);                                                  program administration costs related to
development activities. You should call                 (k) Establishment of a Community                     the planning and execution of
Jane Karadbil at the above number if                 Development Corporation (CDC) at the                    community development activities
you have any questions about the                     institution to undertake eligible                       assisted in whole or in part with grant
eligibility of any activities you may                activities. If you are proposing a                      funds. Pre-award planning costs may
propose. You may also look at the Office             Community Development Corporation                       not be paid out of grant funds.
of University Partnerships website at                (CDC) component, it may qualify for                       (D) Other Requirements. (1)
www.oup.org for summaries of last                    CBDO activities;                                        Leveraging. Although a match is not
year’s winners.                                         (l) Up to 15 percent of the grant for                required to qualify for funding, if you
   (2) Examples of Eligible Activities.              eligible public services activities                     claim leveraging from any source,
Examples of activities that generally can            including:                                              including your own institution, you
be carried out with these funds, under                  (i) Work study programs that meet the                must provide letters or other
one the three national objectives,                   program requirements of the Hispanic-                   documentation evidencing the extent
include, but are not limited to:                     serving Institutions Work Study                         and firmness of commitments of
   (a) Acquisition of real property;                 program, which can be found at 24 CFR                   leveraging from other Federal (e.g.,
   (b) Clearance and demolition;                     570.416;                                                Americorps Programs), State, local, and/
   (c) Rehabilitation of residential                    (ii) Outreach and other program                      or private sources (including the
structures to increase housing                       activities as described in the                          applicant’s own resources). These letters
opportunities for low- and moderate-                 Community Outreach Partnership                          or documents must be dated no earlier
income persons and rehabilitation of                 Centers Program section of the                          than the date of this published
commercial or industrial buildings to                SuperNOFA;                                              SuperNOFA. Potential sources of
correct code violations or for certain                  (iii) Educational activities including               leveraging assistance include:
other purposes, e.g., making                         English as a Second Language (ESL)                      Your own institution (for both direct
accessibility and visitability                       classes, adult basic education classes,                   and indirect costs);
modifications to housing;                            GED preparation and testing, and                        Federal, State and local governments;
   (d) Direct homeownership assistance               curriculum development of courses that                  Housing authorities
to low- and moderate-income persons,                 will lead to a certificate or degree in                 Local or national nonprofit
as provided in section 105(a)(25) of the             community planning and development;                       organizations

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00138   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                         Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9459

