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Money Matters Quick -Reference Guide Correction


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									Volume 40, Issue 3                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2010

The Bulletin is the official   PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships
   publication of the
  Tennessee PTA—a              PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships serve as a platform for
 branch of the National        creating programs and practices that promote and strengthen family and community
Congress of Parents and        engagement in schools. The Standards can be used to assess and strengthen parent
       Teachers                involvement at the state, district and local levels through policy and practice.

The Bulletin is published in   The National Standards Assessment Guide provides specific goals for each Standard,
         8 issues:             as well as indicators for measuring whether those goals are being met. There are also
   August/September,           examples for each indicator to show what good practice looks like at different levels of
   October, November,          development:
 February, March, April,           Level 1: Emerging - Limited level of development and implementation
        May/June                   Level 2: Progressing - Functioning level of development and implementation
                                   Level 3: Excelling - Highly functioning level of development and implementation
  Tennessee State PTA
   1905 Acklen Avenue          Each level of practice should build on the last; good practices at the emerging and
  Nashville, TN 37212          progressing levels are expected to continue at the next level.
      (615) 383-9740           There are six Standards:
 Toll-free (888) 782-5712
  FAX: (615) 383-9741              Standard 1: Welcoming All Families Into the School Community
       Web address:                Standard 2: Communicating Effectively
       www.tnpta.org               Standard 3: Supporting Student Success
      Email address:               Standard 4: Speaking Up for Every Child
   ptaoffice@tnpta.org             Standard 5: Sharing Power
                                   Standard 6: Collaborating with Community
                               In upcoming TN Bulletin issues, I will explain each Standard and provide examples of
   WELCOME to                  the three levels of implementation. For more information about the Standards, please
   our new TALL                visit www.pta.org.
     Members                   Krista Wharton—Family Engagement
   Lucy Spurgeon
   Marsha Mullins
                               Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide Correction
    Douglas Henry
                               A correction has been made to the PTA Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide
     April Holdren             regarding the requirements for filing Form 990/990-EZ. As of the 2010 tax year, for
                               returns filed in 2011 or later, PTAs with an annual gross income of more than $50,000
   WELCOME to                  (formerly $25,000) must file Form 990 and Schedule A. If a PTA’s gross receipts are
  our new LOCAL                less than $200,000 and total assets are less than $500,000, the PTA may file Form
                               990-EZ instead of Form 990. If gross receipts are $50,000 or less, the PTA must
       UNIT                    electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard. This correction
                               replaces language currently found on page 24 of the hard copy PTA Money Matters
        Denver                 Quick Reference Guide included in the PTA Official Kit. Download the updated PTA
      Elementary               Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide online version, as well as updated pages to
                               insert into the print version of the guide.
VOLUME 40, ISSUE 3                           “THE BULLETIN”                                                      PAGE 2

                               National Parent Involvement Day
          National Parent Involvement Day began in 1994 by Project Appleseed as a recognition of the role parents
 and other adults play in their local public schools. This celebration of family engagement calls on caring parents,
 grandparents, and other adults to assist teachers and staff with the daily activities involved in providing a balanced
 education for all students.
          Parents are a child’s first teacher and should continue with a strong interaction with the school. The
 evidence is overwhelming that involved parents play a critical role in their child’s success. Students that have
 actively involved families get higher grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are more likely to be successful
 throughout their entire lives. The school is a critically important part of a community since the quality of education
 not only shapes our children’s future but the future of our communities and society.
          National Parent Involvement Day is a time set aside to say an extra-special “Thank You” to family
 volunteers. PTA’s should encourage every parent to make time to stay involved in their local school. You should
 first make parents aware of opportunities to become involve and then let them know how much they are
          Signs, banners and balloons saying, “Our Parents are Great!” posted around the school and having
 students write notes expressing their gratitude to volunteers and wonderful tools to show appreciation. Encourage
 parents to sign a pledge committing to volunteer at least five hours of time at the school and at least 15 minutes per
 night with their own child. Consider hosting a volunteer brunch, reception or Thanksgiving luncheon.
          The Parent Involvement Pledge provides an opportunity for parents to formalize their commitment to
 working with their child’s school and provide a survey of parent volunteer interest. According to Project Appleseed,
 there are six slices of parental involvement: Parenting, Learning at Home, Volunteering, Communicating,
 Collaborating with the Community, and Decision Making.
          November 18th is National Parent Involvement Day. Volunteering in your child’s school will make a big
 difference for your child, your child’s school, and help improve the education for all Tennessee students.

