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                                     NCPIE Update
                                           Stonewall Jackson                       overview of NCEE and talked about its
                                                                                   many programs and products.
                                              High School
                                                                                   The National Center's work is
                          May 2001                                                 standards-based reform and they
                                         Time Magazine's High                      provide multiple resources to schools,
                                           School of the Year                      district, and states. New Standards™, a
                                                                                   joint project between the Learning
Inside this Issue                        "Pulling in the Parents"                  Research and Development Center at
                                                                                   the University of Pittsburgh and NCEE,
                                     Congratulations to Steve Constantino,         are academic standards for grades K -
         Pulling in the Parents                                                                                12.
1        The National Center on
                                     principal, the staff, parents and students
                                     of Stonewall Jackson High School for
                                     being chosen Time Magazine's High
         Education and the                                                                                     standards
                                     School of the Year.
         Economy                                                                                               clearly spell
                                     What makes it special is that Stonewall                                   out what
         IDEA National Summit        Jackson was chosen because of its focus                                   students
2                                    on family involvement. The Time
                                     article is titled "Pulling in the Parents".
                                                                                                               should know
                                                                                                               and be able
         Upcoming NCPIE              You can read all about it in the May 21st                                 to do, with
3        Meetings                    edition.                                      challenging tests that give students a
                                                                                   chance to use their knowledge.
         AACTE-MetLife               It's terrific that Time has recognized the
4        Foundation Parental
         Engagement Institute
                                     importance and impact of family
                                     involvement on student achievement.
                                                                                   There are performance assessments in
                                                                                   reading, writing, mathematics, science
                                     The fact that it's Steve's high school        and applied learning that are matched to
                                     makes it that much more meaningful to         the standards.
                                                                                   Of specific interest to NCPIE was the
                                     If you can't find the magazine, I'd be        handbook, For our Children: A
                                     happy to fax you a copy of the article or     Parent's Guide to New Standards
                                     you can go to Steve's web site:               which explains what performance
                                           standards are and provides specific
                                                                                   examples of what parents should expect
                                                                                   of students by the end of fourth grade,
                                                                                   eighth grade and tenth grade.
                                     The National Center on
                                                                                   Focusing on young children, Judith
                                     Education and the
National Coalition for Parent                                                      highlighted another handbook, What
Involvement in Education             Economy                                       Parents Need to Know Grade by
3929 Old Lee Highway                 During the April NCPIE Meeting,               Grade: Literacy in Kindergarten
Suite 91-A                           Judith Curtis, Director of Sales and          through Third Grade. In this particular
Fairfax, Virginia 22030              Marketing and the Product Division, for       handbook, parents are given examples                        the National Center on Education and          of what student work should look like at
                                     the Economy (NCEE), presented an

                        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
May 2001

each level and are also given               The National                                 meeting, the U.S. Congress established
suggestions and recommendations on                                                       the Comprehensive School Reform
                                            Clearinghouse for
what they can do at home on a daily                                                      Demonstration (CSRD) project in 1998
basis to increase student achievement.      Comprehensive School                         for the U.S. Department of Education.
The handbook contains a wonderful pull      Reform Parent                                                               Its major
out poster with tips on what parents can    Involvement                                                                 purpose is
do day by day.                                                                                                          to provide
Also, just published, is the New                                                                                        incentives
Standards™ guide, Speaking &                Our second presenter,
                                                                                                                        for schools
Listening: For Preschool Through            Naomi Housman,
                                                                                                                        to develop
Third Grade which spells out the skills     talked about the
children need to learn in preschool,        National
                                                                                                                        ive school
kindergarten and 1st grade and what         Clearinghouse on
they need to know by 2nd and 3rd grade.     Comprehensive
                                                                                                                        based on
                                            School Reform
I encourage you to learn more about         (NCCSR), where she
NCEE's services and products by going       is Assistant Director
                                                                                         and effective practices, including an
to their web site: You        of Outreach. NCCSR is a partnership of
                                                                                         emphasis on basic academics and
will find them to be a valuable resource.   the George Washington University, the
                                                                                         parental involvement. Schools apply
                                            Council for Basic Education, and the
                                                                                         for three-year grants and although the
                                            Institute for Educational Leadership.
                                                                                         application procedures may vary by
                                            To give you some background,
                                                                                         district and state, all must develop plans
                                            particularly for those unable to be at the
                                                                                         that integrate the nine components listed
                             Hope to see you at:                                         Goals: have measurable goals for
                                                                                         student performance and benchmarks
              Partners Make a Great IDEA                                                 for meeting those goals.
     A National Summit on the Shared Implementation
                                                                                         Supportive staff members: ensure that
                          of the
                                                                                         programs are selected and supported by
        Individuals with Disabilities Education Act                                      school faculty, administrators and staff
                                                                                         before implementation.
                              June 20-23, 2001
                                                                                         Research-based methods: employ
                             Grand Hyatt Hotel                                           strategies that are based on reliable
                              Washington, DC                                             research and effective practices and
                                                                                         have increased student achievement in
  This national summit is a key strategy to bring the full range of                      schools with diverse characteristics.
  stakeholders in IDEA into a discussion about building a
  commitment together to successfully implement the law while                            External assistance: use high-quality
  improving results for all students.                                                    external technical support from a CSR
                                                                                         entity with experience and expertise in
  For more information contact:                                                          school-wide reform.
  Sue Ferguson                                                                           Parental and community
  3929 Old Lee Highway, Suite 91-A                                                       involvement: provide for the
  Fairfax, Virginia 22030                                                                meaningful involvement of parents and
  703-359-8973 Fax 703-359-0972                                                          the local community in planning and                                                                      implementing school improvement