Banks and private businesses;                        timely manner. In rating this factor,                   Comprehensive Plans, community
   foundations; and                                  HUD will consider the extent to which                   needs analyses such as provided by the
Faith-based communities.                             your application demonstrates the                       United Way, your institution, etc., and
   (2) Employment of Local Area                      knowledge and experience of the overall                 other sound and reliable sources
Residents (Section 3). Please see Section            project director and staff, including the               appropriate for HSIAC. You may also
II(E) of the General Section of this                 day-to-day program manager,                             address needs in terms of fulfilling court
SuperNOFA. The requirements are                      consultants, and contractors in planning                orders or consent decrees, settlements,
applicable to certain activities that may            and managing the kinds of programs for                  conciliation agreements, and voluntary
be funded under this program section of              which funding is being requested. If this               compliance agreements.
the SuperNOFA.                                       experience is found within the HSI, you                   To the extent possible, the data you
   (3) Labor Standards. If you are                   will receive higher points on this factor               use should be specific to the area where
awarded a grant, you must comply with                than if you have secured this experience                the proposed activities will be carried
the labor standards as found at 24 CFR               from consultants, contractors, and other                out. You should document needs as
570.603.                                             staff outside your institution. In                      they apply to the area where the
   (4) OMB Circulars. Your grant will be             addition, if you demonstrate that the                   activities will be targeted, rather than
governed by the provisions of 24 CFR                 previous experience is for the project                  the entire locality or State, unless the
part 84 (Grants and Agreements with                  team from the institution proposed for                  target area is the entire locality or State.
Institutions of Higher Education,                    this project, you will receive higher
Hospitals and other Nonprofit                        points than if the experiences are for                  Rating Factor 3: Soundness of
Organizations), A–21 (Cost Principles                people not proposed to work on this                     Approach (50 points)
for Education Institutions, and A–133                project. Experience will be judged in                      This factor addresses the quality and
(Audits of States, Local Governments,                terms of recent, relevant, and successful               cost-effectiveness of your proposed
and Non-Profit Organizations. The                    experience of your staff to undertake                   work plan, the commitment of your
application kit contains a detailed                  activities in:                                          institution to sustain the proposed
explanation of what these costs are. You                (a) Outreach activities in specific                  activities, and your actions regarding
can access the OMB circulars at the                  communities to solve or ameliorate                      affirmatively furthering fair housing.
White House website at http://                       significant housing and community                          (1) Quality of the Work Plan (35
whitehouse.gov/wh/eop/omb/html/                      development issues;                                     Points). (a) Work Plan Impact (12
circulars.                                              (b) Undertaking specific successful                  Points). Specifically, HUD will consider
                                                     community development projects with                     the extent to which your proposed
IV. Application Selection Process                    community-based organizations; and                      activities will:
  HUD will conduct two types of                         (c) Providing proven leadership in
                                                                                                             (i) Expand the role of your institution in
review: a threshold review to determine              solving community problems which
                                                                                                                its community;
applicant eligibility; and a technical               have a direct bearing on the proposed
                                                                                                             (ii) Alleviate and/or fulfill the needs
review to rate the application based on              activity.
                                                                                                                identified in Factor 2;
the rating factors in this section.                  Rating Factor 2: Need/Extent of the                     (iii) Relate to and not duplicate other
  (A) Threshold Factors for Funding                  Problem (15 points)                                        activities in the target area;
Consideration. Under this threshold                                                                          (iv) Involve and empower the citizens of
review, your application can only be                   This factor addresses the extent to
                                                     which there is a need for funding the                      the target area in all stages of the
rated if it is both in compliance with the                                                                      proposed project; and
requirements of the General Section of               proposed program activities and an
                                                     indication of the importance of meeting                 (v) Be disseminated to a wide variety of
the SuperNOFA and the following                                                                                 audiences, both academic and
additional standards are met:                        the need in the target area. In
                                                     responding to this factor, you will be                     community-based, using a wide
  (1) You must be an eligible HSI;                                                                              variety of media, including print and
  (2) Your application requests a                    evaluated on the extent to which you
                                                     document the level of need for the                         Internet technology.
Federal grant of $400,000 or less over
the two-year grant period;                           proposed activities and the importance                     (b) Specific Services and/or Activities
  (3) There is only one application from             of meeting the need.                                    (13 Points). HUD will consider the
your institution or a campus of your                   You should use statistics and analyses                feasibility of success of your program,
institution;                                         contained in one or more data sources                   the measurable objectives, and how
  (4) At least one of the activities in              that are sound and reliable. To the                     timely your products will be delivered.
your application is eligible.                        extent that your targeted community’s                   Specifically, HUD will examine the
  (B) Factors for Award Used to                      Five (5) Year Consolidated Plan and                     extent to which:
Evaluate and Rate Applications. The                  Analysis of Impediments to Fair                            (i) The project you propose can be
factors for rating and ranking applicants,           Housing Choice (AI) identify the level of               completed within the two year grant
and maximum points for each factor, are              the problem and the urgency in meeting                  period; and
provided below. The maximum number                   the need, you should include references                    (ii) The objectives are measurable
of points for this program is 102. This              to these documents in your response to                  (e.g., the number of loans made, the
includes two EZ/EC bonus points, as                  this factor.                                            number of jobs created), result in
described in the General Section of the                If your proposed activities are not                   measurable improvement to the
SuperNOFA.                                           covered under the scope of the                          community (e.g., fifteen more
                                                     Consolidated Plan and AI, you should                    homeowners, twenty more jobs in a
Rating Factor 1: Capacity of the                     indicate such, and use other sound data                 specific field), and how well you
Applicant and Relevant Organizational                sources to identify the level of need and               demonstrate that these objectives will be
Experience (15 points)                               the urgency in meeting the need. Types                  achieved by your proposed management
  This factor addresses the extent to                of other sources include Census reports,                plan and team and will result directly
which you have the organizational                    HUD Continuum of Care gaps analysis,                    from your activities.
resources necessary to successfully                  law enforcement agency crime reports,                      (c) Involvement of the Faculty and
implement the proposed activities in a               Public Housing Authorities’                             Students (5 points). The extent to which

