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                                 December 14, 2009
                         Historic Preservation Commission
                                   City of Batavia

1. Meeting Called to Order

Chairman Vasilion called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.

2. Roll Call

Members Present:          Bell (5:34 p.m.), Bus, Hoefler (5:39 p.m.), LaLonde, Searl,
                          and Vasilion
Members Absent:           Fessler
Also Present:             Greg Bartosik, GRW; Deidre Petrik, Joel Strassman,
                          Planning and Zoning Officer; Charles Timm, Susan
                          Timm, and Connie Rizo, Recording Secretary

3. Approval of Minutes: 11/23/09

Motion:             To approve the 11/23/09 Historic Preservation Commission
                    meeting minutes.
Maker:              LaLonde
Second:             Searl
Voice vote:         4 Ayes, 0 Nays, Motion Carried.

4. COA Review: Window Replacement, 329 East Wilson Continuation
   (Charles Timm, applicant)

Charles Timm distributed photos of his property and stated his wife, Susan, was
attending along with him this evening. C. Timm read the following statement:

      “I would like to read a statement concerning my wife's and my COA. As you
      probably already know many get a bit nervous while speaking in public just like
      me. By preparing my statement in advance I am less likely to leave out any
      important details that might otherwise be omitted. First, let me begin by saying
      that we believe the Historical Preservation Committee is a necessary entity. The
      preservation of our town's history is very important, especially as it relates to
      architecture and historical buildings. We purchased our home at 329 East
      Wilson Street in 1984 from the L. R. Johnson Estate. The home is basically of a
      nondescript design and not of a historical architectural design. We were told at
      the sale that there had been many additions to the original design. We want to
      thank Britta McKenna for supplying the pictures of the windows to be replaced.
      We thought it would be beneficial for the Committee to also see the entire
      structure. I also have pictures of the three light slider windows we are looking at
      to replace the two old windows. As you can see from the photos, the structure of
Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
December 14, 2009
Page 2 of 5

      our home has been altered with an addition built onto the front of the home at
      least 15 years ago before the formation of the Historical Preservation Committee.
      Even so, we believe that the home in its original concept was of a very
      nondescript nature, which has also been noted as such by your esteemed
      Chairman. Just recently we were approved to remove and replace a front
      entrance to our home and we went along with the Committee's wishes to have
      the porch underskirted and painted to match the color of the rest of the home. It
      can't be painted for a year because it is treated wood. Now we would like to
      upgrade our windows, which obviously are single-paned and costly to us, the
      consumer, and to the environment with the loss of much energy as the present
      windows are not energy efficient. With our home being of a nondescript nature
      and the present configuration of the modernization of the front portion of the
      home, we believe as a couple that the replacement of the windows and the
      present proposal would not harm the overall nonhistorical features of the home
      even with a 3-slider front window and the 2-slider west window, which are the
      windows directly underneath the awnings. During the replacement of the
      windows the awnings have to be removed and they are in a state of disrepair.
      Thus, we would like to have the awnings permanently removed. We, as a
      couple, think that our home in its present state does not measure up to the
      scrutiny of a historical landmark such as a Victorian-style home or home of a
      distinct descript nature. We are not looking for a carte blanche approval or
      whatever we bring before the Committee, but are looking to improve the overall
      quality and appearance of our home. Our home is in need of paint or some
      significant change for the better, but with the condition of the soffit and fascia, it
      would be next to impossible to replace such with the original wood trim. Thank
      you for your time and the effort put forth in preservation of our City's history.
      Chuck and Susan Timm.”

Chairperson Vasilion stated when the Historic District was created three different levels
of significance for buildings were established. Chairman Vasilion pointed out in doing
so projects that aren't contributing in a significant manner would be treated in the most
lenient way.

C. Timm explained that the windows that were being replaced were those on the bottom
portion of the home except for those in the addition that are already energy-efficient
modern windows. S. Timm explained those windows that were being replaced on the
bottom portion of the home is in the area where the Timm's reside.

Chairman Vasilion inquired as to the color of the new windows. C. Timm advised the
windows would be white. C. Timm inquired whether the Committee would require the
storms and screens to be painted white, since they are black, to match the bottom
windows until the upper windows could be replaced. Chairman Vasilion commented the
all white window is more attractive with the style of house.
Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
December 14, 2009
Page 3 of 5

Tom LaLonde stated he wanted to fully understand the scope of work and whether the
replacement windows would exactly match the profile of the existing windows. C. Timm
stated the window under the awning is a picture window plus two of the double-hung
windows on each side and is scheduled to be replaced with a 3-slider. S. Timm stated
that 3-slider window looks similar to what exists because it is like a picture window with
a smaller window on each side. Chairman Vasilion inquired if the replacement windows
would be filling the entire opening of the space currently occupied by the existing
window. Pat Bell inquired if the large window was fixed and the two side windows were
sliders. C. Timm confirmed same. C. Timm added the rest of the windows would be
replaced with windows that look the same as the current windows. C. Timm
commented the windows on the front porch are casement windows. LaLonde
commented that the windows should keep in character with the home. LaLonde
suggested the window under the awning should be replaced with one large fixed
window panel with double-hung windows on each side. S. Timm and C. Timm stated
the slider windows would look similar and would cost less. LaLonde shared the concern
that the proportions of the window are different and would look different using slider
windows. LaLonde asked the Timm's to see if they could get the double-hung windows
rather than the slider windows. C. Timm replied he could look into getting the windows
suggested by LaLonde and stated it would be more costly.

