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        360 Stirrup Trail
       Monument, CO 80132 and

PRESIDENT – Marvin Brown                    VICE-PRESIDENT- Dwight Hopper
P.O. Box 541                                702 Hwy 105, Box 33
Rye, Co 81069                               Palmer Lake, Co 80133
719-489-3660                                719-492-7337
TREASURER – Sharon Tyma                      SECRETARY – Allen P. Goodman
343 Columbine St.                            360 Stirrup Trail
Fountain, Co 80817                           Monument, Co 80132
719-630-3151                                 719-488-8105 719-440-1105

Jim Fulmer                          Cody Wescoat          Chet Moyer
331 Ute Ave                         6775 McClelland Rd    20521 E. Coolidge Pl.
Simla, CO 80835                     Calhan, Co 80808      Aurora, Co 80011
719-661-8277                        719-683-3818          303-324-4258

HONORARY MEMBERS:________________________________________________
Jim Shubert, Thad Martin, Joe Stonebraker, Thelma Stonebraker, Bob Purvis, Tom
Fallback, Ike Kerley, Clem Schubert, Ed Pickens

February 18, 2010
Letter from the President

Happy New Year and welcome to all in RMTPA. Elections were held in January and
Officers and Board Members were elected. Just two days after elections were held, we
lost our President, Mark Wilder, to a new career that takes him away from Colorado most
of the week. As per our by-laws, the Vice-President must fill the vacant seat, thus I,
Marvin Brown, am the President for 2010. The Board elected Dwight Hopper as the new
Vice President based on election results with Dwight having the next most votes.

A Board meeting was held on Saturday, February 13 in Colorado Springs. Discussions
were about Safety First in RMTPA 2010. Safety Director is me, Marvin Brown. Rules
Committee Chairperson is Dwight Hopper. Equipment Chairpersons are Jim Fulmer and
Cody Wescoat. Electronic Equipment Chairpersons are Chet Moyer and Allen
Goodman. Sharon Tyma is in charge of our finances for 2010. Paying your dues early
will keep us on the right course for 2010.

Awards were discussed and Chairman Allen Goodman will take bids on your new idea
voted in at the annual meeting – Pins – instead of trophies – to lower our cost of awards
and to keep from raising hook fees.

Work to the sled and scales will be needed for our 2010 season. The Board will meet and
assess repairs and schedule them, at which time we will have workdays to repair our
equipment. If anyone has talents to help, contact any Board Member. This will help our
club be safe and hold down operation costs.

The Board will be working on our pulling schedule as soon as possible. If any member
wants a pull in their area, contact Allen Goodman, Secretary, with contact information as
soon as possible. We will sort out and assign dates after our meetings with the contact

To all members of RMTPA, a President Challenge to get a $25.00 donation from your
local small businessmen and women. This donation will help with our costs of pulling in
the coming year and is a tax deduction for them. See the letter and form attached for
more details. We will announce the businesses at each pull and post them nationally on
our website. The Challenge promotion ends May 1, 2010.

With all of your help, I know that we will have a safe and successful 2010 pulling season.

More information to come to members as it becomes available.

Thanks to all in advance. Call me anytime to discuss pulling or tractors.

Marvin Brown
President RMTPA

As you have read in Marvin’s letter, we had some changes in our Officer’s. As a
reminder, look above at our Officer/Board Member’s listing. On our 2010 Ballot, we had
a proposed rule change to Rule #3, Section II to read as: Antique and classic hitches
will be factory standard in appearance, length, and height. This ballot initiative

Along with the other enclosures, you’ll find our 2010 membership phone roster. Please
do not disclose this information to anyone outside our association.

Allen P. Goodman
Secretary, RMTPA

Cody Wescoat is looking to have a tractor/parts swap meet in April at the El Paso county
Fairgrounds. If you’re interest in participating, contact him at (719) 683-3818 or e-mail
him at

 Tom Fallbach has a few tractors he needs to unload. Contact him at (303) 688-9071 if

1949 8N Ford, 12 volt conversion, turf tires, excellent condition, $2,750.00
1949 JD BN (H), 42” rears, 16” single front, $2,650.00
1951 JD B on steel, wheel weights, wheelie bars, $2,600.00
1938 AC B, crank start, rear pulley, needs paint, $1,200.00
1936 Case RC, not running, engine free, $600.00

 Bill Simpson of Monument have a couple nice tractors he’d like sell. He also has some
attachments. If interested, call him at (719) 481-2340.

1940 9N Ford, new sheet metal and paint. Ser# 9N110409 $2000.00 obo
1958 65 Massey Ferguson, excellent condition. Ser# 6520725 $3500.00 obo