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00139   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9460                     Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

your application proposes to use the                 partnership that seeks to speed the                     entities. You may also establish
funds that could be spent under the                  creation and widespread use of                          partnerships with other program
public service cap (i.e., 15 percent of the          advanced technologies in order to                       funding recipients to coordinate the use
grant) for outreach and applied research             radically improve the quality,                          of resources in the target area.
activities related to the proposed                   durability, energy efficiency, and                         You may count overhead and other
activities that involve the students and             environmental performance and                           institutional costs (e.g., salaries) that are
faculty. HUD’s goal is to encourage the              affordability of housing. For more                      waived as leveraging. However, higher
kinds of activities that are eligible under          information, you can go to the PATH                     points will be awarded if you secure
the COPC program to be undertaken,                   web site at www.pathnet.org.                            leveraging resources from sources
within the public services cap                          (2) Institutionalization of Project                  outside your institution.
constraint, in HSIAC.                                Activities (10 points). The extent to                      You must provide letters or other
   (d) HUD Priorities (5 points). The                which your project will result in the                   documentation showing the extent and
extent to which your application will                kinds of proposed activities being                      firmness of commitments of leveraged
further and support at least one of the              sustained by becoming part of the                       funds (including your own resources) in
following priorities of HUD:                         mission of your institution. In reviewing               order for these resources to count in
   (1) Promoting healthy homes;                      this subfactor, HUD will consider the                   determining points under this factor.
   (2) Providing opportunities for self-             extent to which program activities relate               Any resource for which there is no
sufficiency, particularly for persons                to your institution’s mission; are part of              commitment letter will not be counted,
enrolled in welfare-to-work programs;                a climate that rewards faculty work on                  nor will the resource be counted
   (3) Enhancing ongoing efforts to                  these kinds of activities through                       without the proposed level of
eliminate drugs and crime from                       promotion and tenure; benefits students                 commitment being quantified. If your
neighborhoods through program policy                 because they are part of a service                      application does not include evidence
efforts such as ‘‘One Strike and You Are             learning program at your institution;                   of leveraging, it will receive zero (0)
Out’’ or the ‘‘Officer Next Door’’                   and are reflected in the curriculum.                    points for this Factor.
initiative;                                          HUD will look at your monetary and                      Rating Factor 5: Comprehensiveness
   (4) Providing educational, job                    non-monetary commitments to faculty                     and Coordination (10 points)
training, and homeownership                          and staff continuing work in the target
opportunities through such initiatives as            area or other similar areas and to your                    This factor addresses the extent to
GEAR UP, Neighborhood Networks,                      longer term commitment (five years                      which you have coordinated your
Twenty/20 Education Communities, and                 after the start of the grant) of hard                   activities with other known
linking programs to Americorps; or                   dollars to similar work.                                organizations, participate or promote
   (5) HUD’s Partnership for Advancing                  (3) Affirmatively Furthering Fair                    participation in a community’s
Technology in Housing (PATH)                         Housing (5 points). The extent to which                 Consolidated Planning process, and are
initiative.                                          you propose to undertake activities                     working towards addressing a need in a
   The Healthy Homes initiative                      designed to affirmatively further fair                  holistic and comprehensive manner
implements a series of activities to                 housing, for example:                                   through linkages with other activities in
protect children from home hazards                      (a) Working with other entities in the               the community. For specific information
such as lead-based paint, radon, fires,              community to overcome impediments to                    about your locality’s process, contact
and accidents around the home.                       fair housing, such as discrimination in                 the local or State Community
   The GEAR UP initiative promotes                   the sale or rental of housing or in                     Development Agency or the local HUD
partnerships between colleges and                    advertising, provision of brokerage                     field office. If you propose to work in a
middle or junior high schools in low-                services or lending;                                    Community Development Block Grant
income communities, to help teach                       (b) Promoting fair housing choice                    (CDBG) non-entitlement jurisdiction,
students how they can go to college by               through the expansion of                                you will only need to address and will
informing them about college options,                homeownership opportunities and                         only be rated on subfactors (1) and (3).
academic requirements, costs, and                    improved quality of services for                        If that is the case, the points for this
financial aid, and by providing support              minorities, families with children, and                 factor will be evenly divided between
services, including tutoring, counseling,            persons with disabilities; or                           these two subfactors.
and mentoring.                                          (c) Providing housing mobility                          In evaluating this factor, HUD will
   The Neighborhood Networks initiative              counseling services.                                    consider the extent to which you
enhances the self-sufficiency,                                                                               demonstrate that you have:
employability, and economic self-                    Rating Factor 4: Leveraging Resources                      (1) (4 points) Coordinated your
reliance of low-income families and the              (10 points)                                             proposed activities with those of other
elderly living in HUD-insured and HUD-                 This factor addresses your ability to                 groups or organizations prior to
assisted properties by providing them                secure community resources, which can                   submission in order to best
with on-site access to computer and                  be combined with HUD program funds                      complement, support, and coordinate
training resources.                                  to achieve program objectives.                          all known activities and, if funded, the
   The Twenty/20 Education Community                   In evaluating this factor, HUD will                   specific steps you will take to share
initiative (formerly known as Campus of              consider the extent to which you have                   information on solutions with others.
Learners) is designed to transform                   established partnerships with other                     Any written agreements, memoranda of
public housing into safe and livable                 entities to secure additional resources to              understanding in place, or that will be
communities where families undertake                 increase the effectiveness of the                       in place after award, should be
training in new telecommunications and               proposed activities. Resources may                      described.
computer technology and partake in                   include funding or in-kind                                 (2) (3 points) Taken or will take
educational opportunities and job                    contributions, such as services or                      specific steps to become active in the
training initiatives.                                equipment. Resources may be provided                    community’s Consolidated Planning
   The Partnership for Advancing                     by governmental entities, public or                     process (including the Analysis of
Technology in Housing (PATH)                         private nonprofit organizations, for-                   Impediments to Fair Housing Choice)
initiative is a voluntary public/private             profit private organizations, or other                  established to identify and address a