           SPOTLIGHT ON . . .                            Charlene Harris—Third Vice President

               I began my PTA volunteer career when my oldest daughter, Katherine, was in kindergarten. I
               recognized the importance of being involved in her education and that commitment has never
               wavered. In my visits to her class I was touched by how many children craved attention, and it
               became clear that not all parents were as engaged in their children’s lives as I was. That experience
               opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to “speak up” for children in general – not just my child.
 I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters. Katherine is now a sophomore at Faulkner University and is
 majoring in Secondary Education, training to teach high school English. Jenna is a sophomore at Sullivan South
 High School, involved in theater and a member of the volleyball team. I have been married for 22 years to Keith,
 who works at Eastman Chemical Company. I am very fortunate to have a husband who supports me in my
 volunteer work and realizes the value I place on it.
 Previously, I have served the Tennessee PTA as Treasurer and chairman of Family Life and Parent Involvement
 Committee. I have also served as president of Sullivan County PTA Council and various positions at the local unit
 level including Hospitality Chair, Fundraising Chair, Treasurer, President-Elect and President.
 Our family is very active in our church, attending Northeast Church of Christ in Kingsport. I am on the Foreign
 Missions Team and Youth Team, and frequently participate in youth events. We love camping, hiking, and generally
 enjoy being outdoors and enjoying this beautiful world God has given us.
VOLUME 40, ISSUE 3                               “THE BULLETIN”                                                    PAGE 3

        Celebrate Healthy Lifestyles in November for a Healthy Life
 One of the founding tenets of the National PTA was the well-being of children and youth. Albeit the issues that
 faced children in 1897 are much different from those faced today, the overriding goal of having healthy children is
 not. However, we have gone from children being overworked and under-fed, to their being over fed and under
 exercised. The result is the first generation of children who may not have as long a life-expectancy as their parents
 because of unhealthy habits resulting in childhood obesity. So, this focus of PTA for the 114 years it has been in
 existence is even more relevant today.
 In 2007, PTA declared November as Healthy Lifestyles Month. Healthy Lifestyles encompasses all aspects of an
 individual’s well-being, from choosing the right foods in proper portions, to staying physically active, to having
 regular check-ups to ensure that all is well. Since so much of a child’s time is spent in school, ensuring that schools
 are providing healthy choices for food and physical activity is an essential part of the Healthy Lifestyles program, but
 having a healthy lifestyle starts at home.
 PTA has developed a number of resources for families to use as guides for establishing Healthy Lifestyles. You can
 find them through the PTA website by following this link: http://www.pta.org/healthy_lifestyles.asp
 Remember to eat well by selecting nutritious foods for your children and yourself, keeping the portions of reasonable
 size, limiting juices and sodas, and eating slowly so your stomach can let you know when you’ve eaten enough; live
 well by getting enough exercise to keep fit; and sleep well because getting enough sleep has been linked to staying
 fit (elementary school children should get 10 to 11 hours a night and middle and high schoolers should sleep for 8 to
 9 hours). Following these simple guides will enable our children to be ready to learn when they get to school and
 will promote a healthy lifestyle.

