DOG OFF LEASH                                DOG OFF LEASH
              PARK                                         PARK
              INFORMATION                                  INFORMATION
  Your assistance in maintaining dog off     Please be aware of the following rules to
 leash park areas for the safe enjoyment       ensure that dogs and their owner’s/
of dogs and their handlers is appreciated.   handlers have a pleasant visit to the park.

                                                Use this area at your own risk
         District of Maple Ridge
                                                Maximum three (3) dogs per
         Off Leash Park Information             handler/owner

   • Park Hours are 6:00 am to 10:00 pm         You are required to pick up after
                                                your dog and dispose of dog
   • In an emergency call 911                   waste in the designated
   • Maple Ridge SPCA                           containers provided
     Tel: 604 463 9511
   • Maple Ridge Bylaws Department              Owners are responsible for
     Tel: 604 467 7305                          their dogs behavior at all times
   • Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows                   Children under 12 years old
     Parks & Leisure Services                   must be accompanied by an
     Tel: 604-467-7346                          adult in this off leash park

                                                Dogs are permitted off leash inside
                                                the designated off leash area only
         City of Pitt Meadows
         Off Leash Park Information             Your dog must be removed from
                                                the off leash area immediately
                                                if it becomes aggressive
   • Park Hours are Dawn to Dusk
   • In an Emergency call 911                   No glass items permitted in
   • Pitt Meadows Bylaws Department             dog off leash park
     Tel: 604 465 2445
   • Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows                   Small dogs only (less than 15” tall)
                                                are permitted in designated small
     Parks & Leisure Services                   dog areas
     Tel: 604-467-7346
                                                Owners / handlers must control
                                                barking dogs and stop dogs
    If you would like to contribute to the      from digging holes in the park
 maintenance or enhancement of dog park
areas please call Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows      Please refrain from sounding car
        Parks and Leisure Services at           alarms in residential areas (use
               604-467-7346                     internal door locking mechanism)
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Dog Off Leash Park Areas
                           Jerry Sulina Park
                   210 Street and 132 Avenue,
                                  Maple Ridge
                    From parking lot, go north on trail,
                            entrance is on your right.

                                                           Albion Fairgrounds
                                                           23448 – 105 Avenue,
                                                           Maple Ridge
                                                           Access on south side of arena/winter
                                                           club parking lot or from walkway at
                                                           north side of Albion Sports Complex.

                                Hoffman Park
                             Enter from 122 St or
                              Advent Road, South
                                of railway tracks,
            Want’a                   Pitt Meadows

                                                           North Bonson Park
                                                           Blakely Road , Pitt Meadows
                                                           (South of Railway tracks)

                                                           Please respect neighbouring homes
                                                           and use vehicle turn-a-round at end of

                                    Volker Park
                      123 Avenue, Maple Ridge

                        Between Laity and 210 Street

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