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00140   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                         Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9461

need/problem that is related to the                     Your application must contain the                    in your application and details how
activities you propose.                              items listed in this section. These items               your proposed work will be
   (3) (3 points) Taken or will take                 include the standard forms,                             accomplished. (Please note that
specific steps to develop linkages to                certifications, and assurances listed in                although submitting pages in excess of
coordinate comprehensive solutions                   the General Section of the SuperNOFA                    the page limit will not disqualify your
through meetings, information                        that are applicable to this funding                     application, HUD will not consider the
networks, planning processes or other                (collectively referred to as the ‘‘standard             information on any excess pages, which
mechanisms with:                                     forms’’). The standard forms can be                     may result in a lower score or failure to
   (a) Other HUD-funded projects/                    found in Appendix B to the General                      meet a threshold.) For each proposed
activities outside the scope of those                Section of the SuperNOFA. The                           activity, your Statement of Work must:
covered by the Consolidated Plan; and                remaining application items that are                       (1) Arrange the presentation of major
   (b) Other Federal, State or locally-              forms (i.e., excluding such items as                    related activities (e.g., rehabilitation of a
funded activities, including those                   narratives), referred to as the ‘‘non-                  child care center, provision of tutoring
proposed or ongoing in the community.                standard forms’’ can be found as                        services), summarize each activity,
   (C) Selections. In order to be funded,            Appendix A to this program section of                   identify the primary persons (as
you must receive a minimum score of 70               the SuperNOFA. The items are as                         described in addressing Rating Factor
points. HUD will fund applications in                follows:                                                (1) involved in carrying out the activity
rank order, until it has awarded all                    (A) SF–424, Application for Federal                  and accountable for the deliverables,
available funds. If two or more                      Assistance.                                             and delineate the major tasks involved
applications have the same number of                    (B) HUD–424M, Federal Assistance                     in carrying it out. You should also
points, the application with the most                Funding Matrix.                                         describe how each activity meets a
points for Factor 3, Soundness of                       (C) Application Checklist.                           CDBG national objective.
                                                        (D) Transmittal Letter, signed by the                   (2) Indicate the sequence in which
Approach, shall be selected. If there is
                                                     Chief Executive Officer of your                         tasks are to be performed, noting areas
still a tie, the application with the most
                                                     institution or his or her designee. If a                of work that must be performed
points for Factor 4, Leveraging, shall be
                                                     designee signs, your application must                   simultaneously. The sequence, duration,
                                                     include the official designation of                     and the products to be delivered should
   HUD will not fund specific proposed
                                                     signatory authority.                                    be presented in six month intervals, up
activities that do not meet eligibility                 (E) Abstract/Executive Summary (one
requirements (see 24 CFR part 570,                                                                           to 24 months.
                                                     page limit) describing the goals and
subpart C) or do not meet a national                                                                            (3) Identify the specific numbers of
                                                     activities of the project.
objective in accordance with 24 CFR                     (F) Budget. The budget presentation                  quantifiable intermediate and end
570.208.                                             should be consistent with the Statement                 products and objectives (e.g., the