                      Save the date…Legislative Days on the Hill
 The Tennessee PTA will be hosting Legislative Days on the Hill in 2011. Our first day will
 be on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. We will have a focus on student involvement in
 legislation and we encourage you to join us as our Students Storm the Hill. The day will be
 geared to informing our middle and high school students on the importance of their
 involvement in the formation of legislation affecting public education. Students will be
 greeted by our state leaders, have a review of pending legislation, participate in debates on
 mock legislation and meet with their elected representatives. We would encourage you to
 work with the educators in your area to facilitate the participation of a group of middle and
 high students from you local units.
 Stay tuned to the Tennessee PTA website for updates and further details. www.tnpta.org

                                              VETERANS DAY

                                 Veterans Day originally was held every November 11th, and though it
                                 typically falls on this day, officially the holiday is now observed on the
                                 weekday that falls closest to November 11th every year. It was first
                                 incorporated by President Wilson as Armistice Day in 1919. Other countries
                                 today also still recognize November 11th as Armistice Day or Remembrance
                                 Day in honor of the Armistice treaty which ended WWI.
                                 Let us all remember and honor our service men and women of past and
                                 present. They have sacrificed their lives for our country and our
VOLUME 40, ISSUE 3                            “THE BULLETIN”                                                          PAGE 4

                                           REGION ROUND-UP
 Greetings from the Mid-Cumberland Region! On July 27th, we hosted our Summer Leadership Training
 and had a great turn out. As usual, our outstanding executive board presented the training to an excited
 and attentive audience. We had five vendors present that offered ways for PTAs to raise funds. I
 appreciate all of those that helped in organizing and setting up for this wonderful event.
 I represented the Tennessee PTA at the July 30th State Board of Education Meeting. They adopted the
 Tennessee Standards for Family- School Partnerships. The Tennessee Standards are based upon the
 PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. This is a great testament
 to the outstanding work done at the National PTA level.
 On August 28th, I attended the All Pro Dads event at Titan’s Field. Check it out at
 www.allprodads.com. It was a great day for dads and their children to spend some
 one-on-one time together. Thanks to our executive committee members, their
 spouses and kids for working the table to hand out information and water bottles to
 the attendees.

 I traveled around Nashville in early September to deliver membership packets to various schools and
 met several of the PTA board members. They were excited to be beginning a new school year. I
 encourage you all to continue to be involved and have a say in your child’s education. It does make a
 Tim Sawyer – Region Director

              SPOTLIGHT ON . . .                        Karen Carson—State Legislative Chair
              Like so many of you, I began my involvement with PTA when my oldest son entered Kindergarten. I
              wanted to be involved and was fortunate enough to be at a new school that was just beginning its PTA.
              I’ve been a pediatric nurse for many years (far too many to mention) and the Health and Safety
              committee in the PTA was the perfect fit for me. As I spent time in the organization, I began to better
              appreciate how vital active and involved parents were to the success of the school in providing the best
 educational opportunities for our kids. I was hooked! As I was afforded opportunities to serve in a number of
 volunteer capacities at the local, council, and state levels with PTA I realized that I became a better
 mom, pediatric nurse and citizen of my community. I am blessed by having the full support of my
 husband Joe, and three children TJ, Doug, and Rebeka as I continue my work as a child advocate. It
 continues to be my pleasure to have the privilege of serving as the Chairperson of the State Legislative
 Committee for the Tennessee PTA and as an elected member of the Knox County Board of Education.
 I look forward to continuing to work with each of you as we advocate for all kids. It is worth
 remembering that volunteers are not paid—not because they are worthless—but because they are

                                Tennessee Dual Enrollment Program
The Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant program is defined as a grant for study at an eligible postsecondary institution
that is funded from net proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to students who are attending high school and who
are also enrolled in college courses at eligible postsecondary institutions for which they will receive college credit. The
Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant program is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee
Student Assistance Corporation. It is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified high school students in
pursuit of postsecondary study at an eligible Tennessee public or private institution while receiving dual high school
and college credit from successfully completed courses. This program provides opportunities for these students to
begin working toward a college degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma, and encourages post-secondary
education and the acceleration of postsecondary attainment. The term “dual enrollment” applies to these enrollments
regardless of course delivery location or course delivery method.
                    For eligibility, participation requirements and application deadlines go to:
VOLUME 40, ISSUE 3                               “THE BULLETIN”                                                      PAGE 5

