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					 Tips for VA Pre and
 Postdoctoral Nurse
 Fellowship Applications

       Maude Rittman, Ph.D., RN
North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System
                   Gainesville, FL
       Jill E. Bormann, Ph.D., RN
         VA San Diego Healthcare System
                 San Diego, CA
                (created January 2007)
Information for Applicants
   Check VA’s web page at

   Contact Dr. Mary B. Dougherty at or
    (202) 461-9498

   Getting Started Writing
   VA Facility Information
   Applicant Information
   Training Program
   Presentation of the Application
    Tips for Applicant
   Develop a clear understanding of your
    strengths and goals
   Emphasize the significance of your
    research within the VHA and for the
    veteran population
   Start writing 3 months in advance and
    set early deadlines of drafts
   Obtain assistance in writing, if needed
Getting Started Writing
   Review specifics in Program Announcement
    and have a clear division of labor with mentor
    in writing application
   Establish a core document using headings as
    specifically stated in guidelines
   Use tables with columns for goals, activities,
    target dates, and faculty. This blueprint helps
    identify gaps in plan and that the plan is
VA Facility Information
   Facility Support – Clinical and patient
    data, involvement of nurses in
    education, resources provided to
   Nursing Research – Facility’s
    accomplishments, list of nursing
    research studies, nursing publications,
    academic affiliations of nursing staff
VA Facility Information
   List related areas of research at facility
   Report funding for Nursing Research
    and Other Research
   Present information that makes your
    facility stand out in relation to your
    Applicant Information
   Present strengths of applicant, mentor,
    & project director—how they
    compliment each other
   Emphasize how fellowship will extend
    applicant’s knowledge and skills in a
    specialized area of theory and research
   Demonstrate commitment of affiliated
    academic institutions
Applicant Information
   Provide evidence that applicant has
    potential to obtain grant funding after
    completing (postdoctoral) fellowship
   Highlight strong match between
    applicant and mentor
Training Program
   Demonstrate plan for strong
    collaboration between VA and affiliated
    university research team members
   Emphasize the significance of research
    within the VHA
   Demonstrate how applicant will remain
    active in VHA research after completion
    of fellowship
Training Plan
   Present clear goals and objectives that are
    linked with specific knowledge, skills, and
    activities (see sample Program Curriculum in
    next slide)
   Demonstrate how the training plan can be
    accomplished during period of fellowship
   Include activities that will increase applicant’s
    understanding of VHA research system
   Provide a specific, detailed evaluation plan
For Pre-Doc: Description of
Proposed Dissertation Research

1.    Title and Purpose(s) of the Study
2.    Background/Preliminary Studies
3.    Significance
4.    Study Design/Methods
5.    Proposed time line for completion of each

               (not to exceed 10 pages)
Sample of a Post-Doc Program
Curriculum – Goal: Increase
knowledge of outcomes measurement
   Learning objectives
       Evaluate outcome measures commonly used in research with
        HIV/AIDS patients
   Knowledge/Skills
       Skills of critiquing instruments used in outcomes research
   Learning Experience
       Course: Theory of Measurement & Evaluation
       With mentor, critique selected outcome HIV measures
   Training Staff
       Faculty in Evaluation & Measurement Department
       Mentor, Dr. Smith
Example of Fellowship Evaluation
   Short Term Goal
       Increase knowledge of health care economic
   Performance Criteria
       Demonstrates understanding of health care economics
       Integrates economic theory into design of HIV outcome studies
   Evaluation Method
       Successfully completes course & independent Study by (date)
       Submits research proposal that incorporates economic theory
   Evaluator
       Faculty in courses
       Mentor
Presentation of the Application
     Use a Cover Page
     Use Color Print
     Create Table of Contents
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