   HUD reserves the right to make                    of Work and include:                                    number of houses to be rehabilitated,
selections out of rank order to provide                 (1) A budget by activity, using Form                 the number of people to be trained, the
for geographic distribution of funded                HUD–30004 included in the application                   number of minority businesses started,
HSIACs. If HUD decides to use this                   kit and in the program area section of                  etc.) you aim to deliver by the end of the
option, it will do so only if two adjacent           the SuperNOFA. This form separates the                  grant period as a result of the work
HUD regions do not yield at least one                Federal and non-Federal costs of each                   performed.
fundable HSIAC on the basis of rank                  program activity. Particular attention                     (H) Narrative Statement Addressing
order. If this occurs, HUD will fund the             should be paid to accurately estimating                 the Factors for Award. (25 page limit,
highest ranking applicant within the                 costs; determining the necessity for and                including tables, and maps, but not
two regions as long as the minimum                   reasonableness of costs; and correctly                  including any letters of commitment)
score of 70 points is achieved.                      computing all budget items and totals.                  You should number the narrative in
   After all application selections have                (2) A narrative statement of how you                 accordance with each factor and
been made, HUD may require that you                  arrived at your costs, for any line item                subfactor. Please do not repeat material
participate in negotiations to determine             over $5,000. Indirect costs must be                     in the Statement of Work. (Please note
the specific terms of the Statement of               substantiated and the rate must have                    that although submitting pages in excess
Work and the grant budget. In cases                  been approved by the cognizant Federal                  of the page limit will not disqualify your
where HUD cannot successfully                        agency. If you are proposing to                         application, HUD will not consider the
complete negotiations, or you fail to                undertake rehabilitation of residential,                information on any excess pages, which
provide HUD with requested                           commercial, or industrial structures or                 may result in a lower score or failure to
information, an award will not be made.              acquisition, construction, or installation              meet a threshold.)
In such instances, HUD may elect to                  of public facilities and improvements,                     In addressing Factor 4, for each
offer an award to the next highest                   you must submit reasonable costs                        leveraging source, cash or in kind, you
ranking applicant, and proceed with                  supplied by a qualified entity other than               must submit a letter, dated no earlier
negotiations with that applicant.                    your institution. Guidance for securing                 than the date of this SuperNOFA, from
                                                     these estimates can be obtained from the                the provider on the provider’s letterhead
V. Application Submission                                                                                    that addresses the following:
Requirements                                         CPD Director in your HUD field office
                                                     or from your local government.                             • The dollar amount or dollar value
  You should include an original and                    (3) A statement of compliance with                   of the in-kind goods and/or services
two copies of the items listed below. In             the 20 percent limitation on ‘‘Planning                 committed. For each leveraging source,
order to be able to recycle paper, please            and Administration’’ costs.                             the dollar amount in the commitment
do not submit applications in bound                     (G) Statement of Work (25 page limit;                letter must be consistent with the dollar
form; binder clips or loose leaf binders             this page limit is separate from the 25                 amount you indicated in the Budget;
are acceptable. Also, please do not use              pages for the Narrative Statement                          • How the leveraging amount is to be
colored paper. Please note the page                  addressing the rating factors described                 used;
limits for some of the items listed below            above) The Statement of Work                               • The date the leveraging amount will
and do not exceed them.                              incorporates all activities to be funded                be made available and a statement that