Chairman Vasilion inquired as to the plans for replacement the upper windows in the
future. C. Timm stated it would be the same double-hung type and less expensive
windows. Chairman Vasilion shared the concern that having three different window
types would not be favorable and asked that Timm's reconsider the sliders to actually be
double-hung windows.

C. Timm stated he also had a question regarding the picture window on the west side of
the home, which was originally planned to be replaced with a 2-slider window.
Chairman Vasilion stated that ideally it would be best if it was double-hung, but since
that window did not face the street it was not that critical. Bell commented the style and
rail should match the same proportions of the other window assemblies.

Bell asked the Timm's whether they had cut sheets depicting the sliding windows. C.
Timm stated he did not have a 2-slider cut sheet. S. Timm commented the 2-slider
would look more like a picture window and just slide. C. Timm reiterated that since the
home was not historical in nature the window replacement should not be such an issue.
Cathy Searl commented she would not object to the slider windows. LaLonde
commented that he preferred double-hung windows all the way around, but would be
willing to accept the slider windows on the side as long as the Timm’s would have the
double-hung windows on the front window. C. Timm stated double-hung windows could
be put in the front as suggested by the Commissioners.
Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
December 14, 2009
Page 4 of 5

Motion:             To approve the COA for window replacement at 329 East Wilson
                    with the condition that the front window assembly be one fixed
                    window and two double-hung windows on each side.
Maker:              Bell
Second:             Hoefler
Voice vote:         6 Ayes, 0 Nays, Motion Carried

5. COA Review: Window Installation/Screen Porch, 31 North River Street (Frank
   Fox, applicant)

Deidre Petrik stated she represented Frank Fox and introduced Greg Bartosik from
GRW Development, Inc. Petrik explained she submitted documents with drawings,
descriptions, and presented pictures of the existing area. Petrik explained how the area
in the back of the building to be renovated would include slider windows because they
would not block the view of the river and commented that she has already been in
discussions with the Building Commissioner, Jeff Albertson. Petrik pointed out how the
area is in need of renovation as the present structure has Plexiglas.

Phil Bus inquired what type of restaurant would be at this site. Petrik advised it would
be a family fun restaurant. Chairman Vasilion inquired if the screens above and the
Plexiglas below were both being replaced. Petrik replied they both would be replaced
and the specifications were in the documents provided with the COA (refer to
documents). Petrik advised the vinyl windows would be in white. Chairman Vasilion
inquired if the vinyl windows could be done in brown. Petrik replied the vinyl windows
only came in white.

Dan Hoefler asked if the area would be used year-round. Petrik advised heaters could
be put into place, but gas could be piped in through a gas line and the area could be
stained or have carpet installed. Petrik conveyed the plans had not developed to that
point and at this point the focus would be on getting the area enclosed.

Chairperson Vasilion inquired whether the area would have finished wolmanized wood.
Greg Bartosik stated there would need to be changes in the wood because they are not
structural. Bartosik added he wants to put double 2 x 6 cripples in place and seal the
outside and drywall the inside along with regular construction lumber. Bartosik
mentioned he would wrap the outside with cedar. Chairman Vasilion inquired how the
cedar would be finished. Bartosik replied that would be according to the color chosen
by Petrik.

Tom LaLonde inquired about plans for the roof. Bartosik replied there would be no
structural changes to the roof. Bartosik added the plan is to make the area more energy
efficient and green.
Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
December 14, 2009
Page 5 of 5

Motion:            To approve the COA for 31 North River Street as presented.
Maker:             LaLonde
Second:            Bell
Voice vote:        6 Ayes, 0 Nays, Motion Carried.

6. Other

• Joel Strassman advised at present there were no items for the December 28, 2009,
  HPC meeting. Chairman Vasilion polled Commissioners regarding attendance for the
  HPC meeting for December 28, 2009. A majority of the Commissioners would be
  absent, therefore, that meeting is cancelled.

• Joel Strassman advised that the COA application form has been revised to include a
  line to indicate what classification each property is.

7. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bell and LaLonde seconded the motion
to adjourn the meeting at 6:01 p.m. All were in favor and the motion was carried.

Minutes prepared by
Connie Rizo

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