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                                                                                                            NCPIE Update

Staff development: provide high-            The National PTA®                            .
quality and continuous teacher and staff
                                            National Standards for Parent/Family         .
professional development and training.                                                   .
                                            Involvement Programs
Coordination of resources: identify                                                      Upcoming
how all resources available to the school
will be used to coordinate services to
                                            The National Standards for
                                            Parent/Family Involvement Programs
                                                                                         NCPIE Meetings
support and sustain the school reform       are guidelines for leaders of institutions   and
effort.                                     with programs serving parents and
                                            families. They are:
Evaluation: include a plan for
evaluating the implementation of the        Standard 1:
school-wide reform and its impact on        Communicating—Communication
                                                                                         June 27, 2001
students' achievement.                      between home and school is regular,
                                                                                         9:00-12:00 p.m.
                                                                                         NEA Building
                                            two way, and meaningful.                     Conference Room A
Comprehensive approach: have a
comprehensive design for effective          Standard II:
school functioning that included                                                         Institute for Responsive
                                            Parenting—Parenting skills are               Education (IRE)
instruction, assessment, classroom          promoted and supported.                      IRE will present a
management, professional development,
                                                                                         technical assistance and
parent involvement, and school              Standard III:                                training workshop that
management, that aligns the school's        Student Learning—Parents play an             provides the skills and
curriculum, technology and professional     integral role in assisting student           materials needed to
development into a school-wide reform       learning.                                    cultivate, maintain and
plan.                                                                                    evaluate educational
                                            Standard IV:                                 partnerships among
NCCSR collects and disseminates             Volunteering—Parents are welcome in          schools, family and
information on education reform efforts.    the school, and their support and            community members
Their web site:                             assistance are sought. provides a
full range of valuable data and resources   Standard V:
including a catalog of school reform        School Decision-Making and                   July 2001
models. NCCSR has a wealth of               Advocacy—Parents are full partners in        No Meeting
information for everyone involved in        the decisions that affect children and
the school reform movement.                 families.

                                            Standard VI:
 We invite you to send us articles
                                            Collaborating with Community—                August 29, 2001
 on successful experiences in                                                            9:00-12:00 p.m.
 parent involvement.                        Community resources are used to
                                            strengthen schools, families, and student
                                                                                         NEA Building
                                                                                         Conference Room A
 This is a opportunity particularly
 for organizations or groups
                                                                                         Presentation topic to be
 outside the Washington                     These standards have been reprinted
 metropolitan area to tell the
                                            from the National PTA® 1998
 NCPIE membership about their               publication titled National Standards
 parent involvement activities.             for Parent/Family Involvement
                                            Programs and can be accessed at:
 Each article should be 150 words
 or less and can be sent via e-mail
 to:                       They are available in several languages
                                            including Cambodian, Chinese, English,
                                            Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                              3
May 2001

           Correction!             AACTE Receives Grant                        “Schools cannot successfully work in
                                                                               isolation from students’ families and
                                   to Investigate Best
The Head Start guides:                                                         parental engagement is becoming an
Engaging Parents,                  Practices in Parental                       increasing challenge as schools educate
Communicating with                 Engagement                                  the largest, most diverse group of
Parents, and Partners in                                                       students in history. The Foundation is
Decision Making can be             The American Association of Colleges        happy to partner with AACTE to help
accessed via the Head Start        for Teacher Education (AACTE) and           prepare teachers to build partnerships
                                   the Metropolitan Life Foundation have       with families and communities.”
web-site at:
                                   announced the creation of the AACTE-
                                   Metropolitan Life Foundation Parental       The Institute will support a national             Engagement Institute.                       network of teacher preparation
                                                                               programs through the review and
Each parental involvement          AACTE, with the support of                  development of best practices. As an
resource can be found in the       Metropolitan Life Foundation, created       18-month initiative, the Institute will
“browse title” section of the      the Institute to ensure that the nation’s   focus on enhancing prospective
Head Start Catalog portion         teacher education programs effectively      teacher’s knowledge and skills in
of the site.                       prepare pre-service teachers to engage      working with parents and will promote
                                   parents and families toward student         best practices in teacher education
                                   learning.                                   programs.
These parental involvement                                                     For more information please visit
                                   In key commentary concerning the
and training resources were        partnership, Sybil Jacobson, President      AACTE on-line at
covered in the April Edition       and CEO of MetLife Foundation said,
of the NCPIE Update.

National Coalition for Parent
Involvement in Education
3929 Old Lee Highway
Suite 91-A
Fairfax, Virginia 22030


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                                                  NCPIE Update

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