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00141   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9462                     Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

it will be for the duration of the grant               (K) Client Comment and Suggestions                    specific properties or areas. Your
period;                                              (HUD–2994). If you wish to offer                        application constitutes an assurance
   • Any terms and conditions affecting              comments on the HSIAC NOFA of this                      that your institution assist HUD to
the commitment, other than receipt of a              SuperNOFA or the SuperNOFA process,                     comply with part 50; will supply HUD
HUD HSIAC Grant; and                                 please complete this form. This form is                 with all available and relevant
   • The signature of the appropriate                optional.                                               information to perform an
executive officer authorized to commit                 You may not submit appendices or                      environmental review for each proposed
the funds and/or goods and/or services.              general support letters or resumes. If                  property; will carry out mitigating
(See the application kit and the program             you submit letters of leveraging                        measures required by HUD or select
area section of the SuperNOFA for a                  commitment, they must be included in                    alternate property; and will not acquire,
sample commitment letter.)                           your response to Factor 4. If you submit
                                                                                                             rehabilitate, convert, lease, repair, or
   (I) Certifications. (1) SF–424B,                  other documentation, it must be
                                                                                                             construct property and not commit HUD
Assurances for Non-Construction                      included with the pertinent factor
Programs;                                            responses (taking note of the page limit).              or expend local funds for these program
   (2) HUD–50071, Certification of                                                                           activities with respect to any eligible
Payments to Influence Certain Federal                VI. Corrections to Deficient                            property until HUD approval of the
                                                     Applications                                            property is required. In supplying HUD
   (3) SF-LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying                  The General Section of the                            with environmental information, you
Activities (if applicable);                          SuperNOFA provides the procedures for                   should use the same guidance as
   (4) HUD–2880, Applicant/Recipient                 corrections to deficient applications.                  provided in the HUD Handbook entitles
Disclosure/Update Form;                                                                                      ‘‘Field Environmental Review
                                                     VII. Environmental Requirements
   (5) HUD–50070, Certification of Drug-                                                                     Processing for HUD Colonias Initiative
Free Workplace;                                         Selection for award does not                         Grants’’ issued January 27, 1998.
   (6) HUD–2992, Certification                       constitute approval of any proposed
Regarding Debarment and Suspension;                  sites. Following selection for award,                   VIII. Authority
   (7) HUD–2991, Certification of                    HUD will perform an environmental
Consistency with the Consolidated Plan;              review of activities proposed for                         This program was approved by
and                                                  assistance under this program, in                       Congress under the section 107 of the
   (8) HUD–2990, Certification of                    accordance with 24 CFR part 50. The                     CDBG appropriation for fiscal year 2000,
Consistency with the EZ/EC Strategic                 results of the environmental review may                 as part of the FY 2000 HUD
Plan (if applicable);                                require that your proposed activities be                Appropriations Act. HSIAC is being
   (J) Acknowledgement of Receipt of                 modified or that your proposed sites be                 implemented through this program
Applications (HUD–2993). If you wish                 rejected. You are particularly cautioned                section of the SuperNOFA and the
to confirm that HUD received your                    not to undertake or commit funds for                    policies governing its operation are
application, please complete this form.              acquisition or development of proposed                  contained herein.
This form is optional.                               properties prior to HUD approval of                     BILLING CODE 4210–32–P

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00142   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                      Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9463

                                                                    APPENDIX A
The non-standard forms, which follow, are required for your HSIAC application.

VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00143   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9464                    Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

  VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00144   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                      Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9465

VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00145   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9466                    Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

  VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00146   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                      Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9467

VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00147   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9468                    Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

  VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00148   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3