Mission Moments November 14_ 2010 - Are You Ready to Talk About by wuyunqing


									Are You Ready to Talk About Money in Church?
Money is pervasive in our lives, yet talking about in church—or even
among family and friends—is not so common. Maybe we need to lighten
up about it.
Take this quick quiz to find out if you’re ready to talk about money in church . . .

1) Jesus talked about money a good deal because . . .
    a. He grew up during the Great Depression.
    b. He got tired of talking about God all the time.
    c. He recognized that how we use money says a lot about what we value.
    d. He wanted a raise.
2) When the preacher begins a sermon on stewardship, your first thought is . . .
    a. “Did I leave the oven on?”
    b. “I’m so glad my shallow, materialistic neighbor is here to hear this.”
    c. “I wonder what God might have to say to me today about my own
    d. “Ok, hit me with your best shot, hot stuff.”
3) People with healthy attitudes toward money . . .
    a. Never talk about it.
    b. Never stop talking about it.
    c. Talk naturally about money as an integral part of discipleship.
    d. Are soooo glad this quiz is over.
If you answered “c” to these questions,
you are ready to talk about money in your church.

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