                                  Let’s celebrate together
                           100 Years of Tennessee PTA!
 Celebrating 100 Years! The Tennessee PTA Board of Managers and Past Presidents are continuing the
 planning for our 100 Year Convention Celebration! The delegate convention registration booklet is in its
 final stages and will be sent out soon.
 Why is it important for you to attend the Tennessee PTA’s Annual Convention? This is our annual meeting
 and you need to be a part of the process. We will vote on officers and update our bylaws. There will be
 great speakers and informative workshops for PTA leaders. This is your opportunity to give input as we
 adopt our Resolutions. Our exhibit hall will be filled with many exhibitors who will have information about
 programs, activities and fund raising.
 As a member and a unit leader you have a responsibility to yourself and your unit to learn what is new in
 education in Tennessee. This is also a great opportunity to network with many others from across the
 state. It is essential that every member be familiar with PTA resolutions and that all units be represented
 at Convention so that they can take part in informed decisions to support, reject, update or rescind these
 positions. Bring your PTA colleagues, your questions, your opinions and voting cards, but most of all;
 bring your energy and conviction to the place where the real action is—Nashville 2011 - April 8th – 10th at
 the Sheraton Music City.

  Engaging Families to Improve Achievement: Advice from the Research
 I recently read an article by Anne Henderson and Karen Mapp, and as the Tennessee PTA Family Engagement Chair, I
 wanted to share what they wrote: Decades of research strongly suggest that families have a major influence on their
 children’s achievement in school and through life. When schools support families to be involved at home and at school,
 students achieve at higher levels, no matter what their background. In short, when parents are involved in education,
 children do better in school, and schools get better.
 It is most important to note that students with involved parents are more likely to:

     •   Earn higher grades and test scores and enroll in higher-level programs
     •   Be promoted, pass their classes and earn credits
     •   Attend school regularly
     •   Have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school
     •   Graduate and go on to post-secondary

     For ideas on ways to get involved, please visit www.pta.org.

                                               Cakewalks and PTA’s
 Did you ever think it would come to this?
 Under the “Tennessee Charitable Gaming Implementation Law”, Chapter # 476, the law reads:
 (8)(A) “Type of lottery game” means a game of chance played by an person eighteen years of age or older including
 raffles, reverse raffles, cakewalks and cake wheels, but expressly prohibiting pull tabs, punchboards, bingo, instant
 bingo, video lottery, instant and on-line lottery games of a type operated by the Tennessee education lottery
 corporation, keno and games of chance associated with casinos, including, but not limited to, slot machines, roulette
 wheels, and the like; (C) For the purpose of this item, “cakewalks” and “cake wheels” mean a game of chance in
 which a participant is required to make a wager to select, or to receive , a prize with the winner determined by
 random selection through walking to music, colored space, a spinning wheel, drawing or any combination thereof;

 To have a legal cakewalk in the State of Tennessee, you have to fill an annual event application and appropriate non
 -refundable fee with the Secretary of State.
VOLUME 40, ISSUE 1     “THE BULLETIN”                                        PAGE 4

                                        DATES TO REMEMBER
                          November 5-7       Training Capacity Building Initiative
                                             Chicago, IL
                          November 12-13     Tennessee PTA Board of Managers
                          November 18        National Parent Involvement Day
                          December 1         Required Membership Report due to
                                             State Office
                          January 19         All Reflections entries due to State
                          February 15        All Partnership, Outstanding,
                                             Creative Membership Award
      Save the Date                          Applications and Resolutions due to
                                             State Office
    April 8-10, 2011      February 23
                          March 1
                                             Legislative Day on the Hill
                                             All Citizenship Essay & Safety Poster
                                             /Multi-Media entries due to State
                                             Office—Final Membership Report
                                             due to State Office
                          March 5-6          Tennessee PTA All Committees
                          March 9-10         National PTA Legislative Conference
                                             Washington, DC
                          April 8-10         TN PTA Convention—